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tv   Sambia  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2020 8:30pm-9:01pm CET

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i don't remember. that's such a crazy thought i just try to. see. the non. we are on a. i've always been a big christmas obsessed so when it gets to the time i even like a little bit close to where. i'm just going for it like i make one. and i think a house and i self i mean yes there is a money making thing we mustn't deny this i was it is you know so it's valentine's day. but so. i don't can't raise much money as you like i'm hoping to stick to i'm and so is everyone else right now to christmas marks the birth of jesus christ. if a christmas day falls on december 25th a public holiday is the celebration start the previous evening on christmas eve to
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get. them out in most countries where the holiday is marked the christmas season already gets underway in november with christmas lights and christmas markets in the hot summer. so ok so that's true insult to wear the crist can go market is a tradition that stretches back 525 years that the history of europe's christmas market state to the late middle ages when they exist in many parts of the former roman empire has. to be super common visitors come to look for gifts to enjoy themselves in and her shop was called. by next tides the sides were christmas time inside sport is simply fantastic i was here for my 1st. it start with
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a new production of the opera lucho sea level was being staged here and i was there for the rehearsals and disease it's so wonderful so spiritual is it really is something very special. in mexico by now in mexico a lot of music is played at christmas had. few music there's a lot of rhythm to that music the christmas songs called the n.c. cause are important and you celebrate with a lot of joy and happiness and light and christmas spent with family and friends of course it's a wonderful time it's an eternity. man yesterday one from my 1st christmas recollection is of not yet a pass it's a song that just comes when we're all together and seeing all the troop was no more true than god to me trying to do what you can i went to a german school in of course i learned there that the original is in german and i
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was going chased. to soviet case d.c. so really this is perhaps the most famous christmas song that there is sleepy is keep us in translating everywhere. if you like mind it so perhaps my 1st memory of christmas music is this song is still i mean that beginning. on what it there is without words it soothes you. the same in that melody and it lets us. is be very good moves us really like like a lullaby. i says kind of but it isn't a lullaby it also has something that lets our soul dance. and then again. you know. these have been these movements and the music they build become know how
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much we're going to really come down oh no no no. no no. i can't leave my finally it opens up like a flower but it's not over yet it's not a heroic song sleet then it goes. for her. i'm and then it comes back to earth once more to everyone for us the very urgently so it think it starts like a caress that goes on and on and on i count 5 times i tell you bruce your chest opens up the music comes out and then it returns moving inwards again with everything that the message carry said not just pass the boy to the is hot it comes back to us. in these even in that sense silent night is perfect as
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a title i was and still to be known this steely silent night it's fantastic. oh. come crisp was the. was. the. goldfish. the.
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oh. so this is coolest. in class in smaller cities the atmosphere is very different to that of the christmas capital such as london or new york or the new hope that you certainly don't feel that it's a silent time of yeah site this year has. a book it's wonderful all the same in it sounds like a. club
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is a little colder a little darker and england. christmas is for the most traditional. but. they make it good with age making a lot of effort they are in the throes of christmas feeling because he isn't people around but. things like i do like christmas morning the 1st such. 2 2.
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before the song and it actually is very intimate you know it's about the people closest around you. feel. a connection with them on a holiday spirit you know holidays are so beautiful because it's a chance to start again to wipe the slate and start a fresh. and. obviously just don't always like a religious idea but i think it's been adopted by 6 other sort of plates when it's be together and be welcome people and to people gifts because you know if you. look.
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now let's turn to the. good news. sir tom fons film. sir. sammy christmas has to be white now. it's a christmas in paris and it makes sense. they celebrate christmas in our very
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beautiful way with all the lights it's a very it's one of my favorite time of the year. all. the. silent night is. deeply linked with christianity. but to me this song belongs to humanity it belongs to a lot of people to every single person regardless your religion or belief.
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in from indonesia so engine is just the biggest muslim country in the world so i'm from a muslim family but my father. was an author who is a book writer he wanted his children to have a very open mind and super tolerant and he prefers and that's why he put us in a catholic school so i did all my education with the 9. do
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i think that this song has nothing to do with a place or die. it has something to do with spirit and with connecting people together because i think that everyone in the world as we see now in this song in silent night there is plenty of versions in all kind of languages all over the world and it connects people and i think that's the purpose of this song and that's what's great about it that it connects people together and it brings everyone together. all or.
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serve the. land. leave a little. more land on. earth. all. the all others. should lose a. loved one's all. harm. done all saddam.
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was. holding. was.
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'd well the 1st time i heard this song was when i was maybe 3 years old and it was in arabic since i am so that's the 1st version i've ever learned to sing and i wanted to a lot of people in the world don't know that it exists in arabic because they don't know that they are you know christian arabs and i was like. ok let me sing it in arabic and show you that we have our own version. and i love this version i think it adds some. authentic. spirit to the song and gives other you know point of view to sound. was
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was. was was. was was. was. found. was the it. was the earth was feeling it many legends and stories surround the christmas truce along the western front of world war one in 1914 in one half probably the most accurate account was recorded by british
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commanding officer field marshal douglas hake in his diary and. the other british every british soldier received a small package as a gift from the king on the on the home and it also included a princess mary box. which contained chocolate cigarettes tobacco and a greeting card from the princess. of the game set on the other side of the german soldiers received a communally funded gift box from their hometowns as well as parcels from their families with warm clothes food with alcohol cigarettes and letters to get it in place in contrast to the later years of the war there was still no significant scarcity of foodstuffs and luxury goods in germany in 1914 or. so the amount that the country's military command also sent tens of thousands of
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miniature christmas trees to the german front to be lit up at christmas and that there are. doubtless hague said count of wartime events is listed in the unesco's world memory register of documentary heritage. this. friday 4 things assume 1914. down to some american a dyna of the king a prince of wales to. their . king seem very cheery and inclined to think that all our troops are by nature brave and is ignorant of all the effort which commanders must make to keep up the
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moron of their men in war and all of the training which is necessary in peace in order to enable a company for instance to go forward as an organized unit in the face. of almost certain. i told him of the crowds of fugitives who came back down the 1000000 road during the battle. having thrown everything they cornered into doing that rifles and packs in order to escape the look. that suit turned up in their faces such as i have never before seen. on any human being.
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on christmas eve 914 and almost closely calm had descended on the british trenches the men were chilled to the bone by the bitter cold and the horrors of war. a good hour. in the german trenches men began singing still and now the wind carried their voices across enemy lines echoing eerily in the ears of british troops hunkered down in their own trenches initially they thought it was a trap until one of the british soldiers recognized the children and began singing the carol in english. law with. all.
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virgins. oh it is. silly been hen only he was sleeping in the plane. according to field marshall hague's diary entries december 25th 1914 was a surprisingly warm winters day. the sun was shining even a hint of spring seemed to be in the ass when a german sergeant made a spontaneous and brave decision.
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to allow him to the british prepared for combat. but one noncommissioned officer recognised the german sergeant's intentions and quickly decided to reciprocate the peaceful gesture by chapter shows that showed.
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up the 1st person. doing. it one of the lot but it was like to lock all this stuff along. like this life. and this is how silent night not only brought about a miraculous christmas truce in 1914 it also became a song that symbolizes world peace the 1st quest for ceasefire took place was an old seraph. it came about so only because on both sides people shanta christian i guess the 1st person is a celebration of neighborly not. was .
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which is ironic is it not that the. abiding memory of that war should be that moment of peace on humanity. in 115 when i was commander in chief. there were calls for us to repeat that almost us. and we. i. would not allow. to see. does no good for
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fighting where rob. to see your eliminate as human. of course. no good at all. years old and drunk we should be thankful that humankind has the right to live on this wonderful planet from the planet but we call her her house and that. is owed to we should look inward high and contemplate the gift but queens to us by more and grew back with their song silent night and of the international. desert we should join together in celebrating the true spirit of christmas in love and leave the community and peace and.
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in the end when we hear the 1st notes of the song or sing them ourselves even. then we can get a sense of what you said more from war and france gruber must have felt back then that my eyes on christmas through the year 1918. man to land. forming man. lorien cheek. man no. man leave. game.
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last man. any other time he's been he can see the strong draw down the pike conducted the best musicians she. could run to make. the search a constant. exclusive on march 20. 3rd and to.
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stay up to date don't miss our highlights w. program on line d.w. dot com highlights. young modern emigrants. they know the police will stop but. they know that the road is not a solution. they know their flight. could be fatal. going back to using not an option. i'm on and gravity are stuck in the spanish border area. along side other young people there waiting for a chance that will probably never come. shattered dreams starts january 18th on d w. play
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. this is the news live from berlin in germany a 101 year old president of a care facility has become the 1st person to receive a kopek 1000 fact seen in the country just as an unprecedented mass communication campaign gets underway across the e.u. . later in the show we'll be taking a closer look at survivors of coping 19 were left struggling with long term side effects their symptoms frames from burnout to dizzy spells all the way to chronic pain.


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