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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm CET

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finally gave up and. returned people slowly. i suppose was more apropos than writing and by. now i was. moving back home. and social rules and informed. my name is the better and i. think. this is due to a good use a show coming up today in the us european vaccination challenge. the 2nd most populous country in the world will have to vaccinate millions upon millions of its people against the coronavirus when they do it and could have an existing immunization program. and in south korea one company has the answer to a problem we deviling of possible vaccine goal of how to maintain the subzero
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temperatures needed to keep this even viable. welcome. glad you could join us today as we ask a daunting question how do you vaccinate a country of 1300000000 people against a coronavirus it's a question india must find an answer to and fast the country has yet to approve a vaccine that can cover the 2nd largest population. and when it does getting this toss completed will be perhaps one of the biggest of the just tickle exercises the world has ever seen so how will india do it experts say india's universal immunization program already the largest in the world offers a start and. point there is considerable medical infrastructure already in place
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but can it be used to deliver a future vaccine. went looking for. who john knows this will be a busy day it is whole group stone to receive immunization and it is not easy to ask the community health worker has 1000 people under her care in this district all of the state of. it is to just responsibility to the north everything about them. that not just happen when babies are conceived and what lacks emissions the mother and child need. she is a crucial element in india's massive program that backs in its $25000000.00 children every year. this experience and knowledge will come in handy when the over 19 vaccine is deployed. we know about each family how many members are above
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50 how many are young children below 5 we have the complete backward if someone is a diabetic has high blood pressure or typical low says we already have a record of this bus and we can get them vaccinated accordingly. 50 other community workers like who will draw up their priority to c.p. and lists and notified this primary health care center. it is already equipped with all storage for child immunization vaccines and cold cases to transport them into the villages 20 such health centers reports to the know can health administration. dr brown deep at the helm in bible district is confident the existing infrastructure will help things get off to a good start but he acknowledges that communication that would be key. much like it was for vaccinating children then parents were skeptical about putting kids through pain for an uncertain benefit fighting to move this to awareness campaigns will be
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key for the coronavirus vaccine too there will be people rushing for the vaccine that they want the vaccine in the 1st. and there will be people who really needed and they may not know that they needed and should get it that will be a town. the indian government which focuses on awareness as well along with jumping up cold storage capacities hiring more vaccinators and drawing up lists of priority to c.p.s. like health care workers and the elderly the comprehensive vaccine deployment plan also includes a new digital platform and app for health administrators and civilians. who've been beneficiary of the beneficiary management platform will track beneficiaries plan vaccination sessions and manage them. free mobile can be used by citizens to register to receive the vaccine. go to just have got to. ask for residence
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these seem to trust a vaccine killed by the government. they say vaccines are important doctors tell us they help so well you know i want to believe. i'm not worried at all about the vaccine the most important thing is to stop the pandemic. is ready. and completely confident that she can help pull off this mammoth exercise let's bring in dr knot in the record an expert in public health and one who has worked with in the us must serve even assertions programs in particular the poor new york immunization program dr great to have you on the program i think the root question really is how does a country of 1300000000 people who are all out a new vaccine. or next 4 months as soon as the evidence you use authorization is cleared by the regular it does you should be able to do immunize
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300000000 priority recipients and the program goes like this number one we have used the the massive election infrastructure be in place of polling booths we will have immunization balls one number 2 all the. head for a curse bribe to get ahead workers doctors and even not 2nd nursing is too dense and code for medical students will be brought in both from public and private sector who had been immunization took eat all the cluster of the immunization programs will be linked with. adverse event management health facilities so that in case that is said. and if i lexus autoload
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g.'s it can be taken care off fort that delivery system now we have a massive. sheen and architecture of course sheen because of it in p.b.s. and matt damon as efficient program they're going to get out of vaccines bought. and minus 20 go to be cannot be get off any vaccine that she is richard quest minus 70 degree so at that scene of that kind it's completely ruled out and you're not going to consider that as part of what program for the bank being just on the point of the vaccine this is to be a crucial point for india the current vaccine the biotech a phase of axiom. is to sort of minus 70 degrees c. clearly that's not going to work for india so what is the kind of vaccine that india needs and does it need to be a vaccine that is delivered as too short so one. so i don't believe they have 4 off i have 4 or 5. candidates and at all i don't
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require that minus 20 degree or booboo indignity in fact very soon be i'm going to have it counterpart off 'd ice surface and moderately vaccine beaches indian vaccine and the act requires only to do it so that the odds are all prepared for delivering a vaccine which fits into of anyone as efficient program and as we see most of the vaccines called the vaccines are to axioms so david be proud appointment they will get the 1st daws and it would be given the appointment for the 2nd those at the time office goes and because there is a possibility that within india more than one vaccine bill being given at one dying . so that in different states different vaccine did afford people would have to come back to the same site for the 2nd dose you're making a lot of as i mentioned this fear that people sort of i'm sorry not to you're
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making a lot of assumptions onto that people will come back on the time the 1st of these appointments will be given and that there will be a day or 2 i mean speaking from personal experience i can tell you that a lot of these appointments taking systems don't really work so well in india. so vet sites have been created and as you have it in india it is a unique id system which is called odd so the whole appointment system will be linked that sort of how to guard and almost 90 percent of what our population has of how to guard and dock to be in be used and that can be used and as part of the program so they have something called called in their vaccine management pigs place and on that vaccine management system we had good to have this immunization believe deeply and from all to begin in fact the pilot testing is going on for this program to see if there are glitches i'm sure there will be glitches but the program is
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looking to try to overcome that it's a question that's been occupying other countries as well of memory in terms of who is going to be for any vaccination for a country the size of india do we have an answer to that question. issues i'm not very clear i must say you must have hodag various states out and i'm saying that vaccine will be free. for dead or for that estate people. $11.00 very important point for us in this country is that india is manufacturing the vaccine so in the market for example seed a means to a vaccine is talking about some $200.00 plus rupees butterballs but it up to has been the government but chances that goes the cost will be much less subtle and did have been some talk going on that majority of the vaccine deliberately indians and
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they would not be judged right well let's hope that remains that there's a doctor in the come on over all thank you so much for joining us thank you very much for inviting me thank you scott. inroad south korea is on course to receive $20000000.00 buy on time pfizer vax endorsers pending approval from regulators but the rollout of the world's 1st covered $1000.00 vaccine isn't straightforward the cedar must be kept at minus 70 degrees celsius presenting a new just tickle challenge to its owners one company reckons it has the answer to south korea's cold storage problems. south korea's answer to the antarctic this walk fridge is one of the coldest places in the country and its owners say that makes it patrick for storing lifesaving serums. ready for the vaccines we've removed the tuna and other goods and created space for
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storing the new vaccines. at its vast warehouse facilities outside seoul super free says it can offer secure a 24 hour monitored storage the company relies on liquefied natural gas to maintain the subzero temperatures that it says electricity cannot achieve. that it indeed will who would we can control the temperature completely so it doesn't fall or rise by using l n g. one of the as refrigerant is low such a massive distribution needs stable bulk storage that we provide. drug administrators are still willing up their storage options for no the fridge is free to gather up a good dusting of snow. and that's evident as of course more on deductive dot com
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forward slash religion are to do with images of how robots have stepped up this year to help humans deal with the and then it came chatting and connecting we're back tomorrow. i'm secure that the they work that hard and in the end it's a me your not a lot of thing here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers we're alliance or. what's your story. 'd 'd
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on what numbers and women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story you are trying or with understand this new culture. you are nothing very little or nothing yes you want to become citizens. in full migrants your platform for reliable information. is germany's gracious to musical genius recognizable around the world the one and only phish fun beethoven and for his 250th anniversary year he's had
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a pretty raw deal. but the good news is that beethoven here like most other things has been properly extended so we can give him a proper celebration welcome to arts and culture where beethoven is of course our man of the hour but there's some other big news. the low awaited opening of what was once berlin's prussian royal palace rebuilt and repurposed as the home boat for one museum complex. well the coronavirus pandemic has indeed wreaked havoc with so many cultural events in 2020 and after multiple delays the homebush form opens just in time for germany's 2nd major lockdown which means it's had to resort to a live stream a vast and judicially expensive complex adds a new element to berlin's already unique museum landscape and before we talk about it in detail let's look at the side of how it came to be. it could be europe's most
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hotly debated construction project. at the heart of berlin looks like a palace from 3 sides with modern eastern facade named after the explorers and scholars and village. the building combines baroque details with cold functional lines. that's a lot for him isn't a palace it's a radical new building that recalls the historic berlin palace because parliament decided it would it's a nod to history. blast from the past the original palace was a residence to the german kaiser. world war 2 bombs left it badly damaged and in 1950 the communist east german government demolished what was left in its place they built the palace of the republic part legislature part cultural center. after east and west germany were unified the german government decided to get rid
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of the palace of the republic but the plan sparked protests it was so controversial that the government allowed a 2 year reprise of the gutted structure became an exhibition and performance space for berlin's album dark. and then came the demolition crew. meanwhile the bitter fight continued over how to rebuild berlin a modern city of tomorrow or a reminder of a baroque past in 2002 germany's parliament chose the latter. in italian architect frank costello won the competition with his hybrid design. in the us and off. the new palace is a unique combination of the old and the new which compliment each other harmoniously. on use it again. it was
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another 7 years before the foundation stone was laid. on the home board forum is the result of wide public debate at least in terms of its layout and that's why the 1st thing one can experience there even amid these coronavirus conditions is that this building and its historic aesthetic gives berlin back its old center point. a new old central landmark so to speak but what's inside traces of history and not much more for the moment that's set to change in 2021. the collections of the ethnological museums that are to be housed here come with their own issues colonialism colonial ality some $20000.00 objects from around the world will be on display here but how did they get to germany in the 1st place where they bought or looted the forum has open new public debate about germany's colonial past
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a chapter of history the country is just now starting to fully examine. a nod to history as we heard there as complicated and layered as that can be here in the german capital melissa holroyd is joining me once again not melissa the spend such a huge project 7 years obviously in construction and it wants to be so many different things but it seems that really the conversation in recent weeks has centered on this issue of looted art yet just as we saw there these 20000 artifacts really the sticking point from the ethnological museum and the asian art collection we have to remember that did the discussion surrounding the horrible 4 is decades old now it was in 2002 that the stamp of approval for the building to be constructed and june that time this discourse has changed radically so then the issues surrounding the dubious provenance how the circumstances under which objects were obtained during colonial era times was not really part of of the
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mainstream discourse and that these calls have got much louder to return the goods that were and they were obtained under colonial rains the critics of this critics of form really say this place is a reinvention of the royal colonial past we have to remember that the building itself is modeled on the whole palace and they would be in. to gauge his german clothing islam is complete with a cross at the top it's being rebuilt after this palace which i think was also a bit controversial now what's the response to all these calls going to be obviously going forward you know that has been has been quite a response so how that plays out really remains to be seen but jim does culture minister monica group has said that the colonial past of germany is really a blind spot for germany and that any conversation surrounding these artifacts that were acquired during germany's colonial era but that will be done transparently and that is things were unfairly obtained then they will be returned and it's difficult
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to imagine what was not unfairly obtained when you know this colonial era verses are unfair in itself you know that's going to be a difficult thing to judge and it's also difficult to then trace each and every single object of course yet it seems that the real work i mean here it is finally open the real work is just beginning so we have all of this space we have this center for debate what is it that people are actually going to be able to see in 2021 if when we can finally see if we can finally get out of here there is a lot to say there's going to be there's going to be collections agent there's also a palace cellar which looks at the history of the actual building itself and the history of the building itself is an exhibition on berkeley in which has a look at berlin's history and there's an exhibition on the history of the 800 years of the history of germany as well covering 800 years of that there are also there's also going to be a video panorama project numerous video projects as well as discussions and people
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who really asked and invited to ask about you know asked about asked about the artworks or luck to you know question these things as well it's not just going to be just going to be one way there's a lot of discussions that are going to be coming and that is definitely the idea behind the entire place and all that of course when we can finally get through the door hopefully sooner than later in 2021 when this pandemic is under control thanks very much for bringing that to us melissa home right. well i wish i had a drum roll for this next one because it's 250 years ago that nutrition beethoven was born and one is really exactly sure of the date but he was baptized on december 17th and so that's the date we recognize the account was concerts and events for this beethoven anniversary year have been pushed off into 2021 and nowhere are they happier about that than in his birthplace. it was in this house
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that the musical geniuses life began today beethoven's birthplace is a museum with an exhibition charting the composer's biography it also displays the instruments he played. the beethoven house is a place of pilgrimage for beethoven lovers including british russian composer gabriel perkoff e.-f. grandson of composer sergei prokofiev that's. where and tear on this piano reveals beethoven's suffering as hearing graham worse the composer bangs the keys harder and harder to hear anything at all. it's believed beethoven was almost fully deaf long before he wrote his 9th symphony. the documentary beethoven's 9th symphony for the world looks at the works global impact and why it speaks to people across cultures. it's one of d w 3 beethoven documentaries released this year. many different routes coming off
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his legacy in some way or another particularly in the draw over that he brought us to classical music he opened up this more personal she would not speak to music. the documentary has already won several international prizes. in another d.w. documentary french horn play. sara willis asks how a world without beethoven would sound she talks to musicians of all styles about the composer's far reaching influence including the german rock band scorpions they say if beethoven were alive today he'd be playing catchy riffs on the electric guitar. bass irgens 5th paved the way for riffs like this one and scorpions rocky like a hurricane. jethro
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toles locomotive breath. an idea that is that is repeated very often as a repeating motif which then tends to be shortened to risk did did use that idea develops that idea of the thought that. in a world turned upside down by the coronavirus it was a tumultuous beethoven year the choreographer john noir meyer's beethoven project concert went on and on the world environment day in june d.w. premiered the sound of nature documentary inspired by beethoven's pastoral symphony . of the pandemic many festivities have now been rescheduled for next year including the beethoven fest and the composer's hometown of bon and so the celebrations continue until beethoven's 251st birthday
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next december. lots of birthday cake and you can of course watch those documentaries on our you tube channel classical music and a world without beethoven is also available on amazon prime well now of course it's a roll over beethoven very appropriately from the man who said it 1st because ex beatle sir paul mccartney has a new album out. the 78 year old put his own personal spin on the coronavirus lock down turning it into a rock down during which he wrote recorded and produced mccartney 3 and so i will leave you with a teaser of that new album and until next time a few dozen from us here in berlin and be sure to stay safe by moron. go. see peter the visuals for you know our juice well that's
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a good part of our users choice alright we'll do it oh no. i love making music so more interested in moscow. i have to choose to so be new for funk was music. when. we. were.
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northern lights like the arctic circle starts december 21st g.w. . this is newsnight from guilty verdicts in france's sharlee abdo trial a court finds 14 people guilty of aiding the islamist militants behind the 2015 attacks on the satirical magazine m to jewish supermarket in paris also on the program record numbers of deaths in germany as the country goes into hard lockdown schools and nonessential businesses closed for at least 3 and
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a half weeks as the daily death toll tops 950. i think in the avs research.


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