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tv   Zu Tisch  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2020 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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in the conservation movement to find out. the time of the call for. him 60. first girls to get over i'm sure that of us as we are also some of the you must serve people including vocal mono in support of. what's a big what civil guard of all. deliberate. i was imagining what would be an orchestra to have an orchestra have the world's 1st soloists. it's a current project obviously it would have never happened if it wasn't for the situation. as a fellow i think you have to learn to adapt to any situation and that's why i think
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you have to be optimistic. every time there's a crisis creativity comes out. the impossible orchestra is an unusual music video project that emerged due to the pandemic. friends 1st i called all the people that i had their phone numbers and had i had worked with. this thing possible orchestra because in the normal situation if i had called them up they would say that sounds great but i have this concert and that concert and we can plan it for 2024. so it would have not been possible without
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a doubt but suddenly everyone was free. in the end musicians from 14 countries took part in the project recording their pieces in studios all over the world. for i don't want to see homemade. i was getting out there trick to seeing. videos from home as much as they were needed i did not want to do even smell that it had to look professional as if we could go to a concert hall or an opera stage. the mexican dancer iliza curry also took part adapting her mode of expression to the small space of the studio. it was a strange when you were trying to walk free and then you had this waltz and the
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black another. in this place a bit locked let's say in this black box but still trying to find something beautiful i out of it and trying to find their motions i think it was right for the project. is the principle ballet dancer of the state opera in berlin where she now lives and where this footage was shot. some of the music sequences were also recorded in berlin with the participation of world famous soloists the movie or wouldn't. we recorded the musicians individual or in small groups of 3 to talk maximum that's why we chose the black background we wanted it to look really stylish really good partners but we also wanted to be able to reproduce the effect this. simply is possible in other places because we were
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only recording in berlin but also in los angeles new york palencia paris. violence parties. the music in the video is the don't sign a new model dos composed by the mexican total marquez at the beginning of the 1990 s. song. yes it's. amazing piece of music that moves people so much and i have probably. that's probably the piece that conducted the most in my career so it's been my friend since i started my career. it had to be a mexican piece for this project course piece that people would recognize in my country and that people around the world could be fascinated to really bite. so they just had all the characteristics that would be great for
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a project like this. to allow it to peg is a small town in the region of one hucker some 500 kilometers southeast of mexico city it has a population of about 10000 people and almost all of them play music including these young women. in. concepcion and nanda is known by everyone here as conchita is 29 years old as a teenager at the age of 14 she formed ter band who's here and all women. around 20 young women currently play in the small orchestra now their very existence is threatened the pandemic is leaving deep wounds here as well. boys fear and see the play a very sad that all of our concerts had to be cancelled. we were ready to present halfassed album. and were excited. we had planned to present it live
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in july and august and we're really looking forward to it. at the moment they can't even rehearse the band has come together here solely for this video recording. it's hit us hard because we're in debt due to the expenses we incurred for the recording. we were hoping to start repaying our debts with these performances or with record sales. that's what we had planned to do. but we're still confident that things will turn that well in the end. and the ensemble will get help from fund the sydney us a nonprofit organization that supports women in mexico. one of them that you have
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morning this is a very interesting and wonderful orchestra made entirely of women. many of you must single mothers they and their families depend on the income from the concerts on up on them because of the pandemic they cannot perform now or even rehearse. because of the fear of infection the rehearsal studios are also closed out of us by when the point is that. the organization has assured the musicians that they can count on financial support the money will come from donations that. wants to collect with their project the possible straw. for classical music i think is very important to be part of the world's problems to be part of the solution and to not just be in our beautiful corner.
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of humanity but actually really serve humanity. this project. maria daedalus sorry your mother tina's whom everyone calls chai you play saxophone and tuba in the women's orchestra she's been with them since 2006 right from the beginning china is 30 years old and has 3 children she needs the income from the concerts to survive. then they want. to move. at the moment we have no income. even a small savings are already used up. so far we have been able to cover the last few months but the situation is bad because of the pandemic and the donations are not limited to just this orchestra but are intended for as many women and children in mexico as possible unlike these musicians many are affected by
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a drastic increase in violence also a consequence of the pandemic. there is a lot of progress economically because people they don't go out in mexico to sell on the street to clean their cars to sell flowers they don't have anything to eat some people get this parade and people don't know what to do when there is no money and they fight and so i think this whole thing is really. is very sad and it really breaks my heart and yeah i wish. or something to help and i hope this project helps. for the project. i did not plan to conduct but play the piano again she hadn't
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played in a very long time. and i could say one thing the musician in that video who practiced the most that's for sure because of course i had that yeah i had played the piano in that sense in 15 years so it was a lot of hours but i am very happy that i did it. as a conductor along the idle about a has risen to international fame she was born in new york and raised in mexico city. in 2017 she moved to australia where she was principal conductor of the queensland symphony orchestra britain for 2 years.
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currently 39 year old lives in berlin with her 2 sons. was really. impossible orchestra actually draws inspiration from the many musicians shared. experience playing together in different places but in times of corona making music together is a little different 2 2. so walk here backed up up up that sound that i've heard of it. every time there's a crisis. there's such an interesting cultural outburst when my people struggle and are taking out of their comfort zones creativity comes out there's no doubt but
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we are going in that raising opportunity to see what we're doing why we're doing it for a home we're doing and those are big questions that when you are running from place to place and concert concert and sometimes you don't have the time and space to think. so for me it was really crucial that since. that was on its 21 with the impossible orchestra but stay tuned next we're showing the music video in full length enjoying. ok i'm happy with that.
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good. man and animal living together and unspoiled nature nelson all a rain cofounded national the only african wildlife conservation center run by the mass my community but since the coronavirus pandemic we have faced many more challenges than usual needs a problem should be in the conservation movement to find old. alternatives cold
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comfort go. 30 minutes on g.w. . is one of nature's wonders. one of its mysteries the law of the future. has sunk a national park. every year the return spot. so why. researchers from germany are trying to find out the. nation of the food. mean 60 minutes on d w. and you hear me now yes yes we can hear you and how last year's german chancellor when we bring you an angle that madoff and you've never had to have before surprised
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yourself with what is possible who is magical really what a new sat and what somebody who talked to people who followed her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles last stop. the story of prejudice and propaganda. they were called the rhineland bastards born after the 1st world war. their mothers were germans living in the occupied rhineland their father's soldiers from the french colony. the staff of german children had a hard time because they were a reminder of the german defeat. exclusion and control culminated in sourced sterilization under the nazis. this documentary examines the few
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traces that remain of their existence. of the children if she. starts january 11th on d w. this is the news live from berlin in germany a 101 year old resident of a care facility has become the 1st person in the country to receive the covert 19 vaccine this as an unprecedented mass immunization campaign gets underway across the e.u. . also in the show we'll be taking a closer look at survivors of covert 19 struggling with long term side effects
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their symptoms range from burnout dizzy spells to chronic pain. and how do you tally the end if.


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