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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2020 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is news coming to you live from britain scrambles to reopen vital trade links with europe and this after a british traffic crimes to a halt over the reports of a new and possibly more infectious variant of the corona virus in the country but cross-channel trap could resume as early as wednesday also coming up russian opposition leader alexina bali says he knows who nearly killed him with poison last august and tried to confront the alleged hit man and associate in a bomb they used was detained by police use to. plus christmas in the holy land in
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the midst of a pandemic no tourists in bethlehem this year santa is still to bring some christmas cheer even if it means doing things different. well i'm terry martin good to have you with us britain is becoming increasingly isolated after a new more contagious strain of the credit emerged their countries have been banning flights to the u.k. stranding passengers at airports but there will be some relief for the long queues of trucks stuck waiting to leave britain the u.k. and france are reported to be restarting freight traffic from wednesday trucks have been backed up for several kilometers at the english port of dover after france board their entry. well let's go straight over to dover where d.w.
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charlotte chelsea pill is standing by charlotte what's the situation there. terry lorry drivers here stuck on the mesa way approaching the pool of dave waking up now author another night stranded now you might be able to see just behind me that there are long queues going up into the poor that the government said yesterday that they were around 170 lorries stranded ahead seems more like those there are up to a 1000 not certainly what port authorities 1 are reporting here at the moment many of them on able to get hot meals their own toilet facilities of course on the motorway so many of the in the european drivers and european mainland who just want to get home for christmas we've spoken to several of them he was saying that they can send again they're going to be here the days now what you're seeing just behind
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me is that some of the lorries are starting to move fast because the government has said that is part of its preparations for a no deal is fully anticipated scenarios like this and has plans in place not what's happening now some of these lorries are being moved to an app poor car park essentially hundreds of these lorries but it's going to be a long way for many as they anticipate wait to see what's the decision is taken about their fates one propose on series that some of these drivers are tested for the crane a virus before they enter into france but of course that is something logistically that will take some time so a 1000 trucks there waiting to get over but. france's ban all travel from britain does not affect trucks moving in the other direction what or many brits concerned that their food supplies from the continent may be disrupted.
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the question terry is not can drive into the u.k. from france because they want to because of course that concern is that they will end up when they're trying to reach france again on the return journey docking queues just like this that is the un sanson see that they are facing now and the government has said that there is no need for immediate about shortages of course the seed markets have been stockpiling anticipating scenarios like this in the event of a no deal breck's it that the question is about fresh food and what will happen in the coming days see the markets the warning that we could see shortages in the u.k. of things like alexis's situates freeze now the public is being urged not to stockpile but really whether or not these shortages come to fruition read does depend on what gets decided today about when those borders are expected to reopen the border closures charlotte they're also affecting christmas plans for many families who have loved ones in the u.k. or those in the u.k.
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would love to have loved ones on the continent they're concerned about going over their houses affecting the mood in britain. the news of this new strain of corona virus through its be up to 70 percent more transmissible is touring everybody's clans into chaos not just people here christmas to many around the country is essentially been canceled of course a great deal of concern anxiety here in the u.k. about what the weeks and months ahead will hold sean thank you so much steve. pill in the british port over. russian opposition figure election about as published a recording of a phone call with a russian agent alleged to have been involved in his poisoning last summer media have named the man as part of an elite team the trail of ali for years the kremlin has dismissed the recording as a fake but trying to confront the would be assassin an associate of the ball was
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instead detained by police. with. the addition going to confront an alleged would be assassin alexina val needs lawyer lubov sobel arrived at an apartment block in moscow along with a d.-w. camera team according to the valley a man who lives on this street is one of the security service agents who tried to kill him with the credit suitable. for police arrive and take her away. you know what i'm really over here was a job interview. alexina valmy the prominent critic of the russian government an anti corruption investigator fell ill while on a plane in russia or an organist. he was treated at a hospital in berlin and recovered laboratories in europe confirmed that he had been poisoned with the soviet era military nerve agent novi chalk.
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now now found the says he's uncovered new details on the plot to kill him on a video of a phone call he says he duped a member of russia's domestic security service f.s.b. into revealing details of the plot to kill him during the 49 minute cool the alleged agent to mitigate that novacek was planted in the valleys underwear and that if the flight had been longer things would have turned out differently. moscow has repeatedly denied that they tried to kill nerve on the and the f.s.b. said the phone call was a provocation and foreign security services were involved. whatever the russian government's response in the valley says he will pass you legal action against the men he says tried to kill him. let's bring in correspondent emily sure
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when from emily the police have now released you both so bold the woman who went to confront the alleged. agent at his home we saw her in the video but 2 employees who work for him of all these you tube channel have now been arrested can you tell us what. well it does certainly look like this is a bit of a crackdown against members of these team we don't know yet but we do know that you both so vote was released but that a criminal case is being opened against her just a reminder that she essentially just went to ring the doorbell of that allegedly assassin yesterday and was sitting outside his apartment the 2 employees in these you tube team were also detained they're still in detention awaiting trial they are being questioned apparently according to these team about disobeying the orders of police. one expert that i heard speaking about this was even saying that this could
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be part that we could see a wider crackdown on opposition figures across russia even opposition figures that aren't related to these team at all and of course it's very important for the kremlin to keep things in russia under control this year or next year as well ahead of parliamentary elections in the country. details revealed in that interview or explosive if they are confirmed tell us about how russian authorities are responding to that interview but no they were not all they recorded. well the f.s.b. released a statement last night calling the recording and the video a fake they said it was a planned provocation and they said that it was essentially an attempt to discredit the f.s.b. the security services and the people working for the security services they also
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said that the methods that were being used in that video by not viney were typical methods used by the 4 by foreign security services so essentially accusing me of working for or with the security services of other countries it is true that we of course don't have any proof immediate proof that that voice that we heard is the voice of an alleged assassin from the f.s.b. but the line of the russian authorities has been and will be i think going forward to deny that they have anything to do with these poisoning. even though this video has now gone viral so it's certainly a worry for the kremlin i think briefly is there any chance that the details revealed in these you tube video could lead russian authorities to hopefully investigate his poisoning well i think it's hard to know at the moment but we have seen some movement on that front last week viney himself said that he was
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questioned by german public prosecutors he's at the moment he's in berlin and that was on the request of russian authorities so some movement there but it's kind of hard to see there being a full scale investigation into this to be honest. as always thank you very much that was really sure when. in american sports professional basketball makes its return as the n.b.a. season's resumes on tuesday night featuring a must see double header defending league champion le bron james and the los angeles lakers will face cross-town rivals the clippers james won his 4th and be a championship last season and in new york kevin durant's will make his debut with the brooklyn nets he takes on his former team the golden state warriors their star steph curry who read 12 back to back titles as teammates.
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found christmas in the holy land is different this year the crown of virus crisis means there are no tourists and social contact has been reduced to a minimum but santa claus is still making his rounds in jerusalem and bethlehem he's just had to adapt like everyone else. center is always on the cool in december so it's the 2nd system here the father christmas of the holy land though israel and the palestinian territories are gripped by coronavirus the jerusalem santa hopes for a festive season. this is centers house the work place of jerusalem st nick and also it says family home it's december the busiest time of the year for santa and yet in 2020 the pandemic has changed everything it's a very hard for us with this crazy situation what we have would govern one thing i try my best to have a b. c.
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. at the nursery school run by the daughters of charity center is to help decorate the christmas tree due to the pandemic he's unable to visit some schools or hospitals this year he and the children try to keep their distance from one another but it isn't always easy. you know who i am. at christmas though people look towards neighboring bethlehem which christians believe to be the birthplace of jesus the city is now in the israeli occupied west bank easter is on his way there to visit a family even center must be flexible and take a detour or to the direct route from jerusalem to beth and this block by the israeli separation barrier and checkpoints. the service it's a family he knows the children anthony and andrea eagerly awaiting him though this
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time he can only go as far as their door not enter their apartment safety comes 1st . in bethlehem christmas isn't being cancelled it will simply be celebrated differently not as color fully and above all without any foreign visitors will never see christmas and all around well before core while with the wire. wrong. where there were are just it's time for is so to return to choose to not. even ing is falling on this city it's time to open the doors of centers house. in spite of the pandemic the circus to see it aims to prove this to you too. so you news for now coming up next part one of our documentary film northern lights
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looking at life above the arctic circle enough that you can always get all the latest news information or alex hawke with a website that ski w dot com i'm terry martin and from me and all of us here thanks for watching. and you hear me now i guess we can hear you and her downstairs german chancellor will bring you uncle imam call as you've never had time for a surprise.


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