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the. whole aim. was. was feeling.
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was. told. well the 1st time i heard the song was that i was maybe 3 years old and it was in arabic since i am so that's the 1st version i've ever learned to sing and i wanted to a lot of people in the world don't know that it exists in arabic because they don't know that they are you know christian arabs and i was like. ok let me sing it in arabic and show you that we have our own version. and i love this version i think
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it adds some. authentic. spirit to the song and gives another you know buy a view to sound thank. god. was . was. the am i was. was. the i. was. feeling and many legends and
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stories surround the christmas truce along the western front of world war one in 1914 in one half probably the most accurate account was recorded by a british commanding officer field marshal douglas hake in his diary and. the other british every british soldier received a small package as a gift from the king on the on the island it also included a princess mary box. which contained chocolate cigarettes tobacco and a greeting card from the princess has. said here on the other side the german soldiers received a communally funded gift box from their hometowns as well as parcels from their families with warm clothes food with alcohol cigarettes and letters. to get it. in contrast to the later years of the war there was still no significant
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scarcity of foodstuffs and luxury goods in germany in 1914 or. so the amount that the country's military command also sent tens of thousands of miniature christmas trees to the german front to be lit up at christmas and that there are. doubtless headaches account of wartime events is listed in the unesco's world memory register of documentary heritage out. there on this. friday for future sim the 1940 s. . and noted down to some a man of the king a prince of wales to. their . king seem very cheery and inclined to think that all our troops are by nature
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brave and is ignorant of all the effort which commanders must make to keep up the mirage of their men in war and all of the training which is necessary in peace in order to enable a company for instance to go forward as an organized unit in the face of almost certain death. i told them of the crowds of fugitives who clean back down the men in road during the battle. having thrown everything they called including their rifles and packs in order to escape. the look that soon turned on their faces such as i have never before seen. on any human being.
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on christmas eve 914 and almost closely calm descended on the british trenches the men were chilled to the bone by the bitter cold and the horrors of war. period. a good hour the in the german trenches men began singing still and now the wind carried their voices across enemy lines echoing eerily in the ears of british troops hunkered down in their own trenches initially they thought it was a trap until one of the british soldiers recognized the children and began singing
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the carol in english. law with. all. all. virgins. oh only year. silly been hen only the sleeping in the game. according to field marshal hates diary entries december 25th 1914 was a surprisingly warm winter. this day. the sun was shining even a hint of spring seemed to be in the ass when a german sergeant made a spontaneous and brave decision.
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and alms of the british book half a combat. but one noncommissioned officer recognised the german songes intentions and quickly decided to reciprocate the peaceful gesture of chapter 7 shows.
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only the 1st person to have. your. mind off the lot but the fact that i dislike this place stopped a lot of. my life. and this is how silent night not only brought about a miraculous christmas truce in 1918 it also became a song that symbolizes world peace the 1st quest for $65.00 it took. place was an authorized it came about soley because on both sides people shanta christian idea the christmas was a celebration of maybelline not. was
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was. planned. which is ironic is it not that the. abiding memory. of that war should be that moment of peace of humanity. in 115 when i was commander in chief. there were calls for us to repeat that armistice. and we. i.
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would not allow. to see. it is no good for fighting or rod. to see your elevated as human. of course. no good at all. is good and drunk we should be thankful that humankind has the right to live on this wonderful planet it's really the planet that we call have a housing that. is owed to we should look inward hide and contemplate the gift bequeath to us by more and group back with their song silent night fear and
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everything that us. is or we should join together in celebrating the true spirit of christmas and lovingly this community and peace and. in the end when we hear the 1st notes of the song or sing them our sounds even. then we can get a sense of what you said more if war and france gruber must have felt was back then them eyes on christmas by the year 1818. landed land. ordering man. i am done. already beat man i'm not.
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aware man leave. me. am. a real me bomb. was. being conquered some of the most dangerous race tracks many times barely touching catastrophe derrick bell and he often must to resume much of mr booker back on triumph there fellow drivers in tragic accident living and dying high on
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and explore this amazing world heritage site that the. world heritage 360 declares now. there's a state of your news a live us from berlin europe kicks off its mass vaccination program against cope at 19 a 101 year old woman is the 1st person in germany to get the vaccine as an unprecedented in united nation campaign is now underway across the e.u. also coming up on the show. fears of a full scale civil war overshadowed the election in the central african republic
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the government tries to fend off a rebel offensive as armed gangs terrorize much of the population. and assessing the impact of australia's devastating wildfires. we take a look at the app using and let me inquire as to carry out a census called numbers. 0 in clay richardson welcome to the show and germany's mass vaccination program against the krona virus has begun. a day before its scheduled start shipments of the biotech pfizer vaccine are arriving in countries and in hungary and slovakia they have also started vaccinating and here in germany a 101 year old woman in
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a care home in the east was the 1st person to get the shot along with other residents and some of their carers. when it quite solid was born the world was in the grip of spanish flu today 101 years old she made history as the 1st german to be vaccinated. you'll find a mobile team came to this residential project to senior citizens in how bush that unvaccinated 40 residents and taking care stuff the head of the local vaccination center didn't want to waste any time waiting to talk every day counts once the vaccine has been defrosted it has a limited storage life and the logistics of flexible enough that we can bring things forward by a day and go out to the cat homes earlier in the. most parts of germany are starting vaccinating on sunday regional politicians stressed the urgency isn't enough as in the we're seeing rising infections and alarmingly high numbers of
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fatalities in tools and yet the vaccine is giving us this glimpse of hope that if we can hold out a little longer. we have the chance that more and more people will be vaccinated. the biotech pfizer vaccine is being delivered across germany and the country's health minister held out the hope of more to come. trying toi vita right now if the other part scenes that look promising are approved by the middle of the year we'll be able to roll out widespread vaccinations and offer one to anyone who wants it. by the end of 2021 point 3000000 doses of vaccine will have been distributed in january another 3000000 like here in berlin vaccination centers are ready and waiting and they are equipped to administer many 1000000 more doses to members of the public. because they need to vaccinate is so high and the interest is there i'd rather have as many doses as possible as quickly as possible so that we can get
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going in. the health minister rejects charges that too little vaccine was ordered at a european level and he was clear about the overall in. the corner of. the corona vaccine season it's free of charge involuntary but our intent is clear we want to vaccinate so many people that the virus no longer stands a chance neither in germany no in europe. steam line is anyone aged 80 old like here in 88 called solace cat teams will be visiting with roxy any day soon and indeed earlier reporter joel dora is covering this story for us and all vaccinations were supposed to start across europe today but 3 countries jumped the gun and started giving out shots a day earlier what's the story there the european commission had carefully planned the start of what it calls a new vaccination days telling countries to wait until sunday as
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a sign of unity and remember europe had a pretty embarrassing and disjointed start to the pandemic with countries holding equipment and not failing to help each other so the rollout of the vaccination was supposed to go a bit differently however over the last few days the deliveries of the boy pfizer vaccine have been arriving and some said why wait hungary was the 1st to go there live akio and germany and as the regional manager in the german state said every day counts now this modern noise some european commission officials but it's hard to imagine anyone begrudging the 101 year old woman who got to have her vaccine a day early say it's time is of the essence but with that in mind you know vaccinations started in some other countries weeks ago already why has it taken until now for europe to start around the world an estimated 4000000 people have already been an ocular added against covert 19 in the us it's approaching 2000000 now the european medicines regulator was a bit more cautious they had actually planned to wait until next week before even
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meeting to decide whether to approve this vaccine the germans health minister yen spahn was one of those who pushed them to go to foster and they did so they finally gave that approval just before christmas and it now here we are of course there's some impatience in the air but let's keep in mind the 1st known announcement of the outbreak in rwanda that only happened on december 31st last year we haven't even reached the one year mark the 1st known cases in germany were on january 27th so here we are 11. months later and vaccinations beginning it really was quite a remarkable scientific achievement absolutely so let's talk about the logistics because that of course will be one of the big questions for now mass vaccinations due to start in the next few hours what's the plan exactly so the government has set up these mass centers around germany they've used big buildings like former airport ice skating rinks as well as like event spaces equipped with those super cold chillers to keep the vaccine ready for use they're also going to be mobile
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teams going to care homes care homes are really one of the centers of the outbreak here in germany and so people living in elderly care homes of the 1st to get the vaccines as well as people aged over 80 and health care workers the majority of german are ready and willing to get vaccinated a recent survey found 2 thirds of germans want the vaccine but as the health minister said they're going to have to wait at least 6 months and we shouldn't forget the rest of the world either according to one recent study a quarter of the world's population will not be vaccinated even by 2022 so as of tomorrow it is an important 1st step vaccinations starting in europe but for the most majority of people we're going to have to keep doing what we've always been doing up until now wearing a mask keeping distance and living with the lockdowns for some time to come and important 1st step but it's certainly not the end of the pandemic good perspective there reporter joel all right thank you so much for that and let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines. japan is effectively closing its borders for at least
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a month in an effort to contain the new coronavirus variant originally detected in the u.k. the foreign ministry says it will bar all nonresident foreign nationals of starting monday japanese residents will be allowed to return home. meanwhile health officials in canada have confirmed 2 cases of the new covert 19 a variant seen in the u.k. an elderly couple in southern ontario province are now in isolation their infections were identified as the province went into lockdown. federal agents have searched the home of a possible suspect in the u.s. city of nashville in tennessee where a motor home exploded on christmas day 3 people were slightly injured and dozens of buildings were damaged authorities believe the blast was deliberate but have not identified a motive or a target. and judges in the central african republic have ruled that sunday's election that can go ahead the government and its allies are trying to
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fend off our rebel offensive as armed groups step up violent unrest there are fears that the republicans could slide back into full scale civil war a known attackers have already killed 3 united nations peacekeepers. i see the selection as a chance to say yes to pace and no to the bloodshed which threatens to overwhelm the central african republic hundreds of women march to the capital bangui of the pol they believe this mike must be held. he said we want peace to right in this country we say no to the rebels and we say no to the opposition that wants to push back that date of this election. season. that some say. this is part of the opposition campaigning for a poll they don't want to go ahead they can't balance who stand regardless but he
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says he's concerned by the growing insecurity nationwide. in every city there are armed groups getting in the way of this process who says. so i think it's wise that to consider postponing the elections. does on groups of now need the outskirts of bagi their advance created panic in the capital loss wake the president sees the hand of his political foes behind these militia men in an exclusive interview the incumbent told d.w. he stands for pace. they proposing a return to violence they have mobilized as men and now they're looking at the destabilization of benghazi as tension mounts more un peacekeeping troops have been arriving their mission is to stabilize the state during the elections. after they touchdown the soul just celebrated but in the coming hours they will be tested as
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they try to prevent chaos breaking out in the central african republic on polling die. to us daily and now where ecologists are recruiting members of the public for the biggest ever fraud count to find out how they are recovering from this year's devastating bushfires but they're not relying on sightings of the amphibians rather on hearing them for a fee if we can take a listen. it's the sign of a thriving ecosystem the rivets of a for old. with the wildfires that ravaged australia earlier this year pushed to some species to the brink of extinction. the sheer scale of the destruction made it impossible for scientists to study the impacts on their own. so they developed a frog ideally
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a smartphone app that allows users to be caught and upload frog cools. we don't know the long term consequences of these fires we that's why we desperately need more recordings from frog id and more scientists getting in the field and looking at them but it's a little bit of hope and in 2020 i'll take that where i can thousands are answering the call taking their phones into the great outdoors to take part in the world's biggest frog counts for some recording of a single species and we can narrow it down quite quickly and so it's one it's a common thing that we've heard a lot of in other instances you may have a chorus of you know it's very seasonal more or calling at the same time the data is used to plot and track for frog population species by species. it's hopeless findings will lead to a giant leap in our understanding of how frogs respond to fire and have
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a cover was for smoke has cleared. all archaeologists and the a tally in port of pompei have excavated a strikingly well preserved ancient roman a fast food restaurant they even found leftovers from what was on the menu nearly 2000 years ago pompei was buried by lava and ash as when mount reeve the suv yes erupted in 7980 and that one of italy's most popular tourist attractions. the deadly volcanic eruption completely destroyed the bustling port of pompei among the thousands of victims customers of this fast food restaurant which sold takeaway chicken lamb and goat the pots on the counter contain duck bones and traces of snails a noted delicacy outrun to sign warning diners to be aware of the dog and some graffiti making fun of the owner. it's the 1st time we've managed to excavate
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a complete term of poli i'm snack bar like this technology allows us to pinpoint what was in these containers he continued to look it was a few frieda. the excavation gives the scientists some important clues about roman eating habits and the unfortunate owner was obviously inside the shop when the volcano erupted behind the counter a human skeleton for the moment the site is still closed to visitors because of coronavirus restrictions. and to some sports news now sort of a football game in bolivia was interrupted when a pitch invader ran onto the field and took possession of a player's footwear. serializable. this dog a stole of blue to end the show at a 1st division match outfoxing opponents and interrupting play for about 3 minutes . the curious canine took a dive to avoid getting sent off. but in the end
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a team member took matters into his own hands to sideline the playful approach just because. you. know that is your news update at this hour you can of course always get the latest around the clock on our website and d.-w. dot com or you can follow us on social media at the w news i'm eric trades and then for me in the entire news team thanks so much for watching. john move on an immigrant's. to go the police will stop. because the solution to their flight could be fatal but going back is not an option. to smoke i'm on the property or stuck in the spanish border area where they're
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waiting for a chance that will probably never. shattered dreams starts january 18th on to.


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