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tv   Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2020 6:00pm-6:03pm CET

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lines. this is the w.'s live from brooklyn the huge blast rocks downtown nashville a christmas morning explosion blows out windows and damages buildings police say it is a deliberate attitude bring you the latest also on the program the european union nations stuff assessing the post-breakfast a trade deal drinks with the u.k. the 2000 page document still needs to be ratified by the british and european parliament's. latin american countries begin on fisher's coronavirus immunization programs the worst case has yet to approve
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a vaccine we'll find out why brazil is lagging behind. i'm thrilled to help welcome to the program we start in the u.s. if you're from nashville in the state of tennessee where an explosion has caused widespread damage it's believed the pocked a vehicle blew up in the downtown area i witness to say the hood and allowed boom on christmas morning followed by black smoke and billowing flames locals on social media say the blast blew out windows and damage surrounding buildings police say they believe the explosion was intentional emergency crews are at the same journalist micah silly but joins us from nashville i welcome to day to you what do police mean by intentional. well just after 6 am this morning
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we had a call or warning shots fired in this area on 2nd avenue and the downtown section of nashville this led to an officer coming in best to getting the scene and noticing a large recreational vehicle they gave him some suspicion so he called in the bomb squad it's just was issued. hazardous materials team. circumstances which led to this officer calling the hazardous materials unit doing a sweep of all the apartments in the area and then this was just before the explosion happened about 6 30 am. is the presumption that the shots being fired on the explosion that. there is a presumption of that it's not determined at this point but yes there is some some presumption that you are linked right tell us more about the area where this happened. well this is largely an entertainment district business
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entertainment police central police district is just a few blocks down the street but largely here. but. you can cry out there whether you can get it will probably. especially in the evening. go back with us i go in the evening. i was going to say if this was in the evening this would be a bustling area with thousands of people lining the streets but you know right now it was fairly quiet. so that i guess that does lead to the 5 there's only 3 people that were injured. and this is come out of nowhere no has no threats of attacks no previous history of this sort of thing.


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