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tv   Sehnsuchtsort Kloster  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2020 4:30pm-5:15pm CET

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it was a kingdom in which he was really just a figurehead with very little to say but when it came to his building projects he roots train. and grit up to i don't think was a difficult client or what he was constantly scrapping plans you're suddenly deciding rome should be different would go all newly built walls might have to be torn down close and. most people are surprised to learn that the council is built of bricks. and clad with rocks for me if i cooperate. to fail is the model the cliff face and the walls are made up of the same materials it's a very sophisticated construction built from materials that come from the local area as it really organically blends in with the surrounding using people in food.
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not only the construction but also the restoration in the last few decades were technical logistical and physical challenge. because the king was always impatient with the work up there couldn't progress fast enough for him for free it's understandable anyone who works in construction will get it you always want to see progress and it's always too slow as it was a challenge for everyone involved. including the local people at the time a chronicle written by the village teacher back then whose name was left is still preserved in this funk archives the man recorded the ups and downs of the construction. every day from the start. in
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1985 he wrote. on the islands 100 on the 23rd of april at 6 o'clock in the morning mr hare hauled from the foreman at the king's castle the works and haulage bongo and he took his own life with a bullet through his heart and in the life they say had suffered a mental breakdown and is buried and fighting hoffman who from becoming. the foreman heinrich harold who laid the foundation stone of the castle on the 5th of september 869. some people saw this as the case of noise from stan the giant charging down the mountain push those in charge to the limits. saluting the construction business keep from reality ever since germany had had a cause of the bavarian tin had filled supply fearless but he still had his world a fantasy. be
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a low point and we all like to dream we all have ideas but also have the courage to realize them and in his case to fight against all odds for them but that shows he was blocking it that's what i like about immune system partition to. make history come true. the throne room takes you to the past. to the noble knights. the roic battles. the hollow keane's. and everything under the watchful eye of divine guidance. the king rule by the grace of god. this indian tongs are. we now in the throne. through the internet which was sort of religious
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a little bit the 2nd value of exists based dedicated to kingship about this bill and well read as he was he designed everything in salads that were off. this throne room came to symbolize the interviewer should monarch. know audiences were given here no court was held there isn't even a throne in the room the combination of splenda and solitude is particularly stark in this space. time not everything is how it seems as side when you step out of the wrong room can you might think the columns are made us porfirio but it's actually stuck all marble that was itself stuck on to cast iron columns oil and that was necessary for construction recently and. everything is fisher who.
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was found stein is the perfect symbiosis of the latest technology and medieval estates the kings wishes challenge the creativity of the architects. the throne room is a modern construction. a masterpiece of engineering. the head of administration of the council johann hensel is giving us a peek behind the curtains of the mock middle ages the roof construction of noise from stein castle. the area is not open to the public. we have given new ones we are now above the throne room this is the. this is the
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dome a self-supporting construction is it is this technique was innovative at the time arctic gilding with on land or with these large i and good is that we also see downstairs in the throne room and the ones are lothian it was revolutionary at that time when i got it for 2 on. the modern construction of i $99.00 beings can be seen beneath the throne room. to pick a fight there but when it came to technology good big the 2nd was mainly interested in what you could do with a sea of women for and his very high demands started on science driving it forward for here quickly. taking what was fascinated with technology and away with the latest innovations in construction.
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sophisticated technology from the age of industrialization can be found throughout the castle. in pure. we now in one of the boiler rooms for the warm and heating system which was cutting edge back then it was still extremely uncommon in buildings used mainly for private purposes or a castle like there is in bus on the it was included here to meet the king's actual demands for luxury the 2nd wanted a comfortable version of the middle ages from his childhood on he had always had a low tolerance to cold and so a warm air heating system was ideal it's another we should be on. the boiler for the unfinished nightspots was installed it has never been in service .
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everything was the finest quality for the king who was a closer. battery operation fails 18000 pounds a brand new item in the collection the telephone was the entire construction tailor made for one man. who's that ingenious was simply crazy and for work we think of a madman as someone who has no idea what he's doing it's like the 2nd knew what he was doing all the way. living in a world of his own closed off from anyone is a different story than on his coat to look big the 2nd created a world for himself that had a logic of its own all that was coherent in itself was off and on but that world was not meant to be open to others so when. the price was loneliness.
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he's been chained to carrie's your way to the tragic love story of tristen on his own. his wash basin reminds you of that too smoove front the cup that his cheeks brushed the communion challenge. he's been this is imposing as the choir stalls in a car things change. when you walk around the noise time you realize very quickly that it was not built for practical purposes this could come if there are no guest rooms to focus as you noticed straight away that this is a fantasy made real to me and it's more like walking through a film so that you realize you're not in the house you're in a dream of the sun and call. searching for the holy grail.
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alongside the numbers this will. not respond the digs buildings are unique and that they're not about showing off just dynastic functions he would do not to traverse they were spaces where he turned his poetic world and his world imbued with literary arianne trickle influences and architectural reality there's nothing like this anywhere else. stella tight grosso in the middle of the console belongs in that room to. a secret door needs to stay case which is normally hidden from view. it was built especially for the 7 steams. the purpose of the stairs take you from the
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access road all the way to below the rafters is on the keyboard that means they run through the whole building as you can see that the stairs are relatively wide and well equipped so the servants could do their work properly if you know. this was because the king insisted on fun lost in discrete service the monarch's behavior was starting to become increasingly won't he was drilled into himself the entire council is laced with staircases big and small brittle with hidden door was. cool. this seen as whole. yet this is the 1st extensive restoration bullet. since it was built experts in
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order to stone and paintings have been at work throughout the castle for several years my. dental. event. is a business part of us what is so special about the paintings here in his they are incredibly high quality of execution he taped to my door you can see that from the fact that they've scarcely been damaged despite the exertional cation village and the high volume of visitors torm if she hadn't been doxie getting sent. to feed new civil artists personally. exquisite craftmanship was always more important to him than an artist's unique signature or style. play my suit into something if it's what i want it was only for
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a total of about $200.00 days that he really lived in the castle at a time when the artist was still working up there and he would show up now and then had a chat with the foreman for example hob and hand out cigars he gotten for those as it was standard back then well not when the monarch was satisfied with your work you get a cigar as a reward for life because it feeds. the king must have needed lot of cigars because he had other construction projects to my care in choosing a new palace is modeled on this summit in france. was. linda who palace in the mountains near a town is built in a star of a french summer residence i. wish munched on console is his almost to the german middle ages and the word. many pledge and expensive dreams
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of a keen resolve to build a rumor that will probably never die is that look big this 2nd bankrupted the state treasury 5 building noise vanished last all that's completely wrong by law he received a sum of money annually which he used to pay for the quarterly the maintenance of other castles divorced dogs numb from borg and many others who would spoil the step had to be paid according the iter had to be paid for the mutable and at the very bottom of the list whatever was left he used that for his own building projects such as on a power congress to. fix debts with private from 871 on was he received yearly sum of 300000 motes of an oppression mr president bismarck taken from so-called red 2000000 phones all sox fans. it was a little thank you gift for handing of the title of carson to william of prussia was a word mr this what's incorrect is to call it a bribe for i prefer to call it
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a gift to him then when he had already given up some of his sovereignty and accepted this great personal risk direction of his powers trend he could well be given a little financial benefit but often and still under the arm of god. and yet even with his financial allowance from the north the king was still very short of money . his ministers i asked him to limit his building projects on nutrition good big clearly said and also wrote i can't discuss building is my greatest joy in life and i hoped to leave in sats how he put it formally or undeterred he continued to order chandeliers with exquisite nickel plated furniture and sculptures to bill show his obsession with details. on cost approximately 6000000 mugs that sequent of about 42000000 euros today. also taken loans from foreign banks which was a big mistake on those foreign banks. were not obliged to be loyal subjects to him
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and so they insistently pressed the repayment they even threatened to seize his properties so as this come to print to storm. the building works had to be halted time and again much to the king's shagger and. in the middle of the council courtyard the outlines of some foundation walls tell us about luke biggs original vision for the construction. the plan via good plan was to build a castle keep here right where we're standing nose at which would be noisy understands tallest tower by far not the middle or the lit was modeled in the medieval fashioned it would have housed the castle chapel on the ground floor and above it would be a keep about 45 meters high it were for her to me the whole get off the back with. that would make a total height of 90 meters the last bastion for the keen. his inspiration came
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from a set design for rick had far across alone creating a fortified tower rising above everything else ideal in the middle ages for spotting approaching enemies but somewhat obsolete after the invention of the telephone because if there was no other way the part of the noisy bunch tynecastle is like a torso rather than a whole body it doesn't look the way it looked like the 2nd planned it for that especially because the central deep is missing and the set is it would have completely changed the entire look of the castle hoot for and it. remained an unfulfilled dream. just on the moon by this time the 1st suits had begun to be filed against him by craftsmen who hadn't been paid on common 880 by. it finally became clear to look
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vic's ministers that something had to be done so his majesty simply refused to take their advice resist. the claims the payment were overwhelming the king was bankrupt painters bricklayers and guild is no longer receive their money. the debt soon turned 100000000 euros in today's money you know how to swim at the end of it he got himself into a very difficult position personally because a king and that is also a problem for the state and that. a monarch is supposed to hold office for life unless he's certified as insane. as an ancient some of the guys think views on ludwig the 2nd state of mental health still differ greatly to this day when he was certainly very unusual and you can certainly say he was eccentric and in his later years he did suffer from let's say mental abnormalities in here as
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it is a more recent theory speculates that he might even have had a neurological disorder some early signs of dementia. thursday june 10th 1886 a government commission from munich of arrived at the council to remove the king from power. but instead the monarch took the men into custody. 2 days asia. the 2nd finally accepted his fate. my store majesty this is the on a happy a studio has ever had to perform to you are hereby deposed for reasons of mental illness isis can right now ask you to follow me because we are taking you to bear castle on lake stanback. the last acts of the tragedy. the king was taken away. and would never set eyes on his castle again. declaring him of unsound mind was a legal gray area and that was clear to anyone there was no constitutional
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provision for the ruler to be declared legally insane and dethroned but they did it anyway shitstorm it just tossed them to ma. do you think it was placed under house arrest at least on bag. no one knows what really happened. conspiracy theories abound one plausible sequence of events is that you would think went into the water talked to fund gooden tried to help and they both drowned when the dispute for making began to struggle with his would be rescuer. the 2nd was just 40 years old when he died. it was. shock to everyone. was that an accident suicide. a mistake was born
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because any attempt to explain the dead invites a new theory. to our 3 stay in boston used to swim there across the alps a kilometer long it's 4 kilometers long and see as the king was a very very good swimmer america the curious that he drowned. curious. he continued simply trapped. in al gore hardly anyone can wants to believe that the king died of natural causes. as he wise woman and also you know i know from my grandfather he was 14 when lewdly died and he never believed the story that the king was murdered as this is an old family legend that the body in his coffin was a wax dummy of a very popular opinion throughout bavaria at the time that the most of by and in fact everyone believed he had withdrawn to a mountain hut somewhere and it's all good because ludwig was just 40 years old
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when he died it was unimaginable that a man so young would just die there but does so in your binge if. those who still doesn't drink that smite the indian sikh economy's going into the lake was an escape for losing i know if it meant escaped from an unbearable situation namely 1000 years in his last paddock by that i mean his detainment in baghdad and the fact that he was a monarch who was incredibly conscious of his majesty suddenly had to obey the orders of doctors and nurses and better than. give water to consolidate it when and the life of a mentally ill person even under absolutely the best care was not unfamiliar to him . due to the fate of his brother who was clearly mentally ill because this guy. bluefins younger brother who displayed a normal behavior from early childhood and was diagnosed as mentally ill. hell was
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locked up from the age of 23. today it's issues he suffered from psychosis resulting from schizophrenia. and so his leaving rather would be things by such a life was certainly unbearable for load vague and he wanted to escape it. whether he consciously intended to do so by means of suicide or he simply wanted to flee this place i'd say that's open to interpretation him wachowski loss and. he left behind both a puzzle and a dream no more realized in bricks in war time. in a following decades to reason flourished at north.
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this is the 1st colorful teach dating from the 1930 s. the console is the focus of 2 scammers. adult fiedler visited noise french tynecastle in early 1933 on the 50th anniversary of record fatness death records white by chance ludwig the 2nd had something in common with hitler would have a great admiration for wagner that's a pretty off this naturally led to hitler's own interest in this castle and others who have time. but hitler wanted to be the greatest mass the builder of all times himself rather than standing in the king's shadow. visited the castle once. through detox and i was annoyed dining was in fact a problem for the nazis because of the man who. commissioned a. while and in the thirty's and forty's who had stood with the 2nd was still known as a mad king of its with a not so great reputation involving home eroticism etc so good noirmont that didn't
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exactly fit in with the nazis ideology doing to its most hang ashamed. about something they didn't realize before the end of the 2nd world war is noise from stones remote location. it's made it safe from a brain no one was living there and the council had a lot of space ringback ringback. if it provided new should. the whole of southern germany was famous for its hiding places for looted art to be had reticular objects stolen by the nazis from france from paris the north launched on a noise was the largest and storehouse of them all because it's well known that the so-called rothschild treasures were kept and noise francia died out water. april 19th 45. american troops reach nice french tynecastle. the
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so-called monuments men confiscated the new taken from france by the nazis during the occupation traits of skull choose jewelry and paintings the ids are only a few of the $23000.00 pieces of art found by the american troops here on the bottom. 600 crates of irreplaceable works was sent back to paris alone. well come from nuclear it's lucky the castle wasn't misused by the nazis or ideological purposes swan's and that means that after the end of the nazi dictatorship and the 2nd world war. was able to present itself as an untouched treasure untaet gave a boost to terrorism. notions time became the symbol of a different journey. does need to conspiration he's famous fairy tale castle.
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soon the council was on the list of must see attractions feel less military stationed in germany. that south asia graphs of of the very injuring found their way into the living rooms of many americans. this wall is full of thought as if until 30 or 40 years ago bunched on was dismissed as kitchen disposal those but actually no one from this area visited knowledge on china's luncheon because it was just kitchens and it most cheap go when a relative was visiting and you'd have to pay a courtesy visit to flee cards because who who knows once i'm on. the guest list for such courtesy visits includes former us 1st lady barbara bush. the queen of thailand. and former soviet president mikhail gorbachev. heard during. every year one
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and a half 1000000 visitors from all around the world come here to be enchanted by the costumes magic. those who do are rewarded with press taking images from another world. is a master of the art of confrontation this is wrong of veterans of global combat doesn't mean you're going to see i fly the undisputed champion of tough political talk trying to frighten people you know as a fact everybody honest either except you enter the conflict zone and join to sebastian as he holds the powerful to account this is
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a victory for your. whichever way you like to spin the conflict zone. $13.00. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you newspapers when official information has attorneys i have walked off the streets of many cantrips and their problems are always the same 14 source inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption we can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the human sense even right to fools who have decided to put their trust in us. may mean to spin paris and who aren't.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin deliver of hope to millions after almost a year of pandemic misery. from a later a mania germany to greece the coronavirus vaccine arrives in countries across the european union as they prepare to launch unprecedented massive meet in the usa should campaigns also on the show. american police say an explosion in nashville tennessee was an intentional bombing 3 people are injured and suspected schuman remains are found one a motorhome explodes damaging buildings and shattering windows. and how do you
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tally the amphibian survivors of australia's wildfires. we hear about the app that's helping to carry out a frog count was a frog chorus. the next vice or welcome to the program germany is gearing up to launch an unprecedented mass vaccination program on saturday shipments of the biotech pfizer vaccine have started to arrive in germany and countries across the european union but despite expressing optimism about the start of the documentation campaign germany's health minister warns the coronavirus has not yet been date. this is the biggest vaccination campaign that modern germany has known army and medical
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personnel have been an estate to ensure all goes well from sunday to 1st days of the buy and take pride to fix scene will be given in cannes and missing homes dela said be distributed to the special scientists set up all of a country for mass but voluntary vaccination despite its critics german has missed a yen spawn say demonization campaign meant stand was every reason for optimism. and the vaccination senses are ready to go as the team's already buoyant everyone wants to success of the biggest tax a nation campaign of the history of federal germany us sort of this is federalism is at its best when it suits us and not truly so only those says say that tomorrow is too little too late to european but i would like that tomorrow is seen for what he teaches an extraordinary day for germany towards an important day for the battle against a pandemic of a century and. in
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a soviet determined population for hugo polls reveals that 32 percent of respondents want to receive the vaccine as soon as possible another 33 percent want to wait until they see how to vaccines affects other people with 19 percent of those asked and willing to take the job and 16 percent undecided so this just finished the call and i think it's a problem like this. we need it it's important at the moment. i just i don't know i'm thinking about it but it causes an allergic reaction and i have allergies and i have asthma i don't know. of course we have to i'm afraid of corona. in my own work soon as some everybody try before me i don't want to be the 1st to try. the chairman has ministry has promised a very 1000000 doses of the vaccine will be delivered before the end of the year the vaccine raises hope for many but does crisis is far from over germany near the
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tasman daily death just before christmas and many were read at 50 family reunions could result in a catastrophic 3rd wave in early january. and for more on this let's talk with our chief political editor mikaela cousteau. the vaccine was developed in germany why is it only now reaching germans when some other countries have been injecting it for at least a week. yes that's because the europeans and germany also opted for a thorough campaign to look at this to have the european agency in charge give the green light for the whole of the you to be able to use it this slowed down the process it would have been fast if individual states have put that on a put that on a fast track but they didn't because they also wanted to send a european a united signal and that we will see as this gets rolled out the very same day
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across the european union but sure this also sparked a lot of debate a lot of criticism particularly in the public why does britain the u.s. get those vaccinations 1st when they have developed in germany and you're talking make it about europe sending a message will the distribution be fair between the richer countries like germany and some of the less rich countries well that's certainly what the european commission aims for it's seen as a symbolic get more than a symbolic gesture that the entire e.u. rolls it out at the very same time germany signed up for the 1st charge of this vaccine when it was still unclear whether it would actually work and now we will see over a 1000000 doses here in germany and in parallel across the european union rolled out at the same time but this is a drop in the ocean if you look at the figures here in germany every state will
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receive up to 10000 doses and you need 2 of those so really it's the most vulnerable who will be reached 1st and among that group a very small fraction. and if you're living in germany now that seems to be 2 things happening at the same time you've got these vaccine roll outs which are offering hope but the same time we've had these hard lock downs across the region is there any sign of when life might actually return to some kind of normal. well i mean you mentioned in your intro that. tens of millions of vaccinations will be possible in the 1st half of 2021 and that's still very much the timeline that we are in that's also the message message that came across quite clearly from the german health ministry again spahn today that all those regulations in place keeping distance and mass are still here to stay but that the vaccination will allow life to return to something like normal before the next so yes we are still
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in the midst of a pandemic we see neighboring go into it's locked down in the is in its 2nd and we're still a far cry from seeing those figures really improve significantly with this small cabinets of the days over christmas here but we know that not all cases are being reported so all societies not to since europe are still in this for the long haul ok so perhaps some light at the end of the tunnel but still a very long tunnel mikaela cousteau thank you so much for that. let's take a look now at some of the other developments in the coronavirus pandemic south korea has recorded its 2nd highest daily number of infections since the disease broke out over 1100 new cases were reported the day after a previous record was said russia has crossed the 3000000 threshold of code 19 cases the country has reported record numbers of cases and does nearly every week
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a new lock down isn't inside and hungary has started its coronavirus vaccination program just hours after the 1st shipments of the biotech pfizer drug arrived in the country the government said its 1st priority laws with health care workers. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. in afghanistan 2 police officers were killed in an explosion in kabal when a bomb attached to their vehicle blew up officials said a civilian was injured in the attack a separate blast in the afghan capital left 2 more police wounded no one has claimed responsibility. the united nations says 3 peacekeepers from burundi have been killed and 2 wounded in attacks in the central african republic un backed troops have been battling with rebel militia groups ahead of elections on sunday there the situation is tense with the government calling in military support from russia and rwanda. and we turn to the u.s.
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now where police in nashville tennessee say they believe an explosion which rocked the downtown area was an intentional act at least 3 people were injured and there was widespread damage after a motor home exploded in the early hours of christmas morning police in nashville say investigators are looking into possible human remains found near the site of the blast. this aerial footage shows the extent of the damage from the explosion the force of the blast from the recreational vehicle smashed windows and sent to preflighting. luckily the early hour of the day the streets of central nashville were largely empty when the explosion happened police had already arrived on the scene after receiving a phone call reporting gunshots in the area. as also responded they encountered an r.v. that had a recording send at a potential bomb with dead nate within 15 minutes of says the problem here and
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decided to evacuate the buildings nearby one woman tells of a chilling automated message that spared 10 narrow escape the gardener experimenting on where their vehicle would work forward in this thing manner and then importing and then in the well you know we started really get there in our thing back up right back in her carrier i got my son here were they in another apartment that was on her overlooking 2nd avenue and we were all very concerned about all this in the way my 5 year old sister would stay in another apartment that was on the other side of building on the back side overlooking the river and we all know where they only got in the car and where investigators are now looking into the possible motive behind the explosion i think people will do that was not an accident. and from that little take
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a little bit of time to get to the bottom of it and i do think it was clearly done when nobody was going to be a room it would be a different message if it was you know 5 pm on a friday. dine time nashville was sealed off and the f.b.i. have appealed to the public for any relevant information. please tell us what you know. we need leads we need your help. president donald trump has been briefed on the matter. it's a tradition that is celebrated all over the world over christmas and in prag 100 sprayed the discomfort of an icy swim in the river to ensure that tradition survived another year despite coronavirus or sections the alfred nicodemus morial swim was given a special exemption in its 74th year. almost all 2 degrees outside and i take chattering 6 degrees in the water despite icy conditions hundreds of canes swimmers dunk themselves in the vault of
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a river in prague city center from old timers to teenagers the brave participants celebrated the annual swimming events 74th year and while coronaviruses canceled many sporting activities this traditional mace up was given the green light. this competition has a long tradition and the fame of the competition is so great that the ministry of health decided it was an event worthy of special attention. participants had to present a negative code test in order to compete and avoid by strict hygiene protocol but the turnout was still strong despite the added obstacles last year there were 433 participants in this year about 323 people registered it. the event is named in honor of swimming in through alfred. he organized progs 1st ever christmas cold water swim back in 1923 and his legacy is still convincing people to test their
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resilience to this day. and finally to australia where ecologists are recruiting members of the public for the biggest ever frog count to see how they are recovering from this year's devastating fires but they're not relying on sightings of them vivian's rather on when they can be heard take a listen. it's the sign of a thriving ecosystem the rivets of a for old love award pfizer ravaged australia earlier this year pushed to some species to the brink of extinction. vicious scale of destruction made it impossible for scientists to study the impact on their own. so they developed a frog ideally a smartphone app that allows users to be caught and don't load frog cause. we don't know the long term consequences of these files we that's why we
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desperately need more recordings from and more scientists getting in the field and looking at them but it's a little bit of hope 2020 i'll take that where i can thousands are answering the call taking their phones into the great outdoors to take part in the world's biggest frog counts for some recordings of a single species and we can narrow it down quite quickly and so it's it's a common thing that we've heard a lot of in other instances of chorus of. species or more at the same time the data is used to plot and track for frog population species by species. is hopeless findings will lead to a giant leap in our understanding of how frogs respond to fire and have a cover wood for smoke has cleared. show. and you are of course watching deja vue news live from berlin up next is
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sports life international soccer stores and there's always more news on our website due to the dot com you can follow our stories and correspondence on twitter and instagram at did the news on the x. prize for spicer in berlin thanks for watching. the w.'s crime fighters are back with the africa's most successful radio drama series continues in the only disowns are available online course you can share and discuss on w africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighters to me.


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