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tv   Zugspitze da will ich hin  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2020 2:30pm-3:01pm CET

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they could be the future. granting opportunities global news that matters. information. they want to express. facebook and twitter. in touch. coming up today a special edition on the political storms that. seen through the eyes of the people . beginning. of the political chaos in the city.
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for minorities imprisoned their. goals for reform. from a king. and the. challenges just as well as. welcome. glad you could join us this year implemented a new security law also oddities now have sweeping powers to talk it acts deemed secession subversion or terrorism it's a handy tool for the beijing backed government to crack down on supporters of the months long pro-democracy protests that rocked the city for. doctors like joshua
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wong could be virtually silenced but i vowed defiance but continuing political instability and fears of an erosion of the territories freedoms have forced others to look for exit options literally he has a look at one couple's tough decision gary and his fiance has just a few more months when showing their life in hong kong before they say goodbye to home tell and they're not great to australia when gary filed the application 5 years ago leaving was only a back up plan says hong kong has been through massive social and political upheaval but it was the unprecedented antigovernment protests here that finally pushed him over the edge. this isn't the hong kong i grew up with any more freedom has been restricted but hong kong will soon be no different from the rest of china i feel even more unsafe under the new national security law from what
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we've lost so we have to find it elsewhere who. came along. to fight or to flee that's a tough question for many hong kong as like gary moore starting a life abroad will likely be a rocky path even in his job as an engineer gary and his fiance does not want to be interviewed because she fears for her job here are prepared to start from scratch a price they're willing to pay in exchange for liberty. it's time to abandon our well paid jobs friends everything we've established here where we were born in ranges we did struggle to make this decision but around a 3rd of my friends are also considering leaving or at least sending their children abroad. from the. area has recently been travelling around hong kong to capture is iconic scenery
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these pictures was just 3 memories after place there were no longer or. well gary and his fiance chose to leave hong kong so that it will say that they had no such choice when she left her home in china and that's because up woman with chinese nationality she fled to sweden after her ordeal in china is reeducation camps located in the shin jog in the northwest of the country china says these camps of of vocational training upper says but reports indicate they actually hold at least a 1000000 we go to gaza and other ethnic muslim minorities all being devoted to lies as part of china's measures to counter terrorism so article so you pay a former education official was imprisoned here and forced to teach chinese to the other inmates in an interview to the dublin news she recounted what she saw there hears and accept what they paid on time but after i was brought to the fastest
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internment camp i realized that it was in a bit a nightmare that's ago almost and there you go then be quiet others are so fond of finding me you know for every action of the inmates was watched for 247 but. you know you got there was one room in the camp you didn't have c.c.t.v. to completely call it the black room to get to dig to go father said you should try men very difficult people who enter the room were tortured physically by various brutal means some more than. the fun. just but all the cars pull off their fingernails they would tie them to a chair and use electric shock to torture them. to get them into the.
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bargain that. they would beat them up. the means were very brutal. they would leave me. behind that's one of the show done. i used to be locked in that room too. but. there's lots of things that i will never forget or one every time i eat i think of the inmates made. for friends. sometimes when. i think of them before i go to bed every night. with a good teacher my mind keeps returning to the internment camp where i worked every single day trying. one thing that i can't stand. when you're very young girl she got raped a lot. 35
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times but at least struck me i can never forget it it stuck in my mind. there's allusion young people in time of this year if you will pro-democracy protests. and calls for change from thousands protesting on the streets of the country in particular focus is the current king a long cord whose long periods of state in germany have raised questions among his people strongly less but just laws in the country make any criticism of the king punishable with prison time an activist who fled thailand now lives in exile here in germany is among those daring to call for change you know small. the protest movement in thailand is picking up momentum protesters are calling for
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constitutional change and want to reform thailand's powerful monarchy. thailand's king along corn has a strong influence on most aspects of thai society and has tried to consolidate his power he is known and often criticized for his lavish lifestyle. but instead of ruling from his royal residence in bangkok. the king prefers to spend his time fountains of kilometers away in germany. this hotel in the bavarian resort town is where he normally stays for long stretches of time his presence in southern germany has been a tabloid sensation but it has also drawn strong criticism from thai activists including jr. who fled thailand and lives in europe since 2010. the thai people are getting more angry because he's not here to answer to elise and. stop into winning you know what he is here using. locations and continue
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to how to say continue influence she has organized the series of protests across germany to raise awareness and push for change in thailand like shining slogans against the king on his favorite hotel he and president thinks the king shouldn't be acting as head of state from a foreign country germany's government appears to agree yes you have daughters we have made it clear that politics concerning thailand is not to be done from german soil or to board on top of that there are many bizarre reports about what is happening there. and this just in terms of we would always oppose having guests in our country who run their state affairs from here. one. but the german government hasn't announced any specific measures jr president sent a letter to the german chancellor and other leaders to urge the government to act
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the king has now returned to thailand for the 1st time in almost 6 months and is expected to stay for a few weeks protesters have vowed to continue demonstrating despite a crackdown things are not getting easier for king longhorn. and things weren't easy for a 2 year old. but she decided to serve extraordinary goals nonetheless despite the violence all around the. mission to climb mountains it's a sports not normally associated with women of the country who already face a difficult hurdle in their daily lives that is of no consequence to this teenager . fasten missal tiny liz used to scaling new heights as a scene she's already climbed no shack peak afghanistan's highest mountain soltani says it's one of the hardest climbs in the world she's the youngest woman ever to
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reach the mountain spectacular summit. i went on on this one with my main goal is to show the world that afghan women are strong and can do the most challenging work that men do. and i want to hear that i women from foreign countries come here to conquer the high peaks of the mountains of afghanistan i thought why can't the afghan women also conquer these peaks. that one of the hindu kush mountain range was a popular climbing destination in the past but nowadays the ongoing war in afghanistan makes doing sport here dangerous as especially true for women with soltani well aware of the current political climate in the country. when i got into sports i knew that i would face some problems in the future. for example one
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of the issues is that the taliban may feel that sports for women up on the to raise the afghan flag i'm ready to face any challenges. without on. what's next for the afghan pioneer soltani is setting her sights even higher she's preparing for the world's highest peak mount everest. the fan good luck to harm to you as well as you add time to turn to want to sort of you yeah but the leaves are now with the bridges. people caught up in extraordinary events. and i have been.
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the for. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing . the latest research. information and contacts. around the virus update coming. on to w. w's crime fighter back africa's most
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successful radio drama series continues this season the stories focus on hate speech prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all of the search are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social me. platforms. crime fighters to name now. you're. using a u.v. lamp to kill the coronavirus that's just one light bulb moment in a multitude of responses to that 19 saloon was repurposed hand sanitizer at the beginning of the pandemic the speed of innovation amid coronavirus could be a game changer experts say it could revolutionize global health care allowing us to
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come up with solutions that could change health care delivery. they say necessity is the mother of invention the coronavirus pandemic has flown that into stark relief from innovations enabling us to live with the realities of the virus 2 devices that make it possible here's the story of 2 entrepreneurs who say a diagnosis is just a breath away. christoph and thomas wolfe have a vision they want to return some normality to this college 19 times 4 months have been working on a breath test that can identify the novel coronavirus they're now confident it works. taken in august from a technical point of view this device can get to areas where normally only a dog can sniff things out. a device that's almost as sensitive as a dog's noles the technique is similar to a breathalyzer for alcohol. this is
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a stimulus what we have here is a sterile mouthpiece. and you take off the packaging and then what happens if you blow into the mouthpiece and you just breathe. in there start up the brothers develop highly sensitive sensor technology from aspect troll meters pull industry and labs for a new type of diagnosis in real time in an automatic and we can see all sorts of things using breath analysis like whether a patient had coffee yesterday afternoon or not we can identify his nutritional status and we can see different amino acids different fatty acids all of this from the breath breath as a direct window into the human body. the brothers believe it could recognize carbon 19 other researchers also say breath analysis could work in principle to test for the corona virus. the challenge is to is to get the. methods that you run on the equipment the way the equipment is used to chew on
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and the analytical technique of mice with verified biomarkers that are reliable. once we've proven that then you have a curve igniting breath test ready to go conventional swab tests are reliable but often only carried out when the infection has been there for a while and the result usually takes 2 days the breath test detects metabolic changes in breathing caused by the virus while it is not yet 100 percent reliable it does give an immediate result. the researchers believe that they will be able to deploy the tests as early as next summer in places like football stadiums. passengers could also be tested at airports before check in the accuracy of the test is currently around 80 percent however the researchers are expecting efficiency to increase significantly in the meantime a lot of detailed work remains to be done. people are complicated and you're
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looking for a small signal in a snowstorm a blizzard of information. that we've found we've found the signals we think are helpful young christophe and thomas both originally developed their test for very different types of that gnosis one problem with a common 1000 tests is that they have not yet been able to carry out studies on patients with the virus they are hoping for to go into the next just as of processors access to resources to allow us to carry out a validation study on the site in a hospital or an airport test center and with that it becomes very easy to determine whether this would be a way to bring back some normality to people. and allies could be a way to detect cov in 1000 infections much faster than before. matthew harris joins us now he's a clinical senior lecturer and public health at the imperial college london matthew
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so glad you can join us now you've written and the scientific journal nature about how the response to coded 19 has been distinguished by so-called frugal in a sense what exactly does that mean well thank you through litigation really is the term that we give to the kind of innovation we see in the resource constrained so situations of extraordinary time pressure or situations where we don't have the kind of resources that we normally like to have when we where we develop health care innovations of the world frugal often times is referred to as sort of cheap or good enough innovation that actually frugal innovation is health care to patients that's actually as effective as the kind of innovation you would normally see but just in a way that is far more affordable far more sustainable maybe if you are sort of complexity or functionality but that gets the job and undercoat it of course we've seen around the world some extraordinary difficult situations at national level in
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terms of exposing the fragilities in our healthcare systems but also the real increase in healthcare demands and it really has necessitated a new type of innovating in innovating that pace rapidly using resources that we just find around us so kind of improvising if you are. this is the kind of innovation that we call frugal innovation so it's about reacting quickly using what you have but didn't have any examples of what a frugal innovation could be. well absolutely in the early days of the covert response we saw insincerity available in countries and very interesting examples of frugal innovations so for example where there was a lack of personal protective equipment we saw a clinician's improvised the use of simple acetate sheets the kind of such as you say she's that you'd use for overhead projectors in the old days and by simply
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putting some holes in either side of the essay sheeting threading some ribbon on either side those became very effective face vices to protect not only the clinician but also the patients in front of them when they were interfacing and this was of course extremely cheap and actually very very effective since then baseball is a vote and become more sophisticated but it was a very good example of a frugal innovation at a time another good example of innovating at a pace was the construction of hospitals and on the 10 days in china actually eventually also in the u.k. where i'm from we saw the construction or repurchasing at least of conference center has ensued into intensive care units and hospitals also in very very short amounts of time as a sort of idea of repurchasing the resources you have but also very very quickly the characteristic of really innovation now that the crisis has focused minds and
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mobilize so much in terms of responses as you've told us there is also kind of dynamics downside to this kind of concentration of response to the crisis. well i think the pope it obviously has recorded a deviation of resources from other health care to focus our attention on covert response and as a result some other areas have have if you like suffered in terms of research going into the and also the health care delivery the different clinical conditions i don't think there's a downside to frugal innovation and i think it's been a really revealing how we've been able to develop such effective health care responses in a short period of time. without scrimping on safety checks or effectiveness or clinical effectiveness for the patients that we serve so i don't see a downside to truly innovation which tends to be for fordable the healthcare
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systems as long as the necessary checks and balances are in place to ensure the safety of those devices or technologies you've written that this kind of innovation could lead to a leveling in global health care equality what does that look like. what is the level in the sense that it has made us really reflect on the fragilities in the health systems even in the high income countries settings and it's made us pay much more attention to the kind of innovations that arise from the low income countries it's something we've been up the pace in for many years and what code is doing is making us pay more attention to settings that traditionally we haven't really noticed in terms of healthcare innovation thank you matthew harris there talking about putting human resource lowness at the center of our cove in 1000 response is a clinical senior lecturer and public health at imperial college london thank you for your insights. and now it's time for one of your ascent and questions about the coronavirus our science correspondent derek williams is ready with announcer.
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taking into account to patients sex and age what do the statistics say about complications. one of the clearest pieces of information that's come out of the statistics is that from the age of about 40 on women in general are a lot less likely than men to have severe outcomes data from both the c.d.c. and the european center for disease prevention and control a reveal how stark the difference is this graphic for example emphasizes how much more likely men of a certain age are to end up in the hospital or the i.c.u. numbers of men are represented by the blue bar and a numbers of women by the red one in europe men between 40 and 80 make up around 3 quarters of all intensive care cases and recorded deaths after 80 the split is more
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even but that's almost certainly due to the simple fact that a lot fewer men lived at that age so statistically the chances are a lot higher that in the over eighty's a woman is going to get coke at 19 been a man is going to get it there's a lot of speculation about why and there doesn't seem to be a single reason that accounts for all of the discrepancy i'm several factors are likely playing roles we know though that people who have diabetes or high blood pressure or heart disease are at greater risk of severe outcomes if they contract to cope at 19 and aging men are more likely to have those co-morbidities than aging women are but another possible contributing factor involves immune response the male and female immune systems are. different experts say because on their 2nd x. chromosome women have another copy of many of the genes that are involved in
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fighting off disease it's been theorized that's also why women are more likely to develop certain auto immune diseases that men but in this case it could be helping them keep covert 19 or it's medical ramifications more effectively it bad that's hard to prove though. and that's all from us thank you very much for watching and stay safe.
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or not too well. what about the sharing economy instead. of. a change in thinking. just changing the economy to create something new.
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the economics magazine in germany. even 90 minutes w. . who . of the morning. can't sleep because europe was losing the war. in this war smoldering. who knows lol good as knows. there's no food. no lolo for the wicked. doesn't. work is from the earth the. currents new. earth
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couldn't sleep. her use. no and gemini with. at any time cut any place. you have i don't like the crowd. to sing along to see this to come from super. interactive exercises and. everything is online and interactive benjamin to frame a 50 w. . immigrants. to go to police will stop that. is the solution to their flight could be single but going back is not an option. i'm on and are stuck in the spanish border area. there waiting for
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a chance that will probably never. shattered dreams starts january 18th on t.w. plane. faces d.w. news live from the plane signing off on bret's it out of the 4 years of torture as negotiations and deadline extensions is formally ratified the trade deal that seals the u.k.'s departure from the europe ain't union it now has to be signed off in london also coming up. britain becomes the 1st country in the world to authorize a motion c. use of the astra zeneca oxford university back saying as
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a vassal to base the coronavirus stepped up a gear box cars.


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