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tv   Traben- Trarbach da will ich hin  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2020 1:00am-1:31am CET

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commission and contempt culminated in forced sterilization under the nazis. this documentary examines the future aces that remain of their existence they call them the children. storage january 11th on d w. this is d w news and these are top stories the head of german drugmaker biotech says he's confident his company's vaccine will work against the new variant corona virus which has emerged in the u.k. and south africa were shot in said that if necessary buy on tech could produce a vaccine tailored to the new variant in just 6 weeks time. france has announced e.u. residents will be allowed to return from britain on wednesday truck drivers who
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have been stuck at the port of dover for days now will also be allowed to cross to friends if they provide a negative coronavirus test result transport links to and from the u.k. were largely cut after the outbreak of a fast spreading new variant of the corona virus. israel is set to have its 4th election in just 2 years after parliament failed to meet a deadline to pass a budget prime minister benjamin netanyahu formed his current unity government with centrist politician benny gantz in may after 3 inconclusive elections. this is news from berlin follow us on twitter and instagram a g w news or visit our website and you dot com. or. he's been arrested beaten up poisoned and tried to run against vladimir putin for
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the russian president say alexina valley's latest trick is to dupe the spies he says try to kill him into telling him how they did it russia denies this of course indeed president putin recently said that if you had tried to kill him the valley would be dead so who is the next move i'm phil gayle in berlin and this is the day . period of the knowledge fight it's not about me i found out or tried to kill me because of the placement does not work or isn't it who cares about it and if we had wanted to poison him then we would have completed the job with the company let's we've seen several smoke screens being put out from moscow in recent weeks and months. and he is suffering from delusions of persecution and from megalomania. i know where they live and where they work and are their real
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names their fake names and i have photos of them that are. also on the day the us congress approves a $900000000000.00 stimulus package to help the country get over the coronavirus so is it enough. $600.00 is very significant these. are the. last time obviously but you know something better than nothing. welcome to the day now the fallout of the poisoning of russian opposition leader. intensified moscow has now bought entry to officials from germany and other european states this is in retaliation for a use sanctions against russia for its alleged role in trying to kill mr in the valley with a deadly nerve agent during a russian domestic flight in summer in the valley has kept the world's attention on
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his fight with moscow by publishing a recording that he says is of a phone call with one of the russian security agents who tried to kill him moscow says it's a fake. the russian government reacted swiftly. just a day after the alleged phone call was released it called in the ambassadors of sweden france and germany and barred several of their representatives. moscow continues to reject all accusations that its secret service poisoned alexei navalny . back in august opposition leader novell me was dealt a deadly nerve agent on a flight in russia he was later transferred to the shanty to a hospital in berlin where he recovered western sources say russia's domestic intelligence agency the f.s.b. was responsible. now claims he posed as a government employee and called one of the agents involved with and supposedly
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revealed details about what happened. the plane made an emergency landing the situation didn't develop to our advantage had the plane been able to fly for longer everything would have turned out differently. officials in your going to heart of germany's c.d.u. c.s.u. conservative parliamentary group is not surprised moscow has retaliated here as simply not willing to do so it's not. the same in union. russia because russia is not cooperating. and investigating but. for now the blame game continues as the kremlin denounces in of all these claims as fake and insists its accusers have not produced any evidence that it was involved that wouldn't you. take a closer look at this with jack met he's a french voluntary and from president. republic amash party in october the council
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of europe appointed him. on the poisoning of alexis in the valley he joins us from just outside paris and it's important to note that the council of europe is an international human rights organization and nothing to do with the e.u. so welcome to you as i understand it is your job a special report investigate the poisoning what we do with your report once your investigation is complete. there is a tradition within c.s. simply of the conceit of europe to investigate each time the reason the clear indication that there is or which of the rule of law in the country it's so concerning recent russia don't recent hippies and themself as in the nation and no because the case of lenin and so the aim is naturally to put lights on such a situation which is very very important and very i would say a policy of the legal implications that russia's described wins swished have joined
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the conceit of europe so the 1st point is to establish the facts and a list of facts then to see what are the legal consequences of the situation. it's true that there will be put at the request to russia the belt the need for you just a geisha in because many you know but for the moment mr lever in the fight some complaints within russia but the judiciary did night to accept these complaints so we will look at it so you sleep and then at the end of the course says we will establish a series of recommendation for the your print court of human rights for the concert of ministers for any organization we want wants to play you who want that but what is important probably to it is that for the moment the only institution which is cited to trigger an investigation related to the poisoning but also to the fact
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that the poison was can be corrupt which is totally false beaten prohibited by the international no so this is a culture i told him ok so the if i could sort of condensor your answer it sounds like all your job is to investigate and to make as much noise as you can but it doesn't sound like you have there and the power to compel anyone to to hold anybody to account. we are look at judiciary there is one which is part of the semi-colon is asian which is a european court of human rights of course you know it's less book but what you can do is also something which is to answer to the court of mr putin because mr up with insights for the moment i would like to cooperate but you do not cooperate they say it's up to their friends you went to the jungle and you know that probably you probably you know but rich i spot the vehicles you know if you look so ins a committee which has given me this mandate they are all sort of russian members of
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the duma of the russian parliament so russia to fulfill its obligations in relation with a body which is a part of so for us we've got a way to make richelle more cooperative and ok now interestingly of course russia says it has a it had nothing to do with with this and indeed it says there has been no crime so given that no one has produced any evidence that russia played any part in it i wonder what you you think of the european union's actions in actually sanctioning russia for this. i think you and union has taken a stance because there was a breach in the use of no it took family and family that was something which was quite specific follow us we go beyond the gold legal result was he to ation well a very noble open and to a government been attacked and poisoned well as if it's just something which will
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be and so for us as an example we will have a meeting we will have a committee meeting in nutrition to form edition in the next january 19th where we will ask russia to be present by the authority then means we we that number need to be present in all the 2 constants see i would say the testimony of that i need right and also the question raised by his investigation the 1000000000 got to russians and we asked him of course to come was pretty precise answers and any evidence that has been gathered though seems to be circumstantial no one has yet produced a smoking gun no one has yet been oby to say. that nabil sha'ath was used and nobody has yet said been able to say russia did this you know absolutely right what we know for sure because there is an international would say big nation which has been followed in town wolf and the like this has
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a poisoned we know that the international of the nation for kony currently puts us put use to report as well that's real zurab or let's respond germany homes with an import friends saying there was evidence is a let me jump in in there mr not on this bill that is that is something which has been saved and i feel absolutely valid i mean it and they know that is established novacek was used to have a big critical point know is who use it and there appears to be no proof that this was a moscow hit if i can put it that way. that's is true but what he's interesting also is that we've. got investigation we've got some names we've got some witnesses weeks got some precise elements which are not as us to who felt going in questioning right to questioning is not an evil only related to what happened to me to never leave but what this question was making with iran we still have
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a meeting of all of us though we have since it's a question we rate of course because you say that this has been alleged by the present with human sense of during the press conference and we have this this recording that alexina valley says is of his conversation with an f.s.b. agent does anything that you've heard in that recording i'm presuming that you've heard it does anything and that recording help your investigation i mean if it's off the water i think it's a very very important element you know i had a chance to to have the the wrecking discussion recently still not only on the last right last thursday call a couple of hours and we went through all of the details of agenda during a very critical moments after the end of august ringback and let me see if that there are many open questions about how to put an end to planes when was the. bitrate or was it the day before what it's a day into morning what it is a plane what does it play this up bitch and that's we all to raise the straws that
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we've discussed in the i would say. because the nazis conduct asia that's where trigger questions from the mission which is special and having met i might say no value but what do you make of it. i found him very not to tick and i found in good shape even if it's difficult for me to have the deep percept because it was a 2 hour session but i still think i mean you know this person was very very shocked but let's be just discovered i think if you don't imagine that they all left 456 people around him not the usual surveillance that people who wait in the in the title theme of cultural and ready to ready to do it to attack him so that was a big surprise for him and that was a profound shock and i think. it could other 2 consequences whether to be you know
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make me make you feel we can defensive and i felt him strong and offensive that was impressive to me thank you for joining us a special report a math from the council of you thank you very much we. now europe rolls out the biotech pfizer coronavirus vaccine in less than a week germany france austria and italy say they'll launch their vaccination campaigns on sunday after the christmas holiday in germany elderly residents of retirement homes will be amongst the 1st to receive the shots if they want. they arrived by ambulance although this is hardly an emergency dr lisa marie case her and her team have come to the retirement home to tell people what's going on with the vaccine. i'm going to educate you today about the covert vaccinations 95 year old teacher from layer center could be one of the 1st in germany to get a vaccination for the coronavirus probably soon after christmas today he has the
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obligatory doctors talk about what it means so that when the vaccine is available everything can move faster. i said i'll do it so i'm not resisting. yeah yes that is also important because we don't want you to die of covert or go into the i.c.u. or be miserable but of course we want you not to get sick from the virus. who gets vaccinated 1st that's a government decision to start with it's mostly people over 80 and health care workers the government has secured about 56000000 vaccine doses in its initial order that's not enough said the critics adding that the vaccine procurement is a planning disaster but various prime minister markers suitor wants things to move quicker. we'll take what comes and we'll vaccinate as many as possible but we need a lot of the vaccine it's good that there was
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a last minute order again last weekend because it has been established that more vaccine doses are needed the government has now secured 30000000 additional doses directly from the manufacturer but it may take a while before they arrive. must move quickly and according to the ministry of health there will also be more supplies in january so i'm confident that we have enough vaccine to be able to vaccinate as quickly as possible infants of. those who do not live in retirement homes are to be vaccinated in vaccination centers but how many vaccine doses will end up where is still unclear. how the government is responsible for the vaccine procurement and it has signed the contract accordingly in line with the e.u. to some extent our hands are tied because we can only vaccinate with what we have and also with what gets delivered. only those who have made an appointment at the center will receive the vaccination in the future this will be done through a central system serving the whole of germany via the phone number of the medical
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on call service in care home staff for making preparations and clarifying who the mobile vaccination team can vaccinate. they meet with family doctors relatives and guardians it's extra work at an already busy time. this is not true these nets are a lot of work we have 50 residents and must make sure that we have all the information on time when the vaccination team arrives then we can get started right away but the hope that things are getting better keeps the staff going and means that christmas 2021 might be one without the need for wearing protective suits. in the united states congress has approved a massive new covered 19 belief package the $900000000000.00 deal provides aid to people of businesses hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic it's the 1st time in his pocket since macho months of wrangling between republicans and democrats not of
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us think any of this legislation is perfect but a big bipartisan majority of us recognize the incredible amount of good it will do and we showed it to the president. the american people have waited it up i'm glad for our country that we're now moving ahead together this bill is far from perfect nor is it the bill that we would pass if democrats had a majority in the senate it is a strong shot in the arm to help american families weather the storm for the 20000000 people who would lose unemployment benefits the day after christmas help is on the way let's get more on this from washington correspondent all of a solid welcome although this was a mammoth bill 5600 pages full on enormous amounts of money just talk assume some of the headline provisions and how much people will get. right fill in
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with bill and includes $900000000000.00 u.s. dollars so a big relief package that congress passed here on monday night it is the 2nd package by the way since the pen demick began so you mention there was an early a package of course earlier this year but there is one significant difference and that is that every eligible person receives $600.00 u.s. dollars in direct aid and that's only half of what people got in the 1st round and even this some of $600.00 u.s. dollars wasn't even clear until very recently so very tough negotiations here by the way that that sum of money also phases out if you earn more than 75000 in annual income so it's certainly not a lot of money if you consider that millions have lost their jobs throughout the pen demick. it is at least something people something that people come in looking forward to in the 1st checks will be paid out as soon as next week or right now
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we've become used to seeing republicans and democrats effectively refusing to work with each other but this passed the senate $92.00 votes to 6 so where does the spirit of compromise come from. first of all feel that the democrats wanted more they wanted that this package includes 2 trillion u.s. dollars what they could finally agree on with the republicans was $900000000000.00 u.s. dollars so it came short a little less than half of what was planned or at least according to the democrats initially but the democrats also hope that this is only a 1st step and that the biden administration would put another package together joe biden just spoke a little while ago also tackling that issue of course they are for and in light of those plans the democrats were willing to to sacrifice is in to find a compromise with the republican the republicans in congress they are of course it
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is also a somewhat risky approach because it's not even sure if that if democrats will control congress we do as you know there are still these runoff elections in georgia under way and it could be that if they don't win those elections that they're looking at a stalemate and that will certainly also be a problem for further stimulus checks and how people in business is reacting to this news. well the assumption 1st of all that any stimulus is better than no stimulus and it was a last minute deal it is a very urgently needed relieve that comes just 2 days before christmas and again the economy is taking a big hit in the united states $20000000.00 jobs were destroyed only half of those jobs came back through all the pandemic and then there is also a moratorium on eviction running out so families are losing their homes that's a reality really there is a lot of poverty created by this pandemic and by the economic fallout of course the
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big question will be how much whole far will $600.00 a get those people that are affected economists say that it will buffer some of the economic downturn but that the whole the whole package will only last through march and nonetheless this is as you say this is the 2nd time the u.s. government has just given away massive amounts of money to help people in a country that often because it's comprehensive public health care is always some sort of socialist conspiracy so does this mean attitudes are changing or is it more of an indication of the shias size of the problem facing the u.s. well there are of course 2 approaches when it comes to those 2 when it comes to those policies and it's a it's a divided country phil as you know politically the democrats traditionally want to help more they want to do more the republicans rather believe in a in a we curse in a slimmer state and want to hold back with regards to those packages but then again
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the poorest are suffering in the united states and there's a certain understanding on both sides of the political aisle that something has to be done but of course the interpretation of how that something looks like again is different on both sides of the aisle all of a sudden in washington thank you so much. sports world football's governing body fifa has filed a criminal complaint against its former president sepp blatter and several of his associates fifa says it has found evidence of criminal mismanagement of hundreds of millions of euros for a football museum project blatter said mr blatter lawyer says the accusations are baseless so i headed feet 1st for 17 years he was suspended and later banned from full book by its ethics committee in a separate risk management case. we got the details from bark meadows from
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d.w. welcome so here we are again talking about fee for mismanagement and money scandals so how did this latest $1.00 come about some coming with fifa doesn't it over this one was slightly out of the blue despite the 5 years of scandals we've we've had with. it was basic going back to when blatter was in charge of the 3 had this dream of opening this world football museum in zurich the home of fever and it cost $564000000.00 and after he was kicked out fifa kind of audited and looked at the figures and they felt that blatter had signed on favorable long term rental agreement above market rates and so therefore they decided that was suspicious circumstances and so they've now forwarded basically a criminal complaint themselves to the swiss prosecutors now we don't know yet whether this race prosecutors will take up this case as a criminal case but it just is chaos at fever i mean there's the museum has been
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a disaster from great started open in 2016 in the 1st year lost $50000000.00 the director quit a few months after it opened visitors numbers did get better last year i have to say that although of course this year because of the pandemic they've done slumped again so it kind of sums up fee for crisis after crisis. i'm liking this picture as well so busses surrounded by all this this cash these as a as i mentioned he's already been banned for a different set of allegations so how bad is it likely to get foreign well it could get very bad because he was banned from region in 2015 and this was due to a disloyal payment that tea allegedly made to the former head of european football michel platini that was a 2000000 swiss franc payment and he said that was basically for consultancy work putting it done for him many years previously but didn't really believe that it was a bit suspicious of therefore they banned him now the swiss prosecutors are looking at that case as well it's been going on for 5 years we're still waiting to hear
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whether he might actually end up in a swiss court and obviously it could get very much more serious for him especially if they take up this museum case as well we must say that his lawyer says he denies all allegations of wrongdoing in both of these cases but it just feeds into the the wider fee for scandal that we've had over all these years with you know vote buying for the world cup hosts and dodgy broadcast deals you know it stank right then and just keeps on happening ok so you've got the old boss looking at 2 different cases and the current boss in fantine he's been accused of wrong doing i'm so where is this all going to end well yeah i mean infantino was brought in to basically clean up fee for after the blatter was it was from an out he actually had to open this museum as one of his very 1st jobs he wasn't very happy about it didn't look best pleased because obviously that was a kind of initiative and yes he has been accused in a completely separate case of having secret meetings with the former attorney
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general of switzerland now he says what's wrong with that i'm not allowed to meet attorney generals just to talk about a big organization like fever which is have lots of legal problems i'm a will do in the future but a swiss special prosecutor says no you shouldn't really be having secret meetings with the attorney general the attorney general had to step down but it was of it. and then also sort of separately as well he's been accused of taking a private jets using fee for phones when he flew from suriname to switzerland in 2017 so it keeps on coming but as i say in france you know denies any wrongdoing and for pretty confident this will blow over but it's a start i will just a office matter they don't use force here. i'm not was the day that was about as ever the conversation continues on by the farm such as a new news does not use the hash tag that it doesn't say.
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myself mindlessness. like. she painted me. i could fascinate only those who look at me. the secrets of the mona lisa. including 5 minutes on d w. tarrytown . prints the truth monarch. fantasy.
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scene when the train. starts december 25th. up. how much do you. and what is a computer could do the work for you and learn as it goes along so that it improves while on the job what impact will that have on your working and your private life artificial intelligence opportunity or threat that's our topic this week on bad i'm chris cuomo.


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