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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  December 15, 2020 8:30am-9:01am CET

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i think that's the solution for in some trick monarch. fantasy. to see no trade. secrets because it starts december 21st. ah. ah i. see.
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the match day 11 was full of surprises for starters developments historical trouncing which led to the rapid dismissal of coach sam fogg. but there were even more shots in store after a firework worthy performance by when your own brian had to relinquish their top spot in the league. and now by live accusing a sitting pretty in 1st. while gemini's best team celebrated reaching the champions league knockouts last week there was a positive knock on effect for the pulis league. while the big guns were busy jet setting across europe. the competition to keep total focus on ascending in the. game vols spoke for instance the party seems to just be getting started thanks in no small pots so this guy. felt very cautious help the bulls creep up to a champions league spot. so it's over the weekend. but of course some things never
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change shaka still can't get a break i'm on to a lawyer still doesn't enjoy fishing the bull out of his own next step got stiller stoppable on the road and will begin in dortmund to see how they brought about a new sofa fixing. dortmund have had a rather good run in recent weeks they've won just one of their last 4 bundesliga matches heading into their clash against stoke guards. and it was about to get a whole lot worse especially for lucy and. guard have been surprisingly lethal and bold in attack under coach pelligrino matter. and they were going to hand 5 not a brutal and final lesson the alarm bell sounded early as home and broke he was forced into an outstanding say from born a so-so after 7 minutes. stood
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guard for showing up their opponents in every department with far more flair and commitment. the pressure paid off in the 27th minute when emery john brought down let's hear 2 moments in the box. a clear foul by the german international. and see last one if you can't talk tome the spot kick. stuttgart kept on creating chances as dortmund struggled to keep up. despite the mismatch however gio raina produced a delightful piece of magic just before the break. i am moment of individual brilliance from the youngster even though an undeserved equaliser for dortmund perhaps it would serve
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as a wake up call for 5 plus men. there monday on that 11 we were very good they could have scored more goals for mom and daughter and defense failed to emerge from their slumber though as well monday to get converted his part seconds by the congolese forward given all the time and space to that his 7th goal of the season 8 minutes into the 2nd half. hour mark sosa found a gap in titans defense was philip foster made it $31.00 was. dark man let their hands drop and basically capitulated 3 minutes later to the bellingham surrendered possession and while he casually trotted back down de coulibaly raced through on goal to curl a beautiful effort passbook a. was car one was comedic defending once again from dortmund but
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a top notch finish all the same. and added time nico gonzales officially confirmed a victory was in fact a ruthless devastating dropping. my. 51 the final score and simply embarrassing showing from dortmund not good enough from the players or from fatah as this share this tour is difficult to accept losing 5 want to home against a got to go we've got no excuses here and told to go very hard to fit we had 5 players who were fresh 6600 but that wasn't apparent psyched yeah it was this is our stuff yeah. i've got the stuff. so but those cling to the bad as it sounds and as we can be happy with the fact that it was only 5 goals as it was shame shame we have to talk about it and that's what the church was founded on.
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men's top brass did indeed disc. the loss and decided lucy in 5 years time was over he was sacked on sunday. as for stuttgart there defying all expectations they're now up to 7th are the highest goal scorers behind byron and all with the league's youngest team to. this victory looks like the start of something beautiful it. would also mark the end of 5 years chapter with dortmund. with. premature departures are also part of the beautiful game. saturday's press conference with lucien farmer was to be his last in dortmund to coach him self struggled to explain his side's 3rd straight defeated home. it was a disaster we were not good one and took up work. on sunday the management an ounce
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of his dismissal a move that was greeted by fans is stupid you can try to guess the right thing to do the team have failed to evolve in the last few games well or for. one from here you know we're losing against practically everyone right even at home against cologne and now stood guard so it was the right move sadly it's always the same with the sympathetic swiss coach at some point his teams just tend to fall apart it was the same case with character later with blood bath and now with dortmund assistant coach 8 in tears it will step in his caretaker but next we have a swiss coach for whom things are on the up. this in conspicuous looking door leads into the in-house casino when you're beilin and it was in these typically or steel surroundings that was fisher signed a contract extension last week a well earned christmas present for the swiss born coach who has turned the underdogs from eastern berlin into europa league contenders.
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in the saturday late game the host of bryan having conceded 2 fewer goals than the champions to date 16 that's the highest number of goals of the 10 matches that any of the leaders in when listening to history have had to stumble. and it soon became clear why a long haul from christopher to molest byron's highline woefully exposed with taiwanese suddenly through on goal. the liverpool loney with only manuel neuer to beat but the germany keeper saved early by an blushes with a trademark save. 3 minutes later he was again let down by his team and this time he was powerless. to shirk from a glancing in a header for the 5th goal conceded by a few corners this season. and it was the
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5th time in a row they've gone behind. and it's enough to make money well neuer very much. by a slow out of the blocks and off the pace a mistake by alfonso davies allowed sure although becker to launch another fast break and inch perfect past one who still had plenty to do and he did pretty much everything. by except find the back of the net when your one could have had 3 midway through the 1st half crazy scenes of the i was the 1st of i not least when some home fans outside the ground let off some celebratory filed. by and were not so much out of luck as out of sorts of 11 dusky seemingly failed
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him up in features except a delicate. pushed aside the strike had sent the stumbles. hardly worthy of a penalty it was a buying performance barely worth the name. even after the break it took the visitors until halfway through the 2nd half to really stressing that when your goal. but they made it live and dusky celebrating his 200th outing for byron with his 175th league goal for the club but it wouldn't have happened without a great dribble and pass rankings ecomog has been biased primary assist man in recent weeks. as the clock ran down it was calm again delivering the goods and almost setting up the winner. substitute lee rosen a drawing a fine say from under. now by wear on the front foot but that would be the final bit of action. that. 'd one all
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intended disappointment for byron but also given that outstanding performance fortunately i could not afford more for my chances in the 4th of boyd was a good chance and good game form for my team well deserved congratulations for fisher from his buying counterpart hunty flick a week to remember. half. while biron stumbled challengers like 6 stayed limber before their match against braman and lights were indeed raring to go even if their finishing left a little to be desired. a stray elbow from the stinson would make things a bit easier just fight some complaints it was a penalty. which marcel studied so coolly converted to 126
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minutes in. lights and showed no fatigue for a midweek european action and kept attacking to nail the final score thanks to a sterling move and finish from dani almost. brain and lost their 3rd straight and haven't tasted victory since matchday 3 lives a cruise to victory and maintain 3rd place. book world high spirits after advancing to the champions league knockout round for the 1st time ever juggling european football has been a challenge this season. and hence i don't have to worry about midweek european matches they scored 1st thanks to one of the best heads of hair in the bundesliga much arrogant disease 1st ever had to go made it one nil in the 47th minute. and had to wake up after the goal and did so upping the pressure and levelling things in the 75 minutes. second goal in 2 games might not win awards for beauty but it
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salvage his side a point both sides have european ambitions for next season but for now will have to make do with life imitate. meanwhile pater boshes as he had undefeated leverkusen were chasing top spot against hoffenheim and certainly got off to a promising start leon bailey's need short corners saw him open the scoring after just 4 minutes. passed. and 23 minutes later it was bailey again this time capitalizing on an errant hoffenheim pass it was his 4th goal in 5 league matches helping fuel labor couzens quiet climb up the table the visitors pulled one back with an eye catching goal of their own true christophe baumgartner but laver couzens attack is simply unstoppable right now florian vs his mazy dribble made it $31.00 with under an hour played. though from then on things were
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more aggressive than visually appealing. hoffenheim were dealt 2 red cards followed by the indignity of a stoppage time penalty from newcastle mario it ended for one of the dominant victory lands plucky leverkusen top of the table for the 1st time in 6 years yet another surprise in a while but this legacies and. freiburg ends at the weekend in 14 desperately seeking their 1st win since the opening match today. and they looked well on their way against fellow strugglers bielefeld despite pietersen contriving to miss an open goal in the 59th minute. holding on for dear life until this last minute found in the books been chancellor green 1st stepped up and netted in his 3rd straight game one near. the main substitute jungle young south of the fares with
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a beautiful chip to nil as freiburg clinch an important 3 pointer to stick clear of the dangers a. while bealefeld remain mired in the relegation playoff pit. last weekend's true basement battle was a clash of carnival capital's 17th placed minds posted 15th placed cologne the cologne on a decent run of form are clearly the better of the 2 sides elvis rex but child with the visitors ahead after 55 minutes. on dr who does 2nd booking for this challenge in the 76 minute 8 months an opening but not even people bob in santa are getting forward for a stoppage time corner paid off. minds remain 2nd from bottom while cologne pick up their 2nd victory of the campaign. mano
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a bomb shock with dead last and still high. and seeing for their 1st win maybe facing his former club alex berg would do the trick. but it would be an ominous stuff a shocker with mark suffering and nasty head injury he was rushed to the hospital but is now in a stable condition. it wasn't shockers lucky day with former player daniel calley injury whipping in a free kick and forcing a sewer said own goal one nil to out. but instead of folding his usual shock it came out of the break a lazy benita or a much equaliser 7 minutes off the restarts giving his team a red lifeline. which was followed almost immediately by floria need i mention as i say it's after a 2nd yellow card. up a man with nothing to lose shark away hell bent on turning their season around simbu to love made it to one to put shock on the road to 3 humongous points. put
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some things in the bundesliga are certain shall get disappointing is one of them in the 93rd minute markovitch have popped up with a last gasp equaliser. and to all it finished save their skins while a down in the dumps shall keep on chasing their 1st win since january. who are shocked they were so close to getting their 1st win in 26 matches but then this happened. the. pressure cooker that is a bit so below the list as well who hits it infuriates me all winning for 90
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minutes but just not the next. i'm going to close their miserable winless run extends to $27.00 but now to a team that has yet to teach defeat at all this season. certainly not the point is that as most fashionable team they can often fly under the radar in the company of flash's sides. but that's just how the wolves like it all of a glass now has been playing with consistency and confidence as they quietly target european qualification. and in their tussle a funk force they fix immediately and secure samba sluggo almost found a way through on 7 minutes his deflected effort agonizingly coming back off the post. fortunately for frankfurt.
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both spoke continue to threaten 1st through votes of a course and then in the 37th minute kevin chapman evan endicott had to combine forces to deny maximilian philip. the game all square at half time despite vosburgh dominance. but the momentum turned on toss way off the restarts philip cross-stitch was kicking himself for squandering this glorious opportunity. with. what is free kick did see i talk when a penalty as john anthony brooks pushed martin his head got to the ground inside the box. in the bus dos calmly executed the spot kick. one nil after 63 minutes with. the boss but have made
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a habit of coming back from deficits this season and that resilience shown through again. first marks a 1000000 arnel tested shots from a free kick. and then vosper one a penalty of their own thanks to this handful from stephan is uncovered in the 76 minutes. up steps involved a host. who was never going to miss 10. 0 substitute but just bialek came close the winner on 78 minutes but even frank 1st desperate defending wasn't going to deny vosburgh their comeback. with 2 minutes left on the clock slugger picked out of a toss clever run and the dutchman netted his 9th goal of the season
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with the most potent jumping to force him remain unbeaten glasgow was full of praise for his main man may cost. he's very important for us also in defense here because when we will talk to paul and very very high and so he's the starting point and he works very hard for the team. champions league qualification is very much on the cards for unfound there's no reason they can't get the job done the damage they hear about they cause he continues his hot streak. and. evolve a cause ecstatic winning goal celebration probably deserves an award of its own but the scene just. before it was equally brilliant. threading the needle searching for a. job i. get.
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the toilets to secure the truck please shut. up stop story. and when you wake up there's not so much a call because this is a matter in final final form in front of goal that's now in line in his last bullet your appearance is this is going like this and you're overrun like this for was the most amazing thing to do because the. hero of the night. what else got the world really talking over the weekend find out next i. think the biggest story from this wild weekend came from off the pitch sacking left dortmund fans in argentina feeling mightily relieved this us fan reckoned he was an
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ok coach but not for this level of expectation in france there was speculation over his replacement from former tottenham man more. current coach marco. and this supporter in indonesia has suggested evolve doesn't hertl would be a good fit. for young fans in ireland have been posting about their pride in their side's display against fire and while this supporter in brazil felt frustrated that they didn't come away with a big win. nigeria don't seem too concerned about little setback finally this man in ghana wonders whether labor couzin might soon shed their nickname never. results please. big wins for never sorry live acoustic out of. those took guts while all the champions league teams slipped up except the logic for the very 1st time when you want to point in defending champions by now let's look at the cream of the crop
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from all the goals a match day level. because . sometimes when players have too much time to think about their next move they mess it up not jonghyun who decided to open his bundesliga account with an absolute peach of a goal. g.-o. reign as the dark days dortmund are currently going through time apocalyptic against it got here at least provided a rare ray of light for the fans. but as ever we saved the best for last leon bailey sumptuous strike for a new table toppers by only focusing.
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that's right leverkusen need to believe for the 1st time since september the 24 team just behind them up find a leipzig level on points dortmund are now 6 points off the top closely followed but for me more team. down below there wasn't much change but alex park in tears had climbed ahead of hoffenheim all in all it remains a tight race bottom and top in the bundesliga and we're eager to see what's next. well dorman have plenty to worry about but hope to end the year on a high all the bundesliga sides we've busy bustling around this week not to take on the european rivals with each other in an extra midweek round about. will find come up with the goods. on a wednesday they'll be up against paul spoke at home before hitting the road to
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face the new league leaders live acoustic. pulse bug and live acoustic. to huge tests like buying in. both full spud. and live a cruise and have yet to lose in the league this season. stay safe everyone i'll see you next time.
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i'm going to. meet. you. yeah. fighting against being for god and against a denial of the genocide in tripoli. that's haasan house one of the churches mission she was 19 during the mass murders and. and he survived today he's working to raise awareness about the genocide and to commemorate the victims 25
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years after the massacre close on. 30 minutes w. . it all began with fraternal. ended in collapse. of the soviet union in the soviet afghan. what happened during the last bloody conflict of the cold. of the us s. r. . in 75 minutes on d w. in the far north. beyond the inhabitable world. it's lonely.
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barren and breathtakingly beautiful. the arctic. powerful expanse of bitter cold. calm and the sound of global warming. the fall. we take a journey around the north pole meet profiteers and talk with people experiencing a joy for the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating. our future depends on what happens here in most of the most fragile ecosystems on our. northern lights like the arctic circle starts december 21st g.w. .
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the but. this is deja vu news watch from berlin forcibly sterilized and tortured for not speaking the language and explosive d.w. report from shouldn't jack on the repression of blinkers inside china reeducation camps. cameras everywhere you are not allowed to possibly scratch your head or cry if they saw that they would force you want to a metal chain or they would make you shit there for 12 dollars 24 hours.
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also coming up the u.s. electoral college for the.


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