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still waiting for their delivery sponsor approx today so together we caravan deliver the futures. trading. this is do you have any news live from berlin europe kicked off its mass vaccination program against covert 98 and 101 year old woman is the 1st person in germany to get the shot as an unprecedented immunization campaign gets underway across the e.u. .
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i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program in what's being called a historic day in the fight against the corona virus pandemic the european union officially rolls out its mass vaccination program today with batches of the vaccine already delivered several countries including germany began giving shots a day early. our brussels bureau chief alexander phenomena is standing by for us in brussels alexandra a historic day in the fight against this pandemic what's the use role in this back same rollout. if you committed a president or the law funder lie and describe it as a touching moment of for europe's you need and this was exactly what the european union the was aiming for in this phase of the fight against the coronavirus in the member states could have moved forward individually but instead they decided that
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it is the european commission talking to pharmaceutical companies procuring vaccines and coordinating the rollout of that since now across the continent across the block and it was important to make sure that every member state is getting vaccines have the same time and that even poorer member states are not being left behind left along with that countries like the u.s. and the u.k. have already begun vaccinating people why did it take the a year longer to get there it took longer indeed and the reason for that was that vaccines in the you ass and in the u.k. were approved the emergency use also was a sion of the european union decided to approve them under conventional market also it was because of questions of liability if there are any serious side effects and it was also meant as
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a signal to show that the vaccine is safe and to convince those who are still close to skeptical that it's safe and rights to get vaccinated and something that won't help skeptics i suppose the head of the europe a european police body europol has warned against the danger of potential fake coronavirus vaccines what more can you tell us about last. well that's that's sure europol has been warning of fake that scene for a while now saying that there is a danger that organized crime could try to sell contra food to that scenes or try to hijack shipments of genuine vaccines and that is of course because we don't have enough doses and there are people maybe desperate to get vaccinated who would buy a vaccine and dark in that dark web so that is why you ripple is warning member states to stay vigilant because there is
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a real danger that criminal minds could try to to sell fake the scenes and xander phenomena speaking to us from brussels thank you for that update in germany it was one of those countries to to start early with the program with the 101 year old woman at a care home the 1st to get the shot along with other residents and some staff. when it quite solid was born the world was in the grip of spanish flu today 101 years old she made history as the 1st german to be vaccinated. you know world to find a mobile team came to this residential project to senior citizens in how bush that unvaccinated 40 residence and taking care staff the head of the local vaccination center didn't want to waste any time waiting who wants to talk every day counts and once the vaccine has been defrosted it has a limited storage life and the logistics are flexible enough that we can bring
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things forward by a day and go up to the care homes earlier in the home of the insecure most parts of germany are starting vaccinating on sunday regional politicians stressed the urgency isn't enough hours in the year seeing rising infections and alarmingly high numbers of fatalities. and yet the vaccine is giving us this glimpse of hope. that if we can hold out a little longer at 1st we have the chance that more and more people will be vaccinated and we had the biotech pfizer vaccine is being delivered across germany and the country's health minister held out the hope of more to come. to toronto to invite a right now if the other pack scenes that look promising are approved by the middle of the year will be able to roll out widespread vaccinations and offer one to anyone who wants it so much by the end of 2021 point 3000000 doses of vaccine will have been distributed in january another 3000000 like here in berlin vaccination
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centers are ready and waiting and they are equipped to administer many 1000000 madrassas to members of the public. interest because they need to vaccinated so high in the interest is there i'd rather have as many doses as possible as quickly as possible so that we can get going. the health minister rejects charges that too little vaccine was ordered at a european level and he was clear about the overall. the color of. the corona vaccines is an obvious it's free of charge involuntary but our intent is clear we want to vaccinate so many people that the virus no longer stands a chance neither in germany or in europe. first in line is anyone aged 80 or older like here in. mobile teams will be visiting with the vaccine any day soon. and dangerous new hauser is braving the cold for us standing by one of the
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vaccination centers in berlin nina what's going to be happening where you are today . it's true it's very cold but we're out here to report some good news so that will keep us warm. today i'm standing outside the arena and typed. in and this is something that is normally used as a concert venue but now it's been turned into one of the in 6 vaccination centers and actually it's the 1st one that will start operation today in berlin because the strategy here in berlin is that 1st some 40 mobile units are going to drive to care homes and vaccinate the elderly people the report mentioned it 80 plus people and here in traffic so the vaccination will start in about 7 hours time now that that group a group of care home residents were already vaccinated a day early why was that. the authorities that said that they simply
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didn't want to waste another day they said every day counts in the fight against this pandemic and the german health minister said that he was surprised that this region started early a day early but he said that he wished those residents well of course and that he understood the urgency of the matter can the authorities be sure of reaching all the elderly and vulnerable. when you look at this elderly people's home that we mentioned in the report as well the 1st people who are vaccinated there apparently there were some who didn't want to be vaccinated so of course authorities are a bit wary and they're saying that you need to be informed and this is why also in this vaccination center behind me here in trip so in berlin people will get information about the vaccine because of course there are a lot of doubts i mean this is something that has been pushed through in
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a speed that is normally not common when it comes to crucial medicine and so lots of people in the population are a bit concerned but the authorities are working against that and they're hoping that as many as possible will but dissipate because ultimately you do need 2 thirds of the population to have had the virus all have been vaccinated for the virus to go away and dana is there enough vaccine to be able to hold this virus. well of course the companies behind the vaccines they're producing all the capacity they have but there isn't enough to start vaccinating everybody which is why here in germany and across the you there is a vaccination strategy where certain groups of people have been identified that would get priority and of course over time as the vaccination doses will increase they're hoping to also reach sort of normal middle aged people of the population
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but that might well take till summer or the autumn of 2021 right now has a speaking to us from outside one of those vaccination centers in berlin thank you . as well as germany slovakia and hungry also began giving their 1st shots of the new biotech pfizer vaccine a day early hungary $10000.00 doses are available so far north already is of prioritizing frontline health care workers the 1st worker immunize was a doctor but a patient central hospital of vaccination program is planned for early next year. earlier we asked journalist stephan boss in budapest why hungry jumped the gun to start vaccinations and head of most other countries. i see behind that recent misstep area prime minister viktor orban who has been criticized by the opus ition over his perceived licking in the coronavirus but demi mesures that he wants to
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show that he is still in control and i think it's also a message to arts europe yet very tense relationship with the european union and he wants to show them that hungary again stand its own and we can care for our people now the same time of course the time is running out to the critics say because the best goal is actually you ricing here there are almost 9000 people reportedly diets we say or because of coronavirus book relational nearly 10000000 people but also behind it the reasoning for the prime minister to do. journalist stephen boss speaking to us a little earlier let's turn now to some other stories making headlines around the world u.s. president donald trump has refused to sign the latest 2.3 trillion dollar coronavirus aid package agreeing by congress trump said it doesn't go far enough to help everyday americans found his refusal means that up to 14000000 people will
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lose their unemployment benefits. 10 people are dead in iran off to avalanches hit a mountain range north of the capital tehran rescue teams are searching for a number of people still believed to be missing the avalanche has struck 4 different areas in the outdoors mountain range which is popular hiking and climbing . the u.n. is warning of an impending humanitarian disaster in bosnia and more than $1000.00 migrants are ensuring phrasing conditions after being forced out of a temporary camp authorities have failed to organize new accommodation despite closing the camp which was late has set on fire migrants are now sheltering in the burnt out facilitate little hate or food. let's head to south africa now where a young woman on the eastern cape is proving the skeptics wrong she's turned her interest in vintage cars into a thriving restoration business and it all started with
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a documentary on classic cars our correspondent adrian craze paid her a visit. this 947 pontiac is no simple as bright and joy she bought the vehicle for less than 200 euros so far she spent about 2 years and around 2000 euros renovating it. for. the 38 year old renovates vintage cars which she later than either runs out all sells for a nice price a property in the middle of nowhere on south africa's eastern cape it looks like a cross between a scrap yard and to a car museum. i don't have so much equipment i'm using trying to remove it and i asked him if he's. 7 years ago in a sequel saw
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a documentary on classic cars that sparked your interest ben told her husband who works for them and it's a policy but it's also a gifted car mechanic together they founded a company now they have 3 employees. i used to pray god to give me. a lady like that i like that now of course it from. the bed of it when i'm sitting it out on my is that i was yet to come but you know i mean i'm getting hit because there used to call me the mother of the broken. sometimes they don't they tell me with a negative when that's just listing time with these cows. claes when i finish that point that they do so i go on to say no no no no it just continues piffle. or minor of the top story we're following for you this hour a mass coded 19 vaccination program officially gets under way today in europe here
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in germany a 101 year old care home resident was the 1st to be immunized a day earlier than planned but hungary and slovakia are also beginning to vaccinate on saturday. you're watching state of a news world stories the week in report is out after a short break so stay tuned for that i'll be back with more news headlines at the top of the hour until then as always our web site www dot com i'm rebecca returns in berlin thanks very much for joining us. and you hear me know yes there is really good news you know how last year's german chancellor will bring you an angle out as you've never before a surprise to so with what is possible to this miracle really what moves and what holds up who talk to people who follow along the.


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