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tv   Zu Tisch  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm CET

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could this become a climate friendly mode of travel. to morrow to do it. in 60 minutes. they want to know what makes the devil you just join the love and banning going away from. a life and out of my own car and everyone with a leader holding everything. are you ready to meet the devons then join me right just do it under you. welcome to in good shape coming up. how what we eat can help us heal. how climbing can lift your spirits. and how one athlete
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overcame depression. growth and struggling with a serious point out it and i'm not talking about covert i'm talking about mental illnesses like depression anxiety and personality disorders they're on top of the world health problems even more than cardiovascular diseases welcome to good shape according to the world health organization w h o 90 percent of affected patients don't get adequate help and even friends and family might tell the patients come on pull yourself together but make no mistake it can affect any of us. chills is in her element on the tennis court she's vibrant energetic reliable just like in her day to day life. but a year ago she felt like the she had come off. all my mind i was i was kind of. why
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don't. all of a sudden i had a new sense of joy. i just felt empty inside. like my life had no meaning. it was hard for me to imagine a more positive future. in me also my. jules has always been a high achiever and it was hard to accept that something was wrong. and outwardly she seemed fine we're going to sources of the year. to my son but i'm not sure very many people even noticed it also it's not really something you can see it's kind of an invisible illness kind of kind of. it to joe's quite a while to realize that she was suffering from depression and she tried to ignore how she felt i'm pretty good face some things then she decided to quit her job. not too long after that she suffered another blow. and that was the breaking point with
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. my basically it was breaking up with my partner there really sent me over the edge i really lost my grip on my life that i was dead inside i was totally numb. my parents popped up on it and realised that what i was going through was there more than just normal heart i. just decided to get help 1st she spent 3 months in an inpatient clinic now she sees a therapist once a week. and sarah piece she's been learning to understand and accept herself this kind of behavioral therapy isn't always easy it takes courage to dig beneath the surface of things. philip fear makes you feel terribly vulnerable to recover you need someone to take you by the hand. talk you
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through things. and then you can learn to do the same thing for yourself. that she said about what. things are starting to look up again and jules is open about what she's been going through. to celebrate 10 newly won self-confidence she's decided to get a tattoo. some dollars for measure me it's i'm a licensed health care and self love it reminds me to accept my body and my spirit to accept myself the way i know. i'm in. the black and white stripes symbolise the ups and downs of her pass through depression and the tennis ball the joy she's now taking in life. so if i really did it.
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prejudice unfolds rumors make it very tough for those affected with mental illnesses it's very hard for them to talk about the situation in the us there's a coffee shop called soup of hope and there you absolutely can talk about it and it's called on here in germany the music as a coffee shop to. what looks like an ordinary coffee house is actually much more it's the 1st mental health cafe in germany guests here in munich can only sit down for a nice hot drink they can also learn about mental health here. kind of things not often not a crisis center for someone with big problems there are other places in munich to get we're here for people who want to talk to someone get some advice it's easier to come here and say i'll have a coffee maybe take a flyer with me than it is to say i need therapy or i have to go to the emerged.
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the way. it's going to. dominate demand came up with the idea for germany's 1st mental health café. a role model is the soup of hope project a cafe in chicago. dominic has dealt with the topic of mental health since 2015 as an author and a blogger she describes her own experiences. she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder about 15 years ago. as a status as had just as she said i'm so much to admitting to yourself you need help is the hardest part i'm willing to get help for other things physical problems car problems learning to play an instrument we get help for all sorts of things except for what's going on inside our own heads that was a big step for me a turning point when things started to improve if i hadn't been willing to open up to get help none of this could have happened had as i was.
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within about a year of coming up with the idea dominic and her team found a good location. for friends all pitched in to help set up the space so the cafe could open its doors for how's it going to be just screwed the last bit together and now we can finally hang it from the ceiling in. the project also benefited from an online crowdfunding campaign. dominic was surprised and grateful at how many people were willing to pitch in. to crowdfunding how the crowdfunding campaign was incredibly successful we received 33000 euros we had different donation levels the smallest was fine here is the largest 5000 euros a lot of people donated more than 540 people said what a great idea i want to support this effort. then came the. and opening germany's
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1st mental health cafe opened its doors. just like an ordinary coffee shop there's food and drink on the menu but here there's also a way to signal if you're up for a chat. a red flag on your table means you want peace and quiet. the green flag means you're happy to talk to other guests. who have just left iraq it makes it easier whenever someone his about our flags they say oh i wish i had something like that. we all have those moments where we think i wish someone would ask me how i'm doing or maybe don't talk to me i can't cope. this is a way of signaling what you're up for. the cafe also regularly hosts specialists who are willing to give a bit of guidance free of charge. and have studied medicine and spent a year and a half working in the field of psychosomatic medicine for children and adolescents
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. she's planning to help out in the cafe twice a week. check the few sir not at least have the kinds of conversations people have when a talking about how they really feel and not how they wish they felt a much nicer and more honest you don't have to share everything but your entire life story on instagram that's not what this is about but it can feel really good to be authentic to give an honest answer to the question how are you today it can make a real difference and. the mental health café is no substitute for professional therapy it's a place where people can go to talk and maybe games and insight or a way forward. there are books on mental health issues informational brochures and regular workshops and lectures plus meditation and yoga courses are offered in seminars on how to reduce stress it's an idea that seems to be catching on which is
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basically just months listened to so it's nice to have a place where you can sit down and find someone to talk to you don't have to mix but you can if you want. about them being muslims will be very moved from one to the i care about people and i want people to be happy me included i find it hard warming that such a wonderful cafe is open to year coffee instead this is still one of the regular they've put a lot of love into this it's wonderful that people with mental health issues or people who care about them can come from the simple. germany's 1st mental health café seems to be off to a good start. if. he has let's say a heart attack or kidney stones this is usually socially accepted but what if he would have a psychosomatic disorder all excited his daughter friends and family will sometimes give unqualified advice and will react in disbelief my sister i sent medical peter
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out. today event as i was the victoria park hospital here in berlin and a meeting dr kristen stopped hello pleasure when i was preparing the interview recruit the terms mental health and mental disorders. can you explain the difference if you take the world health organization they state that health is the complete absence of psychological. physical and social problems which is a state that cannot be reached for a long period of time when the person who are into disorder on one hand if a spider uses such horror to you that you have to avoid the situation where you find the spider. that it indeed uses problems living your life like you would do normally on the other hand let's say you are afraid of using an elevator
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but you never occur confronted with this problem because you live in a rural area where you don't need to use it then there is no suffering also then i would not suggest somebody to search for treatment people with circle of group programs or doing a program. or to consider. what is its or if you have a person that is mentally ill and suffers from hell or see nations. or intense feelings that we cannot see we cannot touch we have never experienced by ourselves for many people this is this is something that induces intense fear and often people dislike what they what they fear and they exclude people due to this all look of. people with a look for group problems for instruments only. of group or rooms interesting point
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what is a weak person so we don't have the same talents some of us are good sports others are good in math and so forth imagine a strong person with with which is gifted they can suffer from mental flight. this can happen to basically anybody and then you are not capital of controlling your mental operation so in my opinion this has nothing to do with weak or strong. you have to put some sort of struggle for many of the mental disorders this is just not true and i think the best example will be the anxiety disorders the core of this order is that people have intense feelings of fear when you try to control it by voiding the situation by doing something that
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that reduces the fear your brain learns that this situation or stimulus might be dangerous the more you try to pull yourself together the more fear you would experience with number 3. it's only excuse for lazy people to book well actually here it's quite the opposite so if you look in our clinic we often treat people which suffer from severe depression who cannot experience joy anymore and let drive people suffering from depression oppression often suffer from thoughts and feelings of worthlessness they just wish to be healthy again not depressed anymore to have back their drive to go back to work another move. is more curable i would just say that mental illness is physical and i think most other psychiatry's would say the same there is no
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difference between mental and physical disorders in this respect in some regions of the road there are no doctor experts who hope the people who want to do i mean not long time ago with the same situation has been true for. for europe as well and i think that although many of the symptoms cannot be treated without modern medical aid like medication like antidepressants or anti psychotics but the social problems like unemployment or other things that the result from from the mental illness. can be treated by professional help here but may be better treated in 3rd world countries spy there are surrounding me like family friends or try at least but what's the best really for a problem of you or for them to hurt somebody who's problems if you do not have
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experienced help summations yourself or. depression the loss of dr. depressed person suffers from you cannot directly empathize it but you can try to understand the person in the how she or he is suffering and try to. communicate to connect to them to aid them to help them with their needs what they what they ask you for i think this is the most important part going to worry about 4 or more crosscurrents. and this. recovery you you're welcome. good shape your weekly health show on t w covers many aspects of health care we look at what's new in medical treatment nutrition fitness and beauty. we talk about these topics
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in depth with experts and give you the chance to pose your own questions so do get in touch. why do people have mental problems well life crisis might trigger them that's evident but there might be a genetic predisposition as well that recent research. it's that the immune system might play an important role and it's all about information and if you fight information you fight suppression to. what causes depression these researches believe they found evidence that inflammation is one of the trick is. that. we found initial evidence in people who suffer from chronic inflammatory conditions including rheumatoid arthritis crohn's disease and also a rate of colitis. in v's patients we observed that the physical symptoms of the disease were accompanied by substantial mental health and mood changes.
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this is not just people with chronic illnesses who feel these affects many people notice that when they're coming down with a cold or infection they get a headache feel lethargic and experience mood changes this sickness behavior as it's called affects but the body and the mind. have heard anglo decided to investigate this phenomenon by carrying out an unusual experiment to understand how inflammation can affect. how. first we introduce the kind of temporary illness in our subjects meaning an inflammatory response for experimental purposes. we didn't use a bacteria or a virus but a component from a microorganism a cell wall component from bacteria. when this cell wall component is injected into the subject's brain. in the juices a temporary inflammatory response that lasts about 4 to 6 hours. to test
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subjects were asked to document their marriage before during and after the experiment. people who receive the test substance the end of toxin experience. the significant drop in mood the effect was strongest about 2 to 3 hours after the injection then it began to improve and normalize again after about 6 to 8 hours their mood was back to normal. what happened and the test substance called bacterial l.p.'s increased the levels of cytokines in the blood proteins that activate the immune response the researchers also found evidence of cytokines in the brain by doing a number to withdraw some sort regress spinal fluid. when these inflammatory signals travel from the periphery to the brain they affect the neuronal activity of
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cells in important structures of the brain which are involved in emotional processing and that can lead to changes in behavior and move. the experiment provides evidence that cytokines the immune substances that elicit an inflammatory response might trigger symptoms of depression but what factors can cause that inflammatory response. researches at the university medical center. i mean interested in the impact of diet on cytokine levels and inflammation. we believe that cholesterol fatty acids and other dietary substances that our bodies register as problematic in some way and which we're constantly consuming can lead to a constant low level activation of the immune system. and.
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this is a leading researcher in the field of information he's teamed up with other researches to develop new therapies to prevent chronic diseases. he's convinced that diet and obesity are decisive fact his. diet plays a big role in inflammatory. reactions and inflammatory reaction means that cytokines are released which can be triggered by over eating a classic example is when a person consumes too many calories which can lead to obesity. but other dietary components also play a role dietary fats in particular. studies show that trans fats such as those found in fried foods cookies and sweets raise blood fat and cholesterol levels causing barely perceptible inflammation how the intestines process these foods is also critical but. then most minute what we've had to learn in
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recent years is that it's not just what we eat and what our food is made of that's important and our food is modified through our gut flora our micro biome as it's called what ends up in the blood is a result of both our diets and our gut flora is to follow the fund by. the interplay between diet and micro biome also influences off physical and mental health food switch help prevent or limit inflammation most beneficial. good fats are a major 3 fatty acids which are found in fish but there are plant sources of omega 3 fatty acids called alpha lemak acids or a l a's they're found to different kinds of vegetables. a balanced diet with lots of fish and vegetables and not much meat is considered healthy losing weight also helps not only to reduce inflammation in the body there's even compelling evidence that this can reduce depressive symptoms in overweight people.
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there's also what's known as the gut brain axis today we know that there's communication between the gastrointestinal tract and the brain it's possible that molecules like cytokines play a key role in the communication between. both systems are. food nourishes our bodies and our minds many of us know that instinctively but the science is only now starting to catch up. you can treat mental illnesses with drugs given the right medication you can compensate for the overproduction or for the deficiency of certain messenger proteins and combined with psychotherapy you can even cure patients over the last years doctors and scientists have found that sport might be equally effective in
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treating mental disorders like the pressure and if is still looking for the right support why not try bouldering. more than 10 years ago 1000000 pocky was hospitalized with anorexia 'd a year later she began suffering from bolivia 'd then came depression and h.d. 'd now she's doing much better thanks to climbing. laughed off i'm not saying i'm a has made me more open and more curious i approach problems differently now i see the most challenges it's not the destination but the journey that matters overcoming obstacles that's also a good lesson for every day life wanted in b.v. go climbing is a great form of movement therapy because of the strength it requires but it also provides an opportunity to practice a variety of other skills like trusting letting go of getting to know yourself finding new ways of doing things solving problems and so much more fetus that.
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anxiety disorders can affect anyone even people who seem utterly fearless like other xander who's an expert rock climber he can master his fear on the mountain side more easily than in daily life therapist help him master his anxiety. i can use the strategy. geez i learned in mountain climbing for the problems and anxieties i have in everyday life. you know even my therapist said to me when you're climbing you know you can do it so that means you can do it in your normal life as well make it a project to get out of the crisis and develop strategies to help you do it but i think you get that by. from pocky climbing has made all the difference she met her husband through climbing and she's already passed on her passion to her daughter's. to get done what i love climbing in and it's what they know when my daughters were young they felt that everyone went climbing on the weekends that's
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what people do. for me i'm proud mountain sports and climbing have become the key to a healthy and fulfilling life. that's it for today see you next weekend on to them let's all try to stay in good mental shape see.
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peace science fiction. if you could find a few more so. physicist anton's hollinger and his team have been researching the quantum world. 4 years and they have experimental proof that teleportation actually works could this become
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a climate friendly mode of travel. tomorrow to dictate. 30 minutes on d w. us politics for sale. in the usa billionaires are able to buy political influence. the koch brothers are a prime example. unbeknown to much of the public they've created a massive lobbying network their goal stopping reforms increasing their profits. might of the mega rich. lives on d w. in these challenging times it's especially important to us to wish you a happy and healthy. the coronavirus has kept us apart from family and friends
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always. easy to feel loved especially during this holiday season we go g w we're here with you we will keep you informed all along for someone to remind you we're all in the studio we wish you happy holidays merry christmas everyone of a very merry christmas easy merry christmas and stacy happy holidays everyone happy holidays to you and says happy holidays even when those days it. was the sunshine for in its monarch. was. fantasy driven. bang. this.
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secret. starts december 25th. this is news live from berlin the u.k. government unveils tighter culvert restrictions for christmas british prime minister boris johnson warns against travel to high risk areas saying the country cannot continue with christmas as planned a new strain of the virus is fueling fears also coming up to germany remember 4 years ago today a truck plowed through
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a christmas market in the capital killing 12 people look at how the country reacts and the lessons learned.


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