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tv   Die Geheimnisse der Akten  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2020 3:15pm-4:00pm CET

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sending out municipal employees with us to try and pull them down as soon as they took them down of city people were placing these flags sometimes replacing them with red and white so they just happened to have to hand now people are being arrested at home for having these flags on their balconies so there is a definite. rising. response from the government great to reste the people expressing these protests and we're seeing people becoming more creative and being more subtle and how they express this protest in the summer we had hundreds thousands of people out on the streets of minsk people bring their children their pets they really felt like a festival at times now as we saw in that report people marching around the neighborhoods and smaller groups where it's part of the police to catch them but they also can get to safety in a hurry people are really having to adapt but they are carrying on that's the main thing for months after these protests began and across the country protest is a reality ok so the protests changing adapting as you say where do you see them going. well that's the $1000000.00 question i think
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for now there is the main focus is just on holding in and keeping going i think the opposition's done a good job of not splitting and not being split into rival factions a very different people who have come together in the coordination council of the russian opposition they are all for now listening to what. is saying i think most people that think that if they can keep all the pressure coming out they are really creating real problems for the government that is really running out of money having to pay security services huge wages to keep that loyalty going that really also depends on creating the illusion the impression of full support from the government i think and a democratic system can put up with tens of thousands people coming out to protest against it if you have that which the missi alexander looks like it does not have that legacy anymore and the longer this carries on the lesser his chances of continuing his 25 years in office so i think for now it's about holding in sudan
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going to says that if things carry on as they all she hopes that could see fresh elections and a new government in the spring thank you so much make convoy. let's take a look at some the other stories making news around the world dozens of police officers in ukraine were injured in clashes with anti lockdown protesters on tuesday demonstrators rallied in kiev against recently announced coronavirus restrictions nonessential businesses schools and gyms are to be closed from the 8th of john. japanese the prosecutors have charged a man with an os an attack on an animation studio last year shinji is accused of setting the coyote i mean mation building on fire killing $36.00 people and injuring dozens more he claimed the studio stole his worth. people living in the path of a super storm set to hit fiji of reward to secure their properties or flee to the nearest emergency shelters authorities are warning that site clovelly yasar is
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strong enough to uproot buildings. and e.u. commission president as you have on the line says there's been some progress on the trade deal with the britain after it leaves the bloc she told the european parliament the next few days will be crucial to sticking points remain fair competition in the e.u. market and fishing rights for the e.u. vessels in u.k. waters. it's well for companies holding codes between the european union and the u.k. that new border regulations that come with bricks it will lead to longer waiting times and more red tape as british companies rushed to bring goods into the country before the end of the year deadline truck drivers leaving france are getting a taste of the potential chaos to come the w.'s alexander from norman reports from the french port of cali. the port of color a key departure point for goods headed across the channel by a truck for now they move freely between the european union and the u.k.
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but with the end of the brakes a transition there will be new rules and restrictions on watch terms that's what both sides are still negotiating the port authorities however tell us they have prepared as much as they can have all clicked it is we've hired new employees we've restructured the organization we've opened premises we have trained our employees we've created a special computer system so i think we're ready with a deadline quickly approaching the port is experiencing the highest levels of traffic so far this year last week they processed almost 22000 trucks here extreme stockpiling has led to long lines and massive delays in their last few weeks as businesses try to get goods into britain the for a potential no the exit many here fear this is just a glimpse of what the situation will be like when. standards and immigration checks
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kick in on both sides of the channel david sedaris wore it his business operates $110.00 trucks that transport flour sugar and now their goods from across europe to the u.k. with disruptions and delays to be expected the whole are fears he'll lose money. i think the main risk is the traffic jams with long standing and waiting times for the vehicles and that's really harmful for us. on the one hand you're not earning any money on the other hand you still have the running costs for the truck and the driver was i think it was a bit of shock for us one of his drivers just came back from a tour to the u.k. he says going there was a nightmare. he started here at 9 in the morning and arrived in dover at 5 pm. and normally normally already in england by midday. david sanger is
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disappointed that the political have wasted so much time they ask you to anticipate the changes to come he says while they wait until the last minute to decide at the port in cali meanwhile the customs officers are also getting a bit anxious or anything but we're impatient to see if everything we did will work and if there are any problems we'll have to fix. whether there is a trade deal or not they tell us big changes will come when the u.k. leaves the single market. you might remember last month's images of a chinese spacecraft are blasting off for the moon well it's due to return in the next few hours carrying fresh samples of move rocks and debris chinese ground crew are waiting for the unmanned missions return the 1st lunar samples in more than 45 years. chang a 5 was one of the most complicated and challenging missions in china's airspace
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history. when the rocket was launched on november 23rd it was a source of national pride the probe was made up of 4 modules one was the lander which is dug for rocks and soil. the materials were then transferred into a return tap still for the journey back to earth. a quick holiday all of our current lunar program consists of 3 phases all between landing and returning to the shang the 5 will carry out a 3rd face bringing moon samples of the earth for the 1st time we hope this will be a success for. your logic you. it's the 1st time in 4 decades that material has been brought back from the moon and china's space ambitions are no secret under been growing for years. the in 2003 it secured
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a major breakthrough when it became the 3rd country in the world to send a man into space. 10 years later china hits another milestone successfully landing an unpiloted spacecraft on the moon it was the 1st soft landing since the soviet union's success in 1976 more chinese chairs in january 29000 in a global 1st aluna probe touching down on the far side of the moon boosting china's space ambitions mars is also in its sights this year beijing launching an unmanned probe to the red planet. in july china put the final satellite into orbit for its chinese navigation system the country's rival to the u.s. a g.p.s. . but this lunar mission to bring back material from the moon was one of china's most ambitious to date.
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ok germany's bundles they got house arrest slate have made weak matches dortmund to go back to a winning ways after a change of coach the new interim boss at intel as it secured a 21 win in bremen to pick the youngest player to ever stop and really. do it mean 16 year old yusuf mukoko who became the blade his lead his youngest debutant in november started his 1st league match at braman but another historic moment for the teenager it's also the 1st turn of the season for assistant coach turned head 800 seats do it mean got their new head coach fired up early in the 12th minute jaden said so shot was blocked when raphael guerrero found the rebound to dig the ball over a year republican for the early. the don't mean leave didn't last long only about 15 minutes brain means mess and put it on a t.
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for a kid in movie who smashed it into the net to level the affair. after the break the youngster mukoko got his chance but the 16 year old put too much peperoni. brain means aggressive defense past them the man. pov lanka brought down manuel a conduit to set up the decisive goal. in. the days to have laker did his best to prevent marco rice's winner but to no avail publicly managed to get a handle on the ball but royce was there to clean it up. dortmund with 18 t it's at the helm get back to winning ways with a 21 victory over brain. on tuesday night also saw a bloodbath visit bloodbaths visit to frankfurt off a high drama right to the very last moments of the draw under frankfurt andre silva
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had a boot in all of his team's goals he broke the deadlock in the 1st half when he latched on to the ball 5 in this go past ajahn zama but the visiting side have their own hero in laws should handle the how tricky equaliser in 1950 minutes and it 3 all front for a draw in 12 games. and we'll finish with kangaroos just because we can research as in australia have found that kangaroos can learn to communicate with humans in a similar way to dogs their studies show that they use their case to point and ask for help 10 of the 11 marsupials in the study stat at research as when they couldn't open a box containing food on the say the findings suggest a wild animals can lead to communicate effectively with people in similar ways to domesticated animals. coming up next in d.w.
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news asia will take a look at the logistical challenges facing india as it plans to back french its vast population against current fires. i'm subzero in south korea we take a look behind the scenes outside keep talking about countries facts seem to supply change. the finnish crime scene will have those stories on more in just a moment i'll be back at the top of the out. of.
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the field. to call. or not 20000000000. 00000000000000000001 about assuring economy. could change in thinking is changing the economy to create something new.
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the economics magazine in germany. in 60 minutes w. . how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we're all in this. country just 3 of the topics covered and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like. information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you go your podcast can also find us at dot com. science. what secrets lie behind these walls. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d.w. world heritage 316 getting up now. that guy
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and on game did you know that 17 trillion land of them are killed worldwide so that we can include them but it's not just be animals of all suffering it's the environment we went on a journey to find ways out in the movie if you want to know how when clicked on the priest and the whole trust changed me 3 says listen to our podcast on the green since. this is the wus a show coming up today in the us how curium vaccination challenge. the 2nd most populous country in the world will have to vaccinate millions upon millions of its people against the coronavirus how will they do it and could an existing immunization program help. and in south korea one company has the all. so to a problem we deviling
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a possible vaccine goal out how to maintain the subzero temperatures needed to keep this even viable. welcome to news asia glad you could join us today as we ask a daunting question how do you vaccinate a country of 1300000000 people against a coronavirus it's a question india must find an answer to and fast the country has yet to approve a vaccine that can cover the 2nd largest population on earth and when it does getting this toss completed will be perhaps one of the biggest logistical exercises the world has ever seen so how will india do it experts say india's universal immunization program already the largest in the world offers a starting point they dispensable medical infrastructure already in place but can
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it be used to deliver a future virus vaccine let me show just bottom shot it went to looking for on. who john knows this will be a busy day it is her group still on to receive immunization and it is not easy to. the community health worker has 1000 people under her care in this district all of the state. it is just responsibility to ignore everything about them. that not just happen when b.v. that can see it and what lacks emissions and. she is a crucial element in india's nasa program that vaccinates $25000000.00 children every year. this experience and knowledge will come in handy when the covert 19 vaccine is deployed. we know about each family how many members are above 50
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how many are young children below 5 we have the complete backward if someone is a diabetic has high blood pressure or typical low says we already have a record of this bus and we can get them vaccinated accordingly. 50 other community workers like will draw up their priority to c.p. and lists and notified this primary health care center. it is already equipped with all storage for child immunization vaccines and cool cases to transport them for the into the villages 20 such health centers reports to the local health administration. dr browne deep at the helm improbable district is confident the existing infrastructure will help things get off to a good start. but he acknowledges that communication will be key much like it was for vaccinating children then parents were skeptical about putting kids through pain for an uncertain benefit fighting rumors to awareness campaigns will be key
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for the coronavirus vaccine to. there would be people rushing for the vaccine that they want the vaccine in the 1st. and there would be people who really needed and they may not know that they needed and should get it that will be it and you know the indian government is focused on awareness as well along with jumping up cold storage capacities hiring more that senators and drawing up lists of priority to c.p.s. like health care workers and the elderly the comprehensive vaccine deployment plan also includes a new digital platform and app both for health administrators and civilians. who've been beneficiary of the beneficiary management platform will track beneficiaries plan vaccination sessions and manage them. free mobile app can be used by citizens to register to receive the vaccine. just. asked for residents
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these seem to trust a vaccine killed by the government. they say vaccines are important doctors tell us they help so we'll let you know i want to believe. i'm not worried at all about the vaccine the most important thing is to stop the pandemic. is ready. and completely confident that she can help pull off this mammoth exercise let's bring in dr knot in the record an expert in public health and one who has worked with india's massive even assertions programs in particular the new york immunization program dr great to have you on the program i think the root question really is how does a country of 1300000000 people who are all out a new vaccine. or next 4 months as soon as the evidence you use authorization is cleared by the regular it does you should be able to do immunize
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300000000 priority recipients and the program goes like this number one we have used the d. massive election infrastructure d. in place of polling booths we will have immunization bourse one number 2 all the. the health workers bribery get ahead workers doctors and even not 2nd nursing is too dense and code for medical students will be brought in both from public and private sector to help in immunization took it all the cluster of immunization programs will be linked with. adverse event management health facilities so that in case that is said. and if i lexus autoload g.'s it can't be taken care off fort that delivery system now
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we have a massive. cian and architecture of chord change because of it in previous amat even as efficient program they're going to get of vaccines bought. and minus 20 degrees higher going to be cannot be get off any vaccine beach is richard quest minus 70 degrees so at that scene of that kind it's completely ruled out and going or going to consider that as part of what programme for the bank being just on the point of the vaccine this seems to be a crucial point for india the current vaccine the bottom tarka phase of axion. is to resign a 70 degree c. clearly that's not going to work for india so what is the kind of vaccine that india needs and does it need to be a vaccine that is delivered as too short so one. so that i believe we have 4 of my 4 or 5. candidates and the at all i
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require minus 20 degree or booboo a degree in fact very soon we are going to have it counterpart off isis and moderately vaccine beaches indian vaccine and that are all prepared for delivering a vaccine which fits into of anyone as efficient program and as we see most of the backs requires only to do it so that teens call the vaccines up to axioms so they leap right appointment they will get the post goes and it would be given the appointment for the 2nd those at the time office goes and because there is a possibility that within india more than one vaccine bill being given at one dying . so that in different states different vaccine did afford people would have to come back to the same site for the 2nd dose you're making a lot of us on having disfavor people sort of them so not to make
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a lot of assumptions on to that people will come back on the time the 1st of these appointments will be given and that there will be a day or 2 i mean speaking from buzz and experience i can tell you that a lot of these appointments taking systems don't really work so well in india. so vet sites have been created and as you have it in india it is a unique id system which is called odd so the whole an appointment system would be a link that sort of how to guard and almost 90 percent of what our population has are the hard part and that indeed the used to be used and as part of the program so they have something called called in their vaccine management pigs place and on that vaccine management system be a good to have this immunization delivery plate from all to begin in fact a pilot testing is going on for this program to see if there are villages i'm sure there will be glitches but the program is looking to try to overcome that there is
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it's a question that's been occupying other countries as well i'm in tom's of who's going to be for any vaccination for a country the size of. do we have an answer to that question. issues i'm not very clear i must say you must have heard that various states and i'm seeing that vaccine will be free a free for dead or for that estate people. $11.00 video important point for us in this country is that india is manufacturing the vaccine so in the market for example seed a means to a vaccine is talking about some $200.00 plus rupees butterballs but it appears been the government but years is that goes the cost will be much less and did have been some talk going on that majority of the vaccine deliberately indians and they would not be judged right well let's hope that remains that there's
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a doctor in the come on over all thank you so much for joining us thank you very much for inviting me thank you scott. in route south korea is on course to receive $20000000.00 buy on to pfizer vax endorsers pending approval from regulators but the rollout of the world's 1st covered by $900.00 vaccine isn't straightforward the cedar must be kept at minus 70 degrees celsius presenting a logistical challenge stored saunas one company reckons it has the answer to south korea's cold storage problems. that hold south korea's answer to the antarctic this walk and fridge is one of the coldest places in the country and its owner say that makes it patrick for storing lifesaving serums. ready for the vaccines we've removed to china and other goods and created space for
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storing the new vaccines. because they want to. at its vast warehouse facilities site so super free says it can offer secure a 24 hour monitored storage the company relies on liquefied natural gas to maintain the subzero temperatures that say electricity cannot achieve. it indeed we can control the temperature completely so it doesn't fall or rise by using l n g. one and i didn't work for a german is low such a massive distribution need stable bulk storage that we provide. drug administrators are still weighing up their storage options for no the fridge is free to gather up a good dusting of snow. and that's evident as of course. today
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with images all fall robots have stepped up this year to help humans deal with the pandemic. i'm connecting we're back tomorrow. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update coming. on t w. every day counts for us
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and for our planet. is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make see the screen. how can we protect our tests. we can make a difference to the i do the same environmental series in the finals and on w. m d. a global pandemic but when it comes to individual nations the response has been anything but uniform. while some governments were quick to implement lock downs and mask wearing others only reacted when the. iris had already wreaked havoc. the crisis has exposed major philosophical divide over the questions like the role
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of government or. individual responsibility. as a result of outcomes varied greatly but the experience of some countries has also helped shape the response of others in this time of crisis what can we learn from each other. welcome to your special i'm chris. germany has gone into a 2nd hard coronavirus lockdown with all shops schools and daycares closed the move comes after less stringent measures fails to break a 2nd wave of infections even after months governments still seem to be pondering over how to best. the south american country of europe why seems to have found a viable way. this year has been a stressful time for the dow but i see a minute family in montevideo again where i was born 2 weeks before the start of
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the lockdown in itself a joyful occasion but they couldn't share it with anyone or get any help because other christina and her husband by a teen along with the children had to go into quarantine they was a suspected case of covert 19 in their circle of friends. they were there in the bottle so it was terrible for us because the grandmothers couldn't come. and fathers all our brothers no one could come in the baby it was really tough. now 7 months later the world looks very different the borders between europe and its neighbors are still closed but the small country is so far doing well with less than a 100 deaths and only a few 1000 cases overall although infections have now risen sharply again schools and universities closed for a few weeks in the spring it was the same for shops but now the streets are busy
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again many people voluntarily wear masks in public there's still a need for caution but there's also an obvious sense of relief that things are not worse than they are the mood is also at these at the pastor's research institute when the pandemic started in march they were able to respond immediately with nationwide testing the testing kits came from these laboratories they say the approach taken by the government helped. i think one of the big advantages and i compared to other countries was that both the president and just coronavirus team work and supported our scientists right from the start so that the scientists were then able to make decisions in good time for decades europe why has invested in its welfare state and that appears to be paying off now in the crisis the country is home to around 3500000 people. poverty is still definitely an issue in some areas and impossible to over that in our capital. europe was former president jose
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mohican is one of those credited with reducing the gap between rich and poor during his 5 years in office he was president until 2015 and invested heavily in health education and social welfare now 85 years old he agreed to give us an interview at his home but if. a certain level of prosperity allowed us to develop a social democracy. that has shaped the entire country. not only structurally and materially but also in terms of our way of life. we are now a country known for its tolerance where people are very civilised in their dealings with each other but also when there are differences of opinion or economic crises are going to only go. back to the family they have been enjoying meeting regularly with relatives and friends again. so what do they think is the secret of
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europe was relative success in the crisis so far. apart from good political decisions they think the country just got lucky to a certain extent. perhaps it's a different mutation of the virus that we have here that means the cases aren't as bad as in europe and. perhaps it's the climate yeah we'll see. what a lie they were in my city i have no idea there must be some other reason. a few months ago they never thought their lives would improve again so quickly but none of them will forget the anxious period around the birth any time soon. let's get more on the euro one way and whether it can serve as a model for others with america ball field she's the director of the latin america division of the german institute for global in areas studies she joins me via skype
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from hamburg welcome to w. marriage of latin america and the caribbean have been heavily hit by the pandemic and its economic ramifications what really has europe wide done better so far to cope with a crisis well i have better health care and social infrastructure going into the pandemic and so when the pandemic hit the government was well prepared to mobilize its state infrastructure to help with both the health response and make sure the populations were able to stay inside shelter at home and still feed their families and the current government is also following a little boy is little voice in various tradition a unifier has been unifying rather than. divisive and publish and trusts the government so they did as the government said and finally little guy also had a pioneering vi are all of just who was able to with colleagues invent his own test and their health with massive rapid testing right from the beginning and
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so i think those 3 factors have been very important in helping the little guy weather the pandemic much better than any other latin american country so in your opinion what is the takeaway here for other countries particularly those that might have less money to spare for a solid. health care system. there is no better prevention then being well prepared also for myself which social infrastructure point of view i mean government simply need to invest more resources in building a basic you need welfare state which includes health care and emergency income provision. since november dylan you're in search of numbers have been rising drastically and are now peaking in europe why what happened there. well i think i'm not an epitome ologist but i think what happened there was also happening in germany all over europe and north america and so you are being spared from this 2nd
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wave i think their rates are still lower than they are in germany for example i think currently i see you capacities about 56 percent in total boy so they're still doing ok and i believe that they're going to announce stronger measures today you know they've never had a mandatory lockdown like many other latin american countries had and they've announced they don't plan to do that but they do plan to exploit their cities and to behave well and responsibly through the christmas holidays just like germany has in many ways little boys is not so different from germany's but now you're an expert on latin america what exactly needs to be done to protect people at high risk social disadvantage during a pandemic. you absolutely have to ensure that they have the means to stay home and isolate and that's where there is no easy solution except investing socially more for the future and it was a rude awakening for most of latin america when the pandemic happened governments
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told their citizens to stay home and most citizens could not do that because they simply didn't have the means to support themselves through the pandemic and there's been a lot of rapid state building going on in the region to try to reach these disadvantaged populations and the government to have done that pople in a better position to weather the next pandemic or the next economic crisis but it does take effort. and investment and i think that's the only way that governments can weather these pandemics without devastating human human impacts very real director of the for latin american studies thank you for your insights. and now it is time to answer your questions about the coronavirus here is our science correspondent eric williams. what does the majors day so say about how much schools and universities contribute to community sprat this sounds like one
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question but it's actually 2 so so let's split it up kids and schools 1st there's been conflicting information on just how common transmission is among children but in general the current consensus is that unlike in other respiratory diseases schools are really driving the spread of covert 19 at the beginning of this week national geographic reported exclusively on a major new study from iceland and said that its conclusions were that kids under 15 are only around half as likely to transmit the virus as adults are that data hasn't been published yet but if the report is correct it would provide corroborating evidence for a phenomenon that many experts now accept which is that the older a child is the more infectious they are if they themselves contract covert 19 we
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still don't really know why but outbreaks in high schools for example are happening at a much higher rate than they are in elementary schools so what about universities one of the college students are physiologically adults and they seem to transmit like other adults do 20 year olds are not the ones who are most in danger if they catch the virus but they can apparently have a big impact on it spread in the wider community although it's hard to put an exact number on that impact analysis carried out by the new york times. showed that in communities throughout the u.s. for instance deaths in kilties that were home to universities and large populations of college students are consistently outstripping deaths in counties without them but those deaths are not happening among the college students they're happening
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among older people in those communities who are getting cope at 19 in greater numbers and those counties so what the data is telling me at least so far is that while schools tend to reflect spread in a community they don't drive it universities on the other hand appear to do that possibly in a big way. and social thanks for watching stay safe and suitable.
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to own. or not to well. what about a shilling a cup instead of. a change in thinking is changing the economy to create something that. the
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economics magazine made in germany. and 30 minutes w. . closely. listen carefully. to sift through this to be a good. match if. you discover the world. subscribe to documentary on you tube.
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in the far north. beyond the inhabitable world it's lonely. barren. and breathtakingly beautiful the arctic powerful expanse of bitter cold. the sound of global warming. he took a journey around the north pole meet profiteers and talk with people experiencing a changing environment the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating it's a huge the last years have been smelting roughie. our future depends on what happens here in one of the most fragile ecosystems on earth. northern lights within the arctic circle
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starts december 21st w. this is day the line from germany sees record numbers of cause death says the country goes into. schools and nonessential businesses close for at least 3 and a half weeks that's the death toll tops $950.00 also on the program. the researchers exiled opposition leader fresno not to turn up.


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