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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2020 10:00am-10:16am CET

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we protect habitats we can make a difference google ideas are meant to a series of global $3000.00 on d. w. and online. this is a t w news live from berlin boris johnson cancels christmas for millions in the united kingdom deals with a very heavy heart i must believe we can you continue with christmas those plans the british prime minister unveils tighter covert restrictions as a new strain of the virus causes infections to spike also coming up. in the
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bundesliga byron munich capped off a great 2020 with a win at the labor choosing putting in top of the table over the winter break. unexpired sir welcome to the program. millions of people in the united kingdom will have to spend christmas without their loved ones after prime minister boris johnson announced tighter regional coronavirus restrictions households in london and southeast england will not be allowed to mix for the holidays and non-essential shops must close it's a reversal of earlier plans to ease the rules over christmas and comes after scientists warn that a new corona virus strain was speeding up the spread of infections. shoppers in london made a final dosh to the stores before the new restrictions went into force that made nice. under the latest rules many will be forced to cancel their christmas plans
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indoor meetings between different households are now banned as all travel from areas under stay at home orders the number of kids are going up so i guess it's needed it's hard it's are great for business it's not good news for people but. i guess there's no way to avoid that kind of a sad day for me to. have to pay for the best then hope our belief that you have. the decision to christmas get togethers in london and surrounding areas is a major climbdown for british prime minister barak johnson. we don't want to as i say to christmas too to cancel it and i think that would be frankly inhuman it is with a very heavy heart i must tell you we cannot continue with christmas as planned
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millions of he johnson said a new viral strain has forced him to change his mind when the science changes we must change our response. when the virus changes its method of attack we must change our method of defense and as your prime minister i sincerely believe there is no alternative open to me scientists say the evidence shows the new variant of the corona virus is more infectious than other strains it has been linked to a surge of infections in recent weeks in southeast england. and now millions of people living in the area will spend christmas and last day in the seasonal sparkle dold by the pandemics for us. and for more on this let's talk to our correspondent charlotte chelsea until in london charlotte about a 3rd of britons are being told to stay at home alone for 2 weeks
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a few days before christmas how are people reacting. nick reacting as much expect a lot of sadness anger or heartbreak as the fact that christmas for 18000000 people has in so many words been canceled they're being told to stay at home and not mix with any other households and as was mentioned in that report that that is a dramatic reversal from what was promised to so many people so much of the british public by prime minister boris johnson who as we heard it said it would be inhuman to counsel christmas but now in essence that is exactly what he has just done now to put this into context the public here we're told in england wales scotland northern ireland that up to 3 households could meet for a period of 5 days over the christmas period now in the areas that have now been plunged into this so-called to fold the harshest lockdown restrictions that now they'll be no mixing on any day at school including christmas day for the rest of
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england wales and scotland there can be mixing of households but only on christmas day of course a huge blow to so many people but the thing that has to be remembered here is while the christmas council ation might dominate the headlines now and for the coming days the big question there remains though is what happens now going forward into january february now that this new variant of the virus has been discovered it raises questions about whether or not some of the long time restrictions that have been in place so far even enough to talk will this new variant and that raises questions not just in the u.k. but internationally is wow well what do we know about this new strain of covert 19 . and there will be a to say falls just this new strain is up to 70 percent more transmissible than the existing strain though just to put that into some context for you in london over
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the last week alone the number of cases hay have doubled it's thought that 60 percent of the new cases are this new variance not just just show how transmissible this virus this new variant can be if i profess to be the sort of scotland nicholas surgeon described it is the most serious and perilous potentially dangerous juncture since the beginning of the pandemic but there are couple of things that do need to be pointed out here mutations do happen all the time and scientists here have said that there is no evidence so far that this is any more dangerous than the existing variant that it would lead to any more hospital that host site is ations perhaps the toilet sees and it's thought that the vaccine and treatments will be effective on this new variant as well so there is some cool hypothesis and very terrible news have some cause for hope than charlotte charleston pill reporting from london thanks for that. and here's a look now at some other developments in the pandemic the netherlands has responded
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to britain's detection of a new code strain by banning all flights arriving from the u.k. sydney has banned dancing singing and chanting indoors as it races to contain a growing outbreak bars and restaurants in australia's biggest city also have to limit patron numbers israel has begun its vaccination campaign with health care workers and people over the age of 60 at the front of the lawn it's unclear whether the rollout includes plans to vaccinate palestinians living under israeli occupation let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. a powerful blast has rocked the afghan capital kabul killing at least 8 people officials said the explosion was caused by a car bomb more than 15 people were wounded in the attack including a member of parliament. a powerful cycling has left a trail of destruction in fiji authorities say entire villages were wiped off the map emergency services are trying to provide food and shelter to people in the
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worst affected places 4 people were killed but that number is expected to rise as aid workers reach out reach outlying areas. marchers in armenia paid tribute to some 3000 soldiers killed in the country's recent recent war with azerbaijan over control of the nagorno-karabakh region critics of prime minister and he called me and me and accused him of mishandling the crisis and wanted to resign. american media outlets are reporting that lawmakers have reached an agreement clearing the way for a coronavirus relief bill ahead of a sunday night deadline the stimulus plan worth about $900000000000.00 has been fought over for months it would extend benefits for struggling businesses and millions of unemployed that are due to expire at the end of the year it's been so severe distress for many families across the u.s. and the lady in california is no different she's balancing paying for rent and food
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when out of a job i. would part from. that was 1. 1 way you bring you home and their. church of local church and they give. give cards. are going to see once every 3 months. a lady lost her job as a waitress to you took over 19 and she's been relying on savings food gift cards and nephews part time job for extra cash. she's one of more than 12000000 americans who are unemployed or without income who face losing their benefits the day after christmas when the aid package passed by congress in the spring expires unless lawmakers pass a new bill this weekend. in new york marsal gonzales relies on
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a food bank after losing her job as a massage therapist. i have been coming to get food aid for 7 months because i lost my job to the pandemic and this helps me alone. food banks across the country are struggling with the demand to continue to support families like maurice souls who's managed to pay rent through a series of small jobs with the relief bill still not passed on the pandemic still raging across the country it's unclear how long marsal and millions like her will struggle to make ends meet. the riverbanks of the yangtze river year in china the chinese city of. have attracted visitors year round and 2020 a lockdown and fear that waterways could carry coronavirus kept people way with outbreaks now on the way crowds are flocking back to the river and even going over
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it's. warming up before a bracing daily ritual in. these are the riverside regulars' refresh by a frigid plunge into the young the river many credit their good health to a vigorous swim through its murky brown waters. there's a difference between swimming in winter and swimming in summer but as for winter swimming i can say after you try you may not be able to change the habit and will be addicted to it. a famous figure from china's past popularized the practice chairman mao founder of communist china in 1966 a stage women the young see helped mel launch a political comeback nearly 50 years on his strongman image has remained afloat
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among the river swimmers. and now we're still swimming in the young sea in his seventy's so we learn from chairman mao to swim in the big waves of the river right having such a good source of water we must learn from the practice we must insist on swimming in the young sea river. while a fund a version for strong swimmers the mighty young sea also poses a drowning hazard a volunteer lifeguard squad some 2000 strong make it their business to be ready so far they've chalked up 700 rescues. where we swimmers saved people from the water before we formed an official volunteer squad but we did not have scientific rescue skills so we decided to get organized and train with each other to carry out scientific rescue operations from without all your good sort of joy. as winter sets in
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a steady flow of swimmers slices through the water another sign of the city coming back to life and its people going out to seize the day. time for sports now and in the bundesliga football byron eunick travel to leverkusen in a bid to knock their hosts off top spot and go into the winter break in 1st place leverkusen were the last unbeaten team left this season having conceded only 10 goals along the way but they had their hearts broken by a last minute what are you a gracious gesture from the hosts laver couzin bosses presenting flowers to newly crowned player of the year robert levin dusky and goalkeeper of the year manuel neuer. but once the game started leverkusen turned less hospitable patrick schick opening the scoring with 14 minutes gone i the flowers
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a distant memory for neuer. a short corner now the memories are can pass and schick beautifully meeting the ball on the volley for the opener. then biron got another press and just before half time who else but robert leaven doffs be the beneficiary across from thomas millar and liver couzens defense left the world's best player unmarked to score the equaliser. and laver couzens generosity continued in the games final seconds live and getting his 2nd of the night unit and with the defensive blunder and the prolific poles shot deflected off edmond top soba into the net. 21 the final score and by their munich and a fantastic 2020 and they're accustomed spot top of the table. and in spanish football messi has equalled brazil legend palays record of $643.00
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goals for a single club. the argentine superstar reached the milestone after scoring in barcelona's to all draw against valencia messi made his debut for the. of in 2004 paley reached the same number of goals in 19 seasons for the brazilian side santo's . you're watching the news live from berlin on the spicer thanks for watching. the story of produce and propaganda. they were called the rhineland bastards born after the 1st world war. their mothers were germans living in the occupied rhineland their fathers were soldiers from the french colonies the
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50s afro german children had a hard time because they were a reminder of the german defeat.


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