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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2020 8:30am-9:01am CET

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in a climate of national pride and racism. this documentary explains the few traces that remain of their existence. the true. starch genuine love on t.w. . match day 13 of the bundesliga put this season's over achievers firmly in the spotlight when you're in berlin a flying higher than expected as they go from strength to strength because they
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outmuscled opened and he more misery on the fledgling big hitters. hopes book and stuttgart have also surprised this season i love tones in a battle for european qualification. and then there are the under-achievers shall get brought in their old friend hoops stephens to fire up their dismal squad against be the felt. while clapped out well i need to smooth out this stuff during stops of the season against tough and high. but 1st let's see how the bundesliga spice profile overachievers lay the cruising gone on sitting pretty in 1st place they face their biggest challenge yet in by a new name. the reigning champ spiced features recently crowned the best goalkeeper and best player out rights and wow to reclaim top spot leverkusen a wake up call. it
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has been almost 10 years since buyer leverkusen last sat top of the table they've always had a big threat up front but there was agents this season is also due to suring up the defense on saturday evening however they faced a team none too happy about being dislodged from their accustomed so who would rule the roost in this top of the table clash. byan were well aware that they'd gone behind in their previous 6 games and here too it was their opponents who got off to a more dynamic stance. and often i.d.m. and mary's long distance effort they kept up the pressure a short corner in the 14th minute saw remarry then tee up patrick schick. for a sumptuous volley on the lead. laver couzens offenses as potent as ever despite the departure of chi habits and kevin folland in the summer. that thanks to new signing shakes slotting straight into the
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team set up and together with b. and leon bailey providing a variety of attacking options and she kept the ball in the back of the net again on the half hour mark. only to be coles marginally offside. i don't think you can see that big difference between them and us we. we play with a lot of courage we press them high we we try to build up and play good position. but by and champions of germany and europe are a team who fight back rather than cave in. and they have robot leavened my huge huge through the science level just before half time after a breakdown in communication among the hosts. perhaps overeager even
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a 10 time base missed his header and in the process impeded his own keeper. and after the break by imposed a growing threat as they wrestled back the initiative. their personal style but we knew that a part of stay patient are doing the 1st half and you know 2nd have you know we start attacking more and more and i'm happy that we can you know one in again. given dusty's teammates also bed their teeth surged gnabry went desperately close in the 67th minute and i went even closer in the 79th class buy ins coach knows how to use the extra options at his disposal in this case bringing on leroy senay during the 1st time off and subban him back off session 5 minutes later with the right outcome. that said he might so easily have stayed
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a stalemate if tom hadn't handed by on a 2nd season no gift in stoppage time my. god which you know who needed no 2nd asking to accept. the. towel with his 2nd assist of the game for by an all the 11th hour ski shop. did take a deflection off edmund taps about unlucky for some but it's the kind of thing that strangely no never happens to find. it a. bitter and on the society at the end of course we should all cells in the lake should have 1st known for naturally least a $11.00. tie and prevailed yet again in the nick of time and at the last minute also see kid top spot getting into the winter break and there was no question about the man of the match and indeed of the match day.
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man of the year and man of the weekend's robert leaven tomsky wasn't even in top form on saturday. but he was still too good for life accusing him as he yet again took care of business. was about to come to a friendly with. the person sometimes playing 2020 shillings to. challenge me like the criticisms of wrong place take him to the top of the building to sleep . live on dusty becomes the 1st buy in player to be crowned the fizz footballer of
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the year and is also our best performer of much day 13. but now we go from the biggest stage in world football to mo modest surroundings in burnley. the additive 1st and i the pride of footballing berlin. for one half of the city at least. normally the 2nd season for top flight debutantes is just as tough as the 1st. for these guys. already and 6 spot when the own hosted dortmund who had can take a coach 18 tent sit at the helm when the owner had already held bloodbath even by an end to a point and this time fancy their chances of taking all serene the overachievers of the season so far versus the big underachievers dome and were hoping to get back on track in the title challenge but they were happy not to go one nil down after just
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2 minutes when mats hummels foils taiwo one year. as so often early on putting the might looking at 9 kilometers more than their opponents in for their part struggled to produce much and in any case schooling against leone rarely comes easy. just weeks ago the stellar likes of marco royce and jayden sanchez who had don't mind riding high but the team has since come crashing back down to earth that there is new hope though in the shape of music for mukoko who in the 1st off at least showed that when ian's defense unlike the woodwork was not impervious. but it was after the break that aid in his problems really began set pieces of being in a blind spot for dog meant and a boon for leo and. as so often it was the corner that paved the way for neil 011 now not the way don't wind imagine the game progressing.
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disappointed because we'd set out to defend set pieces better. to funny rain or here off the pace as we own set the pace. all much said before that set pieces can determine our games out it could order to win it. really well at the moment the moments are good. 3 minutes later there was a bright spark in an otherwise lackluster dome and performance mukoko smashed in the equaliser and doing so smashing the record for the been mislead as youngest ever goal scorer he turned 16 less than one months ago. cause for celebration normally. pretty good i only gets right lad with pace world a lot of for him we still lost. him for around 20 minutes. that's because there was something in the air that friday night.
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and that's something which marvin freed when he owns had a supremely. because of those dreaded set pieces continually still one don't match. but in a couple months i place the best man in the air and he has to be covered for me i just don't get how it happens but i think the person. oh oh. oh. oh. especially the one in the last 5 games we've thrown away too much is because of set pieces it's not all or i mean we can't be making things that easy we give away goals like that in the bonus league and they lose to. the side they sold for beneath them all still behind don't
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win the table now might just one point. to stick news to me on the last homing of the match day. which was conjured up in the same stadium where the records. it will take some teaching. so i just use to such things not just seem to those who are writing but to see me straight that you just saw in some style the song be you trying to say it's 6610 days old you can start in the going to sleep teenage sensation you should from a coke 0 with his 1st goal in the bundesliga. going to sell sums but not yet but
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soon he might be turning everyone as they get offended and so i doubt somebody else comes back in keeping with the current era let's be careful. of my use of 16 and he's here because he's good. at sort of putting him in the spotlight after every single thing he does every goal won't help him. in our compact we've got some overachievers and plenty of underachievers captain lash tindall's contract extension with some much needed good news is the folsom spent the entire season outside at the top for he delivered more good news from the penalty spot before half time his 8 scold of the season but hoffenheim hit back on trade commerce which netting off the full games without a go after a bomb storming start to the season hoffenheim had fallen short of expectations
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shortly after marcus to romp spot that stephanie halasz anding a red card which i think the door from hoffenheim come back. ryan says a known schooled in the 87th minute to seal the 21 win a boost for the visitors while marco rose's man just kind of matched all season's highlights. mike sigel left back and had leno has been a real overachiever this season scoring 7 goals in all competitions but he couldn't help his team out this time. the underachieving team wouldn't want him time and again to enjoy a nil nil draw for cologne to celebrate securing a 2nd clean sheet of the season. frame and have almost exactly the same record as at this point last season they
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underachieving school and didn't get much better not to have their strikers. but 5 minutes from time young stepparenting she came on for his debut and managed to get a winning gold in the 90th minute securing 3 massive points against relegation rivals minds. perhaps he can be the great new hope for that a. little bit shy guy i could say he is not a guy as many words but as he speaks with goals it's ok it's a little bit of the game in football america. minds are abundance league america overachieving just by being in the top division but it looks even more likely that that top flight tenure could end saying. it's been a gloomy period for frank 1st without a win says the start of october i got some luck in our book and on goal gifting then the lead in the 53rd minute. the hosts weren't happy bob i have been enjoying
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a steady campaign with no relegation worries so far. frank 1st sealed the deal 3 minutes from time. a lovely team moved finished up by chef and ill sancha. a 1st win in 10 matches for the. eagles. enough to make hardihood to feel the love. he had to keep our alexander shore low was back at former camp friedberg for the 1st time since his transfer in august having spent 10 years with the club. freiburg affair ready all overachievers and got the 1st goal a lovely diving header from ben chance of grief to welcome back his former colleague just 7 minutes and. 7 minutes into the 2nd half hatter drew level their underachieving again this season the self-proclaimed big
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city club have been playing far below their squad strength. and the relief for sure no was short lived another 7 minutes after the equaliser emogene to mirror that a 2nd cost freiburg form a shot stopper. after a cool one up manu was good up piled on more misery 31 show low had had enough and that wasn't even the final act. in the 94th minute the keeper had a chance to redeem himself against spot kick specialist nails pietersen. but fellow couldn't get it right a miserable outing for hatter and yet there were still some smiles softer than. the bundesliga is biggest underachievers shocker have brought back coach hoops stevens for a 4th time he was tasked with ending
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a 28 game winless run but opponents belittled had other ideas they have the bulk of the chances even though the hosts look steady and defense that's until fabio inclose was left completely open to not in his 2nd stint as they got. enough to see all shockers 20 ninth's game without a whip. in the situation since so weeks months and i think that the most there is those who are bolton it is for us all we will stop trying and we and we can think about a 2nd when this they go from now all we keep going and we fight them together to india and harsh words and now what's amazing insight can't shout to really be saved . shall kerney just savior and a yet again looking to who stephen's. the dutchman led them to lay for
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a cup glory and to domestic cups unknown long time. but the bad times too so why now return for the 1st time romance. nice hits i still feel that blue and white heart beating inside of me and. talk in the put in the clubs in trouble it's hard to say no. in. every verse of the fortunes before david kock know and the recently dismissed found it had been stevens at the helm. shouted desperately need leadership from the top unless it's to all end in ts. but now to 2 teams who have put their was behind the .
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clubs bush took up so too overachievers pitted against each other. the hosts were unbeaten at home and with just one defeat to y. and even then against by in munich. their opponent has surprised even more she took up the undefeated on the road and likewise had only lost once again at the hands of dion. song. who would win a match and become v overachievers of the season so far after 11 minutes it looked like votes book yet again tonight by gregor coble and the post. stuttgart looking vulnerable. but midway through the 1st half they also showed their potential the speed was there but no finish. the last woman get to the top scorer but unable to adapt to his 7 goal tally today . at the other end of our very course came close.
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these will scented blood and a looping cross was converted by gary hart. but their celebrations was short lived. the referee called a push in the build up he will do it might have been subtle but one that kept the score goals at the end of the 1st half of. the 2nd began with the visitors hitting the woodwork and left cursing that bad luck. in contrast of post when you see a bracket put them in front in the 50th minutes. courtesy of a bit of pinball action. overachievers sometimes need for shoot on this side to. the wolves now went on the defensive washed it got huffed and puffed but ultimately pretty toothless in attack despite being set up by robots amassing with only the goal to beat and you can ask sol it's contrived to miss the mark.
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if you saw one milicz and. all spoke remain on beat not how and go into the winter break in the t.d. hikes for spots. when you play like this we've so much passion we have so much air pats we can we can win this game and that's why we are now fighting to them it did was a fight for all to get her and the team fighting for this win and so i'm really happy. with that mentality you know for all the playoffs so this is basically is working to get working as a team on the pitch and really happy. to cut loose away for the 1st time this season but they still very much qualify as overachievers. it be funny if i thought if i wasn't satisfied with the performances that we've we've had in the last couple weeks and also the points that we've put game to think you know
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we're playing a good good football the team is a unit working as a unit on the field so i think i'm going to get direction. mudslides remain overachievers thanks to see one so what does the twitch of well think of 2020 s final match today. a crazy football year comes to an end. rowing diaz in colombia is glad to see brian on top. that's proved by the stats craze this japanese found citing the sides 80 percent when. this english found seem to be gloating about leroy sunday's brief appearance. in the us jonathan folks only had super positives to offer if
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a bias results. back in britain live on goals he was the man of the match day. on the left saying very no to the suggestion from marcus to rahm's native trumps that he trained with thomas. in addition to the embarrassment of fran in paris pointed out that this is another reason to don imus you could never be too careful. on the pitch question appears to have been thrown into the wind when your door slams hoffenheim the clock on the right and to come a point from light 6 the biggest goal 1st was in freiburg one of them to be among our top 3. at number 3 we have a chance agree folks with the superbug diving head out. the
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back part is this french. music man who cut those record shattering strike comes in at number 2. on the stage is set for you so. long as your son sings joy. it's fun to see a street. band with the undisputable top spots in space stuff a little bit chick shake. shake so excited she still was such a. voice that spoke slowly for us the cosmos not. just the year draws to a close it's textbook fire at the top but later who's in
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a living the christmas tree enough in 2nd place ahead of light signal goal difference and someone had a daughter as for the bottom half. price made a big step towards safety as did brain and put minds in a bubble shaka remain in troubled waters will the winds change for them in the new year. well that was the last chance for one does lead it seems to ns 2020 on a high 20 own berlin most certainly look back on that year with almost unbelieving ice. but the review will be holding satisfactory over the show went to break. and boast but can also hold their heads high. but it was about shallow. and doom and they'll both just be happy to see the back of a chaotic roller coaster 12 months. there's still
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a long way to go in this in this league a season with many uncertainties but hopefully we can at least depend on a return of fans to stadiums happy holidays everyone stay safe and see you back here in the new year.
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surviving only one thing and then returning to normal life. meaning all of the patients struggles long term side effects they don't know if their symptoms will never go away. troll studies hope to fight. for life after the disease close up. in 30 minutes on g.w. . in the far north.
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it's lonely. and breathtakingly beautiful. arctic. took a journey around the north pole meet profiteers with people experiencing a changing environment northern winds life within the arctic circle. in 75 minutes. on t.w. . the more formal the on. of the morning. sleep because your war
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isn't love. in those wars swallow the one. who lives on the moon so. there's no news no love no love for the wicked. does a. word gives me the world. the. can't sleep. are a story. the currents. are.
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this is. trade links with. a whole following reports of a new and possibly more infectious. but. could resume as early as wednesday coming up. begins shipping in fact seen across the e.u. that are getting the green light blocks. plus from the russian leader.


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