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permanently installed high end systems though i took a look at different the art installations for tourists on. berlin 1964 the huge wall runs through the heart of the city separating east and west and east german residents are strictly forbidden from crossing the border at the risk of being shown to you too virtual history allows me yours to experience life in the divided city firsthand and to see how young west berliners helped those in the east escape. this man in this picture is close mr from goes that he's my grandfather and in this picture you see them building a tunnel under the burden wall b.r. goggles bring on tons family legacy to life they let in descend into a virtual shaft like the one his grandfather and other estate agents had built from east to west berlin. 12 meters underground the 145 meter long tunnel under the berlin wall took 6 months to complete its super uncomfortable here. to be
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our director for sending this is a perfect example for how virtual reality can bring history to life with. things have progressed in a way that we now are starting to see historical material processed in a whole new way suddenly old scans can be displayed in a 4 k. or even 8 k. in a are we have the opportunity to expand these worlds i thinking it possible to step into historic scenes we've otherwise only known from pictures where newspaper articles and order the author of a. gripping tales from the past reconstructed up close and in full color. we are going to be. crossing the 1970 s. border at checkpoint charlie is no simple task not even n.p.r. but this installation for berlin tourists also sees room for in the style chic limps into former east berlin agency. travelling through time is just so
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much fun some developers want to go one step further and use we are to make history relive a book how would you like to take part in the march on washington in 1963 when civil rights activist martin luther king had his famous speech. over 80 actors and various b.r. specialists helped to recreate this historic moment in time. you were really marching with the people you're standing there you're looking at you know dr king gave this speech you're looking at every gesture and then looking at him see his eyes through you something it becomes very personal while goosebumps unfortunately the home selection for a spectacular view our experiences is still quite limited many can only be tried out with high end equipment and special events on top of that the hardware set up
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for home viewing still comes with a lot of annoying glitches and for many these systems are still too expensive most agree we are still just getting started. heads a virtual reality studio in berlin he says the technology will have its big break soon enough thanks to some exciting you know vacations. goggles have improved significantly in the last 2 years last year we experienced a quantum leap forward when prices became affordable and quality rose to a range that justify the cost of just $1.00 to care shelf and his partner philip vending produce virtual reality contents recently the organized if they are event alongside to be the biggest german film festival. to them there's no such thing as one stereotypical the r. user. in this medium has many different types of targets viewers there's the classic lean back audience that we know from television they watch content and like being told stories but they're not keen on interacting it's really just about
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seeing a good story. then you've got the classic gamers who want to interact but who don't necessarily need photo realistic surroundings they're looking for 3 d. generated surroundings ideally live 3 d. generated surroundings that they can manipulate and can. and then there's the target audience that's not really looking for entertainment they're mostly from the industrial sector and use beyond they're designing processes or to create pre-visualization they work in the automotive industry in architecture or in medicine. there for example they can practice new methods of surgery. until i think it's a ford. for years they've been saying the wii our industry has a lot of potential but here's a reality check in 29000 users around the world spend 5700000000 euros on hardware and software sounds like a lot in gaming was a spent over 150000000000 year olds in the same time span by 2022 but beyond the street is expecting its turnover to rise to 15000000000 euros but 1st it needs to
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improve the whereas in office still we are let's you travel to places that were impossible to visit before for example world famous construction site unique images from inside the not cathedral in paris after it was devastated by a fire in 21000 structures and a high lead concentration in the air make accessing the interior extremely dangerous for humans which is why a 360 degree camera robot is taking over the images it captures can be were viewed with p.r. goggles. we used robot to get right to the center of the cathedral right under the gaping hole we wouldn't have managed to without the robot but the camera got lucky when i stood in the ruins i wasn't able to stand under that hole but now i can thanks to b.r. . just
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a few weeks before the fire filmmakers closure you and victor are you know i had finished shooting a 3 d. documentary on the world famous church. after the fire we realized we had captured a moment in la times history that we could now give back to the public. by combining film material from before the fire with new images recording the damage the fire had caused the 2 filmmakers have now produced a 2nd documentary rebuilding the dam accompanies the reconstruction of the famous church. one of the kinds depictions of the cathedral is damaged interior else's money so these images are extraordinary they were filmed in virtual reality so in 360 degrees with a very high definition and in 3 d. that creates a separate image for the left and right eye each makes you feel like you're really . there is
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a. virtual reality goggles let you independently explore the cathedral in this 16 minute long film censors enable you to navigate through the building freely using your own body movements but the experience is strictly limited to v.r. in the real world is currently still closed to visitors giving users the feeling of being in the midst of it all that's the goal for virtual reality and the more senses come into use the more real the experience will see. we've had a look at the view installation which offers a unique acoustic experience listening to music just the way it sounded when composer you hands a bust on beheaded performed in the 18th century. the chapel it's just mind a mystical place where bach fans around the world down $774.00 this painting was all that was left of it. now it's been rebuilt in virtual reality. prints for the architecture and sound composition were kept
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a space full to the original as possible. as it seems the hamill's bird chapel is almost like atlantis kind of like a sunken place of longing for a box for years i dreamt of recreating the hell most birds so others could experience it and that dream has finally come true about some of. the music was performed on historic instruments in an echo free room at the take to go university. that the sound could later be adjusted to fit the chapels accused of the work and sounds just like it did in past times. for ya can make dreams come true. i've always wanted to be a crocodile for instance. what's it like to be a came in gliding down the amazon river. tree frog hopping from limb
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to limb. in this virtual reality installation participants can take on the lives of 5 different animals. like the one my favorite animal is the vampire bat it's so cuddly and i love the way its experience has been recreated you get to fly through the rain forest by night and with the bats night vision it's simply amazing so that. you know clear and her team at the interactive media foundation company in berlin designed this we are installation they recreated $400.00 hectares of brazil's 2 local market national park in the amazon rain forest the whole project took over a year 7500 plants alone had to be individually drawn and programmed the installation is now touring museums around the world. and.
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we wanted to create an emotional experience that you can delve right into we wanted viewers to enjoy themselves and become interested in the animals in the way they experience the world and i must say it's working or we've had lots of people asking us is it really true that the poison dart frog sees those crazy colors it down how did you find that out or where can we learn more. before in. a fog. passing our knowledge with virtual reality works especially well when the experience is a massive as flying over the rain forest. what is on offer is getting more and more spectacular even if there's still room for improvement i think there's work to be done on graphics and resolute. the greatest challenge for the industry will be to make the goggles lighter and more mobile this thing here for example is just
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a bit too bulky even for me i suppose of the industry say so less will be a thing of the past and not so comfy in medicine in the near future we won't have these anymore and instead we'll have real glasses that look like the glasses we know now fashionable accessories but with lenses that either stay transparent and display additional information or ones that can darken your vision completely and show something else in a closed off space. i'm curious to see what will happen what about your experiences with p.r. what devices do you use and what do you still want to experience in virtual reality that is not on you tube facebook or d.w. dot com that's it from me take care and the us will.
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. this is news coming to you live from the european union rolls out its 19 mess vaccination program it's a shot of both pose a huge force needed effort gets underway to start immunizing those most at risk also in the program for 1st hand accounts of the credible. challenge china's official narrative of an epidemic under control now the citizen journalist is paying the price for speaking out. and for much of december this city had the world .


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