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tv   Europe in Concert  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2020 3:15pm-4:00pm CET

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just several old times no 4 records were set on friday with more than 2 natives falling in the city of duty wada in just 3 days already has have issued warnings for more snow avalanches and transport disruptions. you're watching dating news my from balance our reporter series is up next thank you for that more news at the top of the hour thanks for. the ideas it is all its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities cleaner how can we protect habitats we can make a difference global ideas mental series against obesity thousands do w. and all my. children to come to. one giant problem and we needed it in no limit to seem to be cheery and.
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embodied in a painting leader feature is included in a fuel economy. how will climate change affect us and our children. and e.w. dot com slash water. it's santa is always on the cool in december so is he said because the sea is the father christmas of the holy land though israel and the palestinian territories are gripped by coronavirus the 2 slim santa hopes for a festive season earth. just
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. is that because the c.e.o. on this way to work in the old city this is centers house the work place of jerusalem say nic and also it says family home it's. december the busiest time of the year for santa and yet in 2020 the pandemic has changed everything it's azeri hard for us with this crazy situation what we have would cover 19 i try my best to have a plan a b. c. that has me as a santa i'm trying to bring joy for jerusalem and to the word also my message is always love and happy and happiness and safety for them and joy and we say inshallah everything would be ok the palestinian christian from jerusalem's old city has been slipping into the role of santa claus for the last 3 years in real life he's a former professional basketball player turned coach is
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a remembers that there was no santa around when he was growing up in jerusalem a city 3 were 2 religions called home when i was a kid i never see really sad and that's why i want to eat of the children here this evening t.v. in a show on pictures or fake santa the like a toy and now when they see it real in jerusalem they feel very proud of what we have said dangerous. but is that because they see it's no ordinary sense make he's home to his craft at specialist sent to school in the u.s. these are the diplomas which i did my set the school they teach us how to make you whole the ha ha ha it's not just to do it from her mouth you need to do it from your belly and when you do it from your belly must come from your belly out to all the way from inside that's the way how sad to smile as when they have a big belly ok you go like this. christmas. and of course i add to it as i'm in the jerusalem sand and the holy land i gave with the whole i continued to
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be whole all holy land. just. it takes just 10 minutes for is said to transform himself into center close. no christmas. oh no it's today the palestinian sand is listing in nursery school outside the old city. as we walk he prepares himself mentally he wants to be able to answer any questions to children might ask all said to her you currently anything as close as they are already asked me that i say i go with her a year i park it you have the airport and then i go with the camel to jerusalem it's. just
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30 thoughts i at the nursery school run by the daughters of charity center is to help decorate the christmas tree due to the pandemic he's unable to visit some schools or hospitals this year he and the children try to keep their distance from one another but it isn't always easy. like. you know who i am. sending this year due to cope at 19 i did spite of it we must spread sheet here decorate the tree and make it festive there should be joy in our hearts despite illness and the virus. arabic hebrew and english spoken here and they celebrate all the holidays with their christian jewish or
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muslim oh i think i sent a hands all calls and stuffed toys to get the kids i. i. do slim is the city which has long been a source of political conflict between israelis and palestinians the past. syrians hope to make east jerusalem their capital one day the old city is home to sites which muslims jews and christians consider holy jihad am i sharif which contains muslim holy sites like the i like some mosque and the dome of the rock was closed during the 1st lockdown at the western wall the holiest place for jews to pray petitions helpless social distancing the church of the holy sepak or the holy site for christians also closed for almost 2 months.
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is a walk step through the christian quarter the old city is much quieter than usual there are normal groups of 4 interests israel has closed its borders to visitors since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. it's very sad very sad to see jerusalem with the situation with governor dean really it's a it's a break my heart but i always say i believe in god and i will always say i pray to god please god bring back life to the people here for business people all the shops are closed most of the people in the wrestling live from tourism. the church of the holy sepak a stands where jesus was said to have been buried and then resurrected normally hundreds of people both locals and foreignness flock here every day. he serviettes a close connection to the church. it's hurting my heart and it's very very unique we never have this situation before and we usually come here
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to the bridge to easter time and of course with all the year tourists come to jerusalem and we are proud with all the work coming to visit jerusalem the heart of the world and that's make me feel very stress also because when i see people not coming to our land to the church of the whole subject also it's painful in the heart. at christmas though people look towards neighboring bethlehem which christians believe to be the birthplace of jesus the city is now in the israeli occupied west bank. easter is on his way there to visit a family even center must be flexible and take a detour or 2 more far. i think i'm with the crowd thinking more hours to go to the place. it's would disagree with and also the trip point is close to the ground to go that far. but you know.
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i want to go to the plan i want to see the kids i want to see the place the birth of places there's the direct route from jerusalem to bethany miss blocked by the israeli separation barrier and checkpoints palestinians coming from the west bank need an israeli permit to come to jerusalem and due to the pandemic there are additional restrictions in bethlehem the corona virus infection rate has once again risen dramatically the palestinian national authority recently imposed a curfew at night and on weekends. he said visit a family he knows the children antony and andrea is eagerly awaiting him though this time he can only go as far as the door not and to their apartment safety comes 1st. anthony where center promised.
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from jerusalem would. not be easy but no call for back up to the house. that's that's missing for me and missing for that . the atmosphere in bethlehem this year is different than any other year i'm 40 years old and for more than 40 years we've been celebrating christmas with joy and happiness because every year the main event was santa claus bringing happiness to our colleagues this year the christmas atmosphere is very different because of the covert 1000 pandemic santa claus is not going to visit children at all. and celebrations will be limited as we all stay at home. in bethlehem christmas isn't being cancelled it will simply be celebrated differently not a sculler fully and above all without any foreign business in the
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church of the nativity it's also very quiet. there are no more long lines to enter the grotto of the nativity this is the star marks the spot where jesus is said to have been born. he said is only paying a sword visit to bethlehem but he still wants to visit the crash in front of the church of the nativity and is sent a suit he attracts attention he goes. remember he could have been the holy man why the record i want to know if there were rog. well. it's just it's time for is said to return to choose but there's always time for a quick photo to. in
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jerusalem people are also waiting for santa but 1st you must pass through the israeli checkpoint up. even ng is falling on this city it's time to open the doors of centers house seeing said nic is always a thrill especially during a pandemic and follow the rules of. any army xenon of my came to sanchez house so my children could get to know father christmas this year there have hardly been any other activities in town so at least we can meet him and take a few photos with him and get into the spirit of things maybe safe every year and i have 3 girls 3 little ones because of course or no you know the situation this year has been difficult especially for kids so to make them feel happy since we haven't
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done any christmas activities who came to see duracell in the south or so says the only certain the holy land of i don't think. that. i. think they should do. it in spite of the pandemic research because to see your aims to fulfill his duties. especially. in those that this year old people need something to believe. the self i want to give them love and joy but i want i want i try my best to give them either if nobody would be a hound me i'll go in the streets and give them but a message to the world. thank you michelle phillips just so. it's not just the stuff.
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calling the road with our superheroes my mission is clear. and to make sure leashed explored germany. they died in a wreck of everything out there is a lot going on in. germany tried and tested again. w. . do we really know our past. or are recollections just a memory. images in our mind. and have a life of their own. the latest in brain research one memory sometimes placed. in 45 minutes on d w. w's crime fighters are back at the capital africa's most successful radio drama
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series continues in the olympus odes are available online course you can share and discuss on w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms to crime fighters to mindanao. it's impossible to overlook the holiday season is in full swing there are sparkling lights all over berlin but that's about the only thing that's just like years past
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and the run up to christmas and times of covert 90. there are hardly any tourists and the grand bowl of ours may be merry and bright but there are a few people around to enjoy them. plenty of christmas trees though like this one in front of the brandenburg. the difference this year is especially apparent on john diamond one of the most beautiful squares in the city this place is usually hopping in december it's the site of a popular christmas market but due to the pandemic it was of course canceled this year. and spite of it all i'm on the hunt for a berlin's christmas spirit are people in
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a festive mood at all where the city's shine brightest and with christmas markets canceled where do i get my annual fix of ginger red wine let's find out. for going to pay a visit to $1.00 of berlin's most elegant hotels the adlon. will also make a stop at the a story of the home memorial church. and will catch up with globe trotters steve heinous and the portuguese capital lisbon. traditional christmas markets were called off even before the most recent shutdown was announced but individual booths like these are still per minute. the side of it
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how do you feel about christmas markets being canceled it's sad yes really a shame is for. once i'm a big fan of christmas markets for now we'll have to make do with what we've got and hope things will be better next year for. all couldn't get an alternative set up like this substitute for the real thing. no of course not this is just a compromise it's better than nothing but it's nothing like a traditional christmas market so feel fresh it's really sad that we don't have the regular holiday markets this year. but under the circumstances to protect our health and safety i think it is absolutely acceptable. and so are you doing anything special to try and get into the spirit of things do you have any tips for us. everything we just moved into an apartment together. and we've decided to put up decorations and stuff like that to add a little christmas cheer and be bad right now from florida. we need an advent
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calendar things like that to get into the spirit on the 1st sunday of advent we had waffles coffee and cake just like always we're sticking to our usual traditions to give. the difference in many spots around town the striking it's so quiet potsdamer platz normally bustling with crowds it's almost deserted usually you'd find a colorful christmas market here too complete with ice skating rink and sled run. the major traditional christmas markets and might not take place this year but when it comes to the festive season people in germany can get quite inventive here's a look at some socially distanced alternatives to germany's time honored christmas
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favorite. snow christmas lights was a chestnut this may look like a typical christmas market but there's at least one major difference in the varying time of launch and this year the traditional christmas market is drive through a. lot. of it but we just had to christmas is our favorite holiday and we want to make the most of it this one might be right we're looking forward to christmas and want to get into the spirit of the season and we're hungry. whether they come for a traditional treat or to just soak up the atmosphere it's been a huge hit patrick smith had the idea after closing this restaurant due to culture restrictions. everyone is so happy birthday ring this even when they have to wait no one seems to mind that some actually like waiting it gives them a chance to hang around and enjoy themselves 10 or 15 minutes longer finish the
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meeting or could be seen going to. visitors can pick up traditional broad worse cotton candy and a lot of other treats without leaving the walk in safety of their own vehicles there's even more wine in thermos flask on offer for those who want behind the we'll of course some travel quite a distance for the pleasure of a trip to the drive in market. we want to support this market and there's not much else around going to come for dinner and some mulled wine well not for me the driver we're here to give our kids a. sense of christmas get them in the holiday spirit. their restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus have gravely affected the
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tourism sector hotels are among the businesses hit the hardest at berlin's luxury hotel adlon there are more employees than guests these days but that didn't stop them from decking the halls. in these empty chairs there are usually people from all over the world enjoying afternoon tea. i have an appointment with hotel manager costs that. has already been sold beautiful he decorated but for whom do you have any guests at the moment. that's i do have guests as many normally had this time of year that's what about 20 rooms are booked that's a 6 percent occupancy rate. nice to create christmas you fear for the guests and staff to spread a little joy. i'm going to guess it was so very few guests how do you sustain
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a hotel of this size during a crisis financially. we're not breaking even of course but a hotel like this would also cost a lot of money to operate even if you close temporarily but decided to make a statement of sorts to make you clear that the photo is open to all guests that are still able to call and want to send to our regular customers business travelers for now that we are there for them and we will provide our usual service and you came up with a very special thank you for the pandemics frontline heroes tell me more than once it's been hard on us sure but. take a moment to think about the people who are really making a difference in these difficult times it is clearly those working in our health care system people who work day and night to save other people's lives and nursed them back to health. so we thought what can we do to shore appreciation and to give something back the answer was obvious as
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a hotel you could offer them complimentary stays so that's what we did on the how was the response a normal owner of well being within 34 days when the 1000 overnights days of you offered were all booked and the waiting list was started half of the states have already been redeemed more than half of our healthcare heroes have come to stay here in our hotel from by with that everything be could to ensure they enjoyed themselves it's been incredible on this one against one of the things like the pandemic in the restrictions that followed for tourism and berlin on hold but that's not entirely true in the midst of the 2nd lockdown the long awaited new for a lemon airport opened its doors to the world and you can also now visit the reconstructed berlin palace my colleagues look at stake i went and checked out. my 1st stop the so-called b e
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r berlin's major airport it has only been in operation since oct 31st. so touristic me speaking this is the very latest berlin has to offer. this is the terminal building and i've got to say it's neither beautiful nor ugly it's just an airport and it's not particularly big if you consider that the whole thing was designed for around 46000000 passengers a year. me however as you can see it is of little use at the moment there are only a handful of travelers. feet. the pandemic hit the airport hard in addition it was opened with an unbelievable 9 years dealing.
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and on the runway hardly any movement. so. as you can see there is hardly anything going on here so let's see if it's different in the city center. of the local people. and that's the new old palace the so-called home boy it for them to me it kind of looks like a film. set a little bit on a real. 3 facades of the palace where once russian rulers resided or built in history could start only one side is very modern. i like the historical facades
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better but many people have a completely different opinion. so the reconstruction is controversial mainly because of the reproduction of the historical facade. i am permitted to enter the courtyard the head of the opening the once completely destroyed palace has been rebuilt since 2000 troll there are only a few scaffolding left who would who vote for them or limp ellis what is it actually as a business it is primarily a center for culture and science there are exhibitions will hold events and have a culture education program focuses on world cultures it's the home of the level it's our questions were leading to democracy and the environment there's an exhibition on how berlin and the world are interconnected another about the fascinating history of this site over the course of 700 years ago for different buildings including the humble form these were located at this site of the 1st
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dominican monastery in the whole solar palace in this east germany's parliament and now the humble foreign home which is now almost part of this history what's the biggest attraction for tourists here what is there to see and to give the here you come on as i don't know if they're really in the garage larger courtyard reconstructed on 3 sides is a brand new part of berlin just waiting to be discovered then there's the north south passageway and the palace itself so that. allegedly the homeward form will open soon and that's a glimmer of hope jury was locked down. until mid december stores in germany were still open for christmas shopping. always making sure to keep that distance between mask shoppers and caddy probably berlin's most famous department store. it 1st opened its doors over 100 years ago.
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on the 4th floor it's christmas the lower every kind of decoration imaginable everything you could wish for and more. it seems like business as usual to me but this is nothing compared to what they're used to according to store manager t.-mo favor. i mean how noticeable is the absence of tourists in the store had to be back to the very bare leaners those from the surrounding areas account for about 50 percent of the revenue the rest is generated by visitors from elsewhere in germany europe and
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the rest of the world so we are noticing the difference at the moment but we're flying the christmas flag so to speak for billionaires to come here and feel and enjoy a sense of normality. no money normality but only to some degree only 3000 people are allowed in the store at a time how do you keep track digital monitors at the doors count people as they come in the door that shows us how many are inside at any given time and our team also keep a close watch on things. our berlin are still coming here to cardiff bay or have you noticed a reluctance in people to spend time indoors during the pandemic once inside. no i feel that their leaders are supporting us standing by us. we see plenty of evidence of that it is wonderful when 1st thing in the morning you see someone had 2 words the cheese counter for a little chat because they may spend most of their time at home and have very
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little social interaction i don't hear the seals deficit cheerful have to engage in conversation find out how they're doing that's what we're here for to. keep in touch talk to people and offer our customers nice things to take home and i think that now is an incident i think one of the biggest challenge for the store in the current situation is think of them i think there are many different kinds of challenges that's really the 1st thing is respecting the regulations and yes the standards to safety is priority number one and i think we're doing very well at maintaining safety i think you can tell that from the feedback we're getting that gets be that from the authorities or i guess it's and then of course our goal is to build the store with the magic of christmas so that the visitors feel good when they're here relaxed and happy. setting off to discover foreign lands is not really an option for most people due to the coronavirus and that make it our globe trotters steve hey michel just couldn't wait any longer and had to portugal and the
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capital lisbon if you want to know what people there are doing to get in the mood for christmas. welcome to portugal where i'm spending winter this year due to the pandemic today i am in lisbon in the run up to christmas with my local friend how well i actually met 8 years ago travelling through bolivia and now he's going to show me how the portuguese celebrating this time of the and that's why we are actually here in front of a church it's usually all the traditional portuguese christmas starts right fortunately still largely very carefully country and so the traditional way to learn to live it is you should fostering today and then you meet with all your family and all the community inside the church for a special service called me so google and then after the service you can go to your respective family house and have a video your own family's ok to go in and check it out that's all right.
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christmas wouldn't be written this without christmas pastries and what we have done in germany you have the balls i will bring both i use the super traditional christmas bread. that's usually made with crystallise fruits on top so it's very colorful and he also has tried fruits and raisins and so it's and it was invented right here at the factory and it's you know watching the heart of these. our self let's finally try of so let's try that.
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while. just like all german christmas brought. relief christmas eve not. in germany we have christmas markets do you have anything that this year. meant nothing the same sounds at benghazi's this whole downtown area where it's very much shopping and tourists quite cheerfully every shop gets decorated and then you can see that's all the special lights and the christmas tree so usually people just to have a waltz and enjoy the christmas episode. it's all about christmas dinner some might say the most important part about the whole christmas eve when we actually came to
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a more traditional restaurant in this memo to try something you would actually have for christmas dinner but not in a restaurant i would i would say read never in the restaurant you always have the christmas dinner with your own family but still this is you would be exactly what you have boiled codfish we just some vegetables around chickpeas potatoes some cabbage sometimes. very down to earth and very typical and this was actually in the process somewhat expensive cut so families would really save up. so they could afford but i don't know for the christmas you know me so it's not christmas eve i would say let's enjoy it that's again. and drop this whole chris. this experience we have a tradition old friends can't switch or really could call this using a nonsense so that not all fish with all.
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this. for many people around the world the christmas season is a time of contemplation and celebration of their faith. and friend of the kind of the home memorial church star shaped ornaments with personal wishes written on them remind us how quickly the ordinary can become something extraordinary this person wishes they could spend christmas with their grandparents.
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for many going to church isn't there a vocal element of christmas but will services be possible in the midst of a pandemic. gamma has been the memorial church's pastor for 15 years as one of our none of us has ever experienced a christmas season quite like this one how has it been for you. fortunately we are allowed to worship together and that's what we will do to on christmas eve a lot of it will be our only service is a midday and sunday night something we have already been doing and they have been seated on weekdays we hold mid-day prayer services there are fewer people and in tennis the usual can tell that those who come on are really appreciative it means a lot to them and we think it will be the same on christmas eve the thing we have
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done also is on the. service like times of the coronavirus what care. does it was 1st of all we maintain one and a half meter distance between chairs no one sit side by side as you're only good but that's a certain quality of its own if you focus more on yourself and perceive those around you differently with the thought of we're not allowed to sing so instead we have the organ sing for us if you will the and then we can either sing along in our heads or i read the words aloud to the music you know. it's interesting this gives us a new sense of protection which can be very positive. and i think in the volume of the fix currently our service is a shorter than usual because we leave things out that would normally be part of the services but that in turn helps us focus more intently to those who were on board the come on our thought of what was quite simply on this count among all this can
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you even get in the mood for christmas or is there something missing. it doesn't really fit well i'm curious to see how things develop from my experience as a pastor i can see that true christmas spirit is when we really began to celebrate it before that we're busy organizing and preparing everything and that's not the same as the christmas celebration itself i think we reach christmas eve and christmas day we will find ourselves in a festive mood and then hopefully we can leave the house olympe. also in a few of our troubles behind us and focus on what christmas is really about as i pleased his important to remember that it was on christmas thank god became man born as a child in the manger works in a makeshift shelter krupa begun considering that things here are still pretty common this is it all began under normal circumstances well that's what's nice about it but does it still should provide thing already way back when happy holidays thank you to.
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the. one bright side plots right next to the church some scattered stalls are doing their best to spread a little christmas cheer. and again i think what mulled wine please. and at least some things haven't changed. after all that 2020 has put us through i almost didn't believe it possible but my little stroll through berlin really didn't get me in the mood for christmas there's something comforting about all those shimmering lights although of course that cheerful crowds are missing hopefully next year we can all get back to how things
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used to be happy holidays and a safe wherever you may be. do
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we really know our past. or are recollections just memory. images in our mind change and have a life of their own. the latest in brain research why memory sometimes place ticks on a. 15 minute d.w. .
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sleep. carefully. don't know the soon. to be a good. match. discovered. subscribed to a documentary on you tube. the story of producers and propaganda. they were called the rhineland bastards born after the 1st world war the monkey was an illegitimate child and
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there were many of them even from. their mothers or germans living in the occupied rhineland their fathers soldiers from the french colonies. the footlights and please afro german children had a hard time and because they were a reminder of the german defeat. they grew up in a climate of wounded national pride and racism. the european population felt that it was important to be white and to stay right by supply. exclusion and contempt culminated in forced sterilization under the nazis. this documentary examines the few traces that remain of their existence they call them the children. storage january 11th on g.w. .
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place. to place. faces do you have any news live from above and closing down for a pandemic christmas album and it's a cross tour of time lost count strickland's i feel the end of year holidays could turn into code 9 taking mass super spreader events also coming up germany marks a grim anniversary 4 years ago today a truck plowed through a christmas market in the capitol building and we'll look at how the country reacted and the lessons learned.


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