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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2020 12:00pm-1:01pm CET

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is that remains of their existence. children change. storage january 11th on d. w. . this is date every news live from berlin boris johnson cancels christmas for millions in the u.k. . babies with a very heavy heart i must tell you we cannot continue with christmas as planned the british prime minister unveils tighter covert restrictions as a new strain of the virus causes infections to spike also coming out and going to
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sleep or by admitting it kept up a great 2028 with a win at leverkusen putting them top of the table over the winter break. i'm rebecca rate is welcome to the program british prime minister barak's johnson has reversed plans to ease coronavirus restrictions over the christmas period the turnaround he says is due to a new strain of the virus which has seen a surge in cases has imposed an effective lockdown on london and southeast england where the new variant is spreading more quickly in an interview with british television the health minister matt hancock said the mutated virus could only be controlled through social distancing and suggested the title measures could be in place for some time to come. shoppers in london made a final dosh to the stores before the new rich. strictures went into force that
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made nice under the latest rules many will be forced to cancel their christmas plans indoor meetings between different households are now banned as all travel from areas under stay at home orders the number of kids are going up so i guess it's needed it's hard to start grateful because it's not good news for people but. i guess there's no way to avoid that kind of have to say. what can we do. that for . the best. hope our belief that was. the decision to add little christmas get togethers in london and surrounding areas is a major climbdown for president prime minister barak johnson. we don't want to as i say to burn christmas too to cancel it and i think that would be frankly inhuman biddies with a very heavy heart i must tell you we cannot continue with christmas as planned
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millions of he johnson said a new viral strain had forced him to change his mind when the science changes we must change our response. when the virus changes its method of attack we must change our method of defense and as your prime minister i sincerely believe there is no alternative open to me scientists say the evidence shows the new variant of the corona virus is more infectious than other strains it has been linked to a surge of infections in recent weeks in southeast england. and now millions of people living in the area will spend christmas and last day in the seasonal sparkled told by the pandemics force. often want to go straight to london now and our correspondent charlotte tells them hill who's standing by charlotte
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quite a sudden turnaround of people in that report same resigned to the news so what's the wider mood there in london this morning. you know we're back a well for so many people here this is heartbreaking news they had been told that there would be a 5 day period where some of the covert restrictions would be very lax they'd be able to see family and doors that now has been ripped away from them just days before christmas people are having to rethink their plans just behind me there's a big queue of people that the local bitches here are having to quickly soak up on an urgency food no one few people were expecting that just days before christmas these plans would have to be changed there were some people we did see images of people getting on trains out of london late last night before these measures came into place the vast majority though as we had there are resigned to these restrictions and i understand why because the concern about christmas slowly is now being matched about concern for what this new variant of this virus really means
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how it's going to impact us in the months going forward what it will mean not just for the existing restrictions there in place but what could come in future to tackle the fact it is going to be more trying this transmissible and that is something of course that isn't just being watched closely here the eyes of the world are on the way and this new variant to find out exactly what it means and how it's spreading and indeed where it spreads here on christmas is being the initial hurdle obviously this has a bigger ramifications but it's still of this new strain has been spreading since the beginning of the month now the health minister has been talking today did he say anything about why it's taken the government so long to respond. well the health minister this morning said information about this new variant is still coming in now as we speak he said that they actually found out just how transmissible it believed it could be on friday then said that they took swift action on saturday but of course if it's so many people who are angry that the plans have been changed they want to know why this wasn't predicted in some form
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looking at the case rises that have skyrocketed in certain parts of the country why people when warned earlier that this 5 day relaxation just wasn't realistic so a lot of anger among the public and opposition politicians here as well. now obviously a lot of worry about this new strain do we know anything more about it how dangerous it could be. yeah well we've had that transmission could be as high as 70 percent higher than the existing very and that of course is an alarming figure for sure a lot of people here that do have to be some carry out from scientists mutations do happen it's not believed at this stage that this is a very into any more deadly or more dangerous than the existing variant and it is believed currently that the vaccines and treatments that have been other are being rolled out across the u.k. at the moment will still be effective but this is of course a huge cause of concern 1st minute said nicholas sturgeon of scotland saying that
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this is potentially the most dangerous since the beginning of the pandemic or on child until some pill is speaking to us from london thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines this morning a powerful blast has rocked the afghan capital kabul killing at least 8 people officials said the explosion was caused by a car bomb more than 15 people were wounded in the attack including a member of parliament. police in japan and rescued dozens of scale is trapped on a ski slope by heavy snow fall the group including $22.00 children had to spend the night in a cottage after toppled trees and power lines blocked the road to their resort record snow fall has caused disruption across northern and central japan. a powerful psycho and has left a trail of destruction in fiji of already say entire villages were wiped off the map emergency services are trying to provide food and shelter to people in the
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worst affected areas 4 people are known to have died but that number is expected to rise as aid workers reach outlying areas. lawmakers in the u.s. have struck a late night agreement on a multi-billion dollar coronavirus relief package clearing the way for the bill to be voted on by both chambers before a sunday deadline the stimulus plan worth nearly a trillion dollars has been fought over for months and if passed it would extend benefits for struggling businesses and millions of unemployed which are due to expire at the end of the year it's been a source of distress for many families across the u.s. and their leader mir is in california is no different she's balancing paying for rent and food when out of a job. what part of. that was 1. 1 way of bringing home and there.
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were. church of local church and they give. give. our kids once every 3 months. a lady lost her job as a waitress to took over 19 and she's been relying on savings food gift cards and her nephews part time job for extra cash. she's one of more than 12000000 americans who are unemployed or without income who face losing their benefits the day after christmas when the aid package passed by congress in the spring expires unless lawmakers pass a new bill this weekend. in new york marsal gonzales relies on a food bank after losing her job as a massage therapist. i have been coming to get food aid for 7 months because i lost my job to the pandemic and this helps me a lot if you have. food banks across the country are struggling with the demand to
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continue to support families like maurice souls who's managed to pay rent through a series of small jobs with the relief bill still not passed on the pandemic still raging across the country it's unclear how long marsal and millions like her will struggle to make ends meet. pandemic his bath of tourism and seaside resorts around the world and the principality of monaco on the french riviera riviera is no exception but lately the tiny city state has seen a little boost with a steady stream of day trippers seeking a reprieve from tighter restrictions across the border in france. a sunny lunchtime in monaco a few minutes away in france all the restaurants are closed because of the pandemic and to stay that way to join you the 20th at the. earliest here they are open and heaving with people very many of them french people. you know.
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we're from nice we've come to eat in a restaurant because in france we're not allowed to. parents give us. you mustn't leave the house you mustn't go and eat. what we are disobedient teenagers we don't listen to our parents. crossed the border to come in and out. of my home. you wouldn't. you don't see it's an excellent thing it keeps the economy going do you think the french do the same thing. yes it would be a step towards getting back to normal economically to continue. and it's not as if their own lives and covert missions here in fact the records of most of. the. also didn't result the tables have to be one and
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a half metres apart. no more than 6 people potato. reservations only. no later than 2 pm for lunch and 8 at night when the curfew starts. we give them a permit so they can go home later but everyone has to be out by 930. monaco is an independent country that's smaller than london's hyde park everybody knows everybody and people don't like to say anything that might displease the prince the family holds the economic as well as political power when she found one person who thought monaco's clueless he was too lax who don't speak anonymously. i'm really against leaving the restaurant open it's less about freedom and
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thoughtlessness and showing off freedom stops when other people's freedom starts you tread on other people's liberty you're not defending liberty any more on the contrary. as the holiday season gets underway support the principle of this there's too many others with their feet who. believes that the french people celebrate with a grand restaurant scene or not this year in france in any case good many could be coming over. to the restaurant. some sport now and bundesliga football buy in munich travel to labor costs and a bit to knock their hosts off top spot and go into the winter break in 1st place and whether lost on bait and take left the ses and having come sated only 10 goals along the way they had their hearts broken with a last minute went. by gracious gesture from the hosts play because i'm boss is
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presenting flowers to newly crowned player of the year robert leaven dusky and goalkeeper of the year manuel neuer. but once the game started laver cozen turned less hospitable patrick schick opening the scoring with 14 minutes gone i the flowers a distant memory for noir. short corner now the miami areas are king pass and she. beautifully meeting the ball on the volley for the opener. then byron got another present just before half time who else but robert leaven doffs be the beneficiary across from thomas millar and leverkusen stefanski left the world's best player unmarked just scored the equaliser. and laver couzens generosity continued in the game's final seconds live in dusty getting his 2nd of the night i don't attend with the defensive blunder and the prolific poles shot
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deflected off edmond top soba into the net. $21.00 the final score and prior munich and a fantastic 2020 and they're accustomed spot top of the table. you're watching live from up next world stories the week in reports i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news headlines i. don't need to keep. out of the books for over a match at home the 4th time for the most recent article about. the pennies at the last dragon this one has called to her.
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life and i'm game did you know that 17 trillion land animals are killed worldwide so that we can. but it's not just the animals at all suffering it's the environment on a journey to find ways out of the nutrition if you want to know how a way to lift the priest and the whole just change to. listen to our podcast on the green and. but. this week on world story. south dakota the virus is out of control. number a silent christmas in lockdown but we start in delegates following its controversial presidential election many members of the opposition were arrested or fled into
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exile. but protests against president bush and co were continuing. with the much missed only coming out to march on sunday's is as much a part of everyday life as having breakfast a neighborhood just won't keep quiet it's here that you finally get to meet your neighbors mr richardson says for all the demonstrative good humor fear is never very far away in minsk most people here don't want to be recognized you know you can reach be filmed wearing them asks one person who is willing to take that risk is media that 20 she's only ever known one leader at xander. was to shoot him back in august we felt the change was really close it felt like it was in breach of just a day or 2 more and everything would change. 4 months later we're not where we wanted to be. and there we had never been kissed him was. police
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emerge out of on mock bans scattering the marches in all directions dozens of smaller demonstrations in parallel across the capital means making the police is that much harder for the hundreds of protesters still routinely arrested each week and the stakes are rising the courts hand out ever harsher sentences. look at the police the fear only really hits you when you get. home and read about everything that's happened that day online. i always carry a set of instructions with me that tell you what to do and who to call in case you are arrested. eventually the protesters recruited continue this time without the help of modern technology so often protest days and the government has switched off mobile phone networks. the reaction to their protests from the locals is over what . we got really lucky one time the police
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were using stun grenades we got hit by some shrapnel that was nowhere to hide and all we could do was no can people still as we moved from house to house and eventually there are about 30 of us hiding in one woman's house she looked after us and wouldn't let us risk leaving the house unless we had a lift to pick us up. this is one of the senior. but not everyone is as impressed. as the march reaches its conclusion the question is as ever how to get home without getting arrested. because it really feels like we've changed as a country could never happens now that can't be reversed conduct a profession which. no one can say with any certainty how long these protests will continue or what they might still achieve before most of these young better russians are protesting giving up doesn't seem to be an option right. the u.s.
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has the highest number of corporate 19 deaths worldwide. this is partly because president continues to downplay the threat of the virus the consequences are dramatic. south dakota one of america's least populated states but yet the virus has spiraled out of control here like nowhere 'd else in the u.s. in the city of sue falls a mask mandate was put in place recently. without sanctions many citizens remain defiant i think it's a good idea that people wear masks but some people balk at the idea of being told to do so i think with some of the shut downs are doing and the picking and choosing that they're doing is making it very difficult for a lot of businesses like most of the people nowadays like even ehlers are not right now but i think it's for the best like there's happy. south dakota now sees the highest hospitalisation rate of the u.s. and there is no relief in sight. out of schroeder is one of
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them he and his colleagues are working 12 hour shifts trying to save those who are at the brink of death. a task which comes with the personal toll we deal with a lot of dying right now unfortunately not everybody's recovering how we'd like it's a little harder every day people are coming in and typically are requiring much oxygen and a lot of them end up getting a breathing tube. and from there you know it's just a battle for their life i kind of see and understand his weekly press conference mayor paul 10 hakan of the republican party updates his community about the latest developments the mayor has been criticized over his handling of the pandemic in this part of the country i think there's a fierce independence a lot of people have made the mistake of calling a cowboy country at one point and people didn't appreciate that but the point of that term meaning we're independent we don't like people telling us what to do.
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christina bjorkman wishes for more government action against the pen demick in october she lost her husband took over at 19 after a 30 day long struggle at the hospital her ordeal. where. she says his death could have been avoided with stricter rules. the whole mask mandate got political and should've never been political and should have been a medical thing. and i think it just got so blown out of proportion and i think maybe it came from our president. he started it. christina bjorkman is pinning her hopes now on the president elect and a nationwide mask mandate once he takes office before then thousands more could die from cold at 19 in south dakota and around the rest of the united states.
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the coronavirus situation is also a concern in turkey. the government only recently began publishing the full number of daily infections. doctors in the country's population are. celebrating her birthday she turns a today or 2 biggest wishes harry potter kate and meeting her best friends. the latter is more difficult to organize since stricter coronavirus measures have come into force in turkey young people under the age of 20 are only allowed to leave their homes for 3 hours a day. i know that but i used to be able to go outside whenever i wanted it that was much better but i also miss school now everything is done why assume and it's
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so annoying they are. not he has his mother's trying to organize life as best as she can between work and curfew. curfews for children are not the only new anti coronavirus rule and turkey those older than 65 can also only go outside at certain times public transportation is forbidden for young and old people and on weekends everyone with few exceptions has to stay at home. it looks pretty bleak these days in istanbul's usually very busy neighborhoods restaurants bars many shops closed. the government now reports about $30000.00 new infections per day. it is ridiculous many of us are angry about how the government is managing the crisis but there is nothing we can do. the government is
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concerned with its reputation they want to look good that is why there is no transparency of all mother publishing the need to but they should have informed people much better right from the beginning then everyone would have known what to expect and how to act security. a miracle in their deals with many covered 19 patients he's a family doctor and belongs to the turkish medical association he says the authorities are still hiding the true extent of the crisis. we still have a lot more cases than the government says according to our estimates we have about 50260000 new infections per day while our doctors and hospitals are at the absolute limit we have to urgently take radical counter measures and that almost all of those things the current restrictions are already plenty tough the party's over the kids have to go back inside next year she hopes for
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a birthday with out the coronavirus. our last journey was to germany the country is now in a hard lockdown almost everything is closed citizens are being told to stay home. the world famous christmas market nurnberg has also been cancelled. this is a christmas eve as it gets here and back in 2020 usually the central market square is bustling with the city's famous christmas market at this time of the year but it was cancelled weeks ago and now the city center has become almost ghostly. only fruit and vegetables on offer but no one comes to buy him. has been working here for 3 decades he says he's never seen his city so empty. feels it's all full for us there's no christmas here now no tourists it's terrible
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just look the market square is completely empty. and it's the same all over the city the state government has asked variance to only leave their homes if they have valid reasons like going grocery shopping visiting the doctor or going to work wearing a mask is compulsory in most areas of the city center partial school closures a ban on alcohol in public places and a nighttime curfew complete the strictest lockdown in germany police have increased their presence in the city center to remind people to stick to the rules but for now this little resistance they tell us. of course there are people who intentionally defy the rules there have been incidents of people refusing to cooperate when police tell them to wear masks but luckily those people are really the exception on the fellah bones' all the people we speak to think the authorities should be even tougher. in the monitors that we think the lockdown is
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absolutely justified there's just no alternative at the moment and the restrictions should be tightened even further for shift and so. i'm totally fine with it because there are so many people suffering and people not taking this seriously should see what it looks like in hospitals. and that discriminate and getting worse every day that scares people including those who are suffering from the effects of the lockdown that is already in effect like market trader that you need to go on the 2 things are hard lock down is the best option now there are 3 and we've just got to get through this and maybe things will get better that gets better. maybe even in time for christmas for that known back us a willing to make sacrifices in the weeks ahead. played.
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spin. everything revolves around christmas. cheer in a german village famous for its handcrafted toy. candle arches incense smokers more. we find out what magic in soul about. your. d.w.i. . he knew about the atrocities of the nazi regime and kept quiet place pious the 12th place for decades the files from his papacy were kept top secret by the vatican played the archives are now being opened. for his actions smart for color play the pope
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and hitler. in 45 minutes on w. w's crime fighters are back a little africa's most successful radio drama series continues the only because those are available online course you can share and discuss on t.w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms to crime fighters tune in now. white british inventor paul bacon builds custom cars that look like they're straight out of a science fiction movie. and with that welcome to your own back see is
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what else is coming up on the show. how my very core is the type of hand that is considered a spanish delicacy and. colin snoo is landmark 7 there who would form in the reconstruct of the rock tell us. this is the sound of bells ringing in the leaning tower of pisa in the past bells used to be a big part of people's lives they would ring to wake us up call us to meals and prayer and send us to bat the merry nellie families bell foundry in italy is considered the oldest in the world and has been making bells for many centuries. my family has been making bells for sos and heres. what was unique is that our
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craftsmanship and materials have remained unchanged since the middle ages. we want to preserve this new me that was passed on to us from our ancestors over coming generations. to my nellie pontifical foundry is situated in around 200 kilometers east of rome and is one of italy's oldest family businesses brothers pasquale and armando now run the company are the 26th generation the foundry produces some 50 bells per year each bearing the pontifical emblem also for me here $33.00 is one of the few really the only one of the piers the people kuta that. i lost for almost a 100 years now it's adorns our family back. in 1924 pius 11th granted my great grandfather. use of the emblem of his
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services to the church but very curious about everything and sort of. it takes between 3 and 10 months and some 15 workers to make just one belt this depends on its exact size each one is hand crafted 1st of brick or as assembled and covered in clay then the team gets working on ornamentations. on. anybody. but them with every bell has a distinct aesthetic. we scratch customers individual ornamentation requests then i make plasticine models of them sometimes i use wax or clay if we are creating a large bow. these my. bottles are then used to make plaster casts. so. the casts are then filled with hot liquid wax once it cools and becomes
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rigid the only mentation is are pasted onto the clay core a 2nd thin layer of clay is then added on top the wax leaves a distinct impression on the soft outer shell and i woke up up with month there with my t.v. on has become hard. to wax so it melts the stock you know slightly ripley is lifted off and released around in the clique or muck leaving a space in between. this casting mold is then buried in the ground. and then with the priest in attendance things get spiritual. it's such a blow to be able to bury 6 makes the special moment even more meaningful all he said lurks in our prayers. these people care if.
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this arrangement of the fires imbued with the holy spirit the only forces admitted by the flame it was passed on to us that this is the holy mother madonna at work when we can always rely upon. the. top. of. the liquid copper tin alloy heated to 1200 degrees celcius is then poured into the bell cast buried in the earth then the team waits 5 days for the bronze to cool. money nelly pontifical bells can be found the world over 100 dorn's a new church where the family business is based others can be found in rome's church after the time of day monty the leaning tower of pisa and the vatican gardens. it's emotional listening to our bells ringing i was told god it is especially because many bells horrors of bells that are needed by our
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ancestors i mean more. of vueling but it's difficult to describe in words 8. for a 1000 years the sound of the money nelly church bells ringing hasn't chanted the world and that will likely never change. reality is just too boring for the british invents of paul bacon instead he flees into the world of fantasy cars simular to lots of the car design as in our series go went into overdrive bacon these aunts and builds all of his eccentric vehicles himself but they not only meant for museums they are out on the road so keep your eyes peeled. and otherworldly vehicle.
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built by british car designer paul bacon and inspired by disney's fairy tale movie cinderella all based his design on cinderella's carriage though giving it a distinct steampunk twist. rather. makes almost automatic a cloak. of the motor club no longer. call it that and they hear a little bit trying to just do another one but it really is a big brain is quite an experience sad to draw a grand. total night in memory but not in bed with. each took 4 years to complete the auto metron as bacon calls his creation he recently sold it to collector allen hall with this call i wanted to my eyes mill
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which. possibly there's just there's just so many bits from so many places how do we need. the switches and solid which are on the ball. and like military memorabilia show it looks like showing they all look so simple that was time together about a 1000 times before it worked but it always works now already. every component on the engine again i wanted to look like a separate piece of all the whole you know if it sits in the hands and it looks like a piece of all then it can go on the call i wanted to prove that i could build a call from scratch and be totally different than the original. one any new project is sketching his ideas on paper and then paul get started in his small
12:39 pm
workshop here in leicester in the east midlands to bring his ideas to life he's been building unique one of a kind vehicles for over 10 years now. the geometry on it was his 1st creation that was just pure shoddy and not call goes by with the story that just that moment of someone saying it now it's you know what i always thought was my drawing for how we just maximum impact of this sort of larger call just float in. 2013. on. the 200. with the plexiglas and protruding from end is quite a look at it's inspired by science fiction stories and comic books. is a child i always imagine. cause with but definitely off. a
12:40 pm
lot crazier but i don't know it's like a future that went off it branched off and got stuck in a different reality in all reality so a little bit more boring. answer against this boring reality is designing mind boggling vehicles like this curious looking pickup which he uses to run daily errands. it's essentially a converted london taxi cab. to. build a custom call goes to so much time reading it helps you to risk a reality check if my budget i should enjoy being down there you know you reach 66 in america in something different on the road or not at all i think you just brought in so people who stole it and you know it does good with. the ball is happy when others take joy in his custom made cars.
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the women ship the cold shoulder to the rail company. called latest creation the autumn metron has heads turning bringing some extra fun and excitement to the street drugs oh my call is on the menu even if the moment. came the moment he never let go if someone like me never got to the gallery save face and know that one guy pulling the piece of old mark just cost them a lot. more but it. definitely makes the loader but oblige them to make the broader more entertaining by using. a high octane version of cinderella's fairy tale carriage speeding through england thanks to paul bacon's rich imagination and skillful craftsmanship. play.
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have you ever wanted to know what goes into cooking a european specialty well our series food secrets will give you insights this time we will show you how the spanish delicacy how long. it's produced and believe me it is one of the most costly and delicious hams in the worlds. on the cool when you get together to celebrate something horrific of course there's also an. important thing is the economy which the pigs eat. once why they. might imagine if it were carved out of it was
12:43 pm
a disappointment. every how maybe you need to ham is like. is a natural product we all have. to have a similar taste but it's either. personally or man's my family's precious time for 6 generations. if i put it off you know there are many factors that come together to ensure lamis top quality. morally live like kings every page has 3 heads seems to itself like 3 soccer fields . hello my name's anselmo and i've been taking care of the farm and the pigs for 40 years know.
12:44 pm
that the pigs eat corn grass roots in nature and their farm they have to do well you know as you are running. it and they. give it back water an equal and so here i don't want that and all that 56. well that's. the out more of that you know i got to get. their facts and for 2 years to make sure the eating of equal turns out of it being i don't. like it some of it i prefer the 1st step in making famine sorting out be reminded that the greedy answer for some is to have an army and so it. was so just extremely important as you can see we only you see so this is where the curing process begins with us. yes when the give up or form of the from one.
12:45 pm
i think of the soul to the hands go into the drawing room still september to sweat is attend. the hammers putins of the cellar here the final stage of maturing occurs when the hand is refined and develops its flavors. awash in the ham sweats and sight and. the number of different factors of the hands particularly as in flavor of those without a maturing process can take 3 for you not a few years and. it got to how morning carving the ham is really complicit of are several important factors the size of the slice is thickness and even the presentation the style meaning elegantly the cut is need. done. you know but i mean
12:46 pm
missing some appendices and i'm a spanish master in ham carving come on not only that i have quality family this one produced from 100 percent agreed on pig fat in the corners can cost around $400.00 euros in space. and how much fun and spain ham is eaten by celt or with bread usually toasted bread. but it doesn't really matter because you basically just want. since ts delicious. come on. that web your appetite then head to our you tube channel d w food chef felicitous teen we'll show you how to make german dishes in the 2nd and cook it like in german. interested in german cuisine in this is the show for you. know i had to come to cook it like a german cook for the sistine present some of germany's finest dishes to foodies
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from around the world. a lot of me have you done this before i know this will be my 1st time. traditional german fare prepared and easy to follow steps from the savory to the sweet we've got it all. cook it like a german chick it out on p w food. bowl and has a new palace well it's actually an old one which was torn down to make a new one but not exactly ok let me explain they used to be a rock palace on boland's famous aunt and in that it went through many changes as well as destruction and now it has been rebuilt almost like the original but not quite. take a look. baroque facades meet modern
12:48 pm
architecture in berlin's new old palace after 8 years of construction the reinterpretation of the historic baroque palace in the heart of berlin is nearing completion. old meets new in every detail both inside and out. of the building will host the humble forum a new proposal tory for culture and science. that's almost always got on board for him is not so proud. is a radical new building which the buddhist type decided not to have to be reminiscent of the former berlin palace reconstructing the facades of its predecessor in detail along 3 of the sites facing outwards and inside the court the . original parts of the old palace have also been integrated into the new building. even before the new location opens its doors its magnificent architecture is impressive. a vivid piece of german history the palaces baroque
12:49 pm
facade was added in the 18th century the structure was severely damaged in the 2nd world war and demolished by the g.d.r. in 1950 the site was then used to build the palace of the republic which housed the g.d.r. as legislature in 1989 the east germans abolished their regime and after prolonged deliberation demolition of the palace of the republic began in 2006. in 2012 construction of the new interpretation of the palace began with a price tag of 677000000 euros raised in part through donations. the wide array of planned exhibitions includes a recounting of the site's history along with many other themes. major subjects pertaining to the collection has been incorporated into the home in
12:50 pm
the ethnological museum such as colonialism also the humble others themselves to attain a matter of perspective the story context presented by this point. the architecture of the reconstructed palace was conceived here and in northern italy architect frank costello one the competition for the new palace design in 2008. the last important streets squares and buildings of the historical center of berlin had a relationship with the palace of the north but sold through its reconstruction. these relationships are becoming visible again. the palace is partial grand opening had actually been planned to take place now but has been cancelled due to the covert crisis instead of berliners and visitors can take in the view from the outside. the courtroom was
12:51 pm
a milestone without any audience present is unfortunate because the buildings are everywhere from all over the world. visitors from by able to come in because we're doing this for them. the new old berlin palace is a building steeped in history and behind its baroque facade lies a great deal of modernity. we all know that santa is responsible for making all the christmas toys and ornaments but what happens when he is too busy i can tell you he gets help from a small village in the or well. how many. ringback ringback incense smokers nutcrackers and christmas arches act as a mass nurse for the small german village of the site nestled in the or mountain
12:52 pm
and known worldwide for its toys. since he was a child pastor mihailo hogs has witnessed how the craft and woodwork pieces from syphon make it feel like christmas here after here. in the or my regions we live in an area where some days in november a very foggy it can really put a damper on your mood and you can hardly wait to finally set up the pretty christmas arches and pyramids the shine bright sun the darkness. inside and christmas decorations aren't just set up they're made here there are over 120 producers of woodwork in the little eastern german village and one of them is the no about family christiane noir bat is the 6th generation to craft wooden pieces for him they're a way of life you know it and i think people get more than just a christmas archer appear in the dates of it so you're teaching within the spirit
12:53 pm
of the or motos and that which i believe or think should using a great deal to people's well being. toys have been produced in zeitlin since the mid 18th century and to this day great craftsmanship and attention to detail goes into them in the noise of our family's workshop 10 employees seem to make the would come to life reoccurring motifs are of course angels but also miners like these figurines and their mind lamps this is no coincidence for centuries life and was a 10 mining town in fact mining played a key role in the war mountains until the mid 19th century and the christmas arch also reflects this past. month so let's not shift the foreigners. when i miner had his last shift and team out of the mine entrance into the dealer or another of the and he said i'm. on the arch of the entryway.
12:54 pm
here and that's where the modern christmas arch comes from. the ideas that our miners were happy to put aside their dangerous work dr phil and celebrate christmas . both of us why not 1st begin. one of the most popular motifs in these local woodwork pieces is the church of the life and in the meantime it enjoys worldwide fame making it a tourist magnet for visitors from dozens of countries each year but due to the covert crisis pastor michelle hearts is playing music for a nearly empty church syphon usually attracts around $500000.00 visitors a year but the world and the christmas period ends keep turning. up the region's mining tradition can be seen everywhere including in the christmas pyramid . of isaac and of there may be a connection to the horse capstans larger money and also had horses that offer as
12:55 pm
a kind of elevator really trusted around in circles and pulled up the transport basket or the washer. or the idea for the pyramid came from those who don't decide busy. even though christie annoy about works with the christmas theme all year round only after he likes the candles on the pyramid does christmas begin for him too. this is the most wonderful time of year and really must see and christmas is really a time to find peace and a moment of introspection and it's about recharging your batteries again for next year. and then just like every year the lights from the toymaker village of syphon will shine all over the world. we've come to the end of the show but we have a little gift for you if you'd like this special w. back just head to our website to find out more take good care some healthy and have
12:56 pm
a happy holiday season but.
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faces databank uses life from birth and boris johnson cancels christmas for many ends in the u.k. deals with a very heavy heart i must tell you the candidates continue with christmas as planned the british prime minister on tiles tie said cubbage restrictions as a new strain of the virus causes infections to spike also coming out.


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