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tv   Albtraum Afghanistan  Deutsche Welle  December 15, 2020 12:03pm-12:46pm CET

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are being encouraged to limit their social contacts now the health minister young spawn said that he understood those hardships that people might face now if i'm to follow them zone even an emergency stop will have a long skid mark that is also important to say and to recognize but there's hope that it will get better since the promise of protection and that's why we're doing everything we can to get this vaccine approved the soonest possible by it as we do it on a european basis not bashing elisa not with our european partners we have joint security and preordered but since you're jointly invested in the production and to research companies that we are doing the approval process together there we is stronger than the i this year. and let's get more now we're joined by political correspondent hans braun and i just like to begin by talking about the vaccine because i mean we've seen these images from the u.s. from the u.k.
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people already being administered these shots this is a vaccine from a german company what's the holdup here. well you have to see that in the other countries these vaccines are being used subject to an emergency approval by the relevant authorities a special case is the u.k. which is a european country but the is going its own way now and it also decided not to wait for the european medical agency and its approval germany has been sticking to the rio pune road emphasize that again today as we just heard and it is saying that we need to stick to the european way so that there is a maximum of confidence in the reliability and the safety of this vaccine so the german health minister feels that if the approval goes through the normal process even though it is an extremely speeded up process that will mean that more people will be prepared to have themselves vaccinated and that some very important for
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achieving the kind of immunity in the society one is trying to achieve then with the cases rising of course there's also a sense of urgency to get that immunity hons what more to be learned from this conference well there have been media reports this morning that as you said that the vaccine might be approved before christmas the european agency has not yet confirmed that but there have been such statements from various sources within government at the same time today is the day before the lockdown comes into place in germany and both the health minister and the head of the german infections control agency the rubber coffin security as well as a couple of other experts all emphasize how important it is for people actually to follow these rules now if these rules are not followed completely substantially then all of the christmas. that we are now facing will be for nothing so that was the main appeal from from these experts this morning tomorrow as we know the new
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lockdown measures take effect how are people reacting. well we've heard all of these appeals but in fact the reaction from people has been somewhat contradictory there is a very large approval for stronger measures in the german society all polls show that at the same time today is the very last day that christmas shopping is still possible and there have been very long queues in shops one can expect that within the shops or at least outside the stalls there will be a crush of people that of you obviously contradicts everything that all these appeals are trying to prevent so today seems to be the last day that people will allow themselves to get into those kind of situations but generally people i think will try to follow these rules and will try to get the infections dawn times front with a view from germany where the country is bracing for this new lockdown thank you. so meantime in the u.s. it is marked a major milestone in the fight against the coronavirus the country has started
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administering the 1st doses of the buy on tech pfizer vaccine doctors nurses at other and other at risk groups are the 1st in line for the shot now with the u.s. death toll surpassing 300000 millions are hoping that today will mark a turning point in the fight against the pandemic. a moment of hope in the u.s. most of over from 9 medical workers who were honored with receiving the 1st coronavirus vaccinations in the country this is the beginning of the end for kovac together as a community as the nation we can end this. the 1st recipients seemed eager to convince others that the vaccine was safe it's very important that when the vaccine comes that we took off from the science it is ok to take the or elsewhere in an effort to show government confidence in the shot acting defense secretary
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christopher miller also took his jab on camera. that's it. for. advisory panels in the u.s. and the u.k. have determined that the benefits of the shot fun outweigh the risks yet one in 3 people in the u.s. say they won't take it sorry i'm not interested it will never take it over my dead body. i don't know why so. a lot of people. logistics pose another challenge because the country is so big and the concoction so fragile the bio on take 5 vaccine has to be kept at a chilling minus 70 degrees celsius a deep temperature requiring massive amounts of dry ice. despite all this u.s. officials are preparing for the largest vaccination campaign in the country's history along with front line workers the elderly are also 1st in line to get
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inoculated. as corona virus cases climb sharply u.s. authorities have set a goal of vaccinating every willing american by midway through next year. and let's take a look at some of the other developments in the pandemic the drug maker monday and says that hackers accessed documents related to its covert 19 vaccine candidate during a cyber attack on europe's medicines regulator israel is starting a 2nd phase for a vaccine that if successful could be rolled out next summer the u.s. agriculture department has confirmed the country's 1st known case of the corona virus in a wild animal a make or. let's take a look at some other stories making news and explosion in afghanistan has killed 3 people including the deputy governor of the capital kabul the interior ministry says that unknown assailants attached a bomb to the governor's vehicle no group has claimed responsibility for the attack
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. the boko haram jihadist group says that its fighters carried out friday's kidnapping of hundreds of students from a new school in northern nigeria days after the raid of the government the get the government said excuse me that it was negotiating with these armed men but iran was also responsible for abducting hundreds of schoolgirls in the town of chip buck in 2014. german police say that they have arrested another suspect in last year's robbery of priceless jewelry from the famous clean vaults museum in dresden only last month investigators arrested 3 young men 2 suspects remained on the run now one of them has been detained in berlin. critics have called its rights groups of also called it a 21st century of genocide china's locking up and so-called re-education of more than 1000000 a week or so and other muslim minorities in camps in the shin jiang region exiled
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leaders have been dealt a blow by the international criminal court it has rejected calls to investigate beijing for alleged genocide and crimes against humanity because china is not party to the tribunal and china maintains its goal is to re-educate people and to steer them away from islamist extremism but muslim minorities say that beijing is trying to wipe out every trace of their identity correspondents mathias bullinger and leon report. scenes of a family outing with 000 to harm her husband to some john and their little daughter by are in turkey the safe location for naught. but for good 0 a normal life is still far away she says she does not feel safe and you. don't want the cold i still wake up from nightmares in which i see myself in a chinese internment camp again. the images and memories of the interrogations of
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the beatings and the things they did to him and their haunt me i then feel sick for a few days and i can't sleep i argue with my family i even think about hurting myself. in 201700000000 han was arrested in soon john china's westernmost region she is an ethnic azar born in china and was living in kazakhstan at the time on a trip back to china she was detained by police and then hope for a year in several reeducation camps. although they tortured us they had cameras everywhere you were not allowed to pause scratch your head or cry if they saw that they would force you want to a metal chair they would make you sit there for 12 hours 24 hours you were tied to the chair and if you tried to move it would get tighter then they make you repeat chinese words that you didn't know if you forgot them they used electroshock device on your head. back in kazakhstan her family did not know where she was at the same
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time authorities in china suddenly started to detain large numbers of the region's muslim minorities i traveled to the region to see for myself middle school number 4 counted was one of the camps she had been to in 2018 a high wall was built around the school and shacks were built in the courtyard today the school is back to what it was china has defended the facilities as the creation of training centers and declared that by 2019 all trainees had graduated but 0 has also told us that many offer former inmates would later transfer to regular prison on the outskirts of 2 more facilities. there are now 5 policemen following. a prison with watchtowers and another camp where both built in 2017 when the campaign against ethnic minorities took off or theft after.
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the one town if you film here we will have to take measures against you this place is a state secret rooms i meet. with 0 was told she was detained because she had been to kazakhstan that was seen as a sign of being disloyal to china more and more service now calling what is happening in the region could genocide after reports of forced birth control sterilisation and. in the camp was 0 recalls the inmates were administered injections of an unknown substance. or local after the injection some women stopped having their periods those who still had it were given one pad they had to use it for 2 or 3 days if their period would come it would come if not not we stopped being ashamed about it at some point we didn't stop thinking of home most of us had stopped crying by then. 0 is one of the lucky ones
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she was finally allowed to leave after her husband had complained for in kazakhstan she has no news from her relatives in the region. and joining me now is mathias bollinger who you heard from in that report in fact mathias you just returned from the region what were your impressions it's very difficult to work in that region you are trailed all the time by playing call of police in some cities they would just follow us to distance and interfere as we have seen also in this report when you approach a site that they don't want to see you in other places they will really follow you like a very closely like standing right next to you watching your phone all the time preventing you from even filming innocent scenes on the street so it's very difficult when you talk to somebody they would also talk to these people i think one point i man on the streets on the filming and he waved at me and showed
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a chinese flag and said that he was a patriot and asked me inside his shop a small restaurant and when i left this shop the police immediately went in and asked him what he had been telling me so very much signs that the message is being controlled also the movement is being controlled we saw a family in your piece who is now in turkey how unusual is that for people to be able to leave. there are about 12000000 ethnic minorities muslim ethnic minorities in the region mostly we goes and kazakhstan very few of them have been able to leave the region especially in the past 3 years since the complaint started their passports have been confiscated and there are about a few dozen people who have been to the camps who are now abroad very few of them talk to western media because they have relatives abroad and they fear that their
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relatives might. repercussions if they talk to the media. is so most of those who have been able to leave the country are people like good 0 who had family in kazakhstan and whose family had can pay for. meantime we've heard the international criminal court will not take up the case over the treatment of leaders because china is not a signatory. but the pressure is growing on beijing how is it affecting policy in the country. it's very hard to say how it's affecting policy it is affecting let's say public relations work of beijing in the beginning they denied that the county existed at all and they called them occasional training centers they have also closed some 06 d. securitized others so they look more like schools like what they're saying they are
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but it's very hard to. conclude from that or we cannot conclude from that that the or pression against minorities is over we still hear a lot of reports about repression we see why why some of the camps have been closed we see prisons have been expanded mathias bolinger reporting from china thank you so much for bringing us that report. so for. in other news freshman president vladimir putin has congratulated joe biden on his victory hours after the u.s. electoral college officially confirmed him as the winner of last month's election a statement from the kremlin quoted putin as saying that he was ready for quote collaboration the official vote by the electoral college paves the way for congress to accept the outcome of the election when it sits on january the 6th incumbent president donald trump has yet to recognize biden's victory. it was the state of
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california that tipped the scales of the electoral college. california the most populous state in the united states will be formally catholic of growth for the winner of our state's popular vote approves of our biden and vice presidential running mate california's own harris across the u.s. states alexis confirms the popular vote formalizing joe biden's victory in the november elections the president elect has the democratic process. in america politicians don't take power people grid power to them the flame of democracy was lit in this nation a long time ago and we now know nothing not even a pandemic or an abuse of power can extinguish that flame. the president trump has refused to acknowledge defeat citing baseless claims of election fraud he's launched
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a string of lawsuits to overturn results in battleground states courts have rejected every one but last week the supreme court dismissed a lawsuit and just invalidating results in 4 states that biden had won. it's a position sarge 3 we've never seen before a busy asian the refused to respect the will of the people refuse respect the rule of law and refuse to honor our constitution. thankfully a unanimous supreme court a media plea and completely rejected this effort. trumps brazen accusations have stoked anger among his supporters leading to threats of violence to politicians and election officials in states such as michigan electors had to cast their vote amid tight security. most republican lawmakers have so far backstrom flailing attempts to overturn the election those are looking even less viable after the election college confirmed by didn't win but trump loyalists could mount one last desperate
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attempt when congress confirms the electors vote on january 6th. when our new media investigation has found that a group of russian special agents followed opposition leader alexina volley for years before he was poisoned to the summer the report says that the agents from russia security service the f.s.b. were part of an intelligence team specializing in toxins and nerve agents. an independent thorough investigation of a crime that the russian government refuses to consider investigative website billing cat reveals a story about a specially trained team of russian agents with the goal of poisoning dissident aleksey novell me with a deadly nerve agent chalk. at the moment it's no value i found out who tried to kill me i know where they live and where they work i know their real names their fake names and i have photos of them. belling cat worked with russian news
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organization the insider german newspaper der spiegel and us broadcast to c.n.n. to map out evidence that novelli was being followed by the russian security service the f.s.b. well before the incident and even revealed previous attempts to poison him. that this is a story about a secret group of killers from the f.s.b. which includes doctors and chemists it's about how they try. to kill me several times and once nearly killed my wife you won't hear about this on t.v. especially that the one giving orders to this group is russian president vladimir putin. that used publicly available flight logs and other information to back up their claims. and we did this we found that there were 3 people who had the same bioterrorism bombing and they were really surprised we looked more of these people and we noticed these people were the computer colleagues had fallen about only for over 30 trips to 2070 practically every time the only one around russia because it
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was a presidential candidate i'm sorry 2017 these people had the exact same track what internet probably not all that. an anti corruption activist in kremlin critic felt dangerously ill on a flight from siberia to moscow in august he was later flying to germany's capital berlin for treatment and was in an induced coma for 2 weeks. german french and swedish laboratories have determined he was poisoned with the soviet era nerve agent the chalk. only has long held the kremlin responsible for his poisoning accusations moscow has repeatedly denied. well now these little scaly animals got a lot of unwarranted negative press at the start of the pandemic but the pangolin is one of the most trafficked and endangered mammals on this planet that's partly because their skills are used in traditional asian medicine now group of volunteers is out to save their skin or rather their scales.
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a sting operation stops these men in their tracks coach is about to meet a potential buyer in a parking lot in rural south africa the back seat of their car plastic bag which police find a pangolin for sale. which animal is going to. rescue this quickly take it to a vet you see penguins in a variety of different and physical states some are very messy ated their skin little they've got they've got injuries that. it's pitiful is very very difficult to emotionally deal with that kind of suffering and abuse. the african pangolin working group in south africa a team of vets and wildlife experts have been rehabilitating penguins rescued from poachers for nearly a decade. these shy and elusive mammals continue to fess innate the
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experts. you know these are. secretive nocturnal animals that quietly go around their business meeting and that's all they do they have you know that they don't do anything any harm ever and suddenly they're picked up and they keep to meet awful conditions and it's incredibly traumatic for them. one of these cats size can fetch up to $20000.00 u.s. dollars last year alone $97.00 tons of penguin scales was seized from smugglers trying to take them out of africa and this equals about a 150000 poached animals and estimates are that that is only about 20 percent of the total figure it's an endangered species so i think you everybody needs to do as much as they can to save even if it's just one of the every single problem is a difference if your species just considered endangered and if there's any possible
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extinction trigger think you have to do everything you can. once well rehydrated well fed and back to good health the rescued penguins are released back into the wild and hopefully out of the reach of poachers. now australia's famous gold coast has been home to an unusual spectacle stormy weather has whipped up sea foam that has covered beaches along the queensland coastline and usual phenomenon has hit younger residents as well who quickly took to the sea for a foam that experts say that sea foam is not dangerous and is largely a protein from degraded organic matter lathered in the turbulent ways check that out looks fun australia has been battered by storms as last year's wildfires have given way to tropical cyclones and heavy rainfall this summer. quick reminder of our top stories germany's health minister says he looks to vote for the fines or
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biotech coldness vaccine could some come sooner than expected it could now be approved before christmas but he urged the public not to let its part down same lock down measures needed to be taken seriously if the uprising infection a person are not stopped. the international criminal court has rejected calls from exile commuters to investigate china on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity and noted that china is not a signatory to the hague based tribunal meanwhile indeed every record contradicts chinese claims that leaders are being educated in camps and released it says many are simply moving being moved into prisons up next pick off.
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because. the receiver dog man's had enough. to have a college and stood guard was not without consequences. moves much merrier in labor coups and with 4 goals against hoffenheim the rhineland to shoot their way to the top of the table kick off. next on t w. fighting against being forgotten and against a denial of the genocide in srebrenica. haasan one of the churches mission he was 19 during the mass murders and. he survived today he's working to raise awareness about the genocide and to commemorate the victims 25 years me after the massacre close. in 60 minutes d.w. .
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children to come to this. one giant problem and nearly in no mood to see a picture you. think i am a leader of the changing lately i'm getting to laugh how will climate change affect us and our children laugh. at g.w. dot com slash water. that. lath. point.
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match day 11 was full of surprises for starters dormant historical trancing which led to the rapid dismissal of coach sam fogg. but there were even more shocks in store after a firework worthy performance but when your client had to relinquish their top spots in the lean. and now by leverkusen are sitting pretty in 1st. while germany's best team celebrated reaching the champions league knockouts last week there was a positive knock on effect for the bullishly go. all the big guns were busy jet setting across europe. in. the competition to keep total focus on ascending in the lead. involved spoke for instance the party seems to just
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be getting started thanks in no small ponds so this guy. cultivate horse help the wolves creep up to a champions league spot themselves over the weekend. but of course some things never change shaka still can't get a break and manuel neuer still doesn't enjoy fishing the ball out of his own next. step guts are still unstoppable on the road and will begin in dortmund to see how they brought about yusuf aabs fixin's. dortmund have had a rather good run in recent weeks they'd won just one of their last 4 bundesliga matches heading into their clash against a cart. and it was about to get a whole lot worse especially for lucy amp off. guard had been surprisingly lead. poland bowled an attack under coach pelligrino matter. and
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they were going to hand 5 not a brutal and final lesson the alarm bell sounded early as home and booking was forced into an outstanding say from boredom so so after 7 minutes. guards were showing up their opponents in every department with far more flair and commitment the pressure paid off in the 27th minute when emery john brought down with him a bit in the box. a clear foul by the german international. and see last one if you can talk tome the spock it. stood guard kept on creating chances as dortmund struggled to keep up. despite the mismatch however gio raina produced a delightful piece of magic just before the break. i. i'm only into individual brilliance from the
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youngster even though an undeserved equaliser for dortmund perhaps it would serve as a wake up call for 5 his men. there monday on that 11 we were very good they could have scored more goals than top men's defense failed to emerge from their slumber though as well monday to get converted his extra part seconds was the congolese forward given all the time and space to net his 7th goal of the season 8 minutes into the 2nd half. on the hour mark sosa found a gap in titans defense was phillip foster made it $31.00 was. dortmund let their heads drop and basically capitulated 3 minutes later john telling him surrendered possession and while he casually trotted back down the coulibaly raised
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through on goal to curl a beautiful effort passbook me. was far one was comedic defending once again from dortmund but a top notch finish all the same. and at a time nico gonzales officially confirmed the victory was in fact a ruthless devastating driving. my of the. 51 the finalists for simply embarrassing showing from dortmund not good enough from the players or from fatah as this share this tour is difficult to accept losing 51 a home against a got to go we've got no excuses and told to go very hot and that feel we had 5 players who were fresh 16 and zack's 0 but that wasn't apparent psyched yeah it was this is hasta yeah. evocative of. so but those cling to the bad as it sounds on us we can be happy with the fact that it was only 5 goals as it was
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shame shame we have to talk about it and that's what the turkish woman on the front of the. men's top brass did indeed disk. the loss and decided lucy in 5 years time was over he was sacked on sunday. as for stuttgart there defying all expectations they're now up to 7 are the highest goal scorers behind byron and all with the league's youngest team 2. while this victory looks like the start of something beautiful it. could also mark the end of 5 years chapter with dortmund. premature departures are also part of the beautiful game. saturday's press conference with lucien farmer was to be his last in dortmund the coach him self struggled to explain his side's 3rd straight defeated home. it was
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a disaster we were not good one and still got work. on sunday the management and mounts his dismissal a move that was greeted by fans is due to go short of his the right thing to do the team have failed to evolve in the last few games well for. one from here you know we're losing against practically everyone right now even at home against cologne and now stood guard so it was the right move sadly it's always the same with a sympathetic swiss coach at some point his teens just tend to fall apart it was the same case with character later with blood bath and now with dortmund assistant coach 8 in tears it will step in his caretaker but next we have a swiss coach for whom things are on the up. this in conspicuous looking door leads into the in-house casino over when you live and it was in these typically or stay surroundings that was fisher signed
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a contract extension last week a well earned christmas present for this was born coach who has turned the underdogs from eastern berlin into europa league contenders. in the saturday late game they hosted by him having conceded 2 fewer goals in the champions to date 16 that's the highest number of goals of the 10 matches that any of the leaders in when listening to history have happened to stumble. and it soon became clear why a long ball from christopher to molest byron's highline woefully exposed with taiwanese suddenly through on goal. the liverpool loney with only manuel neuer to beat but the germany keeper saved early by an blushes with a trademark save. 3 minutes later he was again let down by his
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team and this time he was powerless. from a glancing in a header for the 5th goal conceded by a few corners this season. and it was the 5th time in a row they've gone behind. it's enough to make money well neuer very name. one was slow us the blocks and off the pace a mistake by alfonso davies allowed share all the packets and launch another fast break an inch perfect past one who still have plenty to do and he did pretty much everything. by except find the back of the net on your own could have had 3 midway through the 1st half crazy scenes of the i 1st of i not least when some home fans outside the ground let off some celebratory filed.
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by and were not so much out of luck as out of sorts of 11 dusty seemingly fail to marvin features except a delicate. pushed aside the strike had sent the stumbles. hardly worthy of a penalty it was a buying performance barely worth the name. even after the break it took the visitors until halfway through the 2nd half to really press in that when your goal. but they made it kept levon dusky celebrating his 200th win as league outing for byron with his 175th league goal for the club but it wouldn't have happened without a great dribble and pass rankings ecomog has been by as primary assist man in recent weeks. as the clock ran down it was calm again delivering the goods and almost setting up the enough. substitute lieberson a jawing
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a fine safe and yes votes are now buying more on the front foot but that will be the final bit of action. 'd one all intended disappointment for by him but also given that outstanding performance fortunately i could not afford more choices and therefore thought boyd was a good chance on good game form for my team well deserved congratulations for fisher from his buying counterpart hunty flick a week to remember. while byron stumbled challengers like stayed limber before their match against graeme and and leipzig were in deep raring to go even if their finishing left a little to be desired. a stray elbow from lupica soon would
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make things a bit easier just by some complaints it was a penalty. which marcel sabita coolly converted 126 minutes and. blood showed no fatigue from midweek european action and kept attacking to nail the final score thanks to a sterling move and finish from dani almost. braman lost their 3rd straight and haven't tasted victory since matchday 3 life's a cruise to victory and maintain 3rd place. backward high spirits after dancing to the champions league knockout round for the 1st time ever so juggling european and pulis league football has been a challenge this season. and hence i don't have to worry about midweek european matches they scored 1st thanks to one of the best heads of hair in the bundesliga i must say again doozies 1st ever had to go made it one nil in the 47 minutes. but
12:43 pm
had to wake up after the goal and did so upping the pressure and levelling things in the 75 minutes. second goal in 2 games my no will award for beauty but is salvage his side the point both sides have european ambitions for next season but for now will have to make do with life imitate. meanwhile peter bashes as he at undefeated leverkusen were chasing top spot against hoffenheim and certainly got off to a promising start leon bailey's need short corners saw him open the scoring after just 4 minutes. past. and 23 minutes later it was bailey again this time capitalizing on an errant hoffenheim pass it was his 4th goal in 5 league matches helping fuel labor couzens quiets climb up the table the visitors pulled one back with an eye catching goal of their own true christophe baumgartner but laver couzens attack is simply unstoppable right now lonnie on the outs as
12:44 pm
mazie dribble made it $31.00 with under an hour played. though from then on things were more aggressive than visually appealing. hoffenheim were dealt 2 red cards followed by the indignity of a stoppage time penalty from newcastle aveo it ended 41 the dominant victory lens plucky leverkusen top of the table for the 1st time in 6 years yet another surprise in a while when this legacies and. freiburg entered the weekend in 14 desperately seeking their 1st win since the opening match day. and they looked well on their way against fellow strugglers bielefeld despite pietersen contriving to miss an open goal in the 59th minute. the n.f.l. to hold on for dear life until this last minute found in the books mentions
12:45 pm
a green 1st stepped up and netted in his 3rd straight game one male. late substitute jungle young set for the fares with a beautiful chip to nil as freiburg clinch an important 3 pointer to stick clear of the dangers a. while bealefeld remain mired in the way the game played on that. last weekend's true basement battle was a clash of carnival capitals a 17th placed mind supposed to 15th placed cologne the cologne on a decent run of form are clearly the better of the 2 sides elvis wrecks but child with the visitors ahead after 55 minutes. on dr who does 2nd booking for this challenge in the 76 minute gate mindset opening but not even people in santa are getting forward for a stoppage time corner paid off. mines remain 2nd from bottom while cologne pick
12:46 pm
up their 2nd victory of the campaign.


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