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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2020 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is deja news live from berlin closing down for a pandemic christmas. with less than a week to go before the holiday celebrations countries across europe to reduce corona virus infections also coming up the pop legend who composed under lockdown. paul mccartney put out an album in a pandemic. welcome
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to the program countries across europe are introducing a new round of coronavirus restrictions that are coming either just before christmas or soon after italy is the latest country to announce new measures shops bars and restaurants there will close and travel between different regions will be banned similar precautions are being taken across the continent. a pause on public life across europe. shuttered shops and empty streets in germany as the country goes into its 1st weekend of hard lock down this winter. austria will follow suit just after christmas non-essential businesses will close understand the $26.00 austria's current a virus infection rate is lower than many of its neighbors but there are fears that
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could change support. your claim that since we are not an island and have people coming in from other countries we should prepare ourselves for the possibility of exponential growth at any time. sweden's infection rate on the other hand has been surging for 2 months the nordic country never imposed a full lockdown relying instead on voluntary social distancing but with case numbers going up non-essential public facilities like pools and libraries were closed and for the 1st time the government is recommending residents wear masks on public transport yet the measures remain lax compared to germany and austria very serious look look down for example. for the long run because people would not put up with that switzerland too is headed for lockdown as restaurants are set
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to close next week the swiss government has urged people to stay inside but his left at least one decision to local authorities whether to open ski lifts this year ski is will have to add covert 19 to the long list of alpine hazards. and for more on this i'm joined by dr claudia hanson an epidemiologist at the carolyn skin's tatoos in stockholm thank you for joining us dr sweden is tightening its restrictions what are the new measures and why the big change. good morning from stuck on the big changes that the country is realizing that the president is trying to cheat that's not really protect the most good ribbon and people so they realize the big that the particularly the promise of interest given in the spring that there wouldn't be a 2nd wave because a reach trying to munity doesn't hoot so and that is changing the public opinion
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which is every part i'm not sure whether the present measurements will really bring the case none of this is tremendously down after hearing. the government is our recommending that passengers wear masks on public transport won't make them mandatory will that work. i don't know to have been telling the public 2 months no to do just 6 months that must do not what i'm not sure how one interior measure now can can walk in public for it it may become very difficult. and your country as we heard in the report went it alone at the beginning of the outbreak when other european countries locked down is can we now say that that was the wrong approach i've constantly think it's the wrong approach and it's and it's a wrong discussion to think about locked down and not locked down it is it do not make decease that means if you do something that shot and decisive very fast you
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benefit on the long run so it's not about sustained lockdown it's about that very decisive fast measure at the right time which could touch and the public in sweden would work on going into every measure it chaps need to be explained why and that has not been taken place. so is it a failure of communication the government's part and the government has been saying mass do not rock the government hasn't said that they've asked him to mark to transmission that means that you can't in fact from somebody who doesn't know don't you. know the different tracing tests in tracing and isolating if it's not too bad it's not just honest has not been communicated so how can be how we can make informed decision it can't that's my opinion
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ok dr claudia hanson an epidemiologist at the carolyn ska institute thanks for that a 2nd covert 19 vaccine has been authorized for emergency use in the united states millions of doses of the madonna vaccine are expected to be added to the massive american vaccination program which began this week with health care workers older people in long term care facilities are next in line the approval comes one week after the u.s. food and drug administration authorized a vaccine developed by bio on tech and bizer here's a look now at some of the latest developments in the pandemic the german health department's report of 31300 new cases on friday and 702 fatalities related to code 19 or 25000 people have now died of the disease in germany and france the toll has passed 60000 president emmanuel mccall is asking people to remain vigilant after he himself tested positive for coke at 19 australia has put parts of sydney
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under lockdown to bring under control a cluster near the city's northern beaches people may leave their homes only for work care exercise or basic necessities india surged past 10000000 coronavirus cases the 2nd highest in the world although new infection rates appear to have fallen sharply in recent weeks. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. supercycle flattened entire villages as it tore through the pacific island nation of fiji authorities say at least 4 people were killed climate change has made cycle on stronger and more frequent with yes at the 3rd maximum strength strong to batter the arm and in 5 years. secretary of state mike pump a.o. says russia is likely the source of the worst ever cyber attack on u.s. government agencies businesses he's the 1st trumpet ministration official to link
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the attacks to russia moscow has denied involvement. more than one and a half to loads of moolah brock collected by chan china's cheney 5 probe have been transferred to the national austin on the observatory in beijing the samples are in a container that was sealed on the moon and will be open to china's 1st lunar sample laboratory. in nigeria hundreds of school boys have been reunited with their families after a mass kidnapping armed men abducted them from their school in the northern state of katsina a week ago they were later rescued by nigerian security forces many of the boys say they suffered abuse while being held the moment nigeria was waiting for the school boys free and safe after nearly a week in captivity some say they were beaten and starved. to be honest
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there was no food or water for us. no shelter no break in the friday we were taken we spent 2 days without sleep. our food was leaves and after 2 days without food we were given fresh potatoes and pieces of ground cake. 2 nights have passed since the boy's release they spent the 1st night with soldiers then medical checks now the government says they can go home early. to prove. the air force made security particles. that. is for the 300 or 2 full despite government praise for the armed forces it remains unclear exactly how and why the boys were freed or if more are still being held
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the mass abduction race is questions over the government's ability to protect its population especially in the northern part of the country who carried out the armed kidnapping remains in dispute whether it was boko haram the islamist group that's claimed responsibility and has posed a threat to nigeria for years or bandits as some officials allege the security situation is precarious in many parts of the country for the moment at least the sight of children reunited with their parents is a welcome distraction from daily threats many in nigeria face. a full answer 1st being held in jail in turkey has gone on trial on charges of spying osman cavalia is accused of involvement in an attempted coup in 2016 which he denies mr cavanaugh has already spent years in prison despite never being convicted of a crime. disappointment outside this istanbul court house
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a senate osman coverless close his colleague and his anatole a cultural center is angry. well this is a far cry from human rights democracy and justice. human rights advocate cavalia has spent the last 3 years in jail. he's been charged with spying and attempting to overthrow the government the witnesses who appeared in the latest hearing did not incriminate him next time the public prosecutor wants to examine new witnesses it's cavalia 2nd trial earlier this year he was acquitted of charges of organizing protests in gacy a park in istanbul. even as he prepared to leave his cell new charges were brought against him and he remained behind bars according to human rights groups the courts just carry out the president's orders that president made
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a thunderous speech saying this man should not have been acquitted he's responsible for the events. condemning the court condemned the court for trying to acquit him and made it very clear that he wanted this man behind bars turkey is a member of the council of europe and is bound by the decisions of the european court of human rights this year the court demanded cavalia be released. lockdowns around the world have inspired many people stuck at home to take up an artistic pursuit and the former beatle paul mccartney is one of them the music legend has just released a new album recorded at his home after the pandemic forced him to stay inside for many months. paul mccartney is rocking out and staying in. his home studio in sussex may not have an audience but mccartney had all the instruments he needed to put out 11 new
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tracks and i was actually just doing it for my own fog but certainly. not for album mccartney 3 as the title suggests is the 3rd album bearing his name each one came at a notable moment in time. the 1st mccartney album after the beatles broke up mccartney 2 after wings did. cartney 3 deals with the current state of things on this record what he's trying to offer more than anything else is not an exercise in experiment listen i think he's trying to offer comfort and sound and i think he's trying to say i think the overarching message is probably we will get through this. paul mccartney is an optimist. an optimist with moving lyrics about reality on an
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easy going path album that will keep you entertained in this era of social distancing mccartney's music is an acoustic cut from the 70 year old performer is full of little ideas like that some of which i was able to use and finish on the album but yeah there's plenty more plenty more where that came. and we turn to sports now in friday night's bundesliga match when young barely continued to exceed expectations this season when they pulled off a stunning 21 victory against dortmund the winner came on a christopher trimmel corner in 78th minute which marvin friedrich headed home for . it was his 4th goal to campaign most of any defender in the bundesliga one puts you in your own in 5th place right behind.
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and you're watching video been used live from berlin coming up next a sports life with a report on a new a new football the for a few teams an exposure thanks for watching. people looking for coverage. there are many answers. there are many reasons.


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