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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2020 7:15am-7:30am CET

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the british government says the new mutation is more easily transmissible but is not sought to be any more dangerous in the u.s. called a crisis meeting later on monday to discuss a coordinated response. you're watching news from berlin to get you get all this news information relative cost any time you want but our web site that's all thanks for watching. in the eye of climate change. for. what's in store. for the future in the. context for the mega-cities. insight click counter. can you hear me now yes yes we can hear you and how it all stands gentlemen sauce that will bring you i'm going to matt hall and you've never had to
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have the full surprise yourself with what is possible to this magical really what moves are important all the time we talk to people who follow along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping public and join us from eccles law stops. this week on world stories. south dakota the virus was out of control. number a silent christmas and marked down but we start in battles following its controversial presidential election many members of the opposition were arrested or fled into exile. but protests against president bush and co are continuing unabated.
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because the righteous coming out to march on sundays is as much a part of everyday life as having breakfast on neighborhood just won't keep quiet it's here that you finally get to meet the neighbors. to the church. for all the demonstrative good humor fear is never very far away in minsk most people here don't want to be recognized you know you agree to be filmed wearing them asks one person who is willing to take that risk is media at 20 she's only of unknown one leader xander. was. back in august we felt the change was really close it felt like it was in breach of just a day or 2 more and everything would change. 4 months later we're not where we wanted to be. police emerge out of on mock bans scattering the marches in all directions dozens of
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smaller demonstrations in parallel across the capital means making the police's job that much harder for the hundreds of protesters still routinely arrested each week and the stakes are rising the courts hand out a harsher sentences. look at the police the fear only really hits you when you get home and read about everything that's happened that day online. i always carry a set of instructions with me that tell you what to do and who to call in case you were arrested. eventually the protesters recruited continue this time without the help of modern technology so often in protest there isn't a loose government switched off mobile phone networks. the reaction to their protest from the locals is overwhelming. we got really lucky one time the police were using stun grenades we got hit by some shrapnel there was nowhere to hide and all we could do was knock on people's doors we moved from house to house and eventually there of. 30 of us hiding in one
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woman's house she looked after us and wouldn't let us risk leaving the house unless we had a lift to pick us up. to see the focus in the new scenery. but not everyone is as impressed. as the march reaches its conclusion the question is as ever how to get home without getting arrested. it really feels like we've changed as a country could have a happens now that can't be reversed conduct appears to action but. no one can say with any certainty how long these protests will continue or what they might still achieve before most of these young better russians are protesting giving up doesn't seem to be an option. the us has the highest number of covert 1000 deaths worldwide. this is partly because president continues to downplay the threat of the virus the consequences are from.
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south dakota one of america's least populated states but yet the virus has spiraled out of control here like nowhere else in the u.s. in the city of sue false a mask mandate was put in place recently without sanctions many citizens remain defiant i think it's a good idea that people wear a mask. get the idea of being told to do so i think with some of the shutdowns are doing and the picking and choosing that they're doing is making it very difficult for a lot of businesses like most of the people nowadays like even ehlers or not. but i think it's for the best like there's happy. south dakota now sees the highest hospitalisation rate of the u.s. and there is no relief in sight. out of schroeder is one of them he and his colleagues are working 12 hour shifts trying to save those who are at the brink of death. a task which comes with the personal toll we deal
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with a lot of dying right now unfortunately not everybody is recovering you know we'd like. it's a little harder every day people are coming in and typically are acquiring much oxygen a lot of them end up getting a breathing tube. and from there you know it's just a battle for their life i kind of see and understand his weekly press conference mayor paul 10 hakan of the republican party updates his community about the latest developments the mayor has been criticized over his handling of the pun demick in this part of the country i think there's a fierce independence a lot of people have made the mistake of calling a cowboy country at one point and people didn't appreciate that but the point of that term meaning we're independent we don't like people telling us what to do. christina bjorkman wishes for more government action against the pen demick in
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october she lost her husband took over at 19 after a 30 day long struggle at the hospital her order. when. she says his death could have been avoided with stricter rules. the whole mask mandate got political and should have never been political and should have been a medical thing and i think it just got so blown out of proportion and i think maybe it came from our president. he started it. christina bjorkman is pinning her hopes low on the president elect and a nationwide mask mandate once she takes office before then thousands more could die from cold at 19 in south dakota and a role the rest of the united states. the coronavirus situation is also a concern in turkey. the government only recently began publishing the full number
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of daily actions. doctors in the country's population are. either as a celebrating her birthday she turns a today or 2 biggest wishes harry potter cake and meeting her best friends. the latter is more difficult to organize since stricter coronavirus measures have come into force in turkey young people under the age of 20 are only allowed to leave their homes for 3 hours a day. i know that but i used to be able to go outside whenever i wanted it that was much better but i also miss school now everything is done why assume and it's so annoying they are. coming to the other says mothers trying to organize life as best as she can between work and curfew. curfews for children are not the only
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new anti coronavirus room in tokyo those older than $65.00 can also only go outside at certain times public transportation is forbidden for young and old people and on weekends everyone with few exceptions has to stay at home. it looks pretty bleak these days in istanbul's usually very busy neighborhoods restaurants bars many shops closed. the government now reports about $30000.00 new infections per day. in with the queues many of us are angry about how the government is managing the crisis but there's nothing we can do. the government is concerned with its reputation they want to look good that is why there is no transparency of all mother publishing the need to but they should have informed people much better right from the beginning then everyone would have known what to
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expect and how to act if you curated. a miraculous deals with many covered 19 patients he's a family doctor and belongs to the turkish medical association he says the authorities are still hiding the true extent of the crisis. we still have a lot more cases then the government says according to our estimates we have about 50260000 new infections per day while our doctors and hospitals are at the absolute limit we have to urgently take radical countermeasures on that almost all of those things the current restrictions are already plenty tough policies over the kids have to go back inside next year she hopes for a birthday with out the coronavirus. our
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last journey was to germany the country is now in a hard lockdown almost everything is closed citizens are being told the state of the world famous christmas market number has also been cancelled. this is christmas eve as it gets here and back in 2020 usually the central market square is bustling with the city's famous christmas market at this time of the year but it was cancelled weeks ago and now the city center has become almost ghostly. only fruit and vegetables on offer but no one comes to buy him. daily dawn has been working here for 3 decades he says he's never seen his city so empty. it's all full for us there's no christmas here now no tourists it's terrible just look the market square is completely empty. and it's the same all
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over the city the state government has asked variance to only leave their homes if they have valid reasons like going grocery shopping visiting the doctor or going to work wearing a mask is compulsory in most areas of the city center partial school closures a ban on alcohol in public places and a nighttime curfew complete the strictest lockdown in germany police have increased their presence in the city center to remind people to stick to the rules but for now this little resistance they tell us. not to release and of course there are people who intentionally defy the rules there have been incidents of people refusing to cooperate when police tell them to wear masks but luckily those people are really the exception and the fella bones' all the people we speak to think the authorities should be even tougher. in the monitors that we think the lockdown is absolutely justified there's just no alternative at the moment and the restrictions
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should be tightened even further for shift and so is the mystery i'm totally fine with it because there are so many people suffering and people not taking this seriously should see what it looks like in hospitals. and that discriminate and getting worse every day that scares people including those who are suffering from the effects of the lockdown that is already in effect like market trader do you need to go on the 2 things are hard lock down is the best option now there are 3 and we've just got to get through this and maybe things will get better. that gets better maybe even in time for christmas for that known back as a willing to make sacrifices in the weeks ahead.
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and truly 19. what didn't happen. what definitely didn't happen. and what were the consequences for the cultural center. 2020 cultural distance. revealed. march 24th. at. least science fiction fans wouldn't feel if they could finally be ourselves around the world. physicist anton's hollinger and his team have been researching the quantum world for years and they have experimental proof that teleportation actually works could this become a climate friendly mode of travel. the world today. in 60 minutes on d w in literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see
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myself as the kids find strange grown up girls. my own objective is to share work a friend. to do the books on youtube. cultural life gives us something to live for that is more than just eating drinking survivor . every time there's a crisis creativity comes out. is essential for society.


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