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barak prime example. unbeknown to much of the public they've created a massive lobbying network and their goal stopping reforms and increasing their profits. were all such to go beyond the obvious. that we remain. as we take on the world. where it. is the stories that matter to you to be something to. come to the people what ever it takes if you are running out let me join a. little exchange certainly you've done nothing w. a man made for mines.
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i'll be your man of peace. both it him out of the scope of it being easy to write like how can you say this with 100 percent more than 2 years ago ethiopian prime minister abi ahmed road to power on a wave of hope for peace and democracy in the longer press a country but now has waged a military offensive on forces in the northern tier. sparking a humanitarian crisis my guest this week from addis ababa is i think a bra minister for democratization whereas the peaceful future as prime minister promised. ministers not to go abroad how welcome to conflict zone and you are. samir last
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year prime minister abi ahmed was awarded the nobel peace prize and in his acceptance speech he said the following war is the epitome of hell i know because i have been there and back i've seen brothers slaughtering brothers older men and women children trembling in terror now fast forward one year later he's led a military offensive against the t. p.l.f. group in the northern region of t. guy thousands are feared dead has led ethiopia into the hells of war that he described one year ago not out of our we is a man of peace. you know you know as deep convictions. peace you're supporting the spirit to some country because as you said it is going to search or do such difficult times so he says he's believes in peace he's in for a little his own personal experience from the get go. you know it is not always
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tourists who swore we lived close to a. sense of the difference that we had was that he believed the people lived chose to give each year so you know people live was a great writing force democracy is really our line element for to. people it he's used to settle for this is the muslim look there's been. so nama other. right sort of the difference so dialogue and discussion didn't live give tours to. the for peace. each year and he did. and we will talk about how you got here and in fact but for now i would like to just focus on the situation on the ground because the u.n. and n.g.o.s they say that there is an urgent need right now for independent monitoring of the human rights situation after the international n.g.o.s mysie
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international brought to the world's attention the massacre in my car drop they say the following that there are possibly hundreds of civilians stabbed hacked to death with knives machetes the u.n. says that if a party to this conflict was involved it would constitute a war crime again this is an international ngo that brought this incident to the world's attention would it not be advisable to have an independent international investigation and monitoring of what is happening right now and on the ground there's over us we're waiting for some was that a. lot. more money is gone you know we have. human to human to human rights commission but the former you model it was that it. is the resume e he's. as good as any and all he has his years of immunity
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which means bloggers. and he can consult and report. and i suspect that's this constant is coming from the deeply held convictions or it comes from northern ministers there are a multitude essentially ministers of how to live. who impartially investigate human rights. issues i think that the issue that is is be brought up is not that that africans can't administer it it's that you are one of the parties to the conflict in fact and your government's response in fact to those calls for international investigations has been and i'm quoting here we do not need a babysitter we will invite assistance only if the government feels that it had failed to investigate again you're one of the party as to the conflict that doesn't sound like transparency that one rule in this edition is not the us it is an
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independent human rights commission lead laden in brooklyn who was just 2 years down the line had a humorist which what are you. he's resuming of as good as any. so i don't think anyone for a moment is international or what you want it would be better to. look at this good ability and his investigative part so you have a report before asking any question i would like you to go and read his use in this edition so just in case you have questions. it's in your blood and claiming that we have it is already done in the book at him he's human rights commission. is going to let's look at some of these allegations more deeply and i'd just like to take you through them the 2 p.l.f. force refugees who have made it to sudan they also echo those claims for example c.n.n. spent a number of days interviewing refugees who were crossing over the border into sudar
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example they claim that your forces have been party to the violence and they describe to the following the ethiopian army entering into a town telling civilians they are safe then the soldiers leave and other armed groups such as the amara militia in the final aligned with the if he'll be an army are rife. there are concerns that this is descending into an ethnic conflict the conflict in t cry. is the final being brought in to finish the to gras and as one refugee described it. i'm homes. for thousands of years wherever our army makes its way to get our people to you know have been coming out in months in mass something in one coming. r m r r special. the senate is a good deal of special apart from how to. cross
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seem that administrative elimination of the if you feel it if you don't do it at the very big so that my heart went to my heart our special forces and themselves do you acknowledge the presence of the final because a spokesperson for example for your government at 1st denied the existence of the final militia but then confusingly acknowledged that the militia of the un horror region were engaged to the extent of securing border towns between the 2 regions and you have refugees describing this this fear of this force are they there are more and somehow diminish just to be going. on was it used group. but use group is not. it is a modest speech of modern english just to get away just on us without cut budget to be a live. military establishment and. they were the source of. them of killing anyone in fact we had to rescue. people from the keep in live which was
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booked so they can also look at them whatever the import of more than 2 years so this is not a good conflict if you are the. russian there is no way what is going to be true since. this is not even a civil war but in the summer let's look at another claim because you say that it's a law and order operation as you've just articulated right now but there is growing fear that the conflict in fact is drawing in regional actors for example eritrea and could impact regional stability of the us cites the following they say that they are aware of credible reports of the eritrean military involvement in te gras and that they view this as a grave development as we mentioned earlier prime minister of a he made peace with eritrea that is part of what won him the nobel peace prize are they now an ally that has helped you fight your military offensive or you know middle east. has been weakened. in keeping peace he's keeping missions.
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was a popular illing was that you know so she's i'm so torn and there's the so say that will become a good book that. i can issue to 100 person terms in one of them one can sometimes get out of it im out of is open to being in i don't want to i'm wondering though how you can assure and 100 percent terms when the americans say that they have satellite images they say intercepted communications anecdotal reports from the region also add to that we know eritrea for example just for contacts is a country that has long face accusations of large scale human rights abuses and there are about 100000 eritrean refugees that are located in tikrit so there's a lot at stake here the united nations says the following. over the last month we have received an overwhelming number of disturbing reports from eritrean refugees integrate being killed being abducted being forcibly returned to eritrea and if
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confirmed these actions would constitute a major of violations of international law these are horrifying reports can you not guarantee their safety and how could you say this with 100 percent of the some of the largest. global well known for hosting refugees with all due respect that is that is very loud in a room commission if you know if it is our. real technical or you're there or if there is no if you're an ardent or putting in together so there is no way what is it implicit establishment coming up like. refugees if that was the case would have been the 1st stand against it and then soon make sure that our bridges are safe that is very wrong that is there for submission you know we still believe gone or not are because we're better than him or you believe was one of the reason behind the i'm story is your home now it is being abused cemented
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into our leaders running for the levers or having our safe. mr minister i'd just like to bring it back to the actions of your government though because your government says that it's returning in fact eritrean refugees that have fled in the northern region up to grab a human rights watch says that it's unacceptable the u.n. calls those reports alarming. so you're essentially returning people that fled in fear many of them fled went to the capital they're afraid of being exposed to eritrean violence how do you explain that to the world amid amid these reports amid these fierce from these refugees we can only really anything was a consultant of the refuse to get out is no safe republican on whom. you guys it's you all sorts of you know so you should stay in
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a certain delimits list. will be. singular and they are to save lives once they've been saved will come to me that's what it is and it's not being done what's. it been government believes in consultation with. its beliefs. to be respected and did your mother suspect so that's not all magicians remember and amanda you say that it's a safe and stable situation about we have reports of 4 aid workers that have been killed a un security team seeking access near an eritrean camp for refugees was also shot at by here for since that doesn't look good how is it possible that a un team could not be coordinated in the region are or are you afraid of were you afraid of what they might see. if your if you happened to read to supplement it should. be discrimination just look at it over 2
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days ago they have a totally. this is a technical problem. for starters we're not supposed to go so it's implicit we are building bridges roads by that if we have started still it's listen . we have established and we can connectivity we're going to get it and out of these has limited the entire region from this joined up so i just said the international community and mr minister is not convinced of that the un says that we have reports that the fighting continues between federal forces and the t p l f and affiliate in the leisure and gold eyes they describe the situation as worrying as volatile as spiraling out of control with an appalling impact on civilians ultimately i just like to bring it back to the fact that rb has he has pursued
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a military solution to this conflict ultimately while your international allies on the continent and beyond have expressed a lot of concern they've called for dialogue there was an african union delegation actually in the capital that was reportedly not even allowed to meet with the t.p.o. laugh by your government is that your understanding of more democracy blocking dialogue why not talk. one thing i'm talking to you from at this. whether i'm a real it was in ice on the ground well what's happened before now but in public and i'm telling you you're a safe and i think it's good to. so they go. because well because us troops eases just a lot you so. it's loud information that you are getting does not in any way explain what is going on on the ground. yellow can only happen between 2 reasonable
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parties. for the past year and a half you still haven't begun to believe to come to the table and settle out because that is not the assessment by the way of others who are following the situation because you came to power promising democracy promising peace after decades of repressive roar but in their transition chatham house says the following about the lack of inclusion has angered the opposition groups with whom the government has had little genuine dialogue could you have done more to bring the country together for a more inclusive dialogue from the very big it all the bloodshed have been avoided this government was able to broker a deal with it and solve the problem which was a longstanding one who. we can with we can do it who is our brother's keeper we don't have a problem this government you cannot *. accuse this government of lacking the
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culture of yellow this government is all about democracy reform and the out but the pain it is not used to least we're going to talk about it don't worry if you're normal i want very important for us to believe killed our soldiers i seriously believe killed women in uniform i did a sleep which government will towards this will your government will u.s. government will you get german government under which doug i don't know terrorist actions cannot be right if i so minister. the international crisis group mr minister of the international crisis group says the following that this conflict runs the risk of ripping the state asunder the t.p.o. left as a valley into fight on there are reports of clashes continuing on the ground experts say we're seeing the beginning of a drawn out insurgency and yet your government is declaring victory you're saying that you have the situation under control after the offensive on the kelly your
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prime minister even said that that no citizen was killed is in your declaration of victory premature amid all of those assessments. reports will look wrong we know what is happening out there we simply know there's an. end up him some pretty much. the war is over but mr minister it is not just the region of t. grow that is a concern ethnically motivated and intercommunal violence have been on the rise there have been reports of about 150 fatal clashes in the past year some of those instead it incidents have estimates of hundreds killed millions have been internally displaced and now the united nations is warning of a heightened risk of genocide war crimes ethnic cleansing crimes against humanity when you look more broadly at the rest of your country are you on the brink of
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a potential genocide does the state run the risk of breaking up are you the next yugoslavia that the very negative report that you would use also argues that look we have more than a century remark making you consider what if your be a user of that or the hottest items used to. make it so that it when sold at the. the rest of it he'll be are is is more than i ever kissed it in the class i'm not on that ice it was inside the window 40 years ago so you just don't deny we had more than 2000000 internally displaced persons now none of them are displaced but. they used to meet and living a 2nd life so this does not the president does not explain the ground that is not the situation that is described by international n.g.o.s amnesty international
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reports for example that your security forces are part of the mob and they say for example 6 in the region is your erroneous use in the region of a romeo for example this is obvious political base they quote the carrying out of extrajudicial executions arbitrary arrests of detention torture other forms of ill treatment forced evictions destruction of property human rights violations serious accusations they've called on your government to do more to stop it where's the action you know if you took. 100. and most of europe there is there are some. sort of disease on the western part of. now there to submitted that if you number if you see the situation or years ago there were by far a thriving group now the community has rejected that it is
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a community sort of inciting against people. we. usually. means to leave for. 2 and a half years ago clause of chapter of us i'd like to move on now to democracy because you're the minister for democratization as we mentioned in the beginning you've delayed the general election this was your 1st real shot at democracy after decades of oppressive rule now opposition political parties mainly from obvious ethnic erroneous strongholds they say they're being intimidated amnesty describes the following the crackdown on dissenting political views ahead of general elections the leading opposition figure has even been jailed how legitimate and democratic can your election really be made what is being described as a crackdown it's not lives religion is a national look. at
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that person and. you know it is you to get 90 more than 50 countries in your lives evolution to equal the ninety's we had i'm not an exception to what i was asking mr minister i'm asking you this question because you have somebody who was detained and jailed because he has a critical view of your prime minister ahmed or at least reportedly that's why he says that he was detained in fact there seems to be little appetite to tolerate criticism even abroad i'd like to bring you to another case and this is of the u.k. based academic who was among those who actually nominated abi for his piece is this what opponents of your government can expect expect in the country he says he fears going back to the country he thinks there's a significant risk of him being detained prize he learned through reports apparently on ethiopian state broadcaster that police had accused him of quote using international media to destroy the country in response to his critical interviews that he's done on international media. you know this election is
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one based in what's the mood. there but what we have you know more than that i mean people who outlawed we're hoping to come to your view we have lived exactly we have got to be to know exactly which i don't know you know. how you know this new york moving freely without us is not a question. just to come together jalen just a solution we have for us winning or losing his election is equally equally significant. lose this election will be the saddest party who accepts that atoms walk into a competitive election and hand over par mr minister how about press freedom in your country the international federation of journalists reports the following a wave of arrests against journalists covering the ongoing conflict in the teeth they say that since november 7th at least 6 journalists have been arrested on
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unknown charges the ethiopian human rights commission has expressed concern there's also reports that the government has repeatedly cut off the internet journalists barred from traveling to teague right to cover this all this election that that they to gran's had back in september a new law criminalizing hate speech apparently has a provision that can be used as a lock up peaceful dissidents is that how you define democracy isn't freedom of the press the central pillar you know if you're going to have a reach of this of it's free to eat in ethiopia. your notice is in prison because of their diplomats have sex. john noticed your memory scan happened to call me a crank on his individual capacity more than once because of the classic you cannot believe someone from criminal prosecution just because you say your not your journalism is not an immunity to run away from accountable just comes out of that
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as does france nationals a lot mr minister briefly before we go your. book ask me if you typically have cats in the me there is a country that is 2nd to coming up with your released abuse ago showing you can little visions one how to minister. mr minister you've cut the internet before another regions but briefly before i go i just like to ask you where is the spirit of madame or the spirit of coming together and synergy that i be described that he promised the country when he took office in this conversation we've talked about ethnic violence a military offensive in the north concerns that you are backsliding on security and democracy is this the best that you can offer our offer ethiopia where is the synergy that was promised. not when whenever we talks about this. is deeply it is easy if he has a deep connection you took his support to be a peaceful country. as you know those that. he didn't put in charge of and spoke
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like. will remain to go if europeans are united more than ever if europeans are happier more than ever we have a challenge or stability and if that was that became a roadblock and it wanted us stock from marching was a lot of democracy this is what what has happened was deep if gone if your peers would be united more than iraq ethiopia would embarrass it to get some democracy and support democracy more than ever and your peers will be able to help will be able to hold the most peaceful the most democrat minister election. is an issue minister zydeco about how we have to leave it there thank you for joining us on conflicts around.
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thanks. to.
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this is d w news live from barely guilty verdicts are handed down and france's charlie abdo trial a paris ports has convicted 14 people for helping the islamist militants who had tactical attacked the satirical magazine and jewish supermarket in 2015 also coming up in the shot in germany reports a record number of clones.


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