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the answer. will probably never come. shattered dreams starts january 18th w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin europe kicks off its mass vaccination program against code red 19101 year old woman is the 1st person in germany to get the vaccine as an unprecedented in your eyes asian campaign is now underway across that you also coming up on the show we talk to survivors of cope at 19 who are as well after struggling with the long term side effects their symptoms range from burnout
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and dizzy spells all the way to chronic pain. and assessing the impact of australia's devastating wildfires. take a look at feet out using unemployed me and chorus to carry out the census folks for all the numbers. hello i'm claire richardson welcome to the show germany's mass vaccination program against the corona virus has begun a day before its scheduled start shipments of the biotech pfizer vaccine are arriving in e.u. countries and in hungary and slovakia they have also started vaccinating here in germany a 101 year old woman in a care home in the east was the 1st to get the shot along with other residents and
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some of their carers. when it quite solid was born the world was in the grip of spanish flu today 101 years old she made history as the 1st german to be vaccinated . i feel fine a mobile team came to this residential project to senior citizens in halberstadt and vaccinated 40 residents and taking care staff the head of the local vaccination center didn't want to waste any time waiting. every day counts once the vaccine has been defrosted it has a limited storage life and the logistics of flexible enough that we can bring things forward by a day and go out to the cab earlier. most parts of germany are starting vaccinating on sunday regional politicians stressed the urgency isn't enough hours in the us seeing rising infections and alarmingly high numbers of fatalities. and yet the vaccine is giving us this glimpse of hope that if we can hold out
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a little longer. we have the chance that more and more people will be vaccinated and we have the biotech pfizer vaccine is being delivered across germany and the country's health minister held out the hope of more to come. to toronto to invite right now if the other part seems that look promising are approved by the middle of the year we'll be able to roll out widespread vaccinations and offer one to anyone who wants it. by the end of 2021 point 3000000 doses of vaccine will have been distributed in january another 3000000 like here in berlin vaccination centers are ready and waiting and they are equipped to administer many millions to members of the public. interest because they need to vaccinated so high in the interest is that i'd rather have as many doses as possible as quickly as possible so that we can get going. the health minister rejects charges that too little vaccine was
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ordered at the european level and he was clear about the overall in. the corner. the corona vaccine season it's free of charge involuntary but our intent is clear we want to vaccinate so many people that the virus no longer stands a chance neither in germany in europe. first in line is anyone aged 80 or older like here in a. team to be visiting with a proxying any day soon. and indeed earlier reporter joe dora is covering this story for us and all vaccinations were supposed to start across europe today but 3 countries jumped the gun and started giving out shots a day earlier what's the story there the european commission had carefully planned the start of what it calls a new vaccination days telling countries to wait until sunday as a sign of unity remember europe had a pretty embarrassing and disjointed start to the pandemic with countries holding
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equipment and failing to help each other so the rollout of the vaccination was supposed to go a bit differently however over the last few days the deliveries of the boy pfizer vaccine have been arriving and some said why wait hungary was the 1st to go there slovakia and germany and as the regional manager in the german state said every day counts now this modern noise some european commission officials but it's hard to imagine anyone begrudging the 101 year old woman who got to have. vaccine a day early so as time is of the essence but with that in mind vaccinations started in some other countries weeks ago already why has it taken until now for europe to start around the world an estimated 4000000 people have already been inoculated against covert 19 in the u.s. it's approaching 2000000 now the european medicines regulator was a bit more cautious they had actually planned to wait until next week before even meeting to decide whether to approve this vaccine the germans health minister yet
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to spawn was one of those who pushed them to go to foster and they did so they finally gave that approval just before christmas and it now here we are of course there's some impatience india but let's keep in mind the 1st known announcement of the outbreak in rwanda that only happened on december 31st last year we haven't even reached the one year log the 1st known cases in germany were on january 27th so here we are 11 months later and vaccinations beginning it really is quite a remarkable scientific achievement absolutely so let's talk about the logistics because that of course will be one of the big questions for now mass vaccinations due to start in the next few hours what's the plan exactly so the government has set up these mass centers around germany they've used big buildings like a former airport ice skating rinks as well as like event spaces equipped with those super cold chillers to keep the vaccine ready for use they're also going to be mobile teams going to care homes care homes are really one of the centers of the
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outbreak here in germany and so people living in elderly care homes of the 1st to get the vaccines as well as people aged over 80 and health care workers the majority of german ready and willing to get vaccinated a recent survey found 2 thirds of germans want the vaccine but as the health minister said they're going to have to wait at least 6 months and we shouldn't forget the rest of the world either according to one recent study a quarter of the world's population will not be vaccinated even by 2022 so as of tomorrow it is an important 1st step vaccination stuff. in europe but for the most majority of people we're going to have to keep doing what we've always been doing up till now wearing a mask keeping distance and living with the lockdowns for some time to come an important 1st step but it's certainly not the end of the pandemic prospect good perspective there reporter job all right thank you so much for that and it's also worth noting that people are being advised to take the vaccine regardless of whether they've already been infected by the virus or not patients who have
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suffered from 1000 and know all too well how damaging the sickness can be even after they get better the road to recovery can be long and difficult. piccy is one of 40 covert survivors here suffering from long term effects of the illness germany's baltic sea coast symptoms are being treated at a rehabilitation center after the virus piggie felt burnt out she suffered from dizzy spells and chronic pain. in some cases i also had cognitive difficulties that my head wasn't functioning properly i couldn't hear at povich and couldn't follow conversations well. often covert patients like peggy say their concerns are being taken seriously by the doctors. it's very difficult for
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some doctors to understand when they look at me i look healthy physically i'm reasonably strong at least i appear to be and then you get dismissed very quickly they say her mind is not ok. i'm not afraid but i still wonder if i will ever be the same again. as a coded survivor peggy has officially recovered from the illness but she says it feels like coronavirus has stolen her healthy body to live through with a cyclone in its place. where he has been here for 2 weeks now her main goal is to get her mental health back on track. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines at this hour health officials in canada have confirmed 2 cases of the new code 1000 variant of 1st seen in the u.k.
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scientists believe the variant to be more transmissible than your original strain an elderly couple in southern ontario province are now in isolation for their infections were identified as the province went into lockdown. police in the u.s. a city of nashville in tennessee are investigating a more than $500.00 leads after a motor home exploded on christmas day 3 people were slightly injured and dozens of buildings were damaged authorities believe the blast was deliberate but have not identified a motive or a target. 2 police officers were killed when a bomb attached to their vehicle exploded in the afghan capital kabul a separate blast left 2 more police wounded no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. and the israeli military would have bombed targets in the gaza strip israel said it hit a number of sites including a rocket factory after missiles were fired from gaza into israel the palestinian
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militant group hamas which oversees gaza accused israel of hitting a children's hospital. and we turn it now to an annual christmas tradition in the czech republic and the capital prague hundreds of hearty swimmers and braved the icy waters to jump into this river and at the city center the event was given a special exemption from coronavirus restrictions. hostel 2 degrees outside and a taste chattering 6 degrees in the water despite our sea conditions hundreds of cane swimmers dunked themselves in the vault of a river in prague city center from old timers to teenagers the brave participants celebrated the annual swimming events 74th year and while coronaviruses canceled many sporting activities this traditional meet up was given the green light. this competition has a long tradition and the fame of the competition is so great that the ministry of
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health decided it was an event worthy of special attention morning exhibit. participants had to present a negative covert test in order to compete and avoid by strict hygiene protocol but the turnout was still strong despite the added obstacles last year there were $433.00 participants in this year about 323 people registered with. the event is named in honor of swimming enthusiasm alford nico them he organized progs 1st ever christmas cold water swim back in 1923 and his legacy is still convincing people to test their resilience to this day. and to australia now where ecologists are recruiting members of the public for the biggest ever fraud count to find out how they are recovering from this year's devastating bushfires but they're not relying on sightings of the amphibians rather on hearing that let's take a lesson. it's the sign of
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a thriving ecosystem for repeats of a frog with a wad pfizer ravaged australia earlier this year pushed to some species to the brink of extinction. the sheer scale of the destruction made it impossible for scientists to study for impacts on their own. so they developed a frog ideally a smartphone app that allows users to be caught and upload frog cools. we don't know the long term consequences of these files we that's why we desperately need more recordings from and more scientists getting in the field and looking at them but it's a little bit of hope and in 2020 i'll take that where i can thousands are answering the call taking their phones into the great outdoors to take part in the world's biggest frog counts for some recording of a single species and we can narrow it down quite quickly and it's one it's
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a common thing that we've heard a lot of in other instances you may have a chorus of. species or more all calling at the same time the data is used to plot and track for frog population species by species. it's hopeless findings will lead to a giant leap in our understanding of how frogs respond to fire and have a cover was for smoke has cleared. and mexico city where 3 young staff have opened a takeaway burger business with a difference. the enterprising founders are selling a patties and other delicacies made from grasshoppers the insects are known to be of high nutritional value and are also environmentally friendly trio say their grasshopper burger has more protein and a carbon footprint 14 times smaller than our regular be furder.
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and the top story we're following for you. here out has begun its covert 1000 a mass vaccination program here in germany a one in 10101 year old care home resident was the 1st person to be immunized. have also started giving people the jabs and a new white campaign to get underway on saturday. that i'm claire richardson and brilliant in the whole team thanks for watching. but dusty boots muddy toys and drugs we deliver urgent lifesaving boxes we give everything to reach those who need those the most every book's feeding their future. growth since for the hard hope of life saving fruit and there's so
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much more down the road with no names we feel asleep deliver relentless you know from this to my.


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