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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2020 2:00am-2:15am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the u.k. government unveils tighter covert restrictions for christmas british prime minister boris johnson warns against travel to high risk areas saying the country cannot continue with christmas as planned a new strain of the virus is fueling fears. also coming up israel starts its rollout of the covert 19 vaccine but the palestinians have to wait with the west bank in lockdown infection rates there on the rise the far east has yet to secure supply of the shot. and the food is legal byron munich capped off
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a great 2020 win with a win they propose and putting them on top of the table over the winter for. a 1000000 books welcome to the program millions of people in england will have to cancel their christmas plans after british prime minister boris johnson announced tighter coronavirus restrictions in london and the southeastern part of the country under the new rules households are not allowed to mix for the holidays and non-essential shops are to close it's a u. turn for the prime minister who just days ago said it would be inhuman to cancel christmas johnson said the new measures were necessary after a new strain of the virus was speeding up the spread of infections. well we're fairly certain the variant is transmitted more quickly there is no evidence to
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suggest it is more lethal or causes more severe illness equally there's no evidence to suggest the vaccine will be any less the fictive against the new variant it is with a very heavy heart i must tell you we cannot continue with christmas as planned in england those living in tearful areas should not mix with anyone outside their own household at christmas though support bubbles will remain in place for those of particular risk of loneliness or isolation across the rest of the country the christmas rules allowing up to 3 households to meet will now be limited to christmas day only rather than the 5 days as previously said there will be no relaxation on the 31st of january so people must not break the rules that new year earlier we spoke to our london correspondent charles elson pill and asked her
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what we know about this new strain of cover 19 that's been discovered in the u.k. . well it's still in the early stages of finding out say exactly how this new variant was but one thing that did become clear for the 1st time today is that preliminary data shows that it is more transmissible one estimate that we heard in the press conference with boris johnson just that was that it could be up to 70 percent more transmissible than the existing variant that of course is very shocking hearing for a lot of people here but again this has to be put into context we were told that there is no evidence so far that this is any more dangerous an existing virus variant that people are more likely to have adverse effects serious effects all that they could end up in hospitalized or sadly losing their lives there is also nothing to suggest at this stage that treatments or vaccines will struggle to deal with this new variant today that of course is being examined very closely one thing
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that we did hear in that press conference which of course is interesting for an international audience is that it is possible that this variant could be in other countries although no details were given on that say of course though the goal is to try and limit the spread of this virus by the broad and across the u.k. and that's exactly why people who are in areas where we're seeing this new variant already are being told not to travel the big question though is whether or not people will listen it had been sold to them here in the u.k. that christmas would be a moment of relaxation after what's been a terrible year for so many people christmas was really a chance to relax the rules a little bit that there are now today has been cancelled. the u.k. isn't the only place tightening restrictions countries across europe are introducing new measures to contain the virus sweden has changed course and is urging people to wear face masks on public transport and italy has banned travel between regions and ordered shops bars and restaurants to close in january 6th.
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for italy it was more a question of when not a new measures would be announced with all important christmas holidays days away he the government has ordered a national lockdown and. it is not an easy decision it is a painful decision to strengthen the regime of measures necessary for the upcoming holidays and to better protect ourselves and keep insight to january recovery. much of europe has imposed tough restrictions to curb the onslaught of the virus over the festive period. the austria will introduce its rules one day after christmas. even sweden who until now had taken a laissez faire approach is recommending masks on public transport officials will
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stop short of shutting businesses. count very serious look look down for example would have an effect in the long run because people would not put up with in italy memories of the springs deadly 1st wave are still fresh many said they welcome the government's interventions in the us that we will be forced to have a different christmas we will make up for it next christmas is not a tragedy but gauges i think are not done is the right thing we must defeat the virus and respect rules always whatever it takes. for the future which it will be a difficult year and new year's eve as well and i'm placing all my hopes on a better a path any. officials to hope to relax the rules in the new year but with household committed to keep mixing in the coming days there is no guarantee that the end is near. let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines berlin has paid tribute to the
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victims of a terrorist attack at a christmas market 4 years ago and islamised hijacked a truck and killed the driver he then ran the vehicle into the crowded market killing 11 people and injuring dozens more he was shot dead 4 days later by italian police near milan. u.s. president doll trump has questioned whether russia was behind a massive cyber attack on u.s. government agencies and companies the state and contradicts his secretary of state . who on friday blamed russia for the security breach the hackers exploited widely used security software to get inside critical u.s. government networks. thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in sudan to demand faster reforms on the 2nd anniversary of the uprising which ousted president omar bashir many protesters say they're unhappy with the slow pace of change to the country's transitional government. lebanese riot police have confronted students
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protesting a big hike in tuition fees security forces fired tear gas to disperse a gathering outside beirut's american university they and another university have decided to peg tuition to a much higher exchange rate with the us dollar than the official value for the lebanese pounds. israel will begin its covert 1000 vaccination rollout on sunday with health care workers and people over 60 at the front of the line prime minister binyamin netanyahu has already got his telling reporters he wanted to set an example for the country a successful vaccination program could give netanyahu a much needed political boost critics have blamed his government for its handling of have demick which has come amid a corruption scandal. it's unclear if israel's vaccination plans include the palestinians living under israeli occupation infection numbers in the west bank and
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gaza are rising rapidly as authorities there wait on vaccine supplies. the streets of jericho on she she this quiet most business is a shot apart from pharmacies and bakeries palestinian police are in full swing the strict lockdown in the west bank. it's going to be like this till the beginning of january the palestinian controlled parts of the west bank were already suffering economically before the pandemic people are hoping they will get the job soon not when this will of all the palestinian people need a vaccine which is certified by the world health organization it would help the palestinians who are suffering a lot from the coronavirus pandemic which is adding to the problems of the israeli occupation to get elected and show a lot of baloney and with god's will this vaccine will be effective and we can
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escape this crisis which has affected every part of our life she untied me and so. at the coronavirus testing labs more and more samples are testing positive for covert 19. countries in the region like saudi arabia bahrain and israel are beginning mass vaccination programs who but the cash strapped palestinian government has not closed any supply deals with drug companies yet. it will be many months before we receive a quantity of the vaccine sufficient to vaccinate people on math. bethlehem is usually bustling during the christmas season christians normally flock to the holy sites on the west bank but this year the celebrations will be muted as it struggles with the pandemic. now even though corona virus has dominated
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headlines this year doesn't mean that other crises have gone away one such is migration countless people trying to reach europe in hopes of a better life and this year has seen a sharp increase in migrants in the atlantic trying to reach spain's canary islands off africa's western coast. yano was born just a few days ago but she will never know her father. he died a few weeks ago while trying to reach the canary islands by a barge on the sort of cold atlantic route. all he wanted was to improve his living conditions also i am sick and he wanted to provide for maine his wife and children sent to go west africa one starting point for the atlantic route this year 10 times as many people have attempted the voyage as in 2019 hundreds of them lost their lives the pandemic is one reason behind the increase jobs are vanishing
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wages falling tourists are staying away migration routes through libya and across the mediterranean have become more difficult many of the migrants used to make a living from fishing but they say a large troll is from the e.u. and other big countries a wiping out fish stock. so we need a normal family life is hard and there is little hope we lived mainly off of fishing and built our houses that way solved our problems sent our children to school. most of the migrants are young men driven by a desire to support their families as well as misconceptions about europe. more than we do many young people believe that europe is looking for more workers because of the high death toll associated with covert 19. they know the voyage to europe is dangerous but for
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a better life they're willing to risk everything. for nestle a football now buyer in munich travel to liverpool is in a bid to knock their host off top spot and go into the winter break in 1st place leverkusen where the last unbeaten team left this season haven't conceded only 10 goals along the way but they were too generous this time around. had their hearts broken by a last minute where. a gracious gesture from the hosts laver couzin bosses presenting flowers to newly crowned player of the year robert levon dusky and goalkeeper of the year manuel neuer. but once the game started leverkusen turned less hospitable patrick schick opening the scoring with 14 minutes gone i the flowers a distant memory for neuer. a short corner now the memories are king pass and schick beautifully meeting the ball on the volley for the opener.
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then byron got another present just before half time who else but robert leaven doffs be the beneficiary across from thomas and liver couzens defense left the world's best player unmarked just scored the equaliser. and laver couzens generosity continued in the games final seconds live in dusty netting his 2nd of the night time unit and with the defensive blunder and the prolific poles shot deflected off edmond top soba into the net. $21.00 the final score and higher munich and a fantastic 2020 and there are a custom spot top of the table. and finally this year's holiday festivities are extending into the animal kingdom were a giant panda in moscow has had a scuffle with a particular seasonal visitor. came head to head with a snowman in his enclosure but he successfully took down to reveal some hidden
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treats zoo workers placed carrots and branches into the snowman to get into the christmas spirit and entertain the bear. russian news live from berlin and william glick cruft thanks for watching. maybe i'm david and this is climate change brags it's sex. happiness increase book. this is the fun for you to. get smarter for free or you books on youtube.


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