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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 13, 2020 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is thinkable being us live from birth in germany prepares for a hotshot reality holiday season on the pandemic lock down the surgeon you could get 19 infections is forcing the government's hand shots now under the medical and regional leaders starting an emergency teleconference at this hour to discuss the options. in the u.s. a country want vaccination program gets on the white millions of doses of the just approved by intake pfizer vaccine i think shipped to clinics 1st inoculations are expected on monday.
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imagine how would welcome here in germany there's been a steady upturn in the number of new corona virus infections and it's showing no sign of slowing the country boast price for its initial response to the pandemic back in spring when it quickly introduced haad measures to curb the spread of the virus but cases have spiked in recent weeks hitting a record high of almost 30000 new cases on friday it's the in the number of death deaths that's causing the most concern that's prompted chancellor angela merkel to call an emergency meeting with germany 16 states latest that mating has just gotten underway. well for more on that joined by our political correspondent hansbrough and hans the german federal and state leaders are making now to discuss the situation given the numbers we've just heard
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a hard lock down seems almost certain is indeed that is correct the meeting is taking place in the chancery that you see here behind me but in fact it's only a mark of a chancellor who be there in person as well as the chairman and vice chairman of the conference of regional leaders those other leaders from berlin and bavaria everybody else is participating in this through a video connection these have been notorious meetings in the last couple of months these meetings between marco and the regional leaders there has been a lot of acrimonious exchanges in these meetings that have taken off from hours of well into the night because they have had such great difficulty agreeing on what but what measures should be taken why i'm going to marco feels that things should be a lot tighter that the restrictions should be a lot more stringent many regional leaders have in recent in recent months felt
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that that was too much and have pushed for a more relaxed attitude to the situation that clearly has not worked in the last couple of months the numbers have for a while stabilized at a very high level and are now rising exponentially again so it's very clear that the locked on is most likely to be imposed after this meeting has been a leak of the discussion paper that has been submitted to this meeting this morning and that envisions a lockdown starting from this coming wednesday so it's very clear that some some form of locked on will be imposed pretty quickly. once you talk to the recent history and they've made things i'm glad nichols preference for a hard lockdown seems pretty clear but are they likely to be any object is among the 16 state leaders. yes i'm going to america is a physicist she is a scientist she believes in numbers she believes in the truth of statistics if you want to say it that way she has repeatedly said that even in parliament here and
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she has met a lot of resistance from various regions it's very still a very diverse group of leaders a diverse group of regions in the north of germany the infection numbers are not as strong as they are in the south of germany so northern leaders tend to say all situation is a lot better let's be more relaxed about it in all regions they're the ones that need to be persuaded to join locked on that is going to be imposed across the country as a whole where is the regions more in the south of germany have already some of them have already decided on their own locked arms that are to be imposed. by today or by tomorrow so there is still a great diversity and at the bottom of the objections obviously is the way that businesses are going to be affected by these locked arms at a time when the christmas shopping period has started that for all retailers is the most important period of the year we've talked to some of those retailers and we
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have a little report about what they feel. like in her small shop in downtown dawn mariella can hide it's geared up for the christmas rush she normally be selling her players at christmas markets if there's another locked out and she fears she won't shift her stock it's an uncertain time. kind of moment right now i can barely sleep because i really have to think about how this is going to work there's this black cloud hanging over me when am i going to clues how far is it going to go i have no idea what's going to happen during december is normally the most important month for the retail sector and every day kind of thing the run up to christmas and the days after. our problem is the 3 of my problem is that i have to pay the bills and i've lost the week with the highest seals before christmas that's another week and a half this is the time of year with the highest turnover and if that completely
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disappears then i have no idea what will happen. current. music producer d.j. fosco is also preoccupied thinking about the latest spike in infections and what the next steps will be. by. d.g. fosco may have stormed the german charts with this remakes but he's taken a financial hit this year as he's not been able to perform and yet he's in favor of an immediate lot dein he thinks the constant back and forth just makes people more nervous to go public we have to put health before the economy and of course i'm dependent on the economy but despite that i have a son i have to be responsible i'm looking at this in the long tear we need to put the brakes on wire in order to get out of the situation as quickly as we can sandra benton is a nurse and thinks the same situation in her hospital is becoming more critical every day. this year
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please just get your teeth and just hope for a better christmas in 2021 with the just think about society as a whole and also the vulnerable who don't have a choice on the. old conan she's adamant that a lot diane is the only way to turn the situation arrange. a political correspondent is still with us once the report lays out the case as to why a hard lock down will have a significant impact on business can we issue in the meeting of merkel and the state leaders that is happening as we speak well also discuss compensation for these businesses. oh absolutely that i'm sure is going to be a central point of discussion there has been an open letter today from from some of the major retailers in germany major chains retail chains that have warned that if a locked on is imposed knol before christmas during the christmas shopping period
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that could be the end of high street shopping as we know they warn they're saying that a lot of the shopping would then be pushed into the internet sphere and the high street shops would have to close maybe that is true true drastic a warning so far the compensation that has been paid in the last couple of months to companies that have been affected has been very generous some say even too generous some restaurants for instance that have had to be closed are doing better with the compensation than they would be if they had been open so there is some. meeting some discussions some area for discussion in order to decide what exactly the compensation is going to be and again there is a dispute between the central government and the regions who's going to pay this this money in the end i think of central state will take a lot of the load but the regional states are also going to be pushed to contribute more to these compensations the political correspondent many thanks
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for the united states is about to begin an extraordinary vaccination rollout as it struggles with the skyrocketing cases of 19 the country now has reported $16000000.00 infections increase comes as millions of does as of the 19 vaccine set to be distributed across the country on monday the biotech fires a jet receive the great light from brake light is on friday it arrives as coated 19 has already killed almost 300000 people in the u.s. the most worldwide. the name of the plan says it. works speed planes trains and automobiles are all set to carry the new vaccine to over 600 locations across the u.s. and with a military precision i expect the 1st shipments to arrive monday morning extensive coordination. ensure that this
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a curse we work with pfizer mckesson u.p.s. fed ex federal and local law enforcement agencies to ensure safety and security of the vaccine. imported touches from europe are bolstering home produced doses which are ruling off the production line at pfizer's facility in michigan. further east new yorkers have seen their city suffer as the nationwide death toll spirals in the world worst hit country. yet the reaction here to the impending has been mixed. it's a really positive thing as we've obviously been writing some time t. get a vaccine and now that they're finally got on it it means they can i we can get back to normal high play i hope it works i know a lot of people need it. for someone such as myself i would prefer not to get it. usually 1st run of vaccines is still kind of a testing phase. but a great many in
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a nation weary of looked island and loss of life are hoping that operation warp speed can provide light at the end of 20 twenties long tunnel. ok let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news elsewhere in the world. british prime minister barak johnson and e.u. commission president of the fund and lined up to hold another crisis call on sunday on the fate of a host breaks a trade deal britain lease the e.u. single market in one to 3 weeks and agreement on the future trading relationship is in the balance. thousands of taking to the streets across france for a 3rd straight weekend to demonstrate against a security bill that would were strict publication of images of police police offices police in paris arrested dozens and used water cannon off the scuffles broke. well the quick development of corona virus vaccine has been grabbing the
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headlines but the pandemic has also spurred inventors to come up with other tools against the virus and its report looks at some simple but effective innovations that could help save lives. is this simple light bulb a weapon against the coronavirus. rosario violence thinks together with other researchers the doctor invented this l.e.d. lamp its light has certain frequency characteristics which could destroy the coronavirus. this one is similar to an ordinary one you screw it in switch it on and it works. that would be the lie and then destroys all microorganisms by destroying their structure that is the outer membrane and in the case of the corona virus probably also the protein spike the stain. is by this has already worked with bacteria and a series of experiments carried out by the researchers together with the chalion
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military have now also shown that the special l.e.d. light destroys the corona virus and it's not harmful to humans either. now we have to fine tune the whole experiment in some way because we must not forget that up to now we have done the whole thing and laboratory conditions which are different from the normal environment. the coronavirus pandemic in italy has also inspired other inventions for instance when ventilators became scarce and hospitals and doctors sounded the alarm these young researchers quickly developed a valve model and their start up company the valve can be produced with a 3 d. printer and attached to a standard commercial sports snorkeling mask. the next day we took this to the hospital they tested the ventilator for half an hour then a doctor came and said they work we need $100.00 of them within the next 24 hours.
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to get. another new invention is this anti covert carpet it reduces the amount of bacteria and viruses carried into rooms from outside step on at once and your shoes are disinfected the carpet automatically releases disinfectant when it senses weight the inventors of the n.t. coronavirus lamp hope they too consumed implement their disinfectant and hospitals and schools. well when you think of world heritage sites the taj mahal or the grand canyon i will spring to mind well if the ukraine gets its why that could in the future include the size of the world's worst nuclear disaster chernobyl now he 35 years after the accident contaminate swathes of ukraine and beyond the government plans to apply to unesco for official recognition the area around the destroyed plant has become a destination for lists risk seeking tourists rather even though it remains highly
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