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police crackdown protesters are calling for authoritarian leader alexander lukashenko to step down one of his most outspoken critics is the nobel prize winning author alexia bitch she has consistently warned against violence. will break the back and we must stick together and must not back down hard and for god's sake we must not be the ones to spill blood to go from upward we must win with our spirit in the strength of our values ok but stay with spring bush did not replace him harassment and intimidation at home spent long on a legacy of it arrived in berlin for medical treatment in september the celebrated writer was received by the german president she insists she will return to bella reuss if the authorities let her. in poland women took to the streets a law banning most abortions triggered the biggest protests in the country since the collapse of communism. the documentary the battle for our voices the company's
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women fighting for their rights in the capital warsaw. baghdad. oh. yeah we're just going to play it out but i think if you ever get that other they're going to get somebody to tell. us. the hope is to show that activism can inspire women everywhere like the chance and dance moves that have resonated across the globe. in the u.s. protesters demanded an end to police violence against african-americans which they say is rooted in systemic racism. and. after the killings of eric garner in george floyd director spike lee undercut footage of his. 1989 do the right thing with other images of arrests that entered
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into. the writing was based upon it will live show called murder if you're it might be. you know not just by strangulation. shadegg. the black lives matter movement sparks worldwide protests statues were toppled and streets renamed it triggered an impassioned debate on racism and the legacy of colonialism. the calls for more diversity and equal opportunity will go with artists and institutions for years to come. out magazines recently named the black lives not a movement as the most influential force in art in 2020 so i'd like to bring this back to your jazz musician how is this protest movement going to affect the music scene. i think jazz music comes out of protest that's the main message behind that
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and i think it's important to find out you know what cultural influences you know in the art business we have been noticing this year because it has been very slow in fact thinking about the black lives matter movement you know as a. as an artistic influence that's a good that's a good idea and i believe it i want i want to go into it myself you know let's find out what could you imagine taking away from from the purchase culture. i think musicians have a long tradition of protesting look at live aid you know which is like decades ago and people are listening to artists it's actually are it's is about the the unusual thing it's going outside of reality to be able to come back into reality that's one of the main laws in the us been the so protesters one as well 2nd at the end here what we've had less well actually losing something from from the social side
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society. i'm very much afraid that the business which is not only a business it's a culture will suffer badly from what we're going through right now i'm a teacher to myself at the university so there's young students female male all of them asking ok how am i going to to build a profession out of this know looking up what's happening around me i don't see much of a future and i have to have an answer to that so i tried to spread enough optimism . as good as i can but it's difficult 'd. well they were a little more for children and later of course raising your voice doesn't necessarily mean taking to the streets during knock down people all over the world have used social media to join the debate and to release some of that pent up
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creativity one of the newest platforms in town ticktock began essentially is a bit of fun but in recent months the entertainment factor has taken on an increasingly political action 2. i will not have my hair i will not blow. personally i think one of the most heartwarming things to come out of lockdown is teenagers doing dance routines with their parents. music and dance have been really powerful tools this year in terms of spreading
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some much needed positivity and also bringing people around the world together take the cure is a damaged dance talent for example which saw firefighters medical staff and even nuns joining in the fun. of course all this reminds us that 2020 is also the year we all went digital from online classes to business meetings even doctor's appointments so much of our daily lives have now moved online artists have had to get particularly creative to reach their audiences digitally but also like. usually people come in crowds to see star organised cameron carpenter in concert. but this year in the pandemic he decided to go on tour performing outside care homes and he's electronic church organ. cultural life gives us something to live for that is
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more than just eating drinking surviving. for a doctor along dr del apollo this is the time to be creative she's brought together a group of star musicians from 14 countries to play indian possible. 2 leak music from. this impossible orchestra because in an almost situation if i had called them up they would have said that sounds great but i have this concert and that concert and we can plan it for 2024 have someone would have not been possible without a doubt but suddenly everyone was 3. 100 l. . he's using this fund raising project to draw attention to the plight of women in her native mexico was also supports all female bands coming from one hucker usually depend on income from live concerts this year they recorded an album.
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though that we're in what i did because of the expenses for the recording studio we were hoping to start paying off our debts with these performances or by selling our civilian these guys this is what we had planned they would get them. in austria the annual celts book festival took place in the summer braving the pandemic with strict hygiene measures in place and heavy financial losses. if i'd have been ashamed of our faint hearted ness if we hadn't held the festival this new fish the festival was founded in even harsher times directly after the 1st world war when hunger and hardship were widespread when it was still very i've. been there. the salzburg festivals the 100th anniversary
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ended up much smaller and shorter than planned but for conductor yolanda most it's despite the difficulties involved in performing in a pandemic there's a positive side the unique atmosphere it's a mix most there was a complete silence and it stayed that way for the entire duration of the performance so maybe there's a sense of returning to what's important making a big fast sless talking planned on opening night parties and receptions just music . parties. because it. live music that was even possible at the south spoke festival this year was a little short of a miracle what does it feel like brought us right now who can't what are you missing the life performance. it's my profession on one but that's really what i do
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even if i wouldn't. make a living out of it you know that's what i do i mean musician source being on stage performing live in front of an audience feeling the positive sort of pressure that comes along with it is a great thing to do i miss it very much we miss it. and of course we're all hoping for much more real life culture in the near future and i can't quite believe my luck that i'm about to close out 2020 with a live performance taken away to school. c c 7
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cutting. it all began but for a time. to come i see. the soviet union and the soviet afghan. what happened during the last bloody conflict of the cold. all of the u.s.'s are. in 15 minutes on d w. the
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story of producer and propaganda. they were called the rhineland bastards. their mothers were germans living in the occupied rhineland their father's soldiers from the french colonies. take up in a climate of national pride and racism. this documentary examines the few traces that remain of their existence. call them the children. starts january 11th d.w. . in the far north. beyond the inhabitable world it's lonely.
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barren. and breathtakingly beautiful. arctic powerful expanse of bitter cold. and the sound of global warming. to the journey around the north pole. profiteers and talk with people experiencing the changing environment of the ice disappears earlier and it keeps retreating ha shirish the last years have been snowing rough. makes it hard wish it should. our future depends on what happens here in one of the most fragile ecosystems on earth. northern lights with the arctic circle starts december 21st on w. .
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bases d.w. news live from birth in closing it down for a pandemic christmas governments across europe tighten lockdown restrictions they fear fear of end of year holidays could turn into covert 9 tain mass super spreader events also coming out germany marks a grim anniversary 4 years ago today a truck plowed through a christmas market in the capital then we'll look at how the country reacted and the lessons learned. of pop legend who composed under lockdown.


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