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they know that the road is not a solution. they know their flight could be fatal. but going back is not an option. i'm on and property are stuck in the spanish border area. along side other young people there waiting for a chance that will probably never come. shattered dreams starts january 18th on t.w. . the world. saw as i saw as big eyes and i knew he was sadly no longer with us at the end of it when you get to our age you have to think about why why are we one of the chosen few that holds true.
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maybe a 1982 qualifying for the belgian grand prix at those old kits is even nerve in his ferrari right behind you driving him on. for the full can never do so he flew across the track with his helmet already missing feet on straight into the safety fencing thinking the foursome from disney functoid. up the lizard on the stop my car and ran over saws on the go and then i saw his big eyes and i knew he was sadly no longer with us a broken neck good it was awful i could. probably polak i gently pulled. down as balaklava goes and then the doctors and
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helpers start arriving. but all. i knew his family his kids before that we've been friends in monaco we lived pretty close to each other. and it was just her all fit for the. april 983 california. and was competing in the riverside 6 i was raised in a porsche 935. he had taken over from derek bell at the halfway point. he had a concrete wall and on. the end of it
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when you get to our age you have to think about why why are we one of the chosen few that battle truman and make that one throw that in the decades later maz and bell are among the big stars of a high profile motor racing festival in southern england. moss is now in his mid seventy's well belle is pushing 80 and both are still driving a more normal tomorrow but this film looks at why they survived well others perished. in the elite in a long running mate. for revival event celebrates the circuit's glory days in the 1950 s. and sixty's entry is limited to vintage cars and bikes that competed in the era many of them with several 1000000 year olds. but not everyone has the money to afford such a vehicle has the skills to drive it. and that's where the legends of
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yesteryear come in. here derek bell talks to the record limo when it tom kristensen. and the englishman still cuts a fine figure in his racing overalls. and mass has been recruited by a private drive and he could dishing to form a team with him in goodwood. belt and muscle here because they are 2 of the big win is from what's often called the golden age of motor racing. john marks with the late nicky lauder. he was one of formula one's top drivers that's the time for 2 seasons forming a fruitful partnership with james hunt for mclaren. derek bell competed in formula one for ferrari and other teams but was financially and insurance race specialist
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taking the flag at lamont 5 times. in 1971 belgrade motor racing history while copilot in one of the 3 legendary portion 9 seventeen's together with you know his defense. on the long straight at the mall they reached a speed that lifted the sport to another level. 3 of actually 6 we were doing 396 kilometers 246 mile an hour in 71 but yeah. pretty quick didn't seem like it and we will go around the corner flat out on the way down there's not straight away there's a very severe corner but somehow the car just. pedal to the metal for a full 7 kilometers. in 5th gear for one minute from. full throttle so i
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went around like that for one minute because it knows the damage is so insignia norbit singing i worked out how fast they really were he said how many reps you're pulling i said a while he said that's good and calculated and he laughed and said why you're laughing you said i just calculated your top speed and he said it's 396. joseph had spent a season sharing a porsche 917 with belle observation by given the speeds aren't you sometimes scared of your own fearlessness. if you're scared you may as well quit racing and started almost 104 we did you know i guess we probably did 5 races together and we won one of them when we were 2nd a couple of times in $2971.00 the 2 drive is would be partners for the last time and set me straight in october that years if it was dead killed when his formula
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one car crashed at brands hatch and. we hated it and it and i must admit i didn't sleep well at night and i was always desperately nervous the night before a race i mean drivers really were worried i mean you see some drivers faces they were white before the race with anxiety. the previous year bell had shared his ferrari $512.00 cockpit at lamar with swedish driver ronnie pettersen. but he was with me in formula 2 you see as well so i knew him really well that to some native joined the lotus team in formula one at the 978 italian grand prix in monza he cannot it was james hunt and crashed into the barriers his legs shattered he died the next morning. the highlights of this good would weekend is the tourist trophy or t.t. race which will feature an impressive the ray of a c. come. and jack what he types. the classic cars
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operated strictly manually with no electronic support. just in mass is here at the request of nikolaus duty with him he'll be sharing driver duties in the 60 to eat type for a field course. that's what i was busy when you look at everything he's seen and driven not many people in the world can match it i'd say. mass also made his mark on motor sports history. in 1989 he was a member of the zambonis a.v.c. 9 team at le monde. the pace they set down the long was sun strace has never been matched syd's. before here that's one thing we did for 20 or training few that's 120 is a decent speed on a french country road i used to joke to myself before but it isn't
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a problem if you have a good car it's the work i will blame to go to sydney but there was one thing the drivers were really afraid of. your suzuki don't want a flat tire because then things get tricky if you suddenly get rear tire damage in the car lowers a bit there as you get air coming up under the car and it that speed jumbo jets can take off everything there's all this. money spent on to triumph at lamont in 1909 together with money we're fighting in stanley dickens. but that's here too so it's share of incidents the man is one of the deadliest racists in the motor sports world costing the lives of 21 drivers today. must have also been critical of conditions at the mall and even said as much they hear he won't. because he said this race in its current form shouldn't really be
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taking place but there's a huge pressure to compete here the race is hugely prestigious which is why you can't avoid it. when i meet a woman. in 1981 it was a race briefing at the drivers hotel in amman muss overslept. good morning. good morning sleep well. yeah but nobody walked me up. by either c.r. does your every year someone would dial every year before i would have the briefing on friday and when i was at the front i would turn around to look back and wonder who will it be this time hopefully not me hopefully nobody. in $981.00 it was john lewis who hit a guardrail at 350 kilometers per hour. the impact left the driver dead and 2
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race marshals seriously injured another marshal was killed in a separate accident but the race continued. and was won by derek bell together with jackie in the deadly crash did not appear to dampen the celebration. i think there were 2 is to look at it one was i didn't know the drivers well if that means anything they were close friends they became it later well those that die didn't you know that's the way it was either but the racing was like that. that good would the oldest living formula one champion jackie stewart dunces racing the . steel had won the driver's title 3 times between 969 and 73 but you could say the flying scotsman greatest achievement of both was having survived. the bench. you know like my time before the regime was
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dangerous and shake shake destroying sixty's in the seventy's. that's a day in which death and glory became increasingly frequent. among them was still with close friends just some didn't killed in the 1970 before being passed to the sea crowned champion power as. my wife once. she conquered 57 people. i was friendly with him or she with call of duty with trouble. she did. well north of course they never stopped to rage when peace courage to die would never stop the least of the fuel was a lie if you were driving through the fuel rods your machine the same thing you
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never stop to reach the organizers never stop. but you williamson lost his life at the 973 death scrum pre sen dr david kearney tried desperately to turn the car back over but williamson died in the flames. the race was won by jackie stewart probably the saddest victory of his career. we got used to going to germany i've probably been to more serious for a test flight no. it was just a really fun time. just in mass wombs up for the t.t. race at goodwood which includes practicing the drive a switch with nico a distinct. feel.
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why all the likes of bell's duis and him still with us well so many here this amounts to. they certainly all had close encounters with death in derek bell's case it was the 1000 kilometers of spot in 970. back then consummate refueled by hand by a open topped tunnels. filled gasoline likely from jackie it's calm snowed in on the pitch names and seconds later bells ferrari was on the front. yellow for ari 512 1st time i've ever seen that cough estimate i've seen. and 3 times of course when they refueled and i remember i saw george in the car and
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turned the key and it is also light so i got out then i got back in again having put the far out there 3 times and the final time i didn't get back in i literally put my foot inside the door and turned the key like that but by then i'd singed my eyebrows they were. $982.00 at the french grown 3 in the cast and they. crash involving most of the and just the most left the form is sidelined while the last is com flew into the crowd . i. just want to hide i could feel the heat hind me everything was on fire and i knew it could get nasty if they could get me out of the car soon then i probably would have died of suffocation due to a lack of oxygen that's normally what happens before you burn to death for by and. that's when i just thank god i fell the right way up if i'd been upside down i would have died. and fortunately they was still with fire extinguishers right
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close by it was our need it was so wonderfully cool in that moment such a massive relief it was a lifestyle report for 2 thankfully it's what also gave us enough time to cut me free from the mess of wire fencing. that i was called. because it does to the fact that i survived that without any major injuries was a miracle. sometimes fortune smiled on derek bell and he often must but knock was not the only factor in this survival. namely he were mistakes then some of the drawings. they didn't push their luck as often as others did. get it. fixed in 1975 german t.v.
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broadcast a portrait of then up and coming formula one driver johan must hands as he entered this modern gladiatorial arena unlike some other comics he did not dismiss the dangers involved in the arts there are still times when i feel fear is the it's more a realisation of the danger that you might be exposing yourself to them as to us it's sometimes i wake up or rather i emerge from my daydreams and think am i really doing the right thing because it was too obvious for that you put those thoughts out your mind in forget them which is only natural it was. just a monster love the life of a racing driver too much to take unnecessary risks to see. the stuff that had been up because there are some races i refused but i'd say drive the car yourself john surtees in the monaco grand prix which of course every driver was proud to race. as it was my 1st time there in every try. session something fell off
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my car coming down the straight part of the back axle broke in the car stopped right in the pit lane john said what did you hit and i said i didn't hit anything john if you drive it hard i'm not going to i'm not some guinea pig or a bit of covers he was going to. this safety concerns prompted mass to quit the city's team soon afterwards in his 2nd race after replacing mass him with clinic came off the track in watkins glen in the us for reasons unknown the cops into a guardrail killing the driver. to face a crash of illustrated the additional danger of dr is pushing themselves and their cones to the limits. while it was extremely difficult dealing with that over the years says it was we've been good friends with the group before and it ran during qualifying for the 982 belgian grand prix she even rolled out all
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the stops to secure pole position as head of his teammate and rival dva. you saw that i saw the ferrari come up in my rearview mirror the 2nd half he was annoyed because peroni was quicker than him. and we had these tires that were ideal for a fast lap and i just a little. bored she'll want to do another fast lap although we'd already done wonderful and that meant taking risks using isn't easy going you're going. for your mile and then afterwards everyone told me it wasn't your fault and for you know it was only a matter of time before it happened british great because he was overdoing it so he got to be. the crash that claimed the life of rolf storm and then in riverside california was likewise no coincidence. it was caused by driver error to the german
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took over duties in the porsche $935.00 from derek bell. it forgot he had brand new tires which were hot so he went out the track was always a little slick brake because it was there was saddened and i think he slid off and i know he stood up and he bounced over the bumps because i knew that high over the bumps and probably fractured something in the air and that makes. me feel uneasy. and bellowing to survive is they've changed a bit since they were formula 2 rivals the 973. they shared history on the track also includes another man who had a different approach to motor racing. in 198384 derrick bell was the co-driver of stephanie beloff in the world sports car championship. i mean he was
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a super kid i mean he would call it you know i'd call him father and i'd call him son and he called me father and i go i really really like him he was such a nice easy going guy from believed he was really quick and a really popular driver it was a nice guy always laughing. but he didn't have enough respect dogs by one time we were on the new ring in the river the last 1000 kilometer race at the plants got my car left the ground briefly but it worked out ok but when i came into pit i had the chance to talk to him i say watch out you might take off back there he looked at me as if he felt sorry for me and said ok i get it 1st and then on his 1st lap he was off. and nobody was coaching him he needed a coach you need somebody to say you're going too fast too quickly you need to start to learn the corners get a adapt yourself and then everything will be fine. in 1985 for sharing that car. with tea at the fleet center at star he was in hot pursuit of jackie its
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partner. this is the onboard camera from x. his car through the muscles have been the solution nose to tail 1st to 2nd place in the entry to the new tour his own. it's suddenly spins off then off we nudge him while trying to overtake is seen slamming into the barrier. to. get using the idea he took risks that were reckless towards others and himself. i still sometimes hear young people mentioning this conspiracy theory that jackie exploded onto her business and whatever tell them that's nonsense why on earth would jackie do that sort of or get us to no. muss is also at the scene she doesn't look good. moment but he's still alive. yes there's 2 basically the. bones and the front of the car was bent down you could
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just tell that it was over those things for a bible. and i always just i felt so bad that i didn't try and can she asked him to go a little slower or control should have she sat him down and said look you're doing some wonderful lap time so you're really really quick. but you know you you've got to you've got to start thinking for a bit further up the road. it's the sort of accident that happens when you don't drive with enough respect. you have to approach things differently and take care of . racing is dangerous. and then if you overdo it and tell yourself it will be ok that's not good. they scored. the highlights of the goodwood revival weekend the t.t. race is approaching. derek bell will be at the wheel of a potion 9
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a full together with co-driver the dave clark. belle will go 1st albeit from the back of the grid qualifying didn't go too well. he struggles to catch up and loses further ground with every lap he's in last position as he hands over to his partner either pushes too slow or derrick bell is starting to show his age when you're in their experience you want to buy your back here and. we are sure. now it's action stations for you often must switching drivers doesn't go as smoothly as a few decades ago. but once he's in position there's
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no stopping him. mom says better in his car then derek bell and reels in one competitor after the next as he rolls back there he is. he loves lap times around a 2nd faster than his younger team partner. the often made up 2 or 3 places he's just overtaken a cobra he's really stepping on it it's good. he crosses the line in 13 after starting in 20 seconds at. good day's walk. down a little before i still drive because it still comes pretty easy to me little boys
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when you notice that you're starting to make mistakes you're finding it difficult then it's time to quit sure you give it the most are over we washed up the way you know i don't i just love it i just love driving beautiful cars so i'm very lucky to get the opportunity. derrick bell 2 men who saw triumph and tragedy in the false lane and lived to tell the tale. od.
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the modern most certainly but how did he teach in 2020. 5 this summer come lately to. our presenters. brandow to help children learn their lesson plans are to discover and admire them one important insight that
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vacation at home was much better than we thought chicken. 30 minutes on d. w. . this sense of freedom. to do is a success story behind because i'm still quite a mom. and it has to do with the social emancipation of the mine out of control our of an old idea and enduring strength to go indigenous small scale coffee farmers to withstand the most difficult circumstances. in a 75 minutes on d w. with him had a big gun because others were the highest i know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on
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a trip i would not have put myself and my parents in the danger of the bought of the dream of the going to give a little. love once uncle because that one little bit to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there what i'm going to. want to know their story in full migrants just verified employable information for margaret's. in these challenging times it's especially important to us to wish you a happy and healthy home. the current of ours has kept us apart from family and friends. easy to feel alone especially during this holiday season we go g w we're here with we will keep you informed all wrong for someone to remind you we're all. mr gubb we wish you happy holidays merry christmas everyone of them very merry christmas eve merry christmas and stacy happy holidays everyone happy
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holidays to you and says happy holidays a way to fix it. i thank. this is the w. news live from boulder as the pandemic costs a shadow over the christmas holidays there are signs of heart. costa rica some of the 1st countries to begin rolling out the buying on take 5 their corona virus vaccine today to their communities as other nations around the world. also want to program the u.s. police say an explosion in nashville tennessee was an intentional bombing 3 people
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lot injured and suspected human remains are found when a marshal harvest boards.


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