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tv   Zu Tisch  Deutsche Welle  December 13, 2020 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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this is g w news live from berlin germany faces a harsh reality a holiday season under a pandemic lockdown shops and schools will close private gatherings will be sharply limited no fireworks and no alcohol in public spaces chancellor angela merkel and once the measures after meeting with regional leaders. and the final act of the directive drama goes into overtime european commission president was enough on their alliance says trade negotiations between brussels and london will keep going
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after today's self-imposed deadline britain and the e.u. need a trade deal to prevent chaos on the borders starting on january 1st. on pablo foley s welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel has set the table for a bleak holiday season a short time ago she announced a raft of tough measures saying they were necessary to bring down the spiraling numbers of new covert 19 cases. the measures that we put into place on the 2nd of november have not been sufficient. for a while we were able to stop the exponential growth and how to plateau movements but now we're seeing a new rise in infections an exponential growth once again and what that means is
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that many people are dying you have been following the statistics i'm sure and we also know that we are close to exceeding the response capacity of our public health systems and aim was always to prevent this thing in the end this is why we must act and we must act fast and the results of the decisions that we made today. well let's break down for you what is going to change in germany from wednesday non-essential shops are going to close supermarkets pharmacies as well as banks are allowed to remain open schools are going to be shut in principle until the 10th of january and employers are being encouraged to allow their staff to work from home as much as possible and chancellor angela merkel also made an appeal for people to limit their social contacts during the holidays and the number of people alive to meet indoors will remain restricted to 5 and that doesn't include children
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under the age of 14 and in anticipation of new year's celebrations sales of fireworks are going to be bombed so for more on this i'm now joined by our political correspondent hans browne to standing by for us hi hans now the federal german federal government and the state leaders as we know have met they've and i'm steve locked and measures in many respects we were already expecting them but what are they yet main takeaways. i think what was notable of today's decision is how quickly it was passed we have been used to these meetings between the chancellor and the 16 regional government state government heads taking many many hours being characterized by a lot of acrimony as debate and by decisions that contained lots of exceptions for various regions today all of this talk about an hour in other words the paper that had agreed to fall in preparations before hand was basically passed as it is and
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then announced to the public so there seems to be a realisation on all sides of the seriousness of the situation and most clearly this is going to be the most seriously this is going to be for the retail sector for shops that are going to be closed they are being in the middle of the most important period of their year and their losses are going to be huge well chancellor merkel's preference was for it this hard shutdown will get to the issue of how businesses may be compensated afterwards but do you think that these these measures that have been announced go as far as they can or. can they go further. well merkel said that she was basically satisfied with this that this is what was achievable obviously this is not the hardest possible locked on one can imagine people are not still being forced to stay at home they're just being urged to stay at home people are still able to leave their home for recreational purposes for
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going for walks they're still able to meet up to 4 other people from 2 other households are outside their homes and inside their homes so it is conceivable that an even harsher locked on could be imposed but i think this was what was possible under the circumstances and it's certainly a lot harsher than what has been in effect for the past 6 weeks or so and clearly that has not been effective enough and as you mentioned of course it's harsh and particularly harsh for businesses tell us about whether and what type of compensation they're going to receive because there is going to be compensation the finance ministers say that it's going to amount to somewhere around 11 or $12000000000.00 euros every month that has huge amounts of money similar amounts of money have already been mobilized in recent months but there has been some dispute about exactly how this money is being paid on what basis it's being paid and have been some businesses recently restaurants for instance that i think doing better
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under dr and than if there had been open the rules are going to be adjusted at the same time the finance minister said the rules will stay in place until well into the new year possibly until next summer depending on what other lockdown measures will be necessary by then hands front d.w. credible correspondent thanks ira. well more now on the breaking news regarding post bragg's or trade talks it's just been announced that the united kingdom and the you negotiate hers are going to be given extra time to come to an agreement european commission president or the funder lyon said although talks with british prime minister barres johnson had been constructive they're going to continue talks on a free trade agreement beyond today's deadline that if they reach a deal it could avert chaos for cross border. the commencement of the new year and give businesses the certainty that they're calling for now this is watch as
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a thunder line said. we both think that it is responsible at this point in time to go the extra mile we have accordingly mandated our negotiators to continue the talks and to see whether no reach an agreement can be reached even at this late stage in the negotiations continue here in brussels. so to go she ations continue in brussels and to speak more about this we're going to cross to our correspondents monday nash tribes in brussels and charlotte shelton pil who's standing by for us in london i'm going to start with you marina. line said that they're going to go the extra mile so it's basically another extension of. it's another extension it basically also means that both sides are still of the opinion that the deal can be reached by december 31st and
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they also released the choice and statement so it means they like didn't break up here at this point and there is still some room for compromise apparently they also made some inroads we heard from you diplomats that there are still big they're still far apart with the big topics so far i'm going to cross over to charlotte in london how is the extension being received in the united kingdom. well you have to understand that there is now a good deal of fatigue when it comes to public perception of these negotiations is in the words of some people we've spoken to they just want these negotiations to be over and done with yet another extension of course this is being viewed with with some raised eyebrows here but for a huge number of people those who would be so badly adversely affected by the consequences of a no deal there is
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a good deal of relief today rhetoric on both sides really has been ratcheted up over the coming days and the likelihood that these talks with ended a no deal bars john prime minister boris johnson himself saying just a couple of days ago that no deal was very very likely to be. the outcome of these talks and so many people have come out to say that that would be extremely damaging to the pharmacy union for example which would be so adversely affected as that new deal would be very disruptive to the leave a former leader of the opposition labor party here at miliband just this morning said boris johnson was playing russian roulette with people's jobs and livelihoods here so a good deal of relief now that it seems like there is still reason to keep talking and possibly this no deal isn't going to be the conclusive outcome here at this deadline after rule was self-imposed as you said the real deadline being december 31st when the u.k. leaves the transition period back to you marina. there are these differences and
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you know the talks are ongoing but there are of course issues several issues in particular break it down for us what are the main crunch points. the main sticking points has been the same for the last couple of years since the e.u. and the u.k. decided to or the u.k. decided to break up with the e.u. and one major sticking point is a fish because the great britain the u.k. always says they want to gain regain control over british waters and that basically means that french fisherman french fisherwoman cons have access to this british waters and longer and especially the french government is really opposed to this is they say our fisherman can't become a victim of practice it's. actually just on saturday this whole like tension right you stop because the british government said it wants to deploy
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a navy vessels is in case of the no deal to guard brutus waters some people also said there is some room for compromise there because it could nominally speaking it's not very important but it is symbolically and it's unlikely that france will give in at this point. while the negotiations are going to continue and i'm sure. that charlotte shelton pill will be keeping a close eye on them today thanks for your updates let's take a look at some of the other stories making news elsewhere in the world attacks in afghanistan have killed at least 3 people according to police in one unknown assailant attack touched a sticky bomb today in an armored vehicle in the afghan capital kabul that exploded 2 people were wounded and in the other attack a local government prosecutor was shot dead. in washington d.c. several people sustained life threatening stop wounds and scuffles during
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a rally in support of u.s. president on the trump people say at least police say at least 23 people were arrested earlier trump supporters including members of the far right boys militia group had marched in downtown washington. well staying in the united states and the u.s. is about to begin an extraordinary vaccination rollout as it struggles with skyrocketing cases of covert 19 the country has now reported $16000000.00 infections the increase comes as millions of doses of the covert $900.00 vaccine are set to be distributed across the country on monday the biotech pfizer job receives the green light from regulators on friday and it arrives in $1000.00 has already killed almost 300000 people in the united states that's the most world white. the name of the plan says it told operation works speed planes trains and automobiles are all set to carry the new vaccine to over 600 locations across the u.s.
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and with a military precision i expect the 1st shipments to arrive monday morning extensive coordination will ensure that this a curse we work with pfizer mckesson u.p.s. fed ex federal and local law enforcement agencies to ensure safety and security of the vaccine. imported choose from europe or bolstering home produced doses which are ruling off the production line at pfizer's facility in michigan. further east new yorkers have seen their city suffer as the nationwide death toll spirals in the world worst hit country yet the reaction here to the impending roll loads has been mixed. it's a really positive thing as we obviously be hiding some time t. get a vaccine and now that they're finally got on it it means they can die we can get
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back to normal high play i hope it works i know a lot of people need it. for someone such as myself i would prefer not to get it. usually 1st run of vaccines is still kind of a testing phase. but a great many in a nation weary of looked own and loss of life are hoping that operation warp speed can provide light at the end of 20 twenties loam dark tunnel. over spork now and in saturday's late game defending champions byron munich were held to a one all draw when young berlin when your own got off to a perfect start after just 6 minutes fisher pummeled glanced in a header from a corner. and came back in the 2nd time. and equalized for robert 7th off the pole scoring his 13th league goal of the season fire and remain top of the table but have won only one of their last 4 any games.
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but you're watching news from berlin coming up a documentary about you szabo the chinese writer who defied beijing that's more you can also keep up to date on all the latest news on our website. take care season. and you hear me know yes we can hear you and how the last 2 years germantown so that will bring you i'm going to tackle as you've never. surprised himself with what is possible who is magical really what moves them what all some people who follow along the way maurice and critics will join us from at. stuff.
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people came from everywhere to tell us they are killing students down there and afterwards we were fenced in the square was cooled and by beyond me. to avoid a bloodbath i destroyed a rifle a semiautomatic i smashed it to bits. last.
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i know that i was lucky to survive the spring events in beijing while others died in the massacre. since then i feel a sense of responsibility urge here with us because not only are they dead but the government won't face up to what happened in tiananmen square for. these images of the last that we filmed of you shall bull a discreet meeting as always to avoid police surveillance an hour of conversation in a beijing suburb the same year that the city hosted the olympic games. james. you shall bow in 2008 was the most eminent of the chinese dissidents one of the heroes of
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tiananmen square it was he who stood up to the beijing regime he who protected the students. this is the story of the man who defied beijing a few weeks after this meeting his life would be changed once more the chinese regime would make him disappear for good. for the common man with whom we shared he was not content in the year 2008 to recount his memories of the beijing spring time in great secrecy with hundreds of intellectuals he drew up the charter 8 which demanded the democratization of china a text that was to make him once again the regime's enemy number one a text that would earn him universal recognition. in 2010 when he won the nobel peace prize you shall bow was languishing in a chinese prison. in oslo the prize was officially awarded to an empty chair.
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thanks it is time to let this chair this silent nobel prize speak. we crossed several continents to find those closest to him his fellow travelers and the places that marked his journey. a journey through recent chinese history a journey of courage and trace a journey that beijing does all it can to eradicate from our memory. it was in beijing in the middle of the eighty's that you shall be made his 1st public appearance. in the 1980 s. where a pair. if incredible freedom for the chinese as they turned the page on maoism.
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the country began to open up to the world and saw what a modern world had to offer. on the campus of the prestigious normal university in the capital you shall be was a young chinese man doing literally research. his colleagues knew about his frank nature but for his american translator perry link it was a convention in 1906 that the young intellectual 1st became more strident. there was a conference in beijing to celebrate the 10 years of the new period so called in chinese literature to show that we've improved so much in small to do when it was a good idea and a good conference but it was held or was one of the young participants there and that's the 1st place in which he sort of threw fire bombs or you tube and i
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remember one of my colleagues was at that conference when he returned he told me a dark horse has appeared on. you and you're imitating his typical stammering about a code he described shall bow i provided critique such as both contemporary chinese literature and old culture are nothing but a pile of garbage or to you later people had no sooner got donate have made him quite well known to most and in 197088 going to 89 you shall be as a star now if you show go a true verdict when you went to speak at university they fought to attend so you couldn't get into the amphitheaters trade dollar 2 dollars off. at the start of my thinking was very simple i hope to be capable of becoming an
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authentic person someone worthy of their film wouldn't but inside a political system like the one in china if you're an intellectual you're going to have to express your own ideas you have to write essays and conflict with the government is just inevitable. by 986 you shall bow had become a star if the chinese intellectuals seen a young man with notoriously radical opinions unafraid to challenge official doctrines and establishment says. he was born in 1955 in chiang in the cold industrial northeast of china on the borders of russia north korea and mongolia. you shall boy's father was a professor of literature and an ardent communist but that didn't protect his family during mao's cultural revolution in 1966.
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the great helmsmen is now was no wanted to clean the table with his red guards and they did so often violently. teaches including you shall both father have become the enemies of the people now closed all the schools in the country. you shall bow was only 11 years old and suddenly found himself with little to do he was too young to be a red guard like his elder brothers. so he spent his time devouring books. i was shocked to see it was then told. while i was still young i read a great many books especially french literature for example zola's. and then they
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go war. zola's role is an open intellectual in france had a profound influence on intellectuals in china and. he didn't just write literary works started but also of society and its happenings. in the hundreds still today zola's influences felt among chinese intellectuals seen over a few dogs for the. 1976 but the death of mao the cultural revolution came to an end a year later the chinese universities reopened their doors you shall bow enrolled in chiang chilean university eager to gain all the knowledge and learning that had been denied him. 25 years old and with a freshly urns degree he left his home for the capital.
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thank god freedom was in the air in the late eighty's the ageing the countryside where you shall bow had grown up looks nothing like this in the center of the capital the new international library was a magnet for us a place where they formulated their hopes and dreams for the future my new show both finished his doctrines thesis on the aesthetic and freedom of humankind a freedom he championed among chinese intellectuals he was 33 and eager to discover the west. had not reached his youth. in the summer of 1988 the same year. first american fast food outlet came to beijing you shall both left china.
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he moved on to oslo but this early contact with the west soon turned sour he was bored to death and angry with the sign knowledge ists whom he called usurpers. in the autumn of 1908 he wound up in new york andrew mason the deacon of chinese studies at the prestigious university of columbia offered him a post there as visiting lecturer i don't think the university at that level or. much less the u.s. government or anybody had any plans for this guy was just that somebody asked me to invite him and he was curious and wanted to come over. many young chinese intellectuals were living in new york in early 1989 including the young and i way way now world renowned for his contemporary art.
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but also the current day living who had come to new york some months earlier and agreed to put up you shall be. in my are part of every night in new york have so many chinese distant so we always can see each other i'll send out all you my ranting apartment leaving. this small community of chinese intellectual ex-pats lived in the queens district of new york. the usual boer was fascinated by the city's bookshops museums and art galleries. in march he visited the metropolitan museum of a. one of the most important museums in the world situated close to central park.
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he himself has written about going to the metropolitan museum in new york seeing these wonderful huge paintings and starting to really feel almost in an existential sense that human life is incomplete including western life we still have to measure china against these international standards but my 2nd task is i have to have a critical attitude toward the standard itself the west is now a model it's a bag of it's own problems. well you shall bow was in new york who yaobang the former secretary general of the chinese communist party died of a heart attack in beijing on the 15th of april 989. bang had been the architect of china's re-emergence in the eighty's he had been forced to resign 2 years earlier pushed out by the more conservative elements of the
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regime. universities were suddenly inundated with posters put up in homage to the father of reform. small groups of students gathered and some of them converged on tianna main square towards the end of the day. 2 days later on the evening of the 17th of april a new assembly was organized on the square this time there were nearly 3000 students and they presented an initial list of demands. these ranged from the reinstatement of bangs vision of democracy and the fight against corruption to the end of censorship was advised that i. was. their god that. god. was 7 a new york you shall both full of the events from the apartment of hooping the
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eldest of a small group of exiled chinese dissidents. brighteyes maybe you shall bow very soon understood that this was the start of a great movement towards democracy and so we decided on a joint publication of both open letters and declarations of our points of view i get time that time things were very different from today and here was the internet most people in china didn't even have a telephone the meet with the oh so we had to fax our declarations to beijing on the all of our friends in beijing took them and posted them all over the city including the university on the famous triangle of democracy but on that we were told that our text had raised a lot of interest and then the the one to her the the air on the 22nd of april cheering who yelled banks official funeral the students once more descended.


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