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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2021 9:00am-9:15am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin gunman killed dozens in the share region where islamist groups are battling for control suspected terror attacks comes as a result as results of the country's presidential election show no clear winner triggering a runoff vote next month also coming up. we'll take a closer look at the impact the coronavirus is having on young people how the pandemic is putting the brakes on a generation ready to head out into the world. and the blueness league is back after a short winter break we'll bring you all the highlights from frankfurt's clash with
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live because. i'm ali and use of welcome to the program we start in the west african country of news year where gunmen have killed at least 70 people and wounded 20 interior minister says the militants targeted 2 villages situated near the border with mali he's calling a suspected terrorist attack number of islamist groups are active in both countries and are battling for control of the region. let's get it over to correspondent waisted idris on the line he's in a budget in neighboring the share nigeria and is following these developments in asia for us waste what more can you tell us why were these villages targeted. this attack which happened today in the general public is from what i knew
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just how well we have seen several attacks in the previous yes and you know in the jerry side descent of terrorism and it bought a house with miley with booking a fossil in i doubt pot with nigeria places where it has since. the p.r.c. . and the attack just recent attack comes just days after news or voted in parliamentary and presidential elections could be attacked be connected to that. is that is more clear up to now can be listened to depreciation election but is seen as more of incidents because i said use an area which previously hostile up on pots of terrorism in dade county. now numerous militant groups are active in news share how is the country dealing with the security challenges
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that it's facing right now. is very challenging it has been challenging for any general public to run in from solid on pot to melt down pots on the top parts of the country because the country has a very weak economy which must terrorist fit in and get in debt recruitment that is why the county is facing challenges. you know the correspondent weighs interest thank you for your reporting. well france has confirmed in that region that 2 of its soldiers were killed and a 3rd injured and that's in northeastern mali on saturday after their armored vehicle hit an explosive device 3 other french soldiers died in a similar incident earlier in the week france sent troops to mali in 202020132 counter a jihadist insurgency now to yemen where the latest victims in the 6 year long
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war are 5 women who were killed in a shell of what a shell exploded at a wedding party in the port city of data both the saudi backed government and iran backed rebels blamed each other for the attack conflict has been called the forgotten war it has left more than 100000 people dead and many more starving. is just a year and a half old and he is fighting for his life saeed parents brought him to this hospital and yemen's capital sanaa. dozens of starving children arrive every day. but in many cases the doctors are powerless to help. the enbrel i think but then how others they don't to see it on being paid we have no medicine for the sick children there's no food for them i don't even though they are all nourished and some of the mothers are really desperate they can't breastfeed their children because they too are starving mobs me honey then they have sara and that is what
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some of the. 5000000 children in yemen don't have enough to eat the u.n. figure show. many have to go to work instead of to school. and their plight is only washing the country has now been at war since 2015 its economy is in ruins and no yemen is being hit by the coronavirus. charities see this as the world's worst humanitarian crisis the situation in yemen is very serious we are very close to the stage of the clearing of famine in yemen because of the deteriorating food security situation for millions of people across the country. aid workers say some 1500000000 euros are needed to help yemeni survive the winter money is running out as the situation worsens. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. police in norway say the death toll has risen to 4 following a landslide in oscar northeast of oslo several people are still missing after the
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landslide tore into the village early on wednesday the rescuers say they have found no signs of life landslide is the worst in modern norwegian history. u.s. senator ted cruz say he will be says he will be among about a dozen republican senators who will challenge joe biden's presidential victory over donald trump when the electoral college results are tallied in congress next week they are demanding an emergency investigation into voter fraud ickes ations that have been rejected by courts and election authorities. india's drug regulator has approved 2 coronavirus vaccines for emergency use one was developed by u.k. based astra zeneca and oxford university and the other by a local company bahar bio biotech the government is preparing to roll out of a nationwide an occupation program. police in france are investigating who organized an illegal rave in the region of brittany thousands of people attended
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this fight a nationwide nighttime curfew and resisted police attempts to break up the party for 2 nights france's latest lockdown was eased in the middle of december but bars and restaurants have remained close french authorities are expecting a sharp rise in corona virus cases after the festive season. as the sun rose on saturday the police moved in hundreds of party goers were aidid in fine for breaching francis coronavirus restrictions. in the cavernous warehouses near the city of crane the party was finally over. police moved in to restore public order. they could please do surest officer security area in an operation that went off largely without incident. we then issued a number of citations to people found to be in file ation of the low.
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hours earlier the raid had still been in full swing around 2500 mostly young people had gathered on new year's eve define police efforts to stop the event. could listen to a sion got out of hand very quickly 3 officers were injured and so i made the decision to withdraw our forces and while it's run the risk of letting the situation get even worse removing police from the scene allowed them to pursue a strategy of containment. with the police holding back the party continued for a 2nd night the organizers defended their decision to stage the event. i think there was a real desire to come together. most of us are in our twenty's and we feel we're losing our youth in this endemic. and many of us are also struggling against
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depression. france has the highest number of covert 1000 cases in western europe to contain the fire of bars and restaurants have been closed and an 8 pm curfew. being extended to many parts of the country. we knew the risks but we wanted to come together and party the whole world of culture is shut down since the crisis began we had to come and support the organizers. fearing a super spreader event authorized he said urged everyone who attended to self isolate when they get home. let's take a look at some of the other developments in the pandemic the u.k. has recorded another daily record of new infections with the number exceeding 50000 for the 5th straight day saudi arabia has lifted a ban on travelers entering the kingdom it was put in place 2 weeks ago over fears about a new virus variant circulating widely in the u.k.
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scientists believe the variant is more infectious and norway has ordered mandatory tests for anyone arriving in the country 2020 will be remembered for the corona virus pandemic which is far from over restrictions on lockdowns have had a huge impact on the younger generation how they have dealt with how have they dealt with it and how has it changed their lives our reporters talk to 4 young people living in berlin. if i think of 20. think of. this most of the grants money to get there is you don't. do. so much. because. i have. one of the present. models but i'm i felt it must. present. to me just for me to
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make sure you think. cool or not believing there's enough. now. in these especially. the ones on the. a lot of my work travel with teaching and performing so since corunna happened it cancelled almost all of. those. boys. committed on those. you see as i was to get. the point of where i was really.
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i think it was just in the last straw in my back. i really didn't have any means to pay for the next rent or to have money for my you know for my groceries and at some point i really just worked. and i was just here by myself playing music and i was dancing and i was letting go i was letting all of my emotions out. does. mention. those films were 4 dimensional. i saw. it would then cause all of us mondays and mentions our.
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live in prison. to from enough info the. president. swedish environmental activists credit to bear turns 18 today she started campaigning for environmental awareness when she was just 15 skipping school to protest outside the swedish parliament every friday to call for stronger action on climate change. she was soon joined by other students and the demonstrations quickly grew into a global movement to barrack has often spoken to world leaders and she says everyone can play a part in protecting the environment. so what i'm telling you to do now is to act because no one is too small to
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make a difference. the bonus league is back after an unusually short winter break the highlight of saturday's early matches i'm talking frankfurt inflict a 2nd defeat of the season and visitors fire later coups and whose fine early season form is because it beginning to deserve them. in the seventy's just to get clashes between these 2 sides nil nil has never been the end result and after just 10 minutes this speech got that visit his off the mark good to see of not even a mere 8. skill luck and ingenuity helping him to his 2nd goal of the season. the lead lasted just 12 minutes as i mean eunice raced clear to calmly put away the equaliser his 1st goal for francis. woeful defending
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have opened the gap and after the break live accuses back line once again looked shoddy with daiichi come out as cross finding live accusing defend the edmonton tops of 2 poked it into his own match. the rub of the green but enough for frankfurt to claim a deserved to one win as late accusing luiz pace in the title race. young moroccan emigrants. they know the police will stop that. the road is a solution. they know their flights could be fatal. but going back is not an option.


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