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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2020 8:00pm-8:30pm CET

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this is. from berlin tonight a new report implicates russian spies in the forging of russian opposition leader alexina volney an investigation claims a hit squad linked to russian intelligence if only for years including the day this summer when he was poisoned with the nerve agent. also coming up tonight in germany's president urges people to forgo christmas shopping in christmas get togethers as the country heads for a new top or a walk down and we look back at the wife of john le carre a real watch spy whose name became synonymous with the cold war espionage novel has
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died at the age of 89. it's good to have you with us there is a new development tonight surrounding the poisoning of russian opposition leader alexina volney a new media investigation has found that a group of russian spies followed not all the 4 years including the day last summer when the ball he was poisoned the agents from russia's security service the f.s.b. are reportedly part of an intelligence team specializing in toxin and nerve agents lacey duvalle is still recovering here in germany after collapsing on a russian domestic flight back in august doctors here in germany found that he had been poisoned with the nerve agent know each of the investigation by. so i can't in
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the insider together with spiegel in c. and in discovered telecoms and travel data showing the agent's children of only including on the day less summer when he almost done. are due to be here in the studio to discuss this development as my colleague public public what do we know about the people who have been identified in this investigation well you've mentioned some of the details there already we're talking 8 people they're all working for the russian domestic security services the f.s.b. almost all of them have medical training or training with chemical weapons especially with the research and development of this novacek agent which is part of this some salvia family of poisons essentially which was used back in 2018 in the poisoning of saturday script on his daughter and now back in august. we know as well that they work out of f.s.b. offices various ones across moscow and 3 of them are reported to have followed me
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to the city of tomsk in siberia back in august what proof is there for these allegations well as you've mentioned as well belling cat have been investigating this alongside you know the insider c.n.n. and there spiegel as well as and they went deep into this and they took a look at records but really we spoke with that bell and cat one of the bell and investigative journalists earlier eric toler he spoke to our colleague phil gayle and this is what he told. the russian privacy is pretty much nonexistent without allies there and so we examined the russian data market telecom data and also passenger manifest for flights to look at suspicious so we looked for people who had travel itineraries that closely matched that of all around the time he was in siberia so he flew in the ones that he called it was a big risk and syria and he left from another city called tomsk a week later these are about 300 or so kilometers from each other and so we're looking for people who want roughly the same itinerary and we're following it because we figured if you're in f.s.b. outs or turn it a poison opposition figure you'll arrive
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a day or so before he does and leave a little bit afterwards and we did this we found that there were 3 people who had the same bite into areas that only they were really surprised we looked more to these people and we notice that these people want the future colleagues had fallen of only for over 30 trips to 2070 practically every time the only one around russia because he was a presidential candidate i'm sorry 2017 these people had the exact same travel itinerary trip following the bombing and these are not just normal f.s.b. officers they're ones who have medical m chemical weapons training that matched that of the eventual incident he separate and. public i mean this is explosive information i'm wondering how has new vali reacted to this 3 years of your life being followed over 30 trips it's incredible to them of only as you can probably imagine is incredibly angry about this actually and also it's not the 1st time it appears there was some sort of attack on his life actually he said he spoke about a trip that he took with his wife used to the city of kaliningrad over the summer
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in which all of a sudden his wife you began to feel incredibly ill now at the time he feared something was odd but he couldn't really put his finger on it of course but now he realizes that actually the symptoms that she had at the time were very similar to the ones that he had when he was poisoned but as i said he's incredibly angry and this is what he had to say. yes and i know who wanted to kill me i know where they live i know where they work what i know their real names i know their fake name likes me and i have photographs of them. he certainly does have photographs he has the names of course now for the moment moscow says there's no evidence stanton avani was poisoned and that there is nothing to investigate yeah of course that's what we would expect to be coming out of the kremlin but this explicit information . was always public thank you. but here in germany president front paws are steinmeier has pleaded with the public to abide by tougher restrictions as the country struggles to fend off
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a surge in covert 19 cases germany is preparing to enter a strict lockdown after weeks of a more limited which failed to drive down infection numbers steinmeier has described the crisis as quote bitter and serious he and other leaders are urging the public to make sacrifices as the country prepares for a holiday season like no weather. last minute christmas shopping came early this year people are still roaming bellowing streets looking for gifts but from wednesday on the shops will have to close this germany enters a tougher lockdown why polls show around 3 quarters of germans backing the measure opinions on the high street are mixed. then for if everything had already closed at the beginning of november it would have been ok then maybe we could have had a normal christmas. we have to go shopping now because stores will close from
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wednesday but it's understandable that stores will have to shut down because it's below if you i think it isn't good for anybody to close everything the week before christmas. most shops make their biggest earnings right now and the length of what you will find difficult financially for a lot of people. you know the. germans have been under a partial lockdown for the past 6 weeks with bars restaurants and all the leisure facilities closed. the new rules include closing schools and prohibiting alcohol consumption in public. the defense of continuously high infections and deaths germany's president appealed to the public to take responsibility. visit you don't . we're not completely at the mercy of the virus it's up to us and we know what to do. you can perspiring and celebrations friends and relatives will
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also be happy to receive their presents at a later point. what matters now is to preserve health and to say you. mentioned leaving so that. with germany heading into the new year food look down this year's christmas will be far from ordinary. that it will be artistic look at some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the 1st person in the u.s. to receive the cobra $1000.00 vaccine is intensive care nurse sandra lindsay from new york state health care workers and residents of nursing homes are 1st in line to get the vaccine the prime minister of s. what teenie has died after contracting cope at 19 that's according to the government the 52 year old ambrose the army announced in november that he had tested positive for corona virus but he said he was feeling well he was later
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hospitalized in neighboring south africa the mummy had been prime minister of the country formally known as swazi land since 20. britain's health minister met hancock is says london parts of southern england will go into the tightest tier of corner virus restrictions at midnight on tuesday pubs and restaurants will only be open for takeaway and people only allowed to meet outdoors in public places. e.u. commission president urges love and the lion is reporting some progress in talks over the ease future relationship with the u.k. it gives she enters or trying to resolve differences on issues including fishing rights and fair competition for business britain leaves the e.u.'s single market in just over 2 weeks the u.s. has remove sudan from its list of state sponsors of terrorism opening the african nation up to financial assistance that could help its struggling economy washington place tough sanctions on sudan in 1993 claiming that president omar al bashir was
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harboring militant groups including al qaida. are in sports is now labor who is in top the standings in the bundesliga they took over 1st place after a win over hoffenheim on sunday and earlier drop by byron munich leon bailey scored twice for labor who isn't including one shot which you'll about to see that will certainly be a contender for go of the season. leon bailey's performances this season have again attracted the interest of several big english clubs there's club scouts didn't have to wait long for another glimpse of bailey magic i was sure with not the miry and then the strike a contender effort go into the season 4 minutes gone i persist this go with the sublime things went the ridiculous 3 opponents hoffenheim just over 20 minutes
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later on drake crammer rich's lackluster back pos intercepted by bailey and he did the rest i had to nail the hosts were coasting to the top of the tivo. 5 minutes into the 2nd half and hoffenheim hit back with a screener of their own stuff paumgarten looking up and eyeing the corner of the nets. but moments later the to go christian was restored florian vs jinx threw the visiting to friends after a nice exchange with patrick shake hoffenheim exposed and they ended the game with 9 men in. the final act and lucas allowed a penalty to make it 41 and ensure the button is the gap has a new name at the top of the table. let's take a look now at all the results from that state 11 they were cruising beat whole thing ha and al gore denied shock at their 1st win you know in berlin held by in
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munich to a droll stuttgart stunned dort one leipzig braman drew with her to bed fribourg downed bielefeld cologne defeated minds and well sport beat frankfurt on friday. well the football coach you help liverpool rediscover greatness at the turn of the century jare hot who has done the 200-2001 season with the a lead the club to the trouble of league cup f.a. cup and the new wafer cup when they also coached at the sunshine mon and lille and he had a short stint as france's national coach french media say really died after heart surgery in paris us he was 73. the british spy author john le carre has died at the age of 89 after falling ill
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with pneumonia he was best known for his entry hit cold war thriller a number of which were turned into movies in the car a whose real name was david cornwell found some of the inspiration for his books while working for the british secret service. for bestselling author john le carré the world of espionage was an endless source of inspiration the spy turned novelist had a writing career that spanned 6 decades with 25 novels to his name but. the cold war was the main backdrop. for the british intelligence service a nearly $960.00 s. . many of its best sellers were made into movies like the spy who came in from the cold starring richard burton. his stories were often session germany where he had spent time as
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a young secret agent i think lived between tours in some mysterious way my destiny always to write about germany in one way or another. liqueur a the world of espionage was always a metaphor for the human condition he didn't stop writing when the cold war ended with the fall of the berlin wall though he was disillusioned with what came after it. tailor of panama as a novel was my 1st novel with no ideological content its spoke to the new materialism to the new postwar era it spoke also to my own disappointment that there was no energy for the reconstruction of the world when the cold war and. shone like our a master of spy fiction passed away at the age of 89. and finally italy's melt as a raft of providing spectacular nighttime display of ash and explosions the lavas
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glow could be seen from the nearby city of could tell you authorities are not reporting any danger to the villages and towns on the slopes and the volcanic ash clouds can disrupt air travel the airport is running north you're watching news from berlin i'll be. at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day and to see that. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update coming 19 special. on d w. in the. climate change. those who made the suit. coats who stood.
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what ideas do they have for their future of. g.w. dot com for can make a series for the melting to give them some clues. to the roll out of the covert 916 is the moment to millions have been waiting for in the hope it will mean a return to normality. but many factors like some of the vaccines being difficult to store mean there is no guarantee they will be distributed fairly around the world. as people in rich countries such as britain get their 1st shots for how can those in less developed areas get theirs as well.
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as the sick overnight especially here on the w. i'm chris caldwell welcome african countries have been faring much better in the pandemic then many experts have feared the spot and shoot outs for example about the impossibility of social distancing in communities where large families often share is single room but with the coronavirus vaccines are allowed to developing nations could now run into in the just a goal financial and cultural roadblocks. the race for a call that 19 vaccine is almost over 3 an occupation candidates are in the final stages of approval. and for renowned south african scientist professor b.m.i. dia the road to a vaccine has been difficult. it's only been months since we 1st discovered the vibe is of course discovered banking and speed at proctor been able to achieve this is developed not one of the vaccines shown to be safe to be effective in
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preventing probit manky and that is a phenomenal achievement in the center community think you get the money. to have it seems that they actually being able to make it in south africa. south africa has bore the brunt of called in 1000 devastation on the african continent. at the beginning of december the country how to fish really recorded over 820000 infections and 22000 deaths. infections are again rising amid worries of an imminent 2nd wave. and south africans taken part in vaccine trials are determined to play their part in fighting the pandemic. but it's one thing for the would seem kinda numb from getting to want to take part in this trial to prevent myself and others from getting corona that's why i want to change. but
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not all of the potential vaccines are suitable for the developing world and wealthy nations stand at the front of the queue. for more benefits you know at the time that this part of operation was free to sound like to go outside of the us in the foreseeable future and if the conditions of the us funding if it seems to fry the vaccine which needs to be stored at all for low temperatures minus 70 degrees celsius unfortunate then that should be unlikely for that scene to be deployed in its current information in a country such as south africa so what's left behind is really better as a nicotine which is a vaccine that you're also going to think of it in south africa because being the preferred candidate for the media deployment in the country even if south africa can secure enough doses for its population of nearly 60000000 community work and still need to convince a skeptical public. the firm i'm scared of the state if it's in stuff i have to know much more because you know all of us we're not there we are seeking in
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different belief. we don't need to tell us maybe out of the tell me how what i say . to the advocacy workers must also compete with the daily realities of one of the world's most unequal societies. with the sort of it is not one of the major issues they have to worry about they most of the times i worried about bread and butter issues but professor remains resolute that south africa will lead africa's charge for save. sustainable solution to the global pandemic. but he was going to feel that when adjusted for the date that the food that's being accumulate that then if it's intel's it could probably keep doing dirty provided evidence to make an informed decision yes to retreat scenes with that sort of thought there for them context probably and that it's really up to government to manage the process to ensure the thought difficult dance access to that c.m.c. and its effect there for an appointment of fixin's in the public government
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inefficiency as may mean mass rollout will only be reached in 12 months time. for more let's bring in ruth faden she is the founder of the berman institute of bioethics at johns hopkins university and a member of the world health organization's kovan 1000 vaccines working group welcome to g.w. where do you see the biggest challenges for a fair distribution of these vaccines the challenges are enormous at a global level and also within countries the global challenges have to do with the fact that for reasons we can. easily understand it's not completely defend wealthy countries in the world have made their primary commitment securing vaccines for their own population this has resulted in a significant lock on supply or some vaccines for the forseeable future
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countervailing natch. challenge is the existence of something called the kovacs facility which is a global commitment to provide vaccine to all peoples of the world what kovacs needs is more financial support from wealthy countries more money coming in to kodak's and also we need more wealthy countries who are not currently part of the kodaks collaboration to be at least thinking about bilateral commitments to low and middle income countries also we need support for the world bank on that note the g. 20 nations recently said they will quote spare no effort in ensuring equitable access to proven vaccines how much is that commitment worth. well let's put it this way it's worth a whole lot more than the countries who are high income who have not yet begun that
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kind of a kludge and i include in that the united states what a pledge like that from a group of wealthy countries is actually worth i have to applaud this collection of countries so while of course we never know until we really see what happens the trees the european countries for even making that commitment now we see the biotech pfizer vaccine being rolled out in several countries the latest being the united states we need we know it needs to be stored at extremely low temperatures now doesn't a prerequisite like that in itself hamper a fair and equitable distribution. absolutely this is a better day in the united states very 1st people will be receiving the pfizer back prize or biotech bechstein today in the u.s. but it is not a vaccine that is part of the solution to global equity at least not in its current form relation so if you were to grade that right now in terms of the likelihood
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that it will contribute to global equity it would get at a poor mark reformulations perhaps otherwise but right now we have to look to other bechstein types to address the needs of people living in low and middle income countries as central workers and senior citizens are among the 1st to be vaccinated from an ethical point of view is that the right thing to do. it's an important framing and it is as defensible as other strategies that we can think of the problem comes with the competing interpretations of equity that are at issue so if you think about countries like the us or britain or south africa or pretty much many countries in the world that there are profound background in equities preexisting in the population with respect to health and wellbeing more broadly and
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those inequities are reflecting themselves in disproportionate burden of the pandemic now so the challenge from an equity point of view is to how to use to make sure that your priories nation strategy addresses these gaps. were afraid and of the berman institute of bioethics at johns hopkins university and a member of the world health organization's covert 19 vaccines working group thank you for your thoughts. my pleasure. and now it is over to our resident corona virus experts t w science correspondent derrick williams answering your questions about the pandemic. if a vaccine is not 100 percent effective can you still catch the virus after vaccination 1st of all no vaccine that we've developed for any diseases ever provided perfect protection to everyone although although
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a few like those for measles or for polio come very close but because every person's immune system is different in some people exposed to sars cove to the new vaccines will not stop the corona virus in its tracks trials in healthy volunteers indicate however that the candidates now being authorized for use in countries around the world are highly effective at doing so in most people it's kind of complicated but a simplified way of quantifying the efficacy demonstrated in trials would be to say that if you haven't been vaccinated you're around 9 times more likely to contract symptoms of covert 19 after an exposure then you would be if you got the shot so it drastically reduces that possibility. but what's really interesting is that for a return to something like normal vaccines don't actually have to prevent covert 19
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in every one if they can just stop the disease and in many or most people then that's half the battle especially if they also limit its spread so if they keep most vaccinated people from transmitting the virus to others for every person that can catch the virus and then subsequently give it to someone else one step closer to herd immunity as the virus finds fewer and fewer unprotected hosts that will slow the speed of the pandemic and eventually stop it and there's another possible upside which is that even if getting a vaccine isn't an ironclad guarantee that you won't get covert 9000 later there are at least some indicators that if you do the vaccine could limit its severity so you might then very well have milder symptoms.
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now do you have a question for derek let us know simply send an e-mail to feedback dot english at d w dot com and type expert in the subject line or simply leave a comment on our you tube channel that's all from us for now thanks for watching see you tomorrow just basically. fighting against the gun and against denial of the genocide in srebrenica that's haasan house one of the churches mission he was 19 during a mass murders in srebrenica and he survived today he's working to raise awareness about the genocide and to commemorate the victims 25 years me after the massacre close up. next on early 0.
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in the far north. beyond the inhabitable world it's lonely. barren. and breathtakingly beautiful the arctic a powerful expanse of bitter cold. calm and the sound of global warming. to the journey around the north pole meet profiteers and talk with people experiencing a changing environment the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating it's a huge the last years have been smelting roughly. makes it hard but they should.
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our future depends on what happens here in one of the most fragile ecosystems on earth. northern lights life within the arctic circle starts december 21st on t.w. . 25 years after the genocide in srebrenica a son whose son of a bitch is taking on the genocide denial he works in the memorial center which commemorates the mass murder in the serbian part of bosnia although he survived his father and his twin brother were both killed their remains only discovered years later somebody called my mother.


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