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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2020 11:30am-12:00pm CET

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what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 368 get me out now. today i get to check out a car that has been eagerly awaited by a lot of people this year the new idea for. we are living during the most extraordinary time history. of france ford will go for the electric cars. look. at the back. of the auto and
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mobility show. it wants to conquer the world. that. wants to preserve the tried and true that want to use a level notable before you get the 1st all electric and c.v. from v.w. we tested the id for before its rollout. i mean you can. hear and then. enjoy a relaxing drive. heartbreaker of his. plans which is the best for delivering your presents christmas on wheels a tradition and program right now on ramp.
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today i get to check out. the new id for the 1st ever fully electric. moving from only a few weeks after the launch of the id 3. is already set to roll. only sells the small 3 in the id 4 is set to be available. so the id for will not only be built in germany but also. in china and north america. and even before the made in deliveries of the 1st edition have the opportunity to test drive this electric s.u.v.
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. so. it's pleasantly silent in here i mean the electric car always. seems to be especially good insulated you don't have that much sounds coming. and considering. that it is a rather big car when you look at it from the outside and. always tend to have better insulation so that's good i guess. as it did with the new models little sibling b.r.d. 3 folks in this initially launching b.r.d. for as a 1st edition it comes with just 200. electric motor in the rear and the launch is $77.00. models with lower power. for later. 2021 there will also be
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a sporty top of the line 4 wheel drive. the electric engine off the i.v. for its located on the react we have the most powerful one in this car and it will accelerate the car from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour and 8 and a half seconds doesn't sound that quick at 1st glance but if you consider that the car weighs in at 2 point one tons that's quite a nice figure. the top speed however is electronically limited to 160 kilometers an hour. of course this has been done to. better the range. but 160. sometimes sometimes you want to drive faster that's
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a little sad but you have to say if you take a look at the competitors in this field for example the easy nero and electric those are limited to 167 kilometers an hour and the open of course will only make it to $150.00 so i guess in comparison $160.00 is still ok. but of course you have to say that there are other cars other electric cars that can go faster than that for example the model 3 will give you between 206 and 261 kilometers an hour top speed depending on the version you get and. 2. it will go past 200 kilometers an hour well. set you back nearly as much as those compounds it is fully equipped max is a. germany for
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a little more than $58000.00 euros on the basic model id for fuel with less power the smaller battery will be around $20000.00 euros cheaper. depending on the version comes with matrix headlights. extras like a panoramic gloss sun roof. it also boasts a number of assistant systems like systems control traffic sign recognition and lane and steering systems for the exterior b.w. prioritised good aerodynamics in the order to maximize the range. recessed door handles. and the launch roof spoilage keep every systems comparatively low. the range of. 340. or 522
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k. tell me this if you have the bigger battery just like us in this car but it depends on different factors right now we have an outside temperature of one degree celsius which is very cold so we have a system heating us up on the inside we've lost approximately one quarter of a battery charge and right now the cartels have a range of 221 kilometers to be fair we've driven quite a bit off start and stop in the city which is of course where you lose most of your power because starting from 0 always requires a lot of energy no matter if you're driving. or. combustion engine. heat pump is available as an option for the. it can regulate the interior.
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temperature using the electrical waste heat that means the car battery is used for heating cooling increasing the range. how long does it take to charge. there are 2 different batteries sizes for the i.v. for either 52 or 77 kilowatt hours and we have the big one right here you can charge up to 125 kilowatts means you can take a coffee break and plug in your car and then you will have around 320 meters more after 30 minutes it's quite ok i guess. moving inside the. behind the steering wheel is a real capture as is the free standing infotainment touchscreen to 12 inches in
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size which is pretty decent. tyria looks very high quality with hardly any rigid plastic in sight. even though it has pretty. you can already tell from the outside the car is pretty big and you feel that in the interior it's very spacious in here. the car has. big. spacious as a car that is bigger so for example to arik and i have to say you can really feel that in here you feel free and yes these are pretty nice and really comfortable to drive in. that's what i call spacious i mean look how much space there is my legs for my head. very nice let's take
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a look at the trunk. let's see. it looks pretty good between 543-1575 leaders you can fit quite a lot of things in there. solar driving inflation of the car it's quite nimble which is somewhat surprising for the weight but not that surprising if you consider that most of the weight or a big part of the weight is the battery and the battery is located in the floor so close to the road which makes the sound of gravity pretty low 'd so it's no wonder it's rather nimble the acceleration of the car is pretty good 'd so no surprise just as it's usual for there to cause you always have the maximum torque so overtaking is no problem with this car. on the heels of
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a successful launch of the id 3 the launch of id for should also become a real sales hit worldwide on the plus side of the space interior and depending on battery size for a range suitable for everyday use as well as longer journeys without recharging. but if you have a heavy foot you'll probably be less happy with the battery on the range extending top speed of 160 kilometers an hour. so all in all i have to say i really like the idea for even though i'm not into s.u.v.s usually this one is creating a good i think you have quite a good range of course it is not as much as folks like claims. it's winter but i guess you can go around 400 of maybe a little more kilometers with all the problem and considering that you can recharge
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more than 300 kilometers in just 30 minutes that's that's more than ok i think. sangin sound good idea about the about your childhood faith and then say that it made them make sitting on the same. cell those have been the most are the cause issues those who look at this should know she. will start to notice is that the bubble is to see the living still out of the rock
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a condition of the dip them to a nym. good thank you the roof was show wonderfully the organ though so they went on a card with. business name is door to the picture of you. can challenge them now the. time it takes to hire outside on the. plug on to clean up on. thomas to be a mother will be the same given that. now you've been complicit so he only knew what was in this album just how much on stage it's the other man hearing out his income i'm going to take a high stakes. ritual sure i know the market will not tom you know the deal could be memoto good because of all the good it takes you to chill this yesterday i'm on the bench with me today martha getting out of the mobile. we should note that your future we can choose who knows which album sleep teams are sold or play
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them it is part of all the countries the us had and you can see most of what it might be clear like a value on no solution to the long haul of the stanley cup they didn't show something new you degrees on the new lasted until the years old the oldest living leader issued a little called me to mean that if you get rusty i was on my you didn't get it almost all the sleazy region has among the roma. sims that. you're rich childless and commoners sort of thing it's because it will swell their list to see if you get the. art to. rule goodchild lucy got sick then. maybe i should that if you missed several significant pollies the never got sick then. also students ok you can be misunderstood i'm moonachie i'm one you're not a c. if you thought you fell on the city's richard beeston you've been aiming it at them in the way that museum that i know you that's the. down coast where the hum it is if you love that we're the chunk sure to make get here get ejected edition just the
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octagon or make it's negative or that because they move out of it into my bank and your cinemark they stick in there just. because the check is much smoother among its troops to the gallon but that can see the marketed in chains is cheers. me here just because the album go to. brooklyn get the hope i get is a big making maybe it will since you live in it with all my mobile music would have almost all music would have more sense is now just negative yes follow accomplishing when i could best be send the most recent origin so that in order to get them the fuck to think tonight if we get along with the old scamp pummels will rot away to dust up my abuse then cd but i'm. not dumb a lot of ways 2 of them tunes on the phone they still the miami family found the high sickle the wildly out ireland. then down the yanks my like you know my merrily
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making receive all schools but the law might be anybody to me it is that bunch of mums to come i never told you that old yet heidi come and pick up the motorway you're in the money you could be perceived you can put it is it that you some good dumb people need to. use that unusual simoom gauge that will have full use of the bundle not a bogus later model sequel not that it would appear she would have to make it to get didn't believe schurz didn't get it done then removed an image mean to move. take that actual cilia couple of the book and cut. over the work and cut the center that cut but will cut because of the live in the saved of all the new. once more read it's all on the you tube channel if you want regular features about new cars and car culture and about mobility around the world rev can make you very happy. to change classics and future tack or just
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some of the exciting content waiting for you subscribe to se you tube dot com slash v.w. rev and you'll always be up to speed. sensors on his reindeer powered sleigh cues but. today our 3 centers helpers are using cars to distribute presents. with the end of the year approaching they take 3 compact s.u.v.s on a little trip to check out their christmas credentials. and. our hopefully trusty steed opel a jeep and. in europe they cost between 354-5000 euros. and they're all plug in hybrids with an all electric range of up to 50 kilometers. electric also means extra marks for no noise during the festive season. so in the
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run up to christmas which s.u.v. will deliver the goods. how about the kia x e. at 35000 euro's the lowest priced option in our chest. or maybe the opel grantland x. with 200 horsepower the most powerful. and finally the jeep renegade 4 x. . in terms of pricing power the middle option. our 1st test is in the eastern. german village of him a fort which means heaven's gate it's a quiet little place but its residents are believed to include santa claus every december the local post office receives tens of thousands of letters with wish lists from children the perfect place for our want to be satisfied to get into the
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seasonal spirit. a spirit not dampened by their 1st impressions the key a bring some seasonal glow with its gold paint job it's torn by 105 horsepower 4 cylinder gasoline engine with an electric motor providing a further 61 horsepower but the big battery under the trunk means cargo space is limited. on the inside it's classic. as usual the korean car maker makes everything intuitive to operate. here for senator to take extra lessons. with the opel grand blend x. nobody will need to get out and push back stands for all wheel drive with the electric motor powering the rear axle. and for the holidays the trunk stores big time 390 leaders packs in the most presence of our 3 candidates. the engine generates $500.00 newton metres of torque assisted by the
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13 kilowatt hour battery the biggest of the 3. and the interior has been beautifully crafted although with prices starting at $43000.00 euros you'd expect nothing less. renegade for x.e. is our compromise candidate the price tag $41000.00 euros at $180.00 horsepower from the regular engine are boosted by a further 60 courtesy of the electric motor on the rear axle. it's nice enough on the inside. but the quality of materials and ease of operation can't quite match the competition but typically it comes with sophisticated all wheel drive. now we head off for the next stage of our comparison test. performance on the road.
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the kia has the least power of the 3 but it's also the most economical. the opel stands out mainly for its impressive performance. while the renegade again treads the middle ground decent power and still sound on fuel consumption. next destination is a special kind of farm work customers can cut down their own christmas tree which of our vehicles will meet the challenge of getting it home. we. need to plan for. after using a chainsaw to trim down the trunk it's time to get ready to yell tim burger. now you have your 7 metre long train but how do you get it back home. no problem
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with the key the only one of our models with a trailer hitch that's unusual for a plug in hybrid but in december a major plus. to kiev has a maximum towing weight of 1.3 tons while the others are nonstarters in this contest so the big question now is which s.u.v. delivers the best all round christmas package. so which is the best car for christmas for me it's the jeep it is a chronic character like santa claus so this is from where this is the best car for christmas. what's the best color of christmas for the family i think this is the best christmas for the family wants in space and it's a perfect family. but i'm a sad fact also wants to save money for all the gifts for christmas and thought it was the cheapest car with p.r. and it has the most efficient car as about so i have
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a lot of money for the gift small and the car all sold more to it every tree all of the functions. each one of our trio has its own merry merits to keep your spirits up. you may not be driving anywhere this christmas but where ever you are happy holidays from read.
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the 1st. thing. everything revolves around christmas. cheer in a german village filled. yes for its handcrafted toilets candle arches in some smokers 'd more. we find out why magic in seoul about. the woman. in 30 minutes wanted the i.
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knew about the atrocities of the nazi regime and kept quiet. pious the 12th. for decades the files on his papacy were kept top secret by the vatican. the archives are now been open. for his actions smart more tolerant. the pope and hitler. in 75 minutes on t.w. . the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context.
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the coronavirus of data the code of special monday to friday on t.w. . post story of prejudice and propaganda. they were called the rhineland bastards born after the 1st world war. their mothers were germans living in the occupied drying land their fathers were soldiers from the french colonies. least half of the german children had a hard time because they were a reminder of the german defeat. exclusion and control culminated. forced sterilization under the nazis. this documentary examines the few traces that remain of their existence. the children of. starch january 11th on d w. this
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is didn't have any news live from berlin boris johnson cancels christmas for millions in the u.k. . it is with a very heavy heart i must tell you we cannot continue with christmas as planned the british prime minister unveils thai takeover restrictions as a new strain of the virus causes infections to spike also coming out.


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