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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2020 5:15pm-5:30pm CET

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that's it you're up to date i'll have more for you at the top. up next to the business of dates with physics don't forget you get all the latest news information there on the on the web site e.w. dot com a good. guy and a gentleman with. any time any place. video . he had of the back of his car. songs to sing along to download system. from super. to
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do a. very courses kind of into active exercises are you talking about that deep down you don't come slashdot atlanta on facebook and now still. german so free with t.w. . critics write off 2020 for africa e.u. relations the pandemic postpones a key summit between the training dogs 2021 bring the screw on while away and you teach it all security. calls for its allies to freeze out the chinese tech or so has american pressure. and the coronavirus all to spending habits among many minds only germans using the long cash and spruce up their hoods.
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and let's do business the german cabinet has approved an i.t. security law for tougher oversight of foreign telecoms surprise supply is it will make it harder for chinese way to keep a foothold in europe's largest market the bill which now goes to parliament fall short of a blanket ban demanded by the u.s. but the hurdles for supply are high will have to submit a guarantee that components of critical systems be used for sabotage or espionage an event of a fails to meet the threshold of trustworthiness can be bad the rules are aimed at beijing which has massively expanded state access to take photos washington says while white poses a security risk trump administration threatening to cut off intelligence sharing with countries that use while way dear a chinese company welcomes the new german board saying it will. equal security standards for all supplies of 5 g. networks. let's break this down with chief international editor richard walker so
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richard has the chancellor in this case managed to reach some sort of middle ground pleasing all parties. well i think that probably the most appropriate expression to use that he ban is is is a bit of a one having special butt kicking the can down the road because that's really effectively what the german government has done here and given that it's been wrangling with this decision already for 2 years that has been kicked down quite a bit of road already but the point is that they have not today made a decision against well away what they've done is they've set the parameters a process by which they will make decisions in the future on huawei so what that means is that there will be a new test coming in in addition to the usual kind of technical tests which have been applied in the past there will be more of a kind of political security test on supplies whether they meet that test of essential trustworthiness in political and security terms now this is something
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that the foreign ministry has been pushing for for a long time they are very concerned about huawei getting into the german 5 g. network now of course what really matters though is whether that test ends up the way it gets ends up getting a polite whether it gets through the board to start the german parliament in its current form it could end up getting amended in the blunders tog and also what happens then when it starts getting applied does flow away for that those hurdles or does it sail through so both sides are able to kind of claim victory at the moment but the real battles and still ahead richard the argument was always that germany needs while away for these fights you know what is that still the case. yeah well of course i mean the network operators and the business ministries say look well wait is the market leader in this technology they have great prices we want to push ahead we don't want to fall behind so we want to use it but of course
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what we've seen in this entire debate is that debates about technology have been kind of entanglement between technology tween politics geo politics and you know the debates about you know who is the best technical level supply and then getting tangled in much kind of bigger questions with skeptics simple way saying it simply is not ok for open western democratic societies to allow a company that's ultimately under the sway of the chinese communist party to build this infrastructure that is crucial to the future of not just of business but of society of communications took away the society functions but other parts of the government have been very concerned that german firms in china may get penalized if germany did take drastic action to against so these are some of the reasons why it's taken so long to come to any kind of decision richard just a yes or no we're going to get 5 g.
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anytime soon. actually it's already there ben companies are saying look we've already put out 5 g. networks qual way is already in those networks so those companies in particular if they'll have to pull it out at some point in the future or spoken thank you. well economic prosperity and the up holding of democracy in africa hinge on the continent's relations with its biggest trading partner europe leaders from several african countries managed to sign a new deal just recently to update a decades old pact but critics say it's not enough they say and africa wide approach is needed it. 20 years ago and been in the e.u. signed to quote a new agreement aimed at fighting poverty in the nations former european colonies in africa the caribbean and pacific this year europe wanted to do a deal with all of africa to better integrate the continent into the global economy but the coronavirus saw the summit postponed analysts are calling 2020
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a last year for africa sentiment is low a survey of dozens of european n.g.o.s in africa shows only 8 percent believed cooperation between europe and africa was very good 38 percent rated it as good but over half of those surveyed said cooperation was either not very good or was not functioning at all things might just improve in 2021 if the e.u. africa summit planned for spring does actually take place. joins us from africa there was such high hopes of a new deal between europe and africa why can't leaders get their act together and deal with this online in a digital conference i mean we've all got used to using. you know you're really wonder i mean i think that there are 2 answers to that question one is that you have a section of african leaders who are in their mid seventy's or even their late seventy's and it's it said off the record that many of them are not really keen on the
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digital summit but i think the other issue that is much more important is that many analysts say this is also a sign of how difficult the relations between both sides are and what difficult for an idea as they have of how this new partnership should look like so corona was also in a sense a chance for them to postpone the summit to have more time to work out on their differences and surely this is urgent i mean africa is hurting right now not so much from corona but from the economic consequences of the pandemic or yes absolutely corona has hit the continent really hard but. it's also one reason why both sides didn't really have the time and the energy that they needed to work on this on this new agreement i mean african countries had to look and focus on how they could fight the pandemic and the effects of the pandemic on their economies and europe had to do the same and at the same time europe had to deal with brics it
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it had to deal with the row about the the budget that has just been resolved so in a way coronado also really disturbs this process of working out a new you africa relationship so daniel can you give us any glimmer of hope will there be something that africa and europe can look forward to next year. well i wish i could give you a glimmer of hope i think it really remains to be seen i think in the end both sides have to sign some sort of a new agreement because there has been so much talk about it especially in the beginning of the year that they would lose face if in the end they don't agree on on something but what i really don't know and i think what remains to be seen is if this is going to be really this radical new partnership that they have promised i don't think that's very likely frankly i think the differences are so great that in the end they're going to agree on more cooperation in some areas such as
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digitalisation or climate change because these are areas where they have a lot of common ground already but in the i think that the controversial issues are not going to be really resolved and pelts from our africa desk thank you very much germany has entered another coronavirus lockdown for months the various restrictions on life have already changed spending habits with few places to go germans have been turning attention to their own hopes it's putting a shine on profits for furniture producers. and warehouse photo shoot close by berlin starring chairs tables and sofas online furniture trade a home 24 is making pictures for the company's website 180000 articles are on offer with new models joining every day since the pandemic struck online furniture sales have shot up by 50 percent. the money that people
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would otherwise have invested in holidaying abroad is now going into home improvements says the company's c.e.o. . we weren't expecting such a boom initially we were also gripped by a sense of insecurity but then we responded very quickly and learned fast. what we have been expecting for the last 10 years is that online furniture demand will start to climb the same way it's been doing for ages in the electronics and fashion sectors. the company sales warehouse has furniture packs stacked up to the 12 metre high roof cupboards tables chairs mirrors normally smaller pieces are delivered to a customer within 2 days of ordering larger pieces can take a week but after 10 months of massive orders logistics manager who betters miccolis is having trouble getting fresh pieces in storage space is increasingly standing
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empty. right now we've got about 100000 packages lying here we can see that there are gaps in the supply chain here and there we're already facing delivery bottlenecks and our suppliers are offering us different delivery deadlines to the ones we used to. with supply and demand under so much pressure the company doesn't want to waste time or space with returns. so its open show rooms in 6 large cities . here potential customers can try out a selection of the online furniture and meet sales staff as well. the showroom strategy is also a way of developing long term relations with customers one over during the pandemic . if it's kept me busy and finally coronavirus restrictions and the prospect of a no deal break said on the minds of many brits this christmas it seems many are seeking comfort in festive tradition of british christmas tree growers association
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it's a business group it says tree sales have taken off this year in particular among 1st time buyers especially popular bigger and fuller treats travel restrictions mean more people the lighting to celebrate the holidays from home this year i guess they prefer to do it in style. plastic tricks was the business with.
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my 1st boss was the sewing machine. where i am from women are almost by this notion for. something as simple as learning home to write them by psychosis and. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me years to. finally gave up and mention buying on my side but returns with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt pro-create for those than riding a bike. i want to meet those woman back home who are bones by this and
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social norms and informed of own dead basic rights my name is the amount of people and they were either. this is indeed a good use asia coming up today india's herculean vaccination challenge. the 2nd most populous country in the world will have to vaccinate millions upon millions of its people against the coronavirus how will they do it and couldn't existing immunization program help. and in south korea one company has the answer to.


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