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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2020 12:45pm-1:01pm CET

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her to call it a gift action then when he had already given up some of his sovereignty and accepted this great personal risk struction of his powers we are i'm trained he could well be given a little financial benefit that often and still under the arm of god. and yet even with his financial allowance from the north the king was still very short of money . his ministers are asked him to limit his building projects or nutrition would be clearly said and also wrote i can't discuss building is my greatest joy in life and hope to live in sats how he put it formally or undeterred he continued to order chandeliers with exquisite nickel placing furniture and sculptures the bills show his obsession with details. on stein cost approximately 6000000 marks that sequent of about 42000000 euros today. he's also taken loans from foreign banks which was a big mistake on those foreign banks were not obliged to be loyal subjects to him
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and so they insistently pressed for repayment they even threatened to seize his properties size this come to printing storm and. the building works had to be halted time and again much to the king's shagger and. in the middle of the council courtyard the outlines of some foundation walls tell us about luke biggs original vision for the construction. the plan of our god plan was to build a castle keep here right where we're standing nose at which would be noisy lunchtimes tallest tower by far off the middle of the it was modeled in the medieval fashion it would have housed the castle chapel on the ground floor and above it would be a keep about 45 meters high it was referred to me the whole get off the back of that would make a total height of 900 meters long. bastion for the keen. his inspiration came from
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a set design for record far across loom cream a fortified tower rising above everything else ideal in the middle ages for spotting approaching enemies but some were obsolete after the invention of the telephone a constant there is no other way to put it. castle is like a torso rather than a whole body it doesn't look the way look at it this 2nd planned it for that's especially because the central deep is missing and the set is it would have completely changed the entire look of the castle hoot for and. remains an unfulfilled dream. just on the moon by this time the 1st suits had begun to be filed against him by craft. the claims for payment overwhelming the king was bankrupt
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painters bricklayers and guild is no longer receive their money smith who hadn't been paid on call and $885.00 it finally became clear to look biggs ministers that something had to be done to cut his majesty simply refused to take their advice was just for. the debt soon to 100000000 euros in today's money you had to swim at the end of it he got himself into a very difficult position personally because a king and that is also a problem for the state and probably made it. a monarch is supposed to hold office for life unless he certified as insane. as an ancient some of the guys think views on ludwig the 2nd state of mental health still differ greatly to this day when he was certainly very unusual and you can certainly say he was eccentric and then his later years he did suffer from. let's say mental abnormalities here as it
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is a more recent theories back in late that he might even have had a neurological disorder i missed some early signs of dementia. thursday june 10th 886 a government commission from munich of arrived at the council to remove the king from power. but instead the monarch took the men into custody. 2 days later. the 2nd finally accepted his fate. most your majesty this is the unhappiest studio i have ever had to perform as you are hereby deposed for reasons of mental illness isis can i now ask you to follow me because we are taking you to bear castle and they stand back. the last act of the tragedy. the king was taken away. he would never set eyes on his castle again. declaring him of unsound mind was a legal gray area and that was clear to anyone there was no constitutional
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provision for the ruler to be declared legally insane and dethroned but they did it anyway since the army just toss them to ma. i don't think it was placed under house arrest at least on bag. no one knows what really happened. conspiracy theories abound one plausible sequence of events is that you would feed went into the water to the front couldn't tried to help and they both drowned when the disparate filmmaking began to struggle with his would be rescuer king lordly the 2nd was just 40 years old when he died. it was a shock to everyone. was that an accident suicide or murder. a mist was born
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because any attempt to explain that it invites a new theory. there are 2 east in boston used to swim there across the alps a kilometer long it's 4 kilometers long and see as the king was a very very good swimmer mccurdy curious that he drowned. curious. eking simply trout. in al gore hardly anyone can own wants to believe that the king died of natural causes. as he was foreman and also i know from my grandfather he was 14 when ludwig died and he never believed the story that the king was murdered as this is an old family legend that the body in his coffin was a wax dummy a very popular opinion throughout bavaria at the time that the most of by and in fact everyone believed he had withdrawn to a mountain hot somewhere because ludwig was just 40 years old when he died it was
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unimaginable that a man so young would just die but does so in europe ensure if a student. doesn't drink that's right the indian sikh economy's going into the lake was an escape for losing i know an escape from an unbearable situation namely 1000 its influence patrick by that i mean his detainment in the bag castle and the fact that he is a monarch who was incredibly conscious of his majesty suddenly had to obey the orders of doctors and nurses. give orders and so it it on and the wife of a mentally ill person even under absolutely the best care was not unfamiliar to him . due to the fate of his brother who was clearly mentally ill and because this guy . bluefins younger brother also displayed abnormal behavior from early childhood and was diagnosed as mentally ill. auto was locked up from the age of 23.
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today it's issues he suffered from psychosis resulting from schizophrenia. and so his leaving mother who thinks by such a life was certainly unbearable for load vague and he wanted to escape it god whether he consciously intended to do so by means of suicide or he simply wanted to flee this place i'd say that's open to interpretation of a whole philosophy. he left behind both apostle and a dream no more realized in bricks in war time. was. in the following decades to reason flourished at north.
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this is the 1st color footage dating from the 1930 s. the council is the focus of tuesday's cameras. at all fittler visited noise french tynecastle in early 1933 on the 50th anniversary of record fatness death records white by chance the 2nd had something in common with hitler would have a great admiration for wagner that's a pretty off this naturally led to hitler's own interest in this castle and others you have talked. about hitler wanted to be the greatest mass to builder of all times himself rather than standing in the king's shadow he only visited the castle monks. 30 datsun i was annoyed diana was in fact a problem for the nazis because of the man who. commission down. and in the thirty's and forty's who had stood big the 2nd was still known as a mad king of its with a not so great reputation involving home or
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a system that cetera so good noirmont that didn't exactly fit in with the nazis ideology doing to its most hang ashamed. about something they didn't realize before the end of the 2nd world war is noise for instance remote location. this made it safe from the rain no one was living there and the council had a lot of space. ringback ringback to fix the hiding who should. ringback come soon top floor whole of southern germany was famous for its hiding places for looted art to prevent reticular objects stolen by the nazis from france from paris when our swan store noise was the largest storehouse of them all because it's well known that the so-called rothschild treasures were kept and water. april 19th 45. american troops reach nice french town council. the
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so-called monuments men confiscated the loot taken from france by the nazis during your occupation crates of school shoes jewelry and paintings the ids are only a few of the $23000.00 pieces of art found by the american troops here on the bottom. 600 crates of irreplaceable works was sent back to paris alone. oh come from glue clear it's lucky the castle wasn't misused by the nazis or ideological purposes swan's and that means that after the end of the nazi dictatorship and the 2nd world war noise feinstein was able to present itself as an untouched treasure untaet gave a boost to terrorism and it's really nice ranch time became the symbol of a different journey. does need to conspiration he's famous fairy tale castle.
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soon the council was on the list of must see attractions the u.s. military stationed in germany. that south asia graphs of of the varian dream found their way into the living rooms of many americans. to swallow this for all thought is if until 30 or 40 years ago north bunched on was dismissed as kitsch as well so those actually no one from this area visited north bunged diners luncheon because it was just kitchen and at most you go when a relative was visiting and you'd have to pay a courtesy visit to flee clouds be so who knows once i'm on the guest list for such courtesy visits includes former us 1st lady barbara bush. the queen of thailand. and former soviet president mikhail gorbachev. named and. every year
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one and a half 1000000 visitors from all around the world come here to be in chanted by the costumes magic. those who do are rewarded with press taking images from another world. what keeps us in shape what makes us tick and how do we stay healthy. my name is dr costly could i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and then discuss what you can do to improve your head. state use. and
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let's all try to stay and good should. be cut you. make me there in this mess in this well with this whistle. world musician mostly through and through. 3 women with african rooms undelete show us a young coach told the end of may contact at the mall to the source of their inspiration the map cut. ladies. in 75 minutes on. im sure there are a personality stories that. look like the best photo or t.w. reporters. played destiny's a. great little stream people would like to me to
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play along. for. the book i. play. play play play. play. this is day to day news live from the long awaited your opinion it u.k. trade deal is done a latest saying it's fair and balanced the british prime minister called it a small christmas present also coming up john president frank timelines says there is light at the end of the tunnel we'll have more on what he had to say about the coronavirus pandemic in his traditional christmas space age. and christmas is
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usually a time for togetherness but the coronavirus is proving a challenge to churches.


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