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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2020 5:00am-5:16am CET

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doesn't your own real world peers mean a. constant. stream. of on camera on social. media. this is news and these are our top stories. countries across europe are banning travel from the united kingdom after the identification of a new strain of the coronavirus there the british government says the new mutation is more easily transmissible but is not believed to be more dangerous britain's busiest port at dover is closed for outbound traffic after france bought all passengers and freight from the u.k. . london and the southeast of england have spent their 1st day under
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a strict lockdown imposed by the british government the shutdown was triggered by concerns about that new strain of code 1916 1000000 people are banned from leaving their homes except for essential reasons infections in the british capital have nearly doubled in the past week. and the united states top leaders in congress say they have reached an agreement on a new covert 19 relief package after months of wrangling a bipartisan deal was struck with $900000000000.00 businesses and individuals will now get a long overdue support in an economy battered by the pandemic and once. this is d.w. news from berlin follow us on twitter and instagram at d w news or visit our website w dot com. you
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. know many ways don't my name is nick a levittown i'm the daughter of money to. me mother was abducted. i think i. know me don't know i don't feel comfortable i don't want to keep repeating myself. between the 2. the to keep telling my story to you. i am i am.
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she said she'd be back in a minute. but she never came to. asia but i've traveled the length and breadth of argentina looking for my daughter and just seeing that that i've liberated dozens of girls who were in the same situation as. like go to any land mendieta and food insulin. that active so let us join forces and fight this must be a. gentleman that i. am empathy to no money to for all disappeared on her way to
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a hospital appointment let me just whereabouts has never been the stuff of the mother believes that she was kidnapped and forced to prostitution this whole bubble to start off with this court building is hosting a historic trial that will sue story will go forward so the case in question although murray tell their own body that all. the sun was out on by the enemy and as it were accompanied by michela the young daughter of mary tom going to study and she's been waiting 10 years for her mother to return and that outfit is an assassin malady. 13 people were accused of being involved in marriage about all this disappearance one by one they want to quit if i becomes the infantry i was living in against the protesters i think at the court's verdict has now been taken on to the streets people are demanding the judge explain 36.
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it's got slowly to their own case and the miscarriage of justice and there is a retired schoolteacher. i was. one of those that milicic called after finishing high school i began a degree in anthropology here in cordoba argentina. comments a triad i wasn't even sure exactly what it involved. meant is it out. pedro in but at the very beginning we were given a wonderful introduction to the course is he a country that. but then we got the military coup in 1976 is an
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important part of our history in argentina it's into 2nd place his dictatorship was responsible for countless disappeared persons and an untold number of deaths. and talk with us today we can use forensic anthropology to uncover those lost identities. it's. such as it was and that is that it was it just that. it was. standing in to. forensic anthropology to help me to learn from my own story in and gave me a better appreciation of my identity and that of my mother and to come to terms with the truth. i live.
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in come here. i i. i know this if what i'm told the most important thing was leaving my hometown of. more important than coming to court about you. leaving took a man meant leaving the place where my mother was abducted will go out of. your league bust your. i mean murder. me here far away from home it's easier to understand my story but in the. course that is a protagonist but as an observer. but our peers say to. sing . to us here i was able to find a place outside my own story where i wasn't haunted by the thought of my mother's
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the bakshi. or that my grandmother has been waging this fight against human trafficking so i feel a burden connected with my name as the daughter of marie to the run and the granddaughter of susanna trimarco 11 years was going to be. watching on her reach his mother who has waged a 12 year battle to find her daughter and bring those who have done to her to justice. people watching until we know what they do. because this is our. one of 5 it has been susannah trimarco getting little help from the authorities investigating the case herself although she never did find her daughter it is saw that she has helped over 900 women from sex trafficking. you know i was raised by my grandmother and incredibly strong woman. and since my
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mother disappeared she's been fighting a relentless battle against human trafficking she's been given a number of international awards and was even nominated for the nobel peace prize but i mean i admire her so much let me. when you have to fly on this coming here was a challenge. because there was no one taking care of me. when i was 18 i decided to stop having police protection. for the 1st time i had no one with me on the street when i got on a bus. and you're left feeling of being afraid to go home alone at night which was completely new to me a little. bit about you but i found the strength to
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overcome that and find out who i wanted to be in it because it out. without all those fears and without that feeling of vulnerability. in a minute i can remember a lot of situations when terror was used as a weapon against us they wanted us to stop looking for my mother. joe as it was i mean that's how we got a lot of threats. sometimes they follow through on those threats but when i was 9 they burned down our home because. as he came from the time i was 4 years old i had police protection around the good luck to you. going to the police would even escort me at the playground. there's little question is what are they protecting us from the
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game we're. going. to see. that. i went to the countryside from where. but i missed my bus in 90 and going down marion just mentioned how important it is to acknowledge how things have been changing gradually in. course i thought well you know as a demonstration on march 24th when i'm out. there in what i want i saw the acknowledgment and recognition of me and all the disappeared people and those who think differently about it heres the l g b t community. your hear what the still certain right the 30400 disappeared what and using that recognition to reassess the hunter era
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as she said we had to find that solidarity to arrive at this mission. and soon. i'd like to say self i am i mean we're still in the market and you know i mean the protests by anyone i mean us have changed over time. but there's a thing like well i'm with you i remember very well the 1st time i was in charcoal was already it was about the issue of femicide in 2014 when a terrible number of women were murdered watching. the fact that men were killing us just for being women had to be made visible and i might have created. c. . to. michiru. us. don't. well old real. as in we know this is 5 years ago we took a new approach. in
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a little formal. sense that knows. if in yemen as i'm in latin america has helped me to no longer see myself only as a victim. of bins are mcnairy king but also as a strong woman but ability to might sometimes cry short but at war and has learned to embrace herself. years so i have so much gratitude towards this collective movement you see him and i know these women will always be there for me and all that it does is that the sun is out us and. it. seemed recently i always had the feeling that the media was appropriate in my identity in. the me or even constructing my identity was it that
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you need a cause to hear petitions or today who i am myself that it got but we in the replacement army i mean the. lead . any theseus. and they fell in love with the show and it's difficult to let go of the most selfish reality. book i tell you is to be that i have no mother. it seems to me that i grew up without
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a mother illegitimate benaud than it muddy or it could be $78.00 in pretending to read it all to do again but i do believe that i can change that part of my own history. but the image toward yeah. then you know when the fact remains that i'm the daughter of a woman who was disappeared. but is here. a. saint ok i do feel i share a common identity with other children of the disappeared we. believe this out in argentina and all across latin america you know we need to. represent and glasses on we don't have any sense we are all representative of a very big trial inside our new.


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