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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2020 10:00am-10:16am CET

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traces that remain of their existence. the term. storage when 11th on d. w. . this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin signing off on briggs after 4 years of tortures though she ations hinted line extensions few leaders formally ratify the trade deal that seals the u.k.'s departure from the european union also in the program. oh argentina becomes the 1st major country in latin america to legalize abortion
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and while pro-choice activists celebrate let mark decision will it put the traditionally catholic country on a collision course with the church. plus will getting vaccinated mean you get more privileges germany's immunization campaign sparks a new concern over the country turning into a 2 tier society. follow on terri martin good to have you with us it's been months indeed years in the making and many doubted it would ever be agreed but today the post trade deal reached between the european union and the united kingdom is being formally ratified the e.u.'s top officials put their signatures on the 1200 page agreement in brussels this morning the documents will. they'll be flown to london for prime
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minister boris johnson to sign the e.u. trade deal will take effect on thursday evening when the briggs's transition period ends and the u.k. will then be entirely oh. well for now let's bring in our correspondents teri schultz in brussels and big boss in london good to see you both terry the break that deal has finally been agreed and has now been signed at least on one side this moment has been a very long time in the making hasn't it it has and we can't forget that this is a moment that the european union hoped would never come it would did not want breakfast leaders i think hoped until perhaps not this final moment but until very late in this stage that you know somehow it could be reversed and i think that you could see that on the faces of vonder lion and sean michel as they signed it they sort of awkwardly looked at each other and and thought should we say something here
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and they decided not to they stood up and bumped elbows in sort of a mutual congratulation and then sort of you know off their desks when he agree with off to london but we should mention that it is not entirely a done deal yet technically the european parliament will still scrutinise the deal and that will only happen starting in january because parliamentarians refused to be called back to brussels and given only a couple days to look over that 1200 page document so we still have one more stage of rexx in negotiations here in brussels when the european parliament comes back into session but is expected to be a much quicker process in london so brussels has at least put us in on the deal now it's over to london take a stroll what will happen there are today. indeed terry and like your legs every said it's going to be much much quicker in london the bill
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will arrive here by military plane and then there will actually only be a few hours debate for the house of commons to scrutinise the bill for a government that has said this is all about taking back control to the for the u.k. parliament many parliamentarian's actually not happy that they only get a few hours to get through something that's really a momentous bill in the u.k. as history however this is decided we don't expect too much opposition we know if you're position m.p.'s are not going to side are not going to vote for it however the leader of the opposition star the leader of the labor party has said that the alternative would be no deal so most labor opposition politicians are expected to sign it and then later on this afternoon boris johnson is expected to sign it and that will definitely be a big moment for boris johnson because he has the base is he gotten his will or he
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will have got his will in that moment he has led the way out of the european union and he has also avoided a complete catastrophe for business because without this deal the the damage for business would have been very very great in the u.k. and the formalising there do bourse. in london and teri schultz in brussels thank you very much sheba. so you look at some of the other stories making headlines today threaten has become the 1st country in the world to authorize the coronavirus vaccine developed by astra zeneca and oxford university authorities say they plan to start rolling out the vaccine within days it's the 2nd coronavirus vaccine to be approved in the u.k. and comes as the country struggles with a huge surge in cases. a newly elected congressman in the u.s. state of louisiana has died of complications from coated 19 luke let blow
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was admitted to hospital on december 19th after testing positive for the virus he was due to be sworn into office on sunday he was just 41. chinese court has sentenced 10 hong kong activists to up to 3 years in prison on charges of illegally crossing the border the group were arrested by the chinese coast guard in august to allegedly on route to the democratic island of taiwan to minors who were also detained or reportedly being returned home home without charge. argentina's senate has voted to legalize abortion in a landmark ruling that could have repercussions across latin america the vote followed hours of debate and decades of campaigning by women's rights groups in the predominantly catholic country up until now seeking or aiding in abortion was a punishable offense the vote in argentina has been closely watched in other latin american countries where abortion is largely still illegal. well for more on this
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i'm joined now by journalist lucy hay in when this hour is 1st of all this is a historic moment for argentina and latin american in general how are the reactions to this development. yes so there were thousands of people waiting on the street until 4 am when the vote was cast waiting for the decision and basically the most amount of people were waiting in front of the national congress in one a sadist and the past that was divided into so basically the people in favor of the legalization of abortion and those against and as you can imagine the people in favor as soon as they heard of the forward the results of the voting they were ecstatic there were a lot of music a lot of young women who came out to the streets in support of this bill and there was a very much of a celebratory mood among that side but as you can imagine on the other side of the
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class that the mood was completely the opposite these are groups that are very religious and groups that have been very vocal against the only station of abortion so the mood was very divided and i think that really reflects how argentina as a society as a whole feels today about the results of these historic vote. how important is this vote for argentina can you put it in context for. absolutely so to give you an idea of this is the 9th time a bill to legalize abortion was presented in congress over the past 15 years so it's an issue that's been on the agenda for many many years and that in the most recent year seems 2018 i would say has taken a lot of attention not only in argentina but also other countries in latin america have appropriated themselves of this green scarf that the argentine feminist
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movement uses as a message to legalize abortion you see that green scar all over latin america and so it is a huge issue and the reason why it is so he's because since 1021 abortion in argentina has been criminalized and women and doctors perform it can get out to 15 years in prison so one of the things that these people's women's rights movements have been saying is that in spite of these women still undergo abortions there's i'm official estimate that around 270002500000 abortions are performed every year in the country so by the allies in this women's rights groups are saying that at least you're securing healthy and safe conditions for this woman to undergo these procedures. that was journalist the reporting from when it's our
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well rescuers in central croatia are searching for survivors after a major earthquake struck tuesday afternoon authorities say at least 7 people were killed and patrol once a picturesque town not far from the croatian capital zagreb now a disaster zone. the 6.4 magnitude quake brought death and destruction without warning but the response has been swift the army moved into airlift it would leave patients from a hospital. in one dimension nursing home residents lie on the floor as they waited for their turn to leave. as the most vulnerable are evacuated eighty's pouring in. across croatia donations are being collected for partridge and the surrounding area. bobbie though is no doubt that about we saw they needed help people are coming from everywhere to bring food and
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necessities. they need humanitarian aid now because this won't be over any time soon. basic necessities of already reached this shelter for people my homeless by the earthquake. this is. our house has no roof only walls. they are all damaged and cracked. i would not dare go inside again. the crisis response is being overseen by the town's mayor one of. them today we feel with all the families who have lost their loved ones. we know there are no words but we offer our honest compassion. because the lose your loved ones in this catastrophe. is like going through hell.
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the mayor was holding a press conference when the earthquake struck shortly before noon on tuesday the cameras capturing the impact. as rescue teams clear the rubble in the dark of night that moment seems a lot of time ago for the people of preaching. some bleak news from germany today the top infectious diseases institute has reported a record number of deaths from kobe had 19 for the 1st time more than 1000 people have died. side with the virus in a single 24 hour period meanwhile germany is gradually rolling out its vaccination campaign but a dispute is brewing over the implications for a society divided by those who've already had the jab and those who haven't. huge hopes are being invested in this little gem the hope of life returning to
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normal before fear and masks and social distancing but reality looks very different the vaccination campaign has only just begun and it will be months before anyone's guard can be let down. spike we don't want to split our society and at this point we're not everyone can get vaccinated and when it's not even clear whether vaccination people might still spread the virus there can't be any special rights for immunize people. so it's kind of shocking to present. that maybe so but divisions may crack open in germany nonetheless restaurants have a right to throw it on welcome guests businesses can decide who to employ. it's their right of course they can say that somebody who's a bigger danger because they haven't been vaccinated so we want to limit our risk. will germany become a 2 tier society airlines that only admit vaccinated passengers pubs which refuse
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entry to the on immunized. how long does the vaccination work for but otherwise i'm in favor of people who've been vaccinated having advantages. or. things should be the same for both groups as long as it's possible that vaccinated people might still be contagious. to those who buy the. i think there are people who can't be vaccinated for some reason but there are also people who don't want to see should i be considerate about them. die of course. the position of the german government is clear no discrimination between those vaccinations and those not and if necessary will be written into lol. just reminder the top story we're following for you today the post breaks a trade deal reached between the european union and the united kingdom has finally
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been formally ratified by the ears top officials in brussels 1200 page agreement is being flown to london for prime minister boris johnson to sign ahead of the u.k.'s complete departure from the block at midnight on thursday. so you news for now i'm terry martin thanks for watching. young moroccan immigrants. they know the police will stop by. the roots of the solution. their flights could be safe. but baggage is not an option shattered dreams starts january 18th on d w.


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