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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2020 5:30am-6:00am CET

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in the mood to. lead a. many time. how will climate change affect us and our children. dot com slash water. hello and welcome to focus on europe with me liz show it's something that a few years ago most europeans never thought would be possible but now brags it is really happening how we'll trade between the u.k. and the work the uncertainty is palpable at the ferry ports and the channel tunnel connecting in london france. this could be
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a taste of things to come near the french city of cali tracks form kilometer long queues to cross the channel drivers wait for hours and there's no sign of things improving. and what are things like on the other side many people in southern england wanted to leave the e.u. for example and kens known as the garden of england but now residents are afraid that their region will turn into a massive holding area for trucks near the town of ashford the hour reading some signs of that's happening. once upon a time there was a quaint 13th century church in a sleepy part of kent southeastern england. but ever since cracks it the tranquility is gone. noisy construction work has begun on a vast customs clearance center near ashford to the dismay of locals called the idea here is that the various will have to present their paperwork by going out and
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coming in from the opinion. the government should be realise that 80 percent of the tip of the traffic with europe just comes through. and because there is no space to set up a customs station in dover it is being created near. the plant's $25.00 hectares site will process up to $1700.00 lorries per day. liz wright who is a green party city councillor in oxford opposed to brett said from the start. some people who voted for brett to support probably were getting i said we weren't told anything like this would happen in fact it was a completely denied wasn't it they were told that would be paid for less access and computers would deal with the toll but in reality countless customs declarations will have to be processed and information booth at a nearby petrol station is supposed to offer help on what paperwork will be necessary but the stuff won't tell me much we're not really allowed to own so any
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questions and that's kind of thing i can tell you where we're just here to help and basically just to support just to make sure that the guards. don't get stuck there helpers don't actually know what the future holds in store which is why most of the truck drivers don't even bother asking them. your mommy informers very little information. of government form up the little we get is dished out bit by bit the political shit nobody here knows which caused them for us we will need to hear it but but with. a german lorry driver has had it with this uncertainty he'll do one more run to the u.k. and then never again. that's definitely it for me when i'm only open to meeting halfway and meeting an english truck and taking the trailer back and filling it up again but heading over there in this situation definitely not so it's a bit sad isn't it is where parting ways it's
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a cut option my. pager does not want to experience the border chaos again. things are complicated by the fact that the region around ashford often floods as more ground is sealed if the water flows elsewhere obstructing construction work. locals like the cops heads could have warned of the bricks administered but nobody asked for their advice. no one had the foresight to all ask the local fish what happens with the watch where it goes what they state they've just gone and done what i think is roy a stroke and wrong type now start work on a sunday to do a catch up i still don't believe it be done in time so went over a long ways got to. sit on the votes i think if people to vote no i would fight to steve. bush to write their local conservative politician poll
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bartlett agrees even though his party was in support of brecht's that now he is trying to find a silver lining in the project so the little church. transporter spending about half a 1000000 pounds on improving the. putting in a community cafe which will be a wonderful asset for local people choose a new coal pod so that it's more cesspool. even more parking spaces for kent county that the british once proudly call to the garden of england. if no post bricks a deal has been struck by january 1st authorities will have to improvise. and so the british departure brings destruction just like these noisy construction vehicles. some people go to a church when they want to pray others go to
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a mosque in eastern turkey him all of these like canon to go to the source of area in the mountains the elevated sect is not officially recognized as a religious community in turkey and is now one of its holy places is under threat in the months or valley in at the river where canon and others come for pilgrimage as their plans to build a huge recreational area. the moons of valley national park is an area of spectacular natural beauty and of great spiritual significance to al of ites like canada get but the landscape around the eastern anatolian city of 2 jelly could soon be radically transformed. what is happening here is making us our levees despair cannot accept this. he shows us what he means at this construction site near moon's or river. dozens of stalls have already been set up. for plans to build
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a kind of amusement park right here this valley which government biking. such a target attraction right here along the springs was seen as a threat by the l a v community. cannot get who heads the local and avoid cultural association is outraged by the project talk with order to. carelessly to us water is something holy you want your water stands for purity these construction works are meant to assimilate us what they want to make our spiritual sides disappear. you know our shared live with. the idea is to build parking lots restaurants and picnic areas here pilgrims wishing to visit their holy sites would have to pay entrance a range of dams are planned as well which would cause large parts of the national park to float. for hundreds of years all
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avoids have revealed the springs and the untouched nature as holy pilgrimage sites . and as it has to the sick would be brought here. people were convinced that the new area would heal them that's what building here shows us that they don't respect our religion they also like goodwill for months locals have been protesting against a construction project last summer thousands gathered in the valley and formed a human chain but the authorities refused to back down. asked for comment the regional governor refers to a statement he made in august. it claims the construction work will protect the region. and that social media is rife with misinformation. he also shows us plans of the finished project without any mention of pogrom insights can i get and many others from turkey's elevate community distrust the
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turkish state. although one in 5 turks belongs to this religious community it is not officially recognized in the country. these days their places of worship are tolerated. the televisa are still not allowed to offer up their own religious instruction in schools. resentment is growing either way we pay taxes in this country. you know turkish religious authorities have built thousands of mosques with our money. again and again a levy is have been attacked or received death threats and their homes have been vandalized. so we get the giggles. we were doing is michigan we are constantly worried about our security and. we know that it doesn't just stop at threats we've experienced it through all of these have already been killed in this country. for
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gingrich. the mayor of the town of 2 julie has also spoken out against the amusement park project. is turkey's only communist under under observation by the state. but speaking to a camera he formulates his criticism carefully. inside distributed to the entrance to the area will become a commercial design in principle the idea of renewal may not be bad on the bench but we don't like having such an emphasis on calm a little less mad already going to your boss not. all of you say that the soul moves or river is the soul of the people the turkish governments project would disappear into one of their holy places on the boat on the fees aren't ready to give up on the moons or valley yet. if you
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have ever been in a skill lift you know that it's pretty hard to keep one and a half meters this is between people but despite the coronavirus endemic the ski slopes in switzerland are open while some neighboring countries are more restrictive the swiss are determined to do things their way and the ski instructor linear in the tunnel then divide it is quite pleased about that. so i use a bedroom so if you go this way yes one point is going downhill that's where you should you wait ok let's try a. little sienna is facing the challenges of the snow instead of being one of the crowd she's getting an individual lesson this is what the start of the season in could end of being and looks like the snow is perfect the slopes mt love bravo arms nicely forward leonie honda has been a skiing struck to pull 3 years she doesn't know if she'll have enough work this
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winter. north korea we're hoping for a lot of kids like sienna and i think it'll be fine. but it doesn't look that way at the moment this was government has told foreigners to cancel their ski plans and stay home the ski school has 90 percent fewer bookings than in previous years for the most part guests from germany elsewhere in europe and asia i'm missing. all along he's everything ok with distancing. myself home bag-o. runs the ski school he make sure coronavirus safety measures are being observed on the slopes. when we. talk to people who will not count social distance when we take a break to get there and of course we pull the mask of. people's cars while skiing this summer to stand still in germany france and italy things are expected to be
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booming here over the holidays and the protective measures are not all that strict in can do as in all other swiss ski resorts mosques and social distancing are compulsory gondolas can be up to 2 thirds full that's a cause for concern to some. it has i'm afraid of the gondolas when there are too crowded i get concerned and there are lots of people around here. these were the crowds in some art at the beginning of the season also in sas fane 5 year no sign of social distancing railway operators say these were isolated incidents. so this wasn't worth the money. we made a mistake and we're sorry and it won't happen again. but. throughout the can't on a valet so called slope angels and now ensuring that everything runs smoothly into their also rethinking how best to protect ski is with rule breakers facing harsh
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consequences. on top and stop the lift and reports to persons. for so we're trying everything to make sure the corona safety measures are being implemented because it's true that there's no place ski socializing you need a reservation to enter a mountain restaurant good picnicking spots are in high demand. the pandemic is having drastic effects on the industry must sell home bad guy has never had so many job applications from skiing struct is especially from austria for the time being he can't hire anyone. we usually have $35.00 employees and peak season around christmas and new year. currently planning for 17 and of course we're hoping the whole season goes ahead whether one is or employees won't have work but if i thought the young for our ski region is relying
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on the appeal of its legendary i go north face hopefully at least the swiss themselves will visit. for the holidays there will be a lot of swiss guests they definitely won't let us down. but infections mustn't be allowed to rise any further or swiss ski resorts could spend the rest of winter in complete hibernation. the islands of the a.g.m. sea with their turquoise waters and beaches and bright white buildings are not just be loved by tourists investors have also set their sights on them greece aims to expand wind energy production there the plan was of renewables sounds environmentally friendly but it has residents of the islands of tinos and carry out worried they fear that giant wind parks will destroy their natural and cultural heritage. it is said that the greek island of tinos says handmade because of its
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centuries old walls and paths and the architect you want to do is absolutely determined to protect this unique cultural asset so here we can see if it becomes food but for the know it's made out of dr stone walls peaceful used to give access to all be ownerships. and it's something that we are trying to take a band that's now in order to develop working towards the windmills and the so-called pichon houses built by her ancestors 300 years ago are now supposed to give way to wind turbines. they want to shows us the sites where private investors have just completed the foundations for 3 large turbines with another 15 planned. you want to and many other islanders fear tino's could lose its typical character. council mary. has to decide what to do are we going to preserve it to pass it on to
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next generation we are going to be more use most of the 4 modern constructions roads it's like the wind turbines are the army not far from the plant turbines is home to sculptor valley os and his family he fears for the future of greece's cultural heritage. foundation's. to always be the seat of the gods but now they have been supplanted by money and everything is about making money. pretty . he shows us videos of protests he helped to organize a special police unit beach demonstrators including him with nightsticks a shopping experience. i lived in a dictatorship for 7 years and i was in the army 497-2274 and never did i experience anything like this story it was almost more democratic back then ok i'm
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exaggerating said big pay to ship is a different kettle of fish of course. 2 hours away by ferry the island of the country is best known for its unspoiled nature and its mountains include protected areas teeming with rare plant life. here to be a deliberate scene could end. the private meeting in a on screw place planning 110 wind turbines to supply electricity to athens and veyron mentalists are alarmed. it is all in the. protected. areas. this is really a disaster will be a disaster the whole mountain is going to be leveled so it is really. transforming industrial zone although the plans are not yet final ileus yana is already informing the island's residents about their potential impact it has had its share
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of bad experiences with other large scale projects a once lush valley resembled a moonscape like this after a hybrid power plant was built. erosion on the island is already extreme again and again entire hillside slide off especially in areas where the large roads are constructed. the mountains are home not only to goats but to many big. heber's as well. if wind turbines are built here gave this one have to move away with this piece. could be done for the billions. yet the couldn't put their boxes near the wind turbines because of the electromagnetic radiation. which could make them lose their orientation. on the side of the mayor's office is aware of the concerns it met with farm investors 9 years ago to little avail the activities on
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neighboring islands worry the mayor a few small wind turbines might be tolerable but 110. would protest and that's not just my own personal opinion. it was in the municipal council and local administration a grange that is going on. the 1st turbines are standing by 2025 because it is meant to be connected to athens via an underwater cable now the investor is supposedly revising the plans to make them environmentally friendly but few believe that. they fear that landscapes like this could soon become a thing of the past when's the last time you saw someone this happy in a hospital bed well an aside the a b. funk had a reason to smile that photo was taken after the surgery that changed her from a man to a woman what's also special about her story is that she is
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a commander in the german army and the buddhists via for years it was really difficult for openly gays or trans people to pursue a career as an army officer anasazi as coming out story as proof of how much has changed but filmed her path was far from easy we met her at work. talk. inspecting a truck is a routine task in the military and traditionally considered a man's job. and the father still is transgender but that she's been living as a woman for some time and no longer identifies as a man. the reason. why from the ok before long is responsible for $700.00 soldiers in the bone just there she took the major step of coming out after 20 years of military service. coming out as being transgender for me was
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a very easy transgender was something in the early ninety's it was there was going to school a topic that wasn't discussed and they were. you couldn't do anything yet it was something that was always connected to my own feelings with shame don't do that it's wrong i don't think there was very much acceptance in society in the ninety's for transgender people at all. when be found as a man she was married to a woman and most seemingly ordinary life but she felt tremendous emotional pain because her male body simply wasn't right for her. i probably look for flight into a typical male world the military probably helped in that sense as well to perform to male standards but my inner self was always. crying after that you know almost 20 years of struggling i was a part of my life where my emotional stability my motional being a well being had
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a point where said i don't want to live this way anymore you need to. be found underwent sex change surgery. she continued in her old job after coming out as a woman putting on makeup is now part of her everyday routine. second wife. some months she met before undergoing surgery has supported her from the start. to. comment on the other woman already. one can say she was the moon the pianist actually the same person stacey. i knew that she wanted to get rid of the paris and i think when you personally do. you support the person. coming out as a transgender woman wasn't just stumbling block in her career even in the military
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. sergeant major dietmar schroeder met anastasio after her sex reassignment he says the initial novelty quickly wore off even as transgenderism became a hotly debated issue worldwide. just accept that people love the way they are on the coast beyond transgenderism a few of the stay where both are more every day things like what party they vote for and what he can screw they like to take a more one of the mill example so you just have to accept people the way they are the team does and this is. now on as is climbing higher up the career ladder she'll become the head of a division in the buddhist they have cyber and information domain service in parallel to her military career it is her mission to stand up for transgender people in the german armed forces promoting diversity and greater tolerance for what is an unusual path what i know from my experience is what is definitely certain if you are true to yourself and live the way you are open you
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will have a better life. seems to be finally happening. and isn't that what we all want to be happy well that's it for it's today's show as always you can. find more information on our website and you can get in touch on twitter and via e-mail from me and the rest of the team thanks for watching and see you in next time oh. oh. 000000. oh oh oh oh.
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please. please. give.
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us politics for sale. in the us a 1000000000 to able to buy political influence. the koch brothers are lion example . unbeknown to much of the public they've created a massive lobbying network their goal stopping reforms increasing their profits. might the mega rich. g.w. . the budget. the so far in it's tricky. mark. soon antiscience.
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up. the scene of one of the trains. in charge of secrets to success starts december 26th. up. read the real power resides. i come from there lots of people in fact more than a 1000000000 if you there was lance's democracy that's one reason i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can send. the troops in the mission reporters fried chicken but end up in the form of the sun in 1 am member thinking at the time if the blood in vulcan for what happened is people come together and unite for a while. but i do the news that often confronted difficult situations more conflict between disaster and i see despite my job to confront goodspeed as one policies and
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development just put the spotlight on issues that matter most hunger food security oppression flushing a solution. a notch has been achieved looks so much more needs to be done and i think people have to be at the heart of solutions my name is on the fact she's on and i work at the devil. docs. this is g.w. news live from berlin critical days
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a for germany's health care system with new infections actually record high levels the number of hospitalized patients is also climbing rapidly we'll bring you a report from the front lines where young and previously healthy patients are wrestling with jack also coming up on the show guilty verdicts in france's charlie hebdo trial a paris court has convicted 14 people for their role in the islamist attacks on the satirical magazine and one of she was.


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