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the church if this silence lasts much longer. i'm told. do i need to share and then there was a reply which is actually embarrassing. upped but shelley road to the art chapel represented the letter to the holy father. he had seen it and offered his encouragement and gave the papal blessing won't completely but request no mention. mists. the historian at their core forces in rome is researching the relationship between jews and catholics at that time nina vowed to ski report me object amount of but surely to do some good budget his main concern was the protection of the catholics and the catholic church in a nazi germany for the vatican jewish problems were not a priority. there. today pope francis is
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received with open arms by the jewish community. as his predecessors have done before him francis calls the jewish people older brothers. many many and this is the. scene where they've never been. able to get in if you don't even know a dog for. he's in using. the bishop of effort was appointed by the german conference of bishops to improve relationships between catholics and jews according to him in the 1930 s. many in the catholic clergy were not immune to anti semitism you know present government our skin we have to assume that in the thirty's and most catholics were
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guided by the principle that jews did not recognize the messiah let's go to you wouldn't miss the allegation that they were responsible for jesus's death on the cross was also common chords as to and we know that there were many sermons that repeated this. is in hell it's part. determined to gain the majority in parliament hitler tried to secure the support of the catholics. lot of a deal within a by directly dollars a week to the back door that i don't know about a pope but. shortly afterwards hitler offered the vatican the agreement on which but chile had been working since the 1920 s. the concordant. the vatican accepted.
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himself signed the pact with a future few around. is what i wanted to hear of course that was a huge triumph for hitler because his regime was not trusted by the rest of the world it. and the 1st international treaty hitler ever made was a treaty with the holy see is the forgot me to heights of the ultimate moral authority the holy sea makes a treaty with this regime then other countries can legitimately do it as well that can is also under limbo. for years earlier in 1929 the vatican had already signed a similar agreement with fascist italy and its dictator benito mussolini with the blessing of a large part of the local clergy. diplomatic relations between the holy see and fascist regimes other field of expertise of
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professor my tail luigi a police handle. chief. great the only the majority of the italian clergy supported the fascist regime for she's the. young us it was a long equivocal mclaren. but i think any priests would fall for their country in a youth when they got their model and felt like a patriotic priests. into. but i think part of the article. also at that time many in the catholic clergy saw fascism as a lesser evil in comparison to the real enemy communism. an atheist ideology that promised to overthrow the social system which the church had been representing for centuries. on the markets without a fresh eye they realized quite quickly how the situation in soviet russia
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escalated. persecutions of the clergy occurred in that area and not only the orthodox church was persecuted before priests priests were arrested and vote churches were closed because the faithful were harassed and church prop. he was confiscated because this also happened to the catholic church. however as hitler gained more control over the german population he also began to target the church the few who wanted to impose naziism as the only national religion yet. hitler grew up in a catholic environment in austria and paid church taxes until he died in fact he even took inspiration from catholicism for nazi symbols and rituals. it was 1st in your twenty's of he was fascinated by this hierarchical structure of the catholic church will power at the top the pope on the other side of the future is of the top
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well he had a certain fascination with the church but in fact he had nothing at all to do with it it was a church it was his opponent. over the years the catholic bishops of germany increasingly rejected nazi policies there were protests. bisque up and there was a claire rejection of national socialism was in the this was essentially a rejection of racism has the same of euthanasia. and also the attempt to build a new nazi religion but in for you and annoy you in a sense another salesman's of 2 bone. was on us but over a ship of mr clemens one garland was particularly important in this regard because he protested very strongly against euthanasia is also strongly that the national
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socialists ended this policy in the town. one gallon and other german bishops denounced violations of the concord and asked the vatican for an official protest. that or you sure wouldn't allow hoped you wouldn't be fact catholic schools were no longer allowed to vote as they were actually closed even though it was a breach of the concord a there was no more pastoral care in prisons. only military chaplaincy continue to exist when you agreements were simply suspended while they were not implemented and there was no point is that that was not effective to invoke the terms of the concord act the that did not achieve anything. that's happening it's perfect. pope pius the 11th wrote a letter to the german faithful. cyclical that was read in old german churches on palm sunday in 1937.
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as it was a very nice denominate call the encyclical was originally called with great concern i just want to make it clear that the holy see was concerned about the situation this persecution of the catholic church in germany voted on this title was then personally changed by put cheli who made it a bit sharper and he chose a stronger adjective on the burning of ends so the title began with burning concern to emphasize once again how seriously the holy see was taking the situation in germany it's. not islamic the nazis were outraged times because they only found out about it after this text was read out from all the pulpits in all legitimate churches at 9 o'clock in the morning next philly's involved. but this and cyclical have no lasting effect. i cannot say that this was
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a change in the tactics of the struggle become fi would say it was like a flash in the pan so it didn't go any further it was get done before i to. pass the 11 actually wrote an insecure call to condemn the anti semitic laws enacted by hitler and mussolini but this letter was never published and it is unclear if the celli stopped publication. a mystery that can be solved only once the research in the vatican archives is completed. in february 939 eleventh's died and but shelley was elected to st peter's throne. was. he chose for himself the name of pius the 12th in our march to his predecessor.
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by chance to leave us when cheli was elected pope. he was very concerned most of the bottle. shoulders the more the son in law galley out so chana gave us evidence of this. and the german his reaction is also interesting and no less disturbing new mineral broker bought. from germany called silence they made it clear you are not our poll if we are not necessarily happy i said you will have become pope the perhaps the best. i was the 12th had been elected pope only 6 months before hitler ordered the invasion of poland and the 2nd world war broke out only to look back. at the pope as head of the vatican a micro state without an army that hardly had the means to really oppose hitler the vatican could use. clemency and charity diplomacy on action.
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for biographers of past 12 the 2nd world war period remains a mystery. many questions are still unanswered. first when did the pope find out about the extermination of the jews. for one week professor of all of and his team were able to search the archives for an answer to this question. then the corona crisis broke out and the research had to be interrupted but in that 1st week they found documents that offer a revealing insight. in the summer of 942 us president roosevelt received a letter from a jewish agency containing information on the mass murder of jews in poland and ukraine. the liquidation of the warsaw ghetto is under way without
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any distinction all jews are led away from the ghetto in groups and short their bodies are used to make fat and their bones to produce fertilizer however the mass executions do not take place in warsaw or itself but in camps specially prepared for this purpose. a white house on voice reached out to the vatican asking for the pope's evaluation he wanted to know if the vatican had already received similar information and if pires the 12th would agree to take part in a joint protest the highly. fly in from the holy sea i actually have 2 pieces of information strung for the 1st piece of information came from count my vets who had been travelling in ukraine built to accommodate when he returned he told one teeny the future pope all the sex about the horrors he had
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seen their dog what the germans were doing to the jews aga norman had vastly dodged and you wouldn't. and your mind that's why it is to me and they have a 2nd and more important report from a unified catholic archbishop metropolitan from of a of limbo like who confirmed exactly what the jewish organization said you did organise that xians are so the vatican could actually have answered yes i we can confirm that the report is reliable did he do it lensed he couldn't view but they didn't they said yes we have also heard these things and yeah but we are not able to verify the truth of these statements so it is always like new people who for. why did the vatican give such an answer. the missing piece of the puzzle is perhaps in a recently discovered document a note from a close advisor to the pope once in you angelo della. of the aqua road the american request is crucial. if the information is correct and.
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then comes a terrible sentence forced by the thoughts can you believe jews always exaggerate followed by the recommendation let's remain politically cautious because if we speak out we take sides and we should be nonpartizan there's a lot of evil parties will. this note helps us to understand why is the 12th remained silent and did not take part in the allies joined to protest against the mass murder of jews. does this document. guitar not involve of course this document alone does not give a reliable answer to the question of what the pope did and why he did it evolve because we need a therapy you have all the material in order to be able to give an overall judgment as i don't believe anything else would not be credible very nice but the fact that after one week we have already found such
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a key piece of information besides i means that we have to take a closer look at all the sources it's a shoulder to concentrate and you know on is this document must do this after blows this document however makes one element more plausible in for me it in it shows us that the pope was informed about the true extent of the holocaust in autumn $942.00. fundies of it shows us that he knew of this american request to confirm these figures to have it again that's identity guitar he did not do so what am i although he had his own sources. these i mean train because these sources were not considered reliable by the pope infant and the cardinal secretary of state. is probably because they lack were made them look ludicrous by their lack of isolationalist you must tut. hires only broke his silence
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at the christmas mass in 1942. on that occasion he condemned all racial persecution without any specific reference to jews. when. they hear him you know. they bought it they. thought if you got the right you know your brother in other. words you won't be bringing. can use a mosque and how does the 12 mentioned those who suffered those who are persecuted and those who suffered in your because of their nationality religion origin you know the song some. he used the italian terms did pay which does not mean race but describes a line of descent you in other words he spoke. without referring to jews in particular. since the beginning of the war the pope had
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received letters from jews in various countries all of whom pleaded for help they all described the same atrocities. we humbly ask you that you might be so good as to ask his holiness to appeal to the catholic clergy in slovakia to use its influence to stop the terrible deportations immediately. we know exactly how we will die. crammed in on the barbed wire mass graves we dig ourselves children thrown in alive the adults stripped naked battered with a club. and into the grave a few bullets fired as an afterthought. escaped. there are an incredible number i'd say thousands of letters from jewish people to the pope that's my beach these are often petitions just petitions that say
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we are in this or that terrible situation what can you help us to get out the pubs in other words the pope did not just see the holocaust in abstract numbers but also in very precise individual stories when it's taught us we'll not your list after one week we have only found these letters of petition. but we do not yet know how the holy see reacted in some cases we have found the petition and the refusal and there were no further developments in other cases the holy see tried to help and did help. this isn't god this is a very large subject and perhaps the most important in the whole archive isn't as you the hoped. in 1943 the wall reached the gates of the vatican. when rome was heavily bombed by the
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allies as the 12th left the vatican to pray among the ruins. shortly after miscellanies regime collapsed and hitler's troops entered italy. rome 2 fell under nazi occupation. the s.s. even made it to some peter's square. and on the 16th of october $943.00 after a raid in the jewish ghetto $1024.00 roman jews were deported to auschwitz. only 16 of them came back. the opening of the archive finally sheds new light on what is the 12th did to protect the jews and what he did not to. be about afghanistan $1000.00 figure on
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his own traditionally the pope has always protected the roman jews do harm if. you not but during the deportation on october the 16th $943.00 the pope did not utter a word of protest they said they've got the stone as you know ha mike young actresses are dumb you have sunk on top you know but not that he did not intervene to stop this deportation for auditing so they bought us from. a penny for soup of even and to argue that charlie tried to act on differ. levels. to start with he reached out to the german reich some bastard that had the holy say in hiding it will have. to tell him that he stood up for the jews and that vied 2nd should do everything possible to prevent the jews in rome from being persecuted in
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the domain of the pope you wouldn't in the old me. the 2nd thing for is that he asked to check which monasteries which churches list which church institutions was structurally capable of offering shelter to the jews since august so they could effectively hide in their power that happened in papal buildings as well as in many religious orders to sealed can give boyden. he did it is after the 3rd thing did not take place there was no public protest of protest . at all eric. b. so it is important to remember that there were about 10000 jews in rome thank you very at all and 20 percent of them were placed in vatican institutions for example in the pope's summer residence in castle gandolfo all vienna all speak arthel is to
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put a vatican on it just to clear up the gannett battle because there gun laws for which he can this is what the vatican documents tell us. according to one of these documents stored in the yad vashem memorial in israel $4715.00 jews found shelter in the vatican and other catholic institutes during the german occupation of rome. for the chief rabbi of rome to goodison ye the pope could have done more he could've saved all the roman jews from being deported. she was already our cause don't you all may know there was a kind of silent agreement. it is that the germans would not carry out such an
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operation again mark. the news does all of this john was very low but what had already happened was ignored. it could result of out of a bit of a defiant as it is that that is unfortunately the reality is that segment there was a discourse and fountains of innocent people were taken into auschwitz immediately . there is a loss that the auschwitz. she's all done and there are many ways for a pope to make himself heard and he said it always did and if he had said that the jews should not be touched or for that it would have been enough to cause a diplomatic crisis global. not just out of all the love we also need to take into account the position that person health facility vision of what i would suppose if a person is the moral head of a community that person must behave accordingly and move a little before was this moral behavior. that is the question we need to find an
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answer to. that of our present only to be used through other church representatives spoke out. for example the archbishop of to lose all senior so years who publicly denounced the deportations in the summer of $942.00 causing the vishy government to slow them down considerably so there is one example and the more are needed for this one and clone one example. confound them degrees when a clergyman spoke out in public and explicitly denounced anti-semitism and the deportations it had an impact in that specific case i was back. caught in a dilemma between silence and an unseen ssion pious opted for the play missy. he wanted to act in silence. this attitude of the 12 may be due to what had happened in the netherlands in 1942. there the
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bishop's protest had led to a greater number of deportations. among the victims was the nun edith stein. the converted jewish woman who had appealed to the pope in vain in 1933. in 1908 she was made a saint by john paul the 2nd. been israeli children players should i email. were really is our idea of marriage to. oh you're not the only other either love. being around others your the. only mediation you know that.
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in the in. the last year there or. in 1944 the allies took grown. past the 12th celebrated the end of the german occupation. a year later the 1st pictures from the death camps were published yet even then pius remained silent about the holocaust. why the archives of the vatican might also provide insight into this. pope francis knows how important the past is for the present the church must learn from its errors and examine the consequences of its actions as well as of its
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silence. escaped our home put it on too much we must stand for what is right and at the same time speak up when something is not compatible with christian values the year we are to are the ones i get it is important to properly defend the values that hold our society together and to ensure that the majority of it is not silent as the. like. over the next few years the historians work will hopefully bring clarity to the figure of pius the 12th but one thing is certain the church has learned there is no alternative to transparency in. the formula normal and in.
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cases date of a news live from berlin boris johnson counsels christmas for millions in the u.k. . he's with a very heavy heart i must tell you we cannot continue with christmas as planned the british prime minister unveils tighter covert restrictions as a new strain of the virus causes infections to spike also coming up in the bundesliga behind munich capped off a great 2028 with a win at leverkusen putting them top of the table over the winter break.


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