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tv   Museums- Check  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2020 1:00am-1:31am CET

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the reason for. that will probably never come to shattered dreams starts january 18th on d w. this is d w news alive out from berlin and downtown nashville is rocked by a huge blast 3 people are injured after a motor home explodes damaging buildings and a shattering windows get a live update from tennessee also coming up on the show. several countries in latin america begin ambitious coronavirus in the united nation programs but the worst hit nation has yet to approve
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a vaccine we'll find out why brazil is lagging behind. and european union nations start to pick through the post a brac say trade deal the 2000 page document still needs to be ratified by the british and european parliament is. going to chairman president frank loesser steinmeier says there is a light at the end of the tunnel we'll have more on what he had to say about the krona virus pandemic and his traditional christmas address. m k richards and welcome to the show we start in the u.s. a city of nashville in the state of tennessee where i car bomb explosion has wounded at least 3 people and caused widespread damage eyewitnesses in the city's downtown area say they heard a large a loud boom in the early hours of christmas morning followed by black smoke and billowing. claims the blast blew out windows into damage surrounding buildings
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police say there's evidence that the explosion it was intentional. and get more from nashville where mike sleeve i can tell us more about what's been going on authorities are saying that the blast appears to be in intentional what more can you tell us about that well it's been a long day here in nashville at around 5 30 am so just just under 12 hours ago there was a 911 call reporting shots fired in the area just in downtown nashville up a tree 2nd avenue on that scene and there wasn't one simply arrived on the scene there was any evidence of shots fired in the meeting area but authorities were led to a suspicious recreational vehicle parked on the street and circumstances regarding the cryptic messages that were blasted from the r.v. that officers to call in units of the national police fire bomb squad has arisen tiriel so you know it's. police did
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a sweep of the area. and on on the way there realized that this message was coming from the dire warnings come from the r.v. was saying evacuate now there was a bomb a bomb in this vehicle and it will explode about it give a countdown as if the minutes for that just as they can you just describe for us 1st in the area where this blast actually took place what is it like. sure it's it's largely it's entertainment district there are it's a historic building a lot of historic buildings there but also mostly restaurants entertainment been used for country music but not that kind of resident but are. residents there it's largely just that district so 6 30 am on christmas morning it's cold outside there were a lot of people in the streets. right and do you know if any of these businesses in the area had received any threats in recent days or weeks it's authorities are
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saying there was no credible threats signaling any kind of intending attack before christmas so we have no information on that right and the possibility of a further attacks of authorities said anything on that matter. well you know today throughout the day they've been scouring the area trying to locate you know any other secondary devices in syria devices it's it's i don't want to say it's an all clear but it is one of those things that i think they believe me they have the possibility of a secondary attack but you never know this point. and as we've mentioned this of course happened early on christmas morning during the middle of a pandemic what has that meant for efforts to care for the people who've been affected by this blast. well we dished it's a lot of the people that are there have been evacuated or are in lockdown in that area gnash downtown nashville is in a state a lockdown. you know one thing about the blast as well was that it was directly
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across from an 18 to data center which leads to the to a bit of suspicion so you know our phones are pretty much out of order right now in terms of dad and wife by connectivity so this is actually had an impact on the infrastructure in nashville and have we said anything about whether this building was in fact the target of the blast. it's not known at this point it's not been confirmed at this point but you know speculation does lead us to kind of think that i will say also that the national airport is currently shut down due to the the data. all right so it's had far reaching actually on just that downtown area i might sleep in nashville tennessee thank you very much and you.
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to latin america now where 3 countries have started mass coronavirus immunization programs mexico chile and coaster rica but with this world's 2nd highest coated 1000 death toll all eyes are on brazil where no vaccine has yet been approved. it's been a week of celebrating firsts in latin america the 1st shipment arrivals of vaccines . the 1st jabs for health care workers and those at risk. it's the best gift in 2020 i could have gotten. you when i understand people is suspicious it's something new but you have to have faith and get vaccinated as soon as possible chile mexico and costa rica have all begun administering the farce of biotech back same. chain of main while has or saved its 1st doses of russia's sputnik 5 x.
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and with plans to begin vaccinations next week but in brazil which has one of the highest rates of covert 19 infections in the world there have been mixed messages with. the baton time institute has announced that their trial of the chinese soon about vaccine had achieved w hey chose required efficiency levels the very next day brazil's president revealed his lack of confidence in. these efficiency of the vaccine in sao paolo seems to be down i will not disclose a percentage here because if i make a 0.001 percent era i'll be beaten up by the media i want a vaccine that is safe and effective that meets its objectives there are a lot of scared people at home let's wait for the vaccine. but while the nations that have begun rolling out the vaccine are optimistic warnings to remain vigilant against the virus remain in place. and with the pandemic affecting billions of
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people around the world to spare a thought for the hundreds of thousands of sailors who can't go home because of cold feet 19 related restrictions travel regulations means some can't even leave their ships or get urgent medical care our next report shows the precarious situations they're facing. container ships from around the world dock at hamburg harbor the seaman's mission is usually a popular venue for sailors but now coronavirus or struction is have kept almost everyone off land that is now there is a decision by the captains were scared of the virus being brought on board when. presidents have been donated for the sailors but getting the gifts to them is hard however more than 50 sailors from micronesia have been living for weeks in local youth hostels they're stuck here because of the pandemic. i mean our country my country isn't letting anyone in and there are also no flights . what's left is playing soccer on the computer or board games with the youth
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hostels minister. some of these men have been away from home for 18 months. their only consolation is getting video calls from their families back home. my son is one year old he just had his birthday i would love to hold him again and kiss him. there are an estimated 400000 sailors stranded around the world shipping companies try to help the cruise. thank you for. i know there are so many restrictions that it's very very hard to relieve sea personnel as i'm going on. from the board and there's the german ship owners association has called for an end to these restrictions saying c.n.n. should be classified as essential workers. you know how german president frank foster steinmeier has delivered a message of hope in his annual christmas day address to the nation he said the
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current fires pandemic how to radically change daily life in germany but also brought germans together. the big organ and burger. bust. and vincent is v. it was visits at the from from them laden on them dying out playing the jewish courts on time insisted we must now of. foosball him study on kino on consult the highs in all of the fire. on feelings under the me i'm depending me i don't stand there in the fire let's leave the mentions invade said professionally thus is must be anomalous leave in a bad 1st under verse have been via have found the stark isn't when they are fine and the more and doesn't. that was a present from voters to my or their in his
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a christmas address to the nation and you can watch the full address by the president right after this program for now though european union countries have started to assess the post breck's a trade deal reached with the u.k. on christmas eve the 2000 page document still needs to be accepted by the british and european parliament in the long awaited agreement means trade across the english channel will remain tariff free british prime minister boris johnson is pleased with the deal but it might just cause him a whole new set of headaches. the doors of the e.u. count so close britain has been a strange from the block since january and now that trade deal is finalizing the divorce. the u.s. ambassadors convened on christmas day to signal the start of approving the thousands of pages of fine print all member countries and britain are expected to ratify the agreement. the e.u. is chief negotiator michel barnier he expressed regret saying there was no winner
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and breck set and calling the separation a lose lose situation while britain's prime minister barak's johnson made merry exulting the agreement as his christmas gift to the nation because this is a deal a deal to give certainty to business travelers and all investors in our country from the 1st of january a deal with our friends and partners in the e.u. the agreement may have a verse in the economic chaos of a no deal breck's it but commentators warn that britain may have opened a pandora's box of troubles not least scottish dissatisfaction restless and strong would rather be part of the european union than the british are but a rock trigger for myself but this is definitely. a fatigue because it's been going on so long it's happening over the balls rolling i think we should just finish it. up but i do appreciate the people. in scotland on the who actually want to disturb
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me personally i would prefer scotland's park if you're. saying that's to be our future for. school. there are already cools for a 2nd independence referendum to be held in scotland in the coming year and this is not the only unknown post brics it the u.k. will be in completely uncharted territory. correspondent barry at mass in london told me more about how news of the deal is being received. many british people will be really happy that this bret's the chapter is closed for now is really tortured the country for years it has polarized the country and most people will be happy that they can leave news of gregg's of behind for now even people who voted for remaining in the european union there will be a sigh of relief it is the 1st trade agreement that erect barriers instead of
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taking them down but still not having the steel would've made matters much worse there would have been the prospect of losing tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of jobs and that is also a big relief for the business community that this deal is finally done and such is expected to go through parliament in the next days and without major difficulties. well 9 months ago britain's queen elizabeth the 2nd gave a touching special address ensuring people that they would meet again one day despite the pandemic now the 94 year old monarch has reminded people to remain hopeful in her annual christmas day message from windsor castle the queen paid tribute to the many volunteers who had helped others during the pandemic and encourage people to continue to show selflessness and love she also had some words for those who had lost loved ones during this difficult year. of course for many
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this time of year will be a tinge of sadness some mourning the loss of those dear to them and others missing friends and family members distance for safety when all they really want for christmas is a simple hug or a squeeze of their hand if you are among them you are not alone. and let me assure you of my thoughts and prayers. meanwhile pope francis has given his traditional or be at or be a blessing at the vatican in rome but a look at drastically different compared to previous years tony doubt of course because of the krona virus pandemic. what a difference a year makes this is pope francis last christmas simply to square thronged with the faithful awaiting his benediction a year of coronaviruses left its ravages and the square is empty the pontiff himself banished from his balcony to give his blessing inside the vatican to
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a smaller audience than usual to avoid drawing crowds francis intertwined the virus with his eternal theme of social justice with the temple yes well today in this time of darkness and uncertainty due to the pandemic several lights of hope are appearing such as the discoveries of vaccine of these lights to bring hope to the world that they must be accessible given us that all too. and he called for divine help in ending war around the world for the sake of the children you know. faces touch the consciences of all men and women of goodwill. so that the causes of conflicts can be addressed. courageous efforts can be made to build a future of peace. you should pontiffs blessing was the same as it has been for centuries but she is she is she. to shine this approvals the
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money to simply. be there to be to the city and the world. under now of the top story we're following for you police say they believe an explosion which rocked a downtown nashville was intentional the blast destroyed a parked vehicle into blew windows out of nearby buildings. in your mind you can always get the news on the go just down or out from google play or from the out star will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications up for any of breaking news and if you happen to be part of a news story yourself you can also use the w. app to send us photos and videos of text and happening. that's often out there for you can also get the latest news and information around the clock on our website at www dot com and play richardson in berlin we'll be back at the top of the hour with all the latest headlines up next here on the full length christmas day address by
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the female. the female. d.m. conquered some of the most dangerous racetracks many times barely touching to telstra . derek bell. to resume nigel is coming back on trial their fellow drivers in tragic accident living and dying high on horse power
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read. next on g.w. . the last one was certainly there but how did he teach in 2020 villages of this summer it was completely different. our presenters branch of children movement there was plenty to discover and admire and one important insight that vacation was much better than the chicken. in 60 minutes w. d t you know that 77 percent blockage are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and you. happen to know what time all voices.
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called the 77 percent talk about the issues come up. from the politics to flash from cars like the good stuff this is where they are. welcome to 77 percent. this weekend on g.w. . songs i saw as big eyes and i knew he was sadly no longer with us at the end of it when you get to our age you have to think about why why are we one of the chosen few the true.


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