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tv   Fit gesund  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2020 1:30am-2:01am CET

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keep you informed on fleet somewhat on mind you were all honest to god we wish you happy holidays merry christmas everyone was very merry merry christmas and stacey and happy holidays everyone even happy holidays to you and you know everybody's in the way. the. mean nobody hates me they don't my name is make a law they don't mind the daughter of money to that on the i don't. mean young mother was abducted. a. kid i think i. know me i don't feel comfortable i don't want to keep repeating myself. means you became
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a for me. to keep telling my story to you. she said she'd be back in a minute. but she never came back. i've traveled the length and breadth of argentina looking for my. c just the next week
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i've liberated dozens of girls who were in the same situation as. like chewing on fendi to and fro to insulate. down that actually so let us join forces and fight this muscle that it can't get jammed. up. in argentina ready to put on disappeared on her way to a hospital appointment but it is whereabouts has never been established her mother believes that she was kidnapped and forced to prostitution this bubble to stop the school building is hosting a historic trial character with historical grapple with the case in question was used as you call for mary to have their own body that on. their stomachs had gone by then and that's what we were accompanied by michela the young daughter of mary louise that was the idea that she's been waiting 10 years for her mother to return
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and take it out it is and yes i did it. 13 people were accused of being involved in movies of all this disappearance one by one they want to quit i think comes the infantry. and against the protesters i think at the court's verdict says no been taken onto the streets people are demanding that judges explain to her that her face she feels she. has got slowly to their own case and the miscarriage of justice and then she has no right to still check it. was . well look at me after finishing high school i began
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a degree in anthropology here in cordoba argentina. comments it we had i wasn't even sure exactly what it involved. in but at the very beginning we were given a wonderful introduction to the course is to be a look at rita. but then when the military coup in 1976 is an important part of our history in argentina to sit in the dictatorship was responsible for countless disappeared persons and an untold number of deaths. today we can use forensic anthropology to uncover those lost identities. is. that as it was and that that was when i was. in the interest that. it was. going to pull here
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forensic anthropology help me to learn from my own story in and gave me a better appreciation of my identity and that of my mother and to come to terms with the truth. i learned that. if you. come here. i know this if what i'm told the most important thing was leaving my hometown of tacoma on a. more important than coming to court about a. leaving to go man meant leaving the place where my mother was abducted will go out of. basically turner. i mean.
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you know you me me out here far away from home it's easier to understand my story. not as a protagonist but as an observer. but alan is a. calm walkways does here i was able to find a place outside my own story where i wasn't haunted by the thought of my mother was the bachchan. checking it out or that my grandmother has been waging this fight against human trafficking. i feel a burden connected with my name as the daughter of my return to iran and the granddaughter of susanna trimarco in then you guys were going to be. watching on his mother who has waged a 12 year battle to find her daughter and bring those who have doctored her to
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justice. to keep a close until we know what they did. because this is. one of 5 it has been susanna 3 margaux getting little help from the authorities investigating the case for self although she never did find her daughter it is sad that she has helped over 900 women from sex trafficking. place you can you know i was raised by my grandmother an incredibly strong woman. and since my mother disappeared she's been fighting a relentless battle against human trafficking she's been given a number of international awards and was even nominated for the nobel peace prize to me and i admired her so much let me.
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when you have to this coming here was a challenge. because there was no one taking care of me. when i was 18 i decided to stop having police protection. for the 1st time i had no one with me on the street but when i got on a bus. the feeling of being afraid to go home alone at night was completely new to me a little. bit about you but i found the strength to overcome that and find out who i wanted to be in any doubt. without all those fears and without that feeling of vulnerability. in a minute i can remember a lot of situations when terror was used as a weapon against us but they wanted us to stop looking from my mother.
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joe is it was i mean that's how we got a lot of threats. sometimes they follow through on those threats but when i was 9 they burned down our home because. as he came from the time i was 4 years old i had police protection around the clock to see if. you're going to the police would even escort me at the playground. there's not a question is what are they protecting us from the game we're. going to. find that. bad. i went to the countryside from where. but i missed my bus in 90 i'm going down. marian just mentioned how important it is
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to acknowledge how things have been changing gradually in. the demonstration on march 24th. the ring together the acknowledgment and recognition. of all the disappeared people and those who think differently about it hears the l.g.b. t. community. hear what it is that they write the 30400 disappeared. and using that recognition to reassess the hunter era as she said we had to find that solidarity to arrive at this mission. and soon. i'd like to say sorry i mean we have this in the back of the protests by anyone or manners have changed over time. because of thing like one of the evil i remember very well the 1st time i was in chuck oh yes it was about the issue of femicide in
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2014 when a terrible number of women were murdered what is the fact that men were killing us just for being women and had to be made visible as an item of the bomb craters. see . michiru. here were. you. as in you know this is 5 years ago we took a new approach. for. if in yemen ism in latin america has helped me to no longer see myself only as a victim. but also as a strong woman but ability to win might sometimes cry short. and has learned to embrace herself. years so i have so much gratitude towards this collective movement. and i know these women will always be there for me credit as
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a scientist doesn't. seem percentage i always had the feeling that the media was appropriate in my identity in. the me or even constructing my identity was it that you need a cause to hear petitions or today who i am myself that we are in order to present that to me i mean we.
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have. a 15. and a kind of. position it's difficult to let go of the almost selfish reality. in book or i tell you is that the that i have no mother. it seems to me that i grew up without a mother illegitimate benaud than it muddy or resurfacing my age in pretending to read all. but i do believe. that i can change that part of my own history. is up but the image. binion and when the fact remains that i am the daughter of a human who was disappeared. but is he. a.
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saint ok i do feel i share a common identity with other children of the disappeared. he said in argentina and all across latin america. replacing them. in a sense we are all representative of a very big trial inside our nation in a series of. wait no i didn't want to say that. it was. good what are you doing charlie. he bothering you. but i think you know we're. not headed out. to.
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a simple. was. the. idea of what it was. a couple grand you will know. what we didn't. want to. believe. that. the shuttles we're going to work. on that well they're not for a long time and you're not. going to. was
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. was. already. was. about which he likes ok. no no thanks. no it's delicious yes. it could be cool. but. what. are you making it with i am. new. england i love it very nice. who.
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did it feel it was chilly here yesterday seem clear 5 degrees and frost level less but today's left most good all you can steal becoming 2 nights and we want to play a bit of music and dance around the campfire he does. that it's going to be fabulous for you to see go and see all the. last. all.
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i have. no thank you as i'll start with this. was. in school you know you had a test that could do it. and here. you . will. i.
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have. to feel i was ecstatic. thank you guys for number of mika is a really important person in my life no kind of muslim mess at university and now his sister is a man. she sees me without my past and those ones i suffered because i'm grateful to her and when i come here to visit i also spend time with her mother and brother with us who are my this place is very important to me is when you are more important to him.
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was. was. i. feel. i feel. that was. was. was.
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was. her concern there and they are you among the only my head is still full of questions. one question that never goes away. so is how my mother is being represented. boys how can we understand the identity of the disappeared. when that person is gone and there's nothing left that somebody that.
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does that identity still exists or not. the content in the disappeared live and die over and over without existing even you and i would if. she knew that i was somebody she was. green to stop with. the traitor un 7th. i did 7th grade 2 and i always have glitter with me hot chocolate chip cookies wherever i go i spare clothes. you can see.
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you look gorgeous dad that's a little bit more personal that maybe i could have consciously. healthy at this time but at the time. because did you have a half long happy i'll tell you that the i shaved my hair off when i was 13. shaped by my 30th birthday i went to a bar my entire family was there nobody knew i'd change my hair like that so much grief. just give me a bad player believe that also girls getting a haircut and shaving it off are 2 different things so what's that leave but i was a skinhead little bit out looking like in a convent you couldn't tell i. really
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. really did you hold still yeah. what a nice family. if not where. does yoko place that if you don't it's crazy thinking about the future of argentina there's so much change and sometimes hostility. for you know every day feminism gives us more opportunities as he. moved up with us i like the idea that the things i don't even dare to dream of today's might someday become reality you know but it's that william and i and part of it you know. was. that. was.
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the 1st. place.
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the but. the as a. mother.
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thing. spin. everything revolves around christmas. cheer and i dream in village famous for its handcrafted toilets candle arches. incense smokers 'd morning. we find out what magic is all about.
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us politics for sale. in the usa good luck able to buy political influence. the koch brothers are a fine example. unbeknown to much of the public they've created a massive lobbying network their goal stopping reforms and increasing their profits . of the mega rich. in 65 minutes on g.w. . every telecast. was. the most essential area for an intricate monarch. this. tragedy i am. one chance to see could such
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starts to similar to the. story of prejudice and propaganda. they were called the rhineland bastards born after the 1st world war. their mothers were germans living in the occupied rhineland their fathers were soldiers from the french colonies. she's half a german children had a hard time because they were a reminder of the german defeat. exclusion and control culminated in forced sterilization under the nazis. this documentary examines the future races that remain of their existence. they call them the children if she. starts january 11th on d. w.
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. the time. this is c w news live from berlin the u.k. government unveils tighter covert restrictions for christmas british prime minister boris johnson warns against travel to high risk areas saying the country cannot continue with christmas as planned a new strain of the virus is fueling fears. also coming up israel starts its rollout of the covert 19 vaccine but the palestinians have to wait with the west bank in lockdown infection rates there on the rise in the far east has yet to secure supply of the shock.


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