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extremists who are active in the analog domain. and that of gamers who have nothing to do with the local scene and belong to virtual subcultures and find in many cases this kind of online perpetrator is equated with other terrorists. yes $50.00 that's what i mean give off there's a tendency to group all far writers together and is from the n.s.u. to the murder of walter luka and now hala or. the victim. is a 014 but we need to differentiate between the place in society of far right extremists who are active in the analog domain. and that of gamers who have nothing to do with the local scene and belong to virtual subcultures and communities even posts in form. and that distinction is not being made that shift any it's not an issue that needs addressing by academics in their ivory towers and then of this is
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this is then about the capacity of security agencies to take action to see. that. so work needs to be done to prevent a repetition of the many mistakes of the past. well we need a huge increase in online policing by maybe a factor of 10 or 21 and we need this policing to have a bigger and more the visible presence and that's what we need are experts who are familiar with gaming it's an issue that crops up all the time we need legal reforms to cover these online structures otherwise these changes won't happen we need to talk about the responsibility of local law enforcement because it just doesn't make sense anymore because there's practically no prevention and ultimately we have to talk about how this affects things globally. there needs to be a worldwide solution radicalization is happening online with regularity and in the us there are known wolf attacks on almost
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a weekly basis. pull be cannon used to be a high ranking official in the u.s. department of defense. he now works as a security consultant in new zealand he assisted. in the aftermath of the christ church attack. western security agencies have been late to the party there spent so much time and effort in the last almost 20 years now looking at extremists is lot that they haven't paid enough attention that was going behind the internet walls where white supremacist perhaps was a dialogical dialectical opposition to the islamists have organized very thoroughly their way ahead of the security authorities up until you know the last 3 years the issue a white supremacist was considered a local law enforcement problem it was not a national security problem this is for the entire western liberal democratic world
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now we know that that in fact it's false. it's an international phenomenon and it means to be combat as an international phenomenon with the same rumor that the fight against. to take on that far right community is considerable in scope and scale then after novel both me. populating behind the scenes of these lone wolves are a number of far right online organizations who have now flooded the internet with propaganda videos underlaid with techno music and these groups are also taking over image boards and messaging services like telegram with their ideology sporting openly aggressive names one of them alone at home. nuclear weapons division has been responsibly for at least 5 murders and its propaganda videos were found on the computer of the hollow synagogue attack these groups are fueled by far right
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ideologies and their ultimate goal is to overthrow society the manifestos posted by the attackers of 21000 more repeat with similar if not identical philosophies and steam whether very same killers publicly posted is why groups like the tone deaf and division have been recruiting then lone wolves it's been clear now to most european democracies that their biggest threat right now are white extremists and there are many reasons for that but the point of the imminent threat is coming from the right back to the park thing is their technological catch. still wired. one compared to the ability of these troops to get into encrypted platforms and then move once they're detected a few months ago one such online neo nazi group was shut down in an international police operation c.c.t.v. captured any and member of the fire clique division placing a bomb outside an international office building in vilnius failed to detonate
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a similar bomb plot by another member of the same group targeting a synagogue in las vegas with was it by the f.b.i. a german recruit with the alias hydration the same name as a notorious s.s. leader in the 2nd world war was arrested in connection with yet another planned attack. we gained access to otherwise private chats among the quecreek division where lone wolves like gravy and talent are celebrated as heroes they even received letters of support in jail but at the same time the f. k. d. wanted to create computer games where users could reenact attacks in order to attract teenagers as potential new lone wolves those recruits had to prove their commitment in tryouts a few years ago kevin from the eastern german stage of syringes joined one such chat group this was after being introduced to far right ideology by a family member but that mindset hernia seemed to violent i mentioned due to online
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exposure another person who these groups have tests of courage that you have to pass as proof of your loyalty i was basically just a recruit a beginner that was a. bit kevin did not want to remain a beginner he yearned for recognition and finally found this in the leader of his online group who then incited him to commit violent attacks. 25 i wanted to rise to the ranks and show what i was made of i wanted recognition that's why i did what i did. i beat someone up because i reported the main leader with a picture of what i'd done for confirmation that i belonged to the group they were my family and i do anything for that as over from. kevin since quit the online group and is now going back to high school he's become disillusioned with radical chap reviews. our next stop is a stone here where the leader of the fire clique division was arrested we want to
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know who the individual is who incited young men to undergo trials and then prepare plans for terrorist attacks. we approached estonian intelligence while they did not agree to an interview they insisted that we would not continue our search for the young man in question because he was just 13 years old. senior investigator and this explains the challenges involved in identifying these unlike neo nazi groups usually in those kind of cases . overcome. by means of concentration. to find always behind all those. factors that person is very young and the surprise. so young people are capable of having such influence on all of those he cannot be prosecuted about so
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i think there's a lot of work to do. for the family and of the school system to. be a sunni and boy has since been placed on a watch list like him many of the perpetrators in the virtual groups are extremely young. you're going to mention the consequent creep of these young people chat in very concrete terms about potential targets and then to me it's good news and there was stunningly political. will that's a new development we're seeing here but it's good to you and you can talk about whether this is a strategy or a plan deploying or activating young people. because in many cases they're too young to be prosecutable of course alters frequently teenagers a groomed behind the scenes by seasoned neo nazis in the case of the a stone ian boy the trail leads to russia if you look at the history of those
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organizations were there giving things gratian the. do start from russia. or something ideologists created those other times of thinking and there are manifold indications of activities by online neo nazi groups in russia one current example is right now they're not sorrow allegedly a former f.b.i. agent and a known white supremacist he lives in st petersburg where he works as a security consultant he's also the leader of one of the next most radical far right organizations the base serves to provide a bridge between groups and lone wolves. the b.b.c. obtained and broadcast a recording of right now though not sorrow talking about the group's plans. for you. there is no signal system here so the best offer for us is to see it.
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all requires. special. drugs for terrorists are kind of wrong for america. a few months ago a number of leading members of the base were arrested in the u.s. on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack that souray himself continues to live undisturbed in russia he's been using the internet to recruit mynahs from across europe for his group's so-called armed struggle conducting interviews for potential inductees a large number of teenage boys in europe have already been groomed by the base young people are being increasingly exposed to far right ideology online with a growing number now popping up on the radar of the authorities in many cases they still haven't formed their own view of the world come armed with nets enough we have also identified very internet savvy young suspects in some cases they have no
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awareness of these acts being of a criminal nature can cite for we've also seen a lot of hallmarks of band organizations where we have then found out during interrogation of those accused that they were not driven by nazi ideology tonight it's a decision about some state of. the christ church attack a became a hardened neo nazi after years of radicalization on the internet. muslim communities in new zealand had been threatened with a series of attacks without the all sorts he's responding anjum rahman received several such threats via the internet following the christ church massacre new zealand's prime minister just in the odd and other world leaders initiated the christ church cool summit aimed at preventing future lone wolf attacks. i went to new york last year for the christchurch coup. leaders dialog me sing with a reporter a bit. it still seem to me even after the christchurch attack that major focus
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is on muslims and. that smart acceptable. is how do we keep the international community to say this is a serious 3 and we prepared to come up. it took years for governments to take the threat of lone wolves seriously they've now promised adequate funding and international cooperation is another question is whether they have the right strategy. we have mentioned these and. you need young people don't know these online communities and are familiar with the symbolism in them they have to be involved in police investigation work otherwise we won't get this phenomenon but it's becoming increasingly more common under control. and this one crucial challenge resulting what is now a global problem increasingly the lone wolves are able to take refuge behind one of the foundations of western democracies. white supremacy used internet
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platform to actually plan to prepare a check of the awful small cell types of the use encrypted platforms they harbor are freedoms of speech so you take advantage of what many see as an achilles' heel of liberal democracy which is the protection of offensive speech. there is often a fine line between defending freedom of speech and prosecuting insightful hate speech. appalling footage of mass murder flowing unchecked into online forums another growing factor in the radicalization of uses. as governments and police forces around the western world struggle to find a solution to the scourge of lone wolf or terrorism time is of the essence. the. long.
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villagers in kenya were being poisoned by a lead smelting plant a factory that recycled batteries caused illness and death. but phyllis olmedo hard to have the facility closed and one of the books. i'm looking forward to a day when everyone in the little group would be able to receive. eco africa. in 30 minutes on d w. why are people forced to hide in trucks.
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this is deja over the news live from berlin germany under holiday season lockdown shops and schools will close private gatherings will be limited to no fireworks and no alcohol in public places chancellor merkel and i'm still measures after meeting with regional leaders. and the final act of the bread's a drama.


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