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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2020 11:00pm-11:16pm CET

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this is the dublin is live from but after a year of negotiations and missed deadlines britain and the european union reach a last minute trade agreement european commission president on the line describes it as fair and balanced and says britain will remain a trusted partner british prime minister barak's jobs increase of the deal as fantastic news that will and uncertainty bring you full analysis from a month in brussels. and a new twist on entertainment in russia. i have.
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guaranteed virus free how father frost and his helpers up putting a smile on the faces of thousands of children this christmas. i'm phil gal welcome to the program after months of uncertainty of britain and the european union to finally struck an agreement on a post trade deal the 2 sides patched up their differences at the 11th out of encroaching crisis as the end of the 12 months transition period approached. just days before the january 1st deadline britain is set to leave the european union with a trade deal after months of wrangling the 2 sides finally agreed to the terms on which the e.u. would be allowed to continue fishing in british waters the last piece of the puzzle to fall into place before the deal could be announced both sides are selling the
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agreement as the best deal for their positions. british prime minister boris johnson said it would benefit greatly part of the u.k. . a deal that will protect jobs across this country do. goods u.k. goods and components to be sold without tariffs without coaches in the e.u. market a deal which will if anything allow our companies and our exporters to do even movie business with our european friends over in brussels the e.u. chief said it was time to look to the future. we will continue cooperating with the u.k. in all areas of mutual interest for example in the field of climate change and it's the security and transfixed to care that we still not see for more than we do a part of president the deal needs the approval of both the british parliament and
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the e.u.'s 27 member states. ambassadors from each countries will meet on christmas day to start reviewing the deal the british parliament will debate and vote on the deal on december 30th. of this agreement comes into effect on the 1st of january it means there'll be no tariffs on trade between britain and its biggest trading partner of the european union a fishing rights emerged as one of the last barriers to a deal that a human has agreed to give up a quarter of the fish catches in british waters no hard border between island the northern island which is part of the u.k. this had been another big sticking point irish prime minister may have martin described the outcome as a good compromise but britain's final departure from the a u means an end to free movement conditions will apply for residency and travelers will face restrictions as get more detail on this from d.w. correspondents a child that ship charles and pale in london and alexander phenomena in brussels
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welcome both that start with you alexandra in brussels a britain is going to be out of the block in 8 days can 27 countries ratify this deal so quickly. well i think they can if they want to and we have to say that we are talking here about the governments of the member states not about their problem instead would be a much longer process and so we also have to add that judging from a reaction so far most leaders are happy with that compromise so the chances of a rejection of the deal are slim. merkel the german chancellor has already announced that their or her cabinet is going to decide on the deal on the 28th of december so in the next few days and if all the e.u. members follow suit that would mean that the european commission can move forward and provisionally implement the deal before of course the european parliament is
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able to decide on that and that is going to be in at the beginning of january and short of charleston what about british lawmakers will they have to go their christmas holidays to ratify this and will they actually go for it. well you heard the e.u. commission president sort of underlying a short time ago saying relief is how relieved is how she felt that certainly something that is being echoed on this side as well that boris johnson fabric cities and the promise of delivering a deal on bret's it has been fulfilled and for those who who never supported breck's it were never in favor of it i think there is relief that at the very least there is a deal in place with the transition period ending. next week the threats of no deal was feeling incredibly real so it's for that reason that the leave you of the labor
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party the opposition party kissed on the has said that his party will be backing the deal when it comes into parliament he was saying that the threat of not having a deal was far worse than supporting it he was clear to say though that any of the possible negative implications will be the responsibility of the conservative boris johnson's party that the opposition they would party won't take any responsibility but what we've learned from that is essentially that this will pass through parliament particularly with boris's boris johnson's majority that will that christmas is be disrupted well this deal has been done in time for christmas the optics of which will look very good for boris johnson and we know that parliament will be recalled on the 30th of december i was under a hula judy if there is a dispute in this studio as it's implemented. well we know that for the european
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union it was essential to establish a mechanism to make sure that the future disputes can be resolved and of course from the european perspective it would be the best to have the european court of justice to play a role in all of that according to the u.k. there is no role for the european court of justice instead both sides seem to have agreed on our independent arbitration an independent panel that would in the future decide if there is a breach of the deal and if there has to be penalties or compensation but of course please let me add that you cannot rule out that one of the parties or maybe a company can go to court if it's things that it's necessary. we'll leave it there thank you both alexander phenomena in brussels charlotta johnson pill in london
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well here in berlin chancellor merkel says she's confident the brig's deal is a good outcome in a statement she said with the agreement we are laying the foundations for a new chapter in our relations even from outside the european union the united kingdom will continue to be an important partner for germany and the e.u. the german cabinet will meet on monday to discuss the country's position. we can get more german reaction from political correspondent julia deleo welcome julia let's start with german reaction and so what else are we hearing from germany oh definitely seen some relief here in germany at the news that a deal has been achieved we've seen the statement from and get a message she said that this is a historic deal of historic importance that she is pleased that the deal has been reached she has detailed what is going to happen now in germany so the government is the cabin that's going to get together to decide whether they accept this deal as it is and she says she is confident that the deal is a good one we've also seen
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a reaction from germany's foreign minister heikal mosse has said that it was worth it in the end to push ahead and try to get a deal through even at the at the last minute and he said that germany as the holder of the current presidency of the e.u. council until the end of the year is going to try to do everything in its power to get the deal implemented provisionally by january 1st he said it's going to be challenging it's going to require flexibility from all sides but he is confident that this can be reached course that chancellor merkel probably the most influential of european politicians what what role if any does she play in these negotiations if we look of a lot of the british press lately there's been a lot of talk of macca being the power force behind the negotiations in recent months but she herself said when asked at a press conference that she has all the of an all trust me and his team and that
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she has no direct role in the she had no direct role in the negotiations it is certain that merkel and her government really want to a deal to happen she has said only recently that if a deal have not been reached it would send a bad signal and obviously with germany being at the head of the president you counsel presidency it was a goal that the country really wanted to push for and wanted to achieve with with a miracle at the head of it. you for the political correspondents that you listen to for will take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines the 1st case of a new coronavirus variant spreading rapidly in the u.k. has now been identified here in germany in fact the person flew into frank for example from london 5 days ago and fell ill at home in south west germany. moldova has a new president pro europe former prime minister maya sandu has been sworn in after winning last month's election although there is split between supporters of russia
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and those favoring close to ties with europe the son do is the 1st woman to lead the former soviet nation. austria has reopened its ski lifts for christmas winter sports are underway at $400.00 alpine locations despite the imminent start of a 3rd national lockdown the government argues that as an outdoor sports is safe under strict conditions mountain restaurants remain closed for. pope francis a celebrated the traditional christmas eve mass from st peter's basilica in the vatican this is service started 2 hours earlier than usual in order to comply with its least 10 o'clock lockdown of the congregations also much smaller because of social distancing rules christmas day we'll see more changes when the pope gives his traditional or by any. blessing from inside st peter's robbed from me a balcony overlooking the square. countless families of course being kept apart at
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christmas by the pandemic but most parents a determined not to let take over it really in the most magical time of year for the youngsters in russia let's open the door to a new type of children's entertainer for. it's the holidays in the russian capital but with the pandemic still raging here many families are worrying that father frost could leave more than just presents under the christmas tree. that's created a booming market in children's entertainers who have recovered from cope with 90. and have the antibodies to prove it with at least a temporary immunity to the virus the promise to bring only holiday cheer to their clients homes. of and of our actors by trade but come december they transform into. father frost or death morrows and his helpers. after recovering from coated earlier this year they decided that even a global pandemic shouldn't dampen the holiday spirit. the 1st snow fell and the
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holiday season started and i said to olga let's do it but if we both already recovered without any symptoms why shouldn't we work the kids will be safe and so will we. keeping hope alive is the best gift of this holiday season. but eyes new everyone needs the celebration it is the words as much everyone has been waiting for it this is what we all hope this will and next year it's just 2020 the year was just bad bad bad i really hope it will get better but it is so ordinary the. visit from father frost at the right holds thanks to a healthy dose of covert anybody's. contactless games the holiday spirit is alive and well despite the coronavirus pandemic. there is very different than everyone blowing air kisses because we can't hug each other.
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and finally some furry a festive chia courtesy of the burdens of the animals in the german capital have been treated to some early socks of presidents there was even a little something under the christmas tree for a lot of bands the 2 of those are the stars aren't supposed to best and tanya weave into better training for a swim after their feast. and that's it you're up to date on more for you there will be more feel at the top of the hour kate ferguson has more now on the economic implications of the deal in a business news update oh she's coming up now. and it will not be you know what's at the website that's d.w. adoptive couple of good.
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and you hear me now oh yes we don't need you and hard on stands and sound so now i'm going to back off and you kind of have been surprised to self with what is possible who is man called really what moved. up to talk to people who followed her along the way maurice and critics alike joining us from echols lock stock.


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