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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2020 7:00am-7:16am CET

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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin the time comes for europe to get the long awaited shops to the people pies or begin shipping its coated vaccine across the e.u. for the blanks medical regulator gives the green light to the pfizer biotech backseat also coming up russian opposition leader alexina bayani says he knows who nearly killed him with poison last august and is trying to confront the alleged hit man you know so should have no bellies is detained by police instead.
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hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us e.u. states are set to begin mass inoculations within days now the blocks medicines agency has officially approved the pfizer biotech vaccine the shot is already in use in britain canada and the united states. trucks arriving in the parting from a pfizer factory in belgium the drivers were probably there to collect the company's codes of 19 vaccine and death bound to be under pressure to deliver. so too with a used drug regulators the pfizer vaccine was authorized in britain and the united states weeks ago and calls have been growing for the use medicine watchdog to allow it but the organization defended the time it took saying it had refused to compromise public safety and the agency's commitment our experts have worked
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tirelessly to reach a robust science based consensus from the switch from the start of the rolling review on to the final c hakan p.t. day has been achieved in just 11 weeks when we would usually expect to spend a year or more in its report the european medicines agency said the vaccine was safe and effective officials added there was no reason to suggest it would not be equally effective against current you strains of the virus. now the job can be delivered to vaccine centers already set up throughout europe to begin the massive task of immunizing millions of europeans across the e.u. student medics were tired doctors pharmacists and soldiers are being drafted in for a vaccination drive of unprecedented scale. but the big question is how willing are europeans to be vaccinated on the streets of berlin most say they're in favor but
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many have hesitations. well i would lose a hand to take it it's just finished the current i think it's a problem because. we need it it's important at the moment yeah i finish and i don't know i'm thinking about it but it causes an allergic reaction and i have allergies and i have asthma i don't know if i see one vaccine as some everybody try before me i don't want to be the 1st to try. the medicines agency says the vaccine would not be a silver bullet that allows life in europe to quickly return to normal but it's definitely a step in the right direction. let's bring in our correspondent max sound in brussels max a lot of concerns expressed there about this vaccine and possible side effects what's the european commission doing to address those concerns to boost public confidence in the vaccine. yeah that's right terry so probably the most important
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step the you commission took already was deciding to take this not slow but take their time to do a safe review and to show citizens that they were actually taking the review process seriously and not just going by and emergency approval like other countries . meant there were many skeptics all over the e.u. we saw it just we just saw in the report that in germany for example roughly 50 percent of the population are not sure if they will get they want to have the vaccine if they will get the shot so they will need some additional convincing now the ema the european medicines agency yesterday gave conditional approval to the biotech pfizer vaccine meaning that the company in future will have to review will have to undergo additional reviews submit additional data which will also add to safety. what are the next steps max now in getting the vaccines were rolled out here in europe on the continent. right so the e.m.a.'s they gave
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their go the commission rubber stamp that decision last night now it's up to the member states to the logistics companies to the pharmaceutical company to do to do their part and there are so still some some logistical issues in place. individual batches that go out have to be undergo testing at on site at the facility a supply chain has to be set up because this this vaccine especially the biotech pfizer vaccine is difficult to handle that has to be kept at minus 70 degrees which adds 2 additional challenges while distributing the vaccine but right after christmas most likely december 26th i'm most trucks will be able to leave the compounds and and distribute the vaccine to the e.u. member states and then starting to send the 27th the 1st countries will start vaccinating people germany will start in some of 27 other countries like the netherlands due to technical issues will start a bit later most likely 1st or 2nd week of january so how important is this step is
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the approval of the back scene is this a real turning point in the battle against kobe 1000. well this was big news and this is going to give a lot of people a lot of hope there is no doubt about that but we also heard it just in the report that the e-mail yesterday said this is not the silver bullet this is not going to make the pandemic go away at least not very soon there are still very many unknowns in terms of the effectiveness we know that 95 percent of the case it's going to keep you from from getting covert 19 that is ease but if you if you are infected with star scuff 2 and you get the and you get the shot it's not clear if you can give it to other people which means it's not clear how this is going to have an effect on the breaking the dynamic of the pandemic and also there is unsufficient insufficient data on the effect on pregnant women also on the effect on children and teenagers and also simply there is not enough vaccine there at the moment to
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meet the high demand of 450000000 even citizens let alone 8000000000 people in the entire world so we have to wait for companies to ramp up their production will have to wait for additional vaccines to get the approval and keep tight the spend them is not going to go away until vaccine is there for anybody everybody so we're mask backs thank you so much as much sunda there in brussels. so you look now at some of the other developments in the pandemic the u.s. congress has approved a new code 19 relief package the 900000000000 dollar deal provides aid to individuals and businesses hardest hit by the coronavirus a pandemic south korea will limit private social gatherings to 5 people and shut down ski resorts and major tourist spots nationwide starting on christmas eve the restrictions are the country's most serious step to reinstate social distancing after months of easing and kata has received its 1st doses of the biotech
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pfizer vaccine elderly people and medical staff are of among the 1st in line when the vaccination program starts on wednesday castro says all residents will be vaccinated free of charge through the problem and russian opposition figure alexina bali has published a recording of a phone call with a russian agent alleged to have been involved in his poisoning last summer media have named the man as part of an elite team that trailed not only for years the kremlin has dismissed the recording as a fake but trying to confront the would be assassin an associate of nirvana's was instead detained by police. but i think the admission going to come from an alleged would be assassin alexina vall needs a lawyer. arrived at an apartment block in moscow along with a d
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w camera team. according to the valley a man who lives on this street is one of the security service agents who tried to kill him with the credit suitable. for police arrive and take her away. for the year was over this is the job of. alexina valmy the prominent critic of the russian government an anti corruption investigative fell ill while on a plane in russia or an organist. he was treated at a hospital in berlin and recovered laboratories in europe confirmed that he had been poisoned with the soviet era military nerve agent novi chalk. now now found me says he's uncovered new details on the plot to kill him on a video of a phone call he says he duped a member of russia's domestic security service f.s.b.
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into revealing details of the plot to kill him during the 49 minute cool the alleged agent to mitigate that novacek was planted in the film these underwear and that if the flight had been longer things would have turned out differently. moscow has repeatedly denied that they tried to kill navarro on the and the f.s.b. said the phone who was a provocation and foreign security services were involved. what happened the russian government's response in the valley says he will pursue legal action against the men he says tried to kill him. i'm joined on the line from moscow by even just director of alexina bali's anti-corruption foundation your colleague you both sabol was detained last night do you know why she was arrested. my colleague somebody yesterday.
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now and i spoke directly to. his apartment. door. and after she was in the car she was the tenant for illegal entry. and after nightly explanation. today morning she was really. has been prepared and now 2 of our samantha and. station pendent. administrative offense. alexina bonnie alleges that he talked directly on the telephone to an alleged f.s.b. agent who allegedly tried to kill him those election about me have any proof that
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he was actually talking to the person. yes. this is exactly the person. we know this from the analysis of the phone can recite. this flood you know hysterical has been out of the leader of the killer's group. makes it clear he knew operational details and he can. have posters uber wise and crawled over the poison water names of the cave teams and evolved. to run a graphic series. and as a proof of. this conversation a lot of effort is going into the investigation of this alleged assassination
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attempt what do you expect to happen now what do you want to happen now. but we want. criminal case. we want. one of evidence to be eliminated in court we want criminal liability for all participants. attempts. thank you very much for speaking with us that was even should all director of election abolished anticorruption foundation talking to us from moscow. sports now and soccer where u.s. world cup winner alex morgan has ended her loan spell in europe at tottenham hotspur and just returning home morgan joined the london club from orlando pride in
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september in a bid to regain fitness following the birth of her child the cove in 1000 pandemic had also truncated the u.s. season but she only played 5 games for struggling spurs who fired their head coaches during morgan's stint. and finally centers around the world of busy doing their duties as christmas fast approaches one center in california was so eager to get his present out to the kids that he got himself all tied up in some 4 lines. shock of his life after flying his paraglider into the cables luckily some little help from the local fire department were on hand to get him down safe and sound they said they'll make sure he uses reindeer next time. just a reminder of the top story we're following for you today news maker pfizer is beginning shipments of its coated 19 seen across europe that's after the e.u.
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regulator approved the use of the vaccine on monday several european countries are hoping to start vaccinations on december 27th. business is next chris was here. coronavirus stranger weighing in on the world trade i'm terry martin thanks for watching. tarrytown. i. owe.


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