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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  December 29, 2020 1:45pm-2:01pm CET

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so there we were and i in the city of london it's europe's biggest financial hub and the city is enormously important for the u.k. we have the skills or the knowledge of the culture you know. the financial sector and perhaps other countries within europe don't have the. financial services contribute over 10 percent of the tax revenue for the u.k. . i can still see your standing there at this desk surrounded by glass in this imposing skyscraper that says you know power. it was just after the bricks of vote that we went to see the head of law itself along the insurer in the deal told us that they had full 1000000000 euros worth of business with e.u.
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clients or financial services were largely left out of the trade talks and so she was hoping for what is called passport to the right to continue to trade with the e.u. if we can continue with passport passes are ideal situation we've been talking about that even before the referendum we said it's so important because that's really that gives us the ability to provide insurance to our customers in the e.u. 27 so if that could continue that would be just tremendous but now there is no cause for doing whatsoever and financial firms have really been hammered by bret's it is estimated that already about $10000.00 jobs have been relocated to other places in the e.u. and more than a trillion pounds in assets has been moved from the u.k. to other destinations in the e.u. that's about 110th. of all the assets that are managed in the u.k. even though it's still the most important financial hub in europe the city of
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london is clearly a bread salusa and its position is likely to diminish father the woman saw other financial centers. frankfurt luxembourg they all have already profited from it. i mean if you. are going to meet and. i didn't have my country under a net for my generation because i passionately believe in the european project and i passionately believe that bracks is going down the. side. of the engine. and the brakes and what melinda k. was doing she was fighting really desperately for a 2nd principle for and she turned herself into. and she camped outside parliament she really put her life on hold she stopped studying she only wanted to stop her
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exit there were others like her for example firmly on the wall and they both had a big presence on social media but it didn't do the trick so the problem was the young people came too late they voted overwhelmingly in the referendum to stay in the european union but not enough of the cavemen showed up to vary it so they lost and they lost a lot they simply call and do want to parents were able to do which is to just easily live travel study on the continent indeed. also works in other directions for you since i met for instance this polish account . he's one of 3000000 new citizens who have made the u.k. their. so now they can stay in the u.k.
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they can register with the governments you settlement scheme but it's just not that easy they can't just come here and work as easy as they used to be able to. id over the brim in your young water but you can move from one city to another got wonderful down through the country like you moving in just you know your own country internally and dot dot dot dot dot was there you are and if you want he came to you chris mckay who doesn't belong and suddenly relief to a different situation than you so your soldier can only be in the city you have to go part you have to do something i was not you could have been prepared when you've been moving just to do to this country and. many other people who tried to make a life in the u.k. decided to go home and basically take their expertise with the. bros and that number is a friend of mine she had been working as a consultant emergency doctor nandan and i put up with
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a 100 children packed to move back to dublin. for me the uncertainty around and trying to plan for their future if we were to say here is one of the big motivators but for the 2 them i don't really know what they. are for them if they stay on here for a 2nd drink with her. what are they going to be allowed to will it defend them thousands of you nurses and doctors have now got home and it's a massive problem for the u.k. health service especially with the corona pandemic there are around 100000 unfilled positions in the sector and that means patients are losing out. the window to see other committed brick city as they could not if a scene the pandemic of course but any short term disruption was always going to be worth it for them. for a moment it seemed unsolved. whether the decision to leave might be reversed so they showed up outside parliament clearly upset and determined that. bracks it and
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it wasn't just older people by the way there were also young people that had campaigned for braggs and like others grant and his sister beatrice they were both still at school at the time enable ideas like democracy and something you can take this for granted and i think yeah you know i had friends saying yeah i would be able to do my rasmus and it's like well you know 17400000 people differently if some people are as privileged. promised even bats was so proud of his product of what he has achieved he spent half a day on his left field and that's when he voiced his frustration at how people had voted in the referendum. i don't think. people realised how much we depend on foreign labor coming in and.
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most farmers actually didn't vote for brands even though many of them depend quite heavily you and your subsidies and during the referendum the bread city has a promise that this money would be replaced and nobody would be out of pocket trooper exit but now it looks like within the next 3 years farmers could lose at least half of what they received under the e.u. system. that would be a disaster particularly for small farms we could easily see. a very substantial percentage of foulness disappear family found just go on and that won't be something you can do so i did for the 10 years time crunch politically we got that wrong because. once womyn's leave the land and go on something else to do i generally don't come back and write. the french language and so on and but all sheep farmers in suffolk and southern england they are the 4th generation to farm
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this really beautiful spot and they hope that one day it was children will take over the phone. they sell most of their land to france the french like a lamb like this which has a good confirmation. they want them weighing around about $18.00 to $20.00 kilos as a carcass. not too much fat just a little fat. that's the ideal and that's the highest value market they did not vote for prices frank was just laughing at the idea that breaks it would cut red tape from brussels will there be any less. there won't be any less as civil servants to like paper so we will still have lots of paper and in fact the farmers incorrectly blamed europe for the paper when it was actually our own people that created lots of people big farms will be able to deal with the paperwork and even buy up land from small farms who go bust so at the end of the day they may be the
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big winner was a run on the run to run a wife or wife from europe i think is is a is a better thing for us as a country and we're in a world market anyway and that's of course true for all exports. but for manufacturers like the ocean movement is cheap for example it breaks introduces really huge problems. the advantage that british and european manufacturers had they could move chapattis between them really easily and really quickly and that would be gone for the moment we're selling to germany from everywhere in europe like we're showing you that if we are outside of the european market it will be an export for export lot of export people work to get a lot of money tied up with her because we haven't seen the 4 through her profile thing to do that we don't do. you like al is a real self-made man whose company was selling parts of diana and b.m.w.
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and we interviewed him just before the date for breaks it and like absolutely every executive in the car industry was very very worried about brags that. investment in the u.k. car industry has plummeted since then it's 80 percent down and covered has made things just was but if we look purely and abroad to defect some eastern european countries are winning because some manufacturers and some in the car industry have already relocated some of their production to eastern europe. we're looking over at the u.k. from europe i can't help but feel frustrated. press it was sold in the u.k.'s this big win win and what we have now is
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a loose loose so it's very hard to see any significant advantages in in all of this . after all the people we met after all the presence well was travel to these people are basically mainly lost out tensions are clearly running out yet westminster we don't destroy european trade just this year 4 months so i'm a german i'm living in the u.k. my children who were born here. and i feel at home here but for me the e.u. is also important and it's important as a peace project these are the roots of the e.u. but that doesn't really resonate in the u.k. and i remember when i was talking to a friend about this before the referendum i explained this to her and it was a completely new idea for her and she voted for granted. i'm quite confident that over the years we'll manage to form a new relationship like becoming friends after divorce but what we will not
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have is this institutional pressure which we have in the e.u. to solve problems to tackle problems together. in today's world you need to team up to tackle global issues like the environmental crisis like regulating tech giants like migration and without the u.k. a team europe lacks a key player can take back control as the phrase goes of our money our borders our laws so the brits to tears now need to define what actually is global britain what do they mean by it and how will it work and they need to prove that this acrimonious divorce process that is really worth that and that there are new opportunities for the u.k. because the breadth of that we're seeing now is much much harder than what was originally promised.
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tears were shed when the u.k. flag was lowered outside the european parliament that night and i remember i was moved to. and i kept thinking the only positive thing that comes out of this is that the rest of the e.u. will see what the u.k. is walking away from. treasure it more.
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passionate drama competition rivalry marketing numbers atmosphere power fight that's how intuition love makes money and as fans friends fans stamps and fans all. go off on you tube join us in these difficult times this is especially important to us to wish you all a happy new. year on the virus has come to us of the body from family and friends or your panties in a few more long missler surely during this holiday season we had you don't even want to tell you my dear when you really want to inform the law of the museum you want to turn your morning in this way tsunami new year new me new year everyone should mean good start into the new company everyone needs you and your is still safe and how area mistakes.
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this is the news a lot from. the powerful earthquake the 2nd trauma to hit within 2 days causes widespread damage in several places including the capital zagreb a nuclear power plant in neighboring sleuthing is shut down as a precocious also on the program killed the for doing their jobs dozens of journalists around the world murdered for exposing corruption across the environmental degradation of most of the countries they died. on.


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