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secret. starts december 25th. this is deja news live from berlin the u.k. government unveils tighter culvert restrictions for christmas british prime minister boris johnson warns against travel to high risk areas saying the country cannot continue with christmas as planned a new strain of the virus is fueling fears also coming out germany remembers 4 years ago today a truck plowed through
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a christmas market in the capital killing 12 people look at how the country reacts and the lessons learned. i'm told me a lot of well welcome to the program british prime minister boris johnson has announced tighter restrictions on millions of people to come in corona virus cases london and south eastern england will be placed in a new t.o. for level under which non-essential retailers will have to close and people will no longer be able to mix with other households johnson said a new strain of the virus was speeding up the spread of infections. while we're fairly certain the variant is transmitted more quickly there is no evidence to suggest it is more lethal or causes more severe illness equally there is no
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evidence to suggest the vaccine will be any less effective against the new variant it is with a very heavy heart i must tell you we cannot continue with christmas as planned in england those living in tearful areas should not mix with anyone outside their own household at christmas though support bubbles will remain in place for those a particular risk of loneliness or isolation across the rest of the country the christmas rules allowing up to 3 households to meet will now be limited to christmas day only rather than the 5 days as previously set aside there will be no relaxation on the 31st of january so people must not break the rules that the new year must know must not be the rules and you know it's very very important to emphasize that. for more let's talk to our correspondent charlotte chelsea pill in london good to see you. some areas in the country. for
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classification which all these areas and how will the people there be impacted by these restrictions. or those areas are london where i am now the east and the south east of england those are the areas that have been identified as having this new variance this new strain of the virus which we just heard that is believed to be more trend this transmissible than the existing strain or just to put these new restrictions into some context for you it was just this week the prime minister boris johnson said canceling christmas here in the u.k. would be inhumane now although with the news of this new variant that is indeed essentially what he has done particularly here in london and the southeast now the rules up until today had been 3 households would be allowed to meet indoors for 5 days that is now been cut back severely people in these new to 4 restrictions is
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that code won't be allowed to leave that area is that being honest just to remain within their own household and for the rest of the country while they're now being told that they can only meet for one day on christmas day and those measures people around the country being advised not to travel on to cut down socializing with their with other households where possible. you mentioned new strain of call that 19 is more easily transmissible what more do we know about it. well it's still in the early stages of finding out say exactly how this new variant was but one thing that did become clear for the 1st time today is that preliminary data shows that it is more transmissible one estimate that we had in the press conference with boris johnson just that was that it could be up to 70 percent more transmissible than the existing variant that of course is very shocking hearing for
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a lot of people here but again this has to be put into context we were told that there is no evidence so far that this is any more dangerous an existing virus variant that people are more likely to have an adverse effect serious effect so that they could end up in hospitalized or suddenly losing their lives there is also nothing to suggest at this stage that treatments or vaccines will struggle to deal with this new variant today that of course is being examined very closely one thing that we did hear in that press conference which of course is interesting for an international audience is that it is possible that this variant could be in other countries that there are no details were given on that say of course though the the goal is to try and limit the spread of this virus by the broad and across the u.k. and that's exactly why people who are in areas where we're seeing this new variant already are being told not to travel the big question though is whether or not people will listen it had been sold to them here in the u.k.
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that christmas would be a moment of relaxation after what's been a terrible year for so many people christmas was really a chance to relax the rules a little bit that there now today has been canceled ok charlotte pill thank you for bringing us up to speed. britain isn't the only nation tightening restrictions countries across europe are introducing new measures to contain the virus sweden has changed course and is now people to wear face masks and italy has banned travel between regions and ordered shops bars and restaurants to close until january 6th. correctly it was more a question of when not if new measures would be announced with all important christmas holidays days away the government has ordered a national lockdown and. it is not an easy decision it is a painful decision to strengthen the regime of measures necessary for the upcoming holidays and to better protect ourselves and keep in sight the january recovery.
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much of europe has imposed tough restrictions to curb the onslaught of the virus over the festive period. the austria will introduce its rules one day after christmas. even sweden who until now had taken a laissez faire approach is recommending masks on public transport officials though stop short of shutting businesses. count very serious look look down for example would have an effect in the long run because people would not put up with in a chilly memories of the spring's deadly 1st wave are still fresh many said they welcome the government interventions on the street we will be forced to have a different christmas we will make up for it next christmas it's not a tragedy. dave i think
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a lot done is the right thing we must defeat the virus and rushed back through is always whatever it takes. for the future which it will be a difficult year a new year's eve as well and i'm placing all my hopes on a better attention in. officials to hope to relax the rules in the new year but with household permitted to keep mixing in the coming days there is no guarantee that the end is near. this weekend germany marks the 4th anniversary of the terrorist attack on a christmas market in the heart of berlin and his last extremist hijacked a 40 ton truck killed the driver he then around the vehicle into the crowded market killing another 11 people and injuring dozens more the terrorist escaped and was shot dead by italian police 4 days later. but lynn was unprepared for such an attack and had to learn how best to help those affected in the aftermath.
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eustis minister is an emergency pastor in the days following the december 26th terror attack he met many of those traumatized by the event he says their grief was made even worse by the disastrous response from official support agencies. such as what thousands i saw it did not work as well at that point from people understood very clearly that they were on their own. to a certain extent that's because the berlin agencies and institutions were themselves overwhelmed you know that's one of the i'm a victim of a fatwa on as a result people waited a long time for financial and psychological help a public memorial service however happened very quickly the day after the attack possibly to suit. the scenes for the memorial service was meant to be for victims' relatives but many of them had no idea at the time that they were actually the relatives of victims it was far too early. officials understood that there were not
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structures in place to deal with this kind of event a central liaison now coordinates support for victims and their families who will also get more financial help in the future. and we all know that money can't make up for the terrible pain that people have experienced it can only help with immediate problems. for the victims of the 2016 attack we've retroactively increase the payments even tripled them. says that the victims of racist and anti-semitic attacks in the cities of how now and how they have had quicker access to support he says the agencies have learned from their mistakes. that was put to the test earlier this month interfere where a driver fatally rammed 5 people. the
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perspective of the victims is what matters are the perspective of the victims' families. every step of the process you have to say slow down don't hurry things. many people who are suffering after an attack get immediate aid and then you have to come to an agreement with the victims' families and also the families of the. 4 years after the 2016 berlin attack us this minister still stays in touch with many of the victims he just wishes the changes in victim support had come in time to help them earlier. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines. a teenage girl killed at least 3 people and wounded 2 of us when she blew herself up in a crowd in nigeria's northeast and borno state the attack occurred in the tunnel. and near that town a nearby villages have been repeatedly targeted by militants. u.s. . donald trump has questioned whether russia was to blame for
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a widespread data breach across the country in a tweet he also downplayed the seriousness of the cyber espionage campaign earlier secretary of state my comparison to russia is likely the source of the attack on u.s. government agencies and businesses. space x. has successfully launched its final mission of 2020 by sending a spy satellite into orbit the company used its falcon 9 reusable rocket to get the job done for the u.s. national reconnaissance office the mission was classified but was broadcast without disclosing the launch position. in the maybe where there are more cheaters than anywhere else in the world but even their big cats the big cats are still highly endangered one threat comes from ranchers who kill the cheetahs if they find them preying on their cattle but now researchers have given them the best farmers data that can help them keep their cattle out of harm's way
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a rare sighting of wild cheetahs and the media like country has the biggest free ranging population of 2 days in africa but the big cats here as elsewhere on the continent are highly endangered. you know the population is threatened because it doesn't occur inside of national parks but on commercially used follett there's obviously leads to conflict is the truth ok generally prey or livestock of the frogs scientists who germany's lead in its institute have discovered a way to reduce that conflict they've been researching cheetahs and then maybe for more than a decade part of their study includes putting radio collars on the cheetahs and minor ting their movements they found cheetahs is vastly preferred some areas over others allowing them to map safe and unsafe areas for cattle herding. it's about 10 percent of the area that is highly dangerous because
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concentrations of those is very high and about 90 per cent that is much less risky for harm was cut by moving their cattle out of harms way farmers now lose much less of their herd to cheetahs. around the country adapt the management to these day notice he's a high risk area and they just can't hold their cattle to another place all it's just really not change and when cattle herders lose less of their livestock they kill fewer cheetahs and example of how scientists working closely with locals is helping conserve africa's most endangered cat. as catch up on the football now and the blunders leaders early saturday games are now over so let's take a look at all the results from match taste muchly 13 so far shockers winless run extends to 29 matches after they lose one notes abilify held while they were away
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wins for hoffenheim bremen and frankfurt leipzig dropped vital points at home to cologne when you're in berlin beat brucia dortmund on friday night the top of the table clash between violet accuse and by munich is currently underway on sunday fibered host has a villain and stuttgart travel to. you're watching the news live from reporter is pop next i'm told me a lot of which are things. my 1st by say moses sewing machine. where i come from women are balanced by this notion for women something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle it isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have loved by so i'd lost my home and it took me years to and. finally the game bob invention by me and my success but returned because
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sewing machines sewing i suppose was more apt procreate for girls than writing advice as now i want to meet those women back home who are bound by the duties and social norms and informed him of old dead basic rights my name is the about of people homes and i work that's easy to. use. its santa is always on the cool in december so it's the 2nd system year the father christmas of the holy land though israel and the palestinian territories are gripped by crew now virus the true slim santa hopes for a stitch season earth ground. 00.
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ft. the circus assia on this way to work in the old city this is centers house the work place of jerusalem st nick and also it says family home it's the. senda the busiest time of the year for santa and yet in 2020 the penn demick has changed everything it's azeri hard for us with this crazy situation what we have would cover 19 i try my best to have a plan a b. c. as me as a center try to bring joy for jerusalem and to the word also my message is always love and happy and happiness and safety for them and joy and we say inshallah everything will be ok the palestinian christian from jerusalem's
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old city has been slipping into the role of santa claus for the last 3 years in real life he's a former professional basketball player turned coach is a remembers that there was no santa around when he was growing up in jerusalem a city 3 words religions call home when i was a kid i never see real santa and that's why i want to eat of the children here this evening t.v. in the show on pictures or fake saturday like a toy and now when they see it real in jerusalem they feel very proud of what we have said dangerous. but is that because the see it's no ordinary sense nic he's home to his craft at specialist sent to school in the us these are the diplomas which i did my set the school they teach us how to make you whole the ha ha ha it's not just to do it from her mouth you need to do it from your belly and when you do it from your belly must come from your belly out to all the way from inside that's the way how sad to smile as when they have
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a big belly ok you go like this. christmas. and of course i add to it as i did the jerusalem sound than the holy land i gave with the whole i continued to be whole all all the land. just. it takes just 10 minutes for is said to transform himself into center clothes. her christmas. gifts. today the palestinian sand is listing in nursery school outside the old city. as we walk he prepares himself mentally he wants to be able to answer me that i say i go again here i park it you have the airport and then i go with the camel to jerusalem it's
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just that any questions to children might ask and said to her you call hospitals this year he and the children try to keep their distance from one another but it isn't always easy. i think everything is close they are already are. just 30 thoughts. at the nursery school run by the daughters of charity center is to help decorate the christmas tree due to depend demick he's unable to visit some schools or. you know who i am. this year due to cope at 19 i did spite of it we must spread sheet here decorate the tree and make it festive there should be joy in our hearts despite illness and the virus. arabic hebrew and english
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spoken here and they celebrate. all the holy days where the christian jewish almost . if i. send hands out balls and stuffed toys to the kids. i. do slim this is a city which has long been a source of political conflict between israelis and palestinians the palestinians hope to make east jerusalem their capital one day the old city is home to sites which muslims jews and christians consider holy the how am i sharif which contains muslim holy sites like the i like some mosque and the dome of the rock was closed during the 1st lockdown at the western wall the holiest place for jews to pray partitions how to listen distancing the church of the holy sepak are the holy site
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for christians also closed for almost 2 months. is a walk step through the christian quarter the old city is much quieter than usual there are normal groups of foreign tourists israel has closed its borders to visitors since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. it's very sad very sad to see jerusalem with the situation with govern they came really it's a it's a break my heart but i always say i believe in god and i will say i pray to god please god bring back life to the people and you know for business people all the shops are closed most people in the wrestling live from tourism. the church of the holy sepak i stands where jesus was said to have been buried and then resurrected normally hundreds of people both locals and foreigners flock here every day.
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is so few it's a close connection to the church. it's hurting my heart and it's very very unique we never have this situation before and we usually come here to the bridge to easter time and of course with all the year tourists come to jerusalem and we are proud with all the work coming to visit jerusalem the heart of the world and does make me feel very stress also because when i see people not coming to our land to the church of the whole subject also it's painful in the heart. at christmas though people look towards neighboring bethlehem which christians believe to be the birthplace of jesus the city is now in the israeli occupied west bank. easter is on his way there to visit a family even sent him must be flexible and take a detour or 2 more far. i think i'm with the crowd thinking more hours to go to
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the place but. it's with this to get worse and also that support is close to the ground to go that far. but you know. i want to go to the plan i want to see the kids so i see the place the perfect place and there's the direct route from jerusalem to beth i miss blocked by the israeli separation barrier and checkpoints palestinians coming from the west bank need an israeli permit to come to jerusalem and due to the pandemic there are additional restrictions in bethlehem the corona virus infection made has once again risen dramatically the palestinian national authority recently imposed a curfew at night and on weekends. he said visit a family he knows the children antony and andrea's eagerly awaiting him though this time he can only go as far as their door not and to their apartment safety comes
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1st. antone where senator promised. from jerusalem was. not easy but look how far back up to the my house. that's that's missing for me and missing for that. the atmosphere in bethlehem this year is different than any other year i'm 40 years old and for more than 40 years we've been celebrating christmas with joy and happiness because every year the main event was santa claus bringing happiness to our homes this year the christmas atmosphere is very different because of the coping 1000 pandemic santa claus is not going to visit children at all. and celebrations will be limited as we all stay at home. in bethlehem christmas isn't being cancelled it will simply be celebrated
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differently not as color fully and above all without any foreign business in the church of the nativity it's also very quiet. there are no more long lines to enter the grotto of the nativity this is the star marks the spot where jesus is said to have been born. he said it is only paying a sort visit to bethlehem but he still wants to visit the crash in front of the church of the nativity and is sent to suit he attracts attention wherever he goes. remember secretive and only men like to record by while with the word rug. from the hotel where. it's time for is said to return to choose
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but there's always time for a quick photo to. in jerusalem people are also waiting for santa but 1st he must pass through the israeli checkpoint up. even ng is falling on this city it's time to open the doors of centers house seeing said nic is always a thrill especially during a pandemic don't follow the rules or. any on the xenon of my came to santa his house so my children could get to know father christmas this year there have hardly been any other activities in town so at least we can meet him and take a few photos with him and get into the spirit of things may be safe every year i
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mean i have 3 girls 3 little ones so because of color now you know the situation this year has been difficult especially for kids so to make them feel happy since we haven't done any christmas activities or came to see interest in them south or so says the only certain the holy land of i think. i think they should all. in spite of the pandemic the circus to see your aims to fulfil his duty. in knows that this. people need something to believe. the santa i want to give them love and joy but i want i want i try my best to give that either nobody will be a hound me i'll go in the street i'll give them but investors do the work. like that so it lifts. your spirits.
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and of course just the thought of. piece science fiction fans wouldn't it be if you could finally be yourself some. physicists and hans hollinger and his team have been researching the quantum world for years and they have experimental proof that teleportation actually works could this become a climate friendly mode of travel. to morrow to do. next on d w. politics for sale. in the usa billionaires are able to buy political influence on the koch brothers are on the line example. unbeknown to much of the public they've created a massive lobbying network their goal of stopping reforms and increasing their
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profit slate might a mega rich. in. dollars. the idea is all this way to bring you more conservation plays out to make cities greener how can we protect habitats we can make a difference in the origin of those fundamental series of and global flood zones and on g.w. and online. pay you that stop keep your distance for months now the coronavirus pandemic has forced much of the ball to practice social distancing. just hanging out with friends all getting someone to welcome the hug has become rare in times of lockdown and self isolating. what happens to us when we have to give up closeness and physical contact. keeping our distance yet staying in touch that's
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a topic this week on tomorrow today the science show on t w.


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