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job made for mines. this is deemed over the news live from berlin germany under holiday season lockdown shops and schools will close private gatherings will be limited to no fireworks and no alcohol in public places chancellor angela merkel and i'm still measures after meeting with regional leaders. and the final act of the bread's a drama goes into overtime european commission president or as
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a funder lion and says that trade negotiations between brussels and london will keep going after today's self-imposed deadline to do kay and the immunity to trade deal to prevent chaos at the borders starting on january 1st. foley s welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel has announced a raft of tough new lockdown measures she said they were necessary to bring down the spiraling numbers of new covert $900.00 cases so let's break down for you what is set to change here in germany so from wednesday non-essential shops will close supermarkets pharmacies and banks will be allowed to remain open schools will be shut in principle until the 10th of january and employers are being and. urge to
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allow their staff to work from home as much as possible chancellor angela merkel also made an appeal for people to limit their social contacts touring the holidays the number of people allowed to meet indoors will remain restricted to 5 and that doesn't include children under the age of 14 and in anticipation of the new year celebrations sales of fireworks are going to be banned now the tough new measures set the table for a bleak holiday season. 4 months chancellor angela merkel and the leaders of germany's 16 federal states have been bickering about the measures that are necessary to contain the corona pandemic. pushed for hostile steps the regional leaders refused to follow her lead now they have finally reached complete consensus and we're forced to act and taking action now we have jointly decided that the regulations of the federal states will be valid until january 10th. all the time
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being. the goal remains to bring the infection rate down. across germany it has become clear in recent weeks that lie to restrictions imposed 6 weeks ago are not sufficient to control the pandemic and state december has seen record infection numbers more and more people are dying with the virus and hospitals are approaching the limit of their intensive care capacity. she said to me all of that i also hoped that the mother measures would have had a greater impact but now with the christmas shopping season the number of contact has risen sharply once again. retail shops across the country will be most seriously affected by the new measures there are being shut down at the busiest and most lucrative time of the year and they're being given just 2 days notice the losses will be huge but the government is once again mobilizing billions to soften the blow. so in the fall if it comes to complete closure for
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a whole month we expect to spend over $11000000000.00 euros for that one month and then move on that shows that this is a very generous support package and i want to say i think it is absolutely justified he does if you absolutely. retailers and consumers snarl know what they are a facing in these last couple of weeks of the year it will be an exceptionally quiet holiday season but the hope is that that will also be true for hospitals well for more on this i'm joined by our political correspondent time's france hi hans now hans as he reported there. state of almost full lockdown has been announced as expected at one of the main takeaways. i think one really has to emphasize how quickly and comparatively smoothly this agreement was reached between chancellor merkel and the 16 regional leaders that is unusual because in the last 2 or 3
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months they have met several times and these have been meetings that have been characterized by real infighting by acrimonious exchanges by merkel trying to push through to encourage stricter measures and by the regional leaders refusing to accept those measures and wanting exceptions for certain regions will certain cases and so on so the unanimity that they have known phoned is really significant because it does show that they have all realized how serious the situation is and that the only way for people actually to follow the rules and for the virus to be effectively controlled is by everybody pulling together well we've seen in neighboring countries we'll say france and belgium just to name a couple and where measures have been in some ways stricter. than the ones announced today in germany could we actually see. lockdown measures that are sort
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of on a par with those countries at a regional level. that's not clear at the moment i think at the moment there are some regions that are particularly badly affected especially in southern germany and the federal state of saxony as well there are some measures such as curfews are being imposed possible that there will be stricter measures elsewhere but what's important is that nobody is going to make lighter measures to impose lighter measures than the ones that have not centrally been decided that consensus really is important for acceptance in the population as a whole across germany well hans of the beginning of the pandemic germany was hailed for managing to keep infections and deaths lower than many other countries including and many of its neighbors and this month we've seen record infection numbers and what went wrong well i think you can say that in spring in the spring here in germany when the infections 1st rose rapidly that was locked on that
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was pretty much total it was imposed centrally by the central government there was no dispute about whether or not this should be applied. partially partially in some regions and partially in others so it was a very clear way of controlling the situation it was easy to follow and there was a certain fear of the virus because one wasn't able to assess what its exact effect would be then the infections were pushed on the summer came people felt more relaxed and then we've had this period as i've just said of several months of very unclear rules of nobody really understanding in what region or what city what rules are applied and that obviously made it easy for the virus to spread again and brandied over his political correspondent thanks for that update. well 2nd look at some of the other stories making news elsewhere in the world the 1st trucks carrying a covert 19 vaccine for widespread distribution in the united states have begun
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leaving a manufacturing facility in the state of michigan the biotech pfizer vaccine is expected to reach many states on monday and then shooting some 3000000 doses will be shipped. some 400 nigerian students are still missing after a gunman armed with assault rifles attacked a secondary school in the northwestern stage of cut scene on friday officers are working with the army and the air force to determine how many students were kidnapped search parties are looking for them. thousands of people have taken to the streets of poland in the latest protests against a high court ruling that tightened the country's already restrictive abortion law in warsaw they marched to the home of the ruling law and justice party leader was in sunday's rallies coincided with the 39th anniversary of poland's martial law crackdown. u.k.
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and you negotiate yours are to be given extra time to agree a post brags that trade deal european commission president phone alliance said although negotiations with british prime minister bars johnson had been constructive they're going to continue talks on a free trade agreement beyond today's deadline if they do reach a deal it could avert chaos for cross work across border commerce in the new year and give businesses the certainty they're calling for at this is what are the funder line had to say. we both think that it is responsible at this point in time to go the extra mile. we have accordingly mandated our negotiators to continue the talks and to see where the new reach an agreement can be reached even at this late stage. the negotiations continue here in brussels. so the negotiations continue there in brussels and we're going to cross live now to
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brussels where our correspondent multi-nationals is standing by 1st time money and now ursula funder line said they'll go the extra mile it's another extension matter you know isn't it. fun the line and chance actually released a statement together today and they both said this phone call today was useful though there seems to be some lies at the end of the tunnel displayed oh and we also hear here in brussels to some inroads have been made but 2 major sticking points are remaining on the table the one is access to purchase fishing grounds and the other one is fair competition so the question if terrorists will be imposed and . in the trades when it comes to trade between the u.k. and the e.u. and if so what kind of tariffs well we've heard already from ursula funder lying their money you know let's hear now from the british prime minister. we are always
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happy to. talk to make progress where we can and i do think as i say there is a deal to be done if our partners want to do it but we remain very far apart on these key issues and you know they are u.k. copy looks into the e.u. is regular treat it we've obviously got to take back control of our fisheries for up years after people voted for it so there's a point i think that you know it's very clear what the k. he's talking about marina is there a feeling in brussels that reaching a deal with bars johnson is going to be possible. it's quite obvious we also can can hear that in this statement that someone so please breaks a tears and also citizens in his country who watch out for breakfast and backs it and the e.u.
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is also very aware of that fact so what we've been seeing over the last couple of months or so far something took office is that he always tries to blame everything on the e.u. the e.u. member states for example he said he wants to talk to your member states one on one but. germany's angela merkel and also france is a man who like the client this request because they say it's actually the e.u. you have to talk to the e.u. commission so your member states are trying to be united at this point 2 words great britain u.k. multinational in brussels thanks for that update. moving to sports and the whole of germany goes into lockdown it's business as usual in the bundesliga except for coach lucianne father he's been sacked by dortmund a day after a $51.00 thrashing at home to start guard father managed only one victory in his
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last 5 matches in charge. the end of the road for dormant coach lucien fava after a performance he described as a disaster he's on the break by stuttgart they conceded to 26 and it pouncey a clear file by emirates chan who was booked c last one minute to cast score from spots. giovanni raina has been a rare bright spot for dortmund this season. is sublime for us touchin finishing short the home side went into how time on level terms. but there was nothing level about the 2nd half a shoot out ran riot my mind gets to curve grabbing his seconds with the dortmund to friends who are at c i. m they were in even deeper water moments later for the 1st hour with the 3rd goal. before tan gooey cool of barley
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made it 413 struck out goals in 10 minutes and the final insult came an injury china's don't win try to bring some respectability to the scoreline make a strong silent is taking advantage of the oceans of space 51 the final score runs heaviest home defeat in more than a decade. while in saturday's late game defending champions bar new nick were held to a one all draw on your own berlin when your own got off to the perfect start after just 6 minutes. pummeled glanced in a header from a corner and byron came back in the 2nd half and equalized through robert 11 dots get the poles is 13th in a goal of the season biron remain top of the table of won only one of their last 4 games. you're watching news from berlin coming up next
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reporter braving the seas there's more from d.w.i. the top of the hour and in the meantime you can stay up to date on our website or on our op also you can follow us on instagram and twitter a culture little bit here from the top of the next hour before me and the rest of the team here take care cesar. to. my 1st vice like moses sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion for even something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home but it took me years to going to space. finally the game bob
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invented by me and i saved the country turns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goes than writing advice as knowledge i wasn't me to boss woman back home or volunteer by their duties and social norms and inform them about good basic rights my name is the about of people homes and i wore into. libyan coast guards are hunting down sicilian fishermen on prime fishing grounds where the red shrimp are waiting to be caught. there is a particularly large number of them off the coast of libya but there are libyans not italian fishermen from accessing the fishing spots
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a political. powerplay sicilian fishermen are repeatedly arrested and detained in libya. i no longer have a sense of the future when i look towards the sea they cannot see how i am afraid that my husband will not return. and afternoon and next saturday the violent coastal fishermen are hauling in their daily catch these are the few who won't risk venturing further out into the open sea local fishmongers are already waiting they appreciate the fresh catch here in western sicily even though they are paying prices that are no longer profitable for most fisherman the only people still making real money are deep sea fisherman their crews are at sea for up to 2 months they fish primarily for red treb which are sold
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at a profit all over the world the shellfish are sorted by size and then stored in deep freeze while they are still at sea. captain phillips is particularly proud of this catch. fish all these are the famous 1st class red shrimp. they don't get any bigger than this and this mediterranean delicacy is in high demand at the finest restaurants around the world. they get what it when times are good we can make 550 euros with 1st class red for a 12 kilo box. it would be if that's $45.00 euros per kilo here on board. up to 100000 euros can be made from a good catch in return the crew risks a lot of fishing grounds for red shrimp off the libyan coast are particularly
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lucrative. and there are actually international waters but the libyans have been claiming them as their own for years but incidents keep happening like this one during the summer of 28. the libyan coast guard wanted to stop the italian fisherman and arrest the crew now marco might own his crew has been caught in early september his 2 fishing trawlers were detained by the libyans the vessels owner is desperate 18 men have been detained in a benghazi prison for months no dispute within the dns has ever lasted this long so how can it just be about sovereign rights. it's horrible not being able to see the ships anymore. or the men who work with little. or it's like having a missing son who you can't hug anymore what. a total of 9 italian fishing trawlers are involved in this clash with the libyans unlike some of the other
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captains colona was able to save his ship barely. the libyans approached us they wanted to capture all of the trawlers captains along with their paperwork. as this couple who we risked our lives when we escaped because the coast guard is armed they could have shot us. 'd there with their words but. this is a photo of the fisherman taken into custody it appears to have been taken after they were arrested in benghazi. not on the photo mohammad ben-hur data mohamed is one of the 6 tinnies and crew members held by the libyans since he has been arrested by the libyans twice before his family has already feared for his life both times but this time uncertainty is wearing on the nerves of both his daughter now rests and mother money.
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we were always in contact and knew how he was doing looking for his phone always worked thinking that i was anything this time we haven't heard from him in months we don't know what's happening or if he's even still alive. i feel really exhausted. but he's not so happy i no longer have a sense of the future and when i look towards the sea. i'm afraid that my husband will not return. as difficult as it is in libya i just hope that he is in a safe place. media. at the port of metz outta mohammed starter meets with the families of other detained fisherman as much as she can together with the ship's owner marco they hold a small protest to comfort one another christina no worries about her husband salvo
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the 1st officer on one of the fishing trawlers in our city at the mall are children are waiting for their fathers mothers for their sons and wives for their husbands. have a government must act swiftly. and stumble upon we are fighting for 18 italian fishermen which includes 6 tunisians 2 senegalese and 2 indonesians who have all lived here and was out of their bhalo for many years some since before i was born. we are talking about 18 fishermen from us out of that barlow who pay their taxes and who have families here but with the thought it was the other $1.00. but the family still refused to give up and they're taking their cause to the capital rome they have been staging a protest in front of parliament for 2 months demanding more action from the
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italian government and more protection for fishermen off the coast of libya. it is we risk getting arrested 74 nautical miles off the coast because libya considers the open sea to be sovereign waters europe and italy must step in to stop this because the sea does not belong to just one person or nation it belongs to all of us to this issue but i'm not alone but out it we never expected that my husband would leave home for work set sail and then end up in a libyan prison just become a life. in what's out of their value. colona also understands what this means the red trim trade her own stew fishing trawlers in 2009 has vessels were also seized by the libyans the. because when you're in charge of 2 fishing trawlers the beach with
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a crew of 7. men you've worked with for 25 or 30 years. and an arrest like that really gets under your skin. just thinking about it today makes me feel awful. and the thought of. the incident off the coast of tripoli lasted for 3 days before the men were released. italy's then head of government silvio berlusconi negotiated directly with the late libyan strongman moammar gadhafi the son that what the gadhafi claimed 74 nautical miles of open sea as his own personal territory if that's like my neighbor breaking through the wall and saying that my house belongs to him libya has created an international problem in the mediterranean which no italian government has ever tackled. at least the italian navy used to patrol international
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waters off the libyan coast until 2018 they also flew in by helicopter to assist italian fishermen when they were being harassed by libyans most of the time their speed boats then turned around and left the sicilians to continue fishing in the waters and then came the turning point 2 years ago rome withdrew from the southern mediterranean the only thing the fishermen were told the operation is too costly and politically complicated from that point on the fish at their own risk the reasoning behind it if the navy withdraws it won't be able to rescue distressed migrants at sea either more and more people who are attempting to reach europe by crossing the mediterranean sea there is still a dispute between european countries over their rescue and admittance not only is the right wing populist government in rome abandoning the refugees it is also compromising the security of its own fishing fleet the bill before but we need
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their protection so that we can fish in international waters with them otherwise what happened to my ships crews will just happen again next time they will go to the cloud to lottie a security expert on the southern mediterranean cease fishermen as pawns in the libyan power struggle sequester see this is a real kid. being that is threatening a talian fishermen and their lives. this is an international power play that goes far beyond territorial waters or fishing grounds and who has access to them in the southern mediterranean. so this photo proves specter lottie's point the arrested fishermen were forced to pose in front of a photo of general khalifa haftar the longstanding instigator of libya's civil war still controls benghazi but because he has fewer and fewer allies he has been excluded from recent peace negotiations that would affect the entire country what
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he called this kidnapping could be a last ditch effort by the libyan general. his back's against the wall and he's trying to get himself back in the game once again with a dramatic stunt. so powell logia colona is convinced that it's not just about red shrimp and yet properly marketed the chris station could deliver peace on both sides of the mediterranean as long as the libyans can be convinced that a real deal can be made with the italians. the fight for fishing grounds over red shrimp could finally come to an end if both sides can profit from the sale of the skull unary delicacy or the leader of the deal the quality here has been given to us by god with the sea that gives us delicacies that are valued around the world. this sea could feed italians and libyans just as it feeds the shrimps.
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colona dreams of a joint venture where shrimp can also be packed in libya which could shorten the long transport routes in the mediterranean but it too because everyone would benefit we could finally fish in peace without fearing for our lives and the libyans would have us the italians as new investors we could build warehouses on their coasts and create new jobs but in order for this to happen peace must 1st prevail across the sea in libya and the fishermen of mazzara would need assurance of free passage. with all of them this way we can avoid more arrests. and stop more families from suffering. going to. despite the explosive situation nobody here and not sad that a vile though can imagine life without red shred.
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villagers in kenya were being poisoned by a lead smelting plant a factory that recycle batteries caused illness and death. phyllis all made over far harder to have the facility closed and what. i'm looking forward to a day when everyone in a little group would be able to receive treatment. africa. christmas is canceled so fast. we heat up the oven and bake some cookies. to bloggers with a sweet tooth and invite us into their bakery they share their favorite recipes with us and some valuable tips for making traditional christmas cookies.
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you're romantics. in 60 minutes long t w. in the light of climate change. africa's mix of. what's in store for the place. to come for the future. that can make a city the multimedia inside. culture. hello everyone and welcome to these new edition of the environment i'm now a tab a coming to you from i would you an idea and joining me of course is my colleague sandra teen o.b.o. hello sandra hi.


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