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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2020 7:00am-7:16am CET

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says the remains of their existence. we call them the children of chain. stores january 11th on d.w. . was. played. this is d.w. news live from berlin us police say an explosion in nashville tennessee was an intentional bombing incident 3 people are injured when a motor home exploits damaging buildings in shattering windows will get an update on the situation shortly from tennessee also coming up a new national start to pick through the christmas eve breaks that try to deal in
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2000 page document still needs to be ratified by the british and european parliament. and down but not out of 2020 was a year of july is and cancellations in sport worldwide because of the coronavirus not least the lack of spectators the 1st of the his events changed the face of competitions all take a look at the impact of pandemic has had on the sporting world. place. blame. on gerrard great thank you for joining me we start the show in the us where police say they believe an explosion which rocked a downtown nashville was an intentional act at least 3 people were wounded and there was widespread damage after a motorhome exploded in the early hours of christmas morning local police investigators a looking into possible human remains found near the site of the blast. this aerial
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footage shows the extent of the damage from the explosion the force of the blast from the recreational vehicle smashed windows and sent debris flying. luckily the early hour of the day the streets of central nashville were largely empty when the explosion happened police had already arrived on the scene after receiving a phone call reporting gunshots in the area. has also responded they encountered an r.v. that had a record senate a potential bomb with dead nate within 15 minutes of says upon hearing that decided to evacuate the buildings nearby one woman tells of a chilling automated message that spurred 10 narrow escape picardo accounting on where there the vehicle will work forward in the thing manner and we're in and portraying an infant well you know we started really gathering our thing back up
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front pads in her carrier i got my turn here were they in another apartment that was on her overlooking 2nd avenue we were all very concerned about all there in the way my 5 year old sister were staying in another apartment that was on the other side of the building on the back side overlooking the river and we all know where they are and got in the car and where investigators are now looking into the possible motives behind the explosion i think people will do that was not an accident. and from that little take a little bit of time to get to the bottom of it and i do think it was clearly done when nobody was going to be a room it would be a different message if it was you know 5 pm on a friday. down time nashville was sealed off and the f.b.i. have appealed to the public for any relevant information. please tell us what you know. we need leads we need your help. president donald trump has been. on the
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monetary. let's go straight to nashville now and speak to journalist mike's a lead by he can tell us more about what's been going on good to see you mike we just heard police appeal of more help from the public they believe this was intentional do we know any more about who or what could have been responsible well they've been posting a lot of the photos a security cam for cam camera voters the r.v. as it was crossing onto 2nd avenue about 122 this morning. other than that it's just a massive appeal for more information i will say to that what was initially a $10000.00 reward for facts leading up to the arrest has now grown to over 300000 dollars after the rule or 3 information lead to the rest conviction of this is suspect of this crime ok investigators say they found what they think a human remains so it's possible that a person or people were in fact killed tina. it is possible that's that's
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still speculative at this point due to the fact that. but. all signs are leading to it could possibly be someone that was involved in this in this crime ok mike nashville is the hostel of american country music these happened on christmas day to tell us more about the area where the where this all happened. this is largely a historic district it's a few blocks away from a lot of the entertainment being used on key talks but there are quite a few restaurants buildings and a few small residential apartments look at the 2nd or 3rd floor levels so. as i said before i think it is one of those things to note that this was something that. was was and there were very little people out it's cold outside
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right now it's 6 30 in the morning on christmas morning there's not going to be a lot of people on the on the streets so it's a very didn't do we know you i mean this attack happened a police preparing for anything other attacks that i think any anything else might be likely authorities are saying there's no credible threat signaling a pending tack before christmas and nothing indicating that afterwards so we're all on high alert but i think i think this is an isolated incident ok that was journalist mike's aleve speaking to us from nashville tennessee thank you very much mike. e.u. countries have started to recess the post breaks a trade deal reached with the u.k. on christmas eve now the 2000 page document still needs to be accepted by the british and european parliament the long awaited agreement means that trade across the engine english channel will remain tariff free british prime minister bars
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johnson is pleased with the deal but it could cause him a whole set of new headaches. the doors of the e.u. council closed britain has been a strange from the block since january and now the trade deal is finalizing the divorce. e.u. ambassadors convened on christmas day to signal the start of approving the thousands of pages of fine print all member countries and britain are expected to ratify the agreement. the e.u. use chief negotiator michel barnier expressed regret saying there was no winner in breck set and calling the separation a lose lose situation while britain's prime minister barak's johnson made merry exultingly agreement as his christmas gift to the nation because this is a deal a deal to give certainty to business travelers and all investors in our current crew from the 1st of january a deal with off friends and partners in the e.u.
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the agreement may have a verse at the economic chaos of a no deal breck's it but commentators warn that britain may have opened a pandora's box of troubles not least scottish dissatisfaction most of us it's gone would rather be part of the european union than the british or the drop target for myself but this is definitely. a fatigue because it's been so long it's happening the balls rolling i think we should just finish it. but i do appreciate the people in scotland on the whole i actually want to stay with you personally i would care scotland to be part of here so. that's the we have to try. to stop it but it is. there already calls for a 2nd independence referendum to be held in scotland in the coming year and this is not the only unknown post breck's at the u.k.
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will be in completely uncharted territory. here's some of the other stories making news today the british government has deployed around 1000 soldiers to direct traffic and assist in the mass testing of thousands of truck drivers waiting to cross the english channel into france french authorities ended a 48 hour border closure on wednesday only for truck drivers who. had 19. russia has opened a criminal case against opposition activists and ball an ally of kremlin critic. so both supporters say she rang the doorbell of an alleged security service agent who . took part in a failed plot to kill him russian authorities however say her actions constitute quad violent trespassing and took her in for questioning. the leader of long time the longtime leader of molly's opposition. has died aged 71 from corona virus
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complications the former finance minister was considered a favorite to win the next election planned to early 2022 he passed away just 2 months after his release from lengthy captivity by islamist insurgents. and residents on the portuguese island of madeira have been evacuated after floods and rock slides destroyed at least one hardly a firefight it captured this footage of rising waters inundating roads as well as the symmetry in the north of the island iran no reported injuries. but the corona virus has led to a huge up people around the world this year with sports also badly hit in an unprecedented move the olympics had to be postponed until next year while athletes and players had to get used to performing in empty arenas here's a look back at one of the strangest years in sports. novak djokovic 28th straight in open tennis title in the february. and safina cannon celebrated
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her 1st who would have predicted it will be one of the very few big sporting events this year not to be impacted by the coronavirus. by march the pandemic was causing chaos for sporting show jewels almost every competition was put on hold or canceled. the talk you were lympics would you to take place in july and august but it soon became obvious it would not be possible the international olympic committee eventually announced a year's postponement we are all human kind very dark. moment in time. we do not know how long this will be. confident. with these olympic games these new dates. we can be a light at the end of the. tunnel the men's european football championship was
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among other big events pushed back by a year. the main problem hosting sport during a pandemic is fans the throngs that turned up in 2019 for the wimbledon tennis championships where health risk a year on wimbledon was cancelled for the 1st time since the 2nd world war. but there had to be a way to get sport back even without spectators in the stadiums and various gimmicks were tried. some were more successful than others. but the mass testing of athletes meant some competitions could return with virtual fams. germany's football bonus legal led the way by starting up again in may without supporters it felt soulless at 1st but quickly became the norm. tennis star djokovic tested positive for corona virus in june after he set up his own tournament but without rigid protocols. there is other big sporting names as
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formula one champion lewis hamilton also contracted the virus. but sport also did some good with the home of the u.s. open tennis in new york turned into a makeshift hospital. the olympic rings are back on in tokyo ready for 2021 but no one really knows how sport will fare in another challenging year ahead . at the vatican in rome pope francis has given his traditional order be a blessing that's latin for to the city and to the world but it will drastically different compared to previous years' time down again because of the coronavirus. what a difference a year makes this is pope francis last christmas simply to square thronged with the faithful awaiting his benediction. year of coronaviruses left its ravages and the square is empty the pontiff himself banished from his balcony to give his blessing inside the vatican to
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a smaller audience than usual to avoid drawing crowds francis intertwined the virus with his eternal theme of social justice. today in this time of darkness and uncertainty due to the pandemic several lights of hope are appearing such as the discoveries of vaccine of these lights to bring hope to the world they must be accessible to all. and he called for divine help in ending war around the world for the sake of the children. faces touch the consciences of all men and women of goodwill. so that the causes of conflicts can be addressed. courageous efforts can be made to build a future of peace and you. use the pontiff blessing was a same as it has been for centuries but this she is she just has this
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endless approvals the minute since i was. told be to the city and the world. that's all for now coming up next shift caucus utilize the nation is more now website dealing dot com you can follow our correspondents and stories on twitter and instagram to your i d w news i'm sorry for you thanks for watching. every day counts for us and for our pleasure. the idea is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities screener how can we protect animals and.


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