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tv   Glaubenssachen  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm CET

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as long. as little sleep. slopes no love. for them what. does a real world pierce the love of. a can't sleep. a closely. car killer loose. this is news africa on the program today the race to bravely in covert 19 in south africa as the country post a record number of cases and dates for here from the scientists who say it has little chance of meeting its vaccination targets in 2021. also in south africa the initiative aimed at building skills and confidence in girls from poor and
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disadvantaged backgrounds. class will meet the books and taking the latest big name novels from brussels to kinshasa. hello i'm kristie it's good to have your company criticism is mounting on the south african government and what some all calling a failure to secure enough vaccines for the country's population the development comes as the country poses record numbers of infections and deaths and as concerns grow over a new more infectious variant of the virus africa has so far ordered doses for roughly 10 percent of the population through the h o's kovacs program that's aimed at ensuring the nation's also has access
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to vaccines but delivery is not expected until april and critics say the government should have acted earlier to procure larger amounts from pharmaceutical companies government supporters on the other hand all calling for patience and accuse rich countries of buying up all the supplies. and for more we're joined by should be mit he is professor of facts and energy at south africa's vets. joins me now from johannesburg. professor how confident are you that south africa will be able to secure enough vaccines for its people. certainly not confident it would be able to get 67 percent of the population that's an 8 that by the end i think we would be 90 successful you create you've been able to get in 5 to 30 percent of the population but tonight and it's not just about a challenge of being able to gain access to that scene at this late stage but it's
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also why don't we just exulting able to deploy that seeing in south africa if you're going to target one thing to get 67 percent of the population that's an 8 that and start vaccinating from the 1st of april we would need to fix to make approximately 250000 people but day 7 days a week for the 1st month and after that study under all the paper today if we go over to the. professor why can't the government be doing differently in south africa. just take it down because you know the government can do is to try to pursuit by let's sort of. but unfortunately and it is that much of the vaccine that is going to be manufactured over the course of the next 6 to 9 months by these are 3 companies as it seems have not been most inspectors were delayed for some of these these are going to spoken for so it's unlikely that the government is going to be able to be successful in terms of procuring large quantities of it seem to be the target of its name to not 2 thirds of the population is the vaccine then for
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face of the only way to end this this this pandemic what else can be done. well it's one fortunately we're stuck with what is known as a not conventions and that people to come for a smile. for the distancing and most importantly probably is. a ploy that's gatherings especially in poorly ventilated t.a.d.s. and that is an area only mechanism it's not a solution to and the. prospects of being to spend any to end is probably where that's a nation unless you're willing for it to be like if you try to get too hard we need to be screwed reflection. professor how concerned are you by the new strain that's been discovered in south africa while the vaccine still work so intense and important question and fortunately through the city and the studies that they've gotten to get done right in south africa and
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a majority of the participants that are getting infected with dividers and those studies are getting infected or just move on to some hopefully in the course of the next 4 to 6 weeks i would probably have gone through sort of a conclusive on as to residents at sea in the city that's been wrecked seems rather to protect against covert men not going to say to do it again and it's going to dominate in south africa. professor would it be enough for south africa to achieve her community as a community if the rest of the continent is trailing behind. well i think need to into society actually go in terms of limiting the type of the surgeons so you can have days in with movement of people once your speech some level of community in a population you wouldn't get this sort of major research and says that because of that you can see when we talk of her even if it is not the want to ride is disappearing covered 9000 is not going to disappear at any rate indeed they can soon. enter
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a new world but it not been done so but it's very important trying to prevent this sort of the surgeon says adopting expedience so yes if you have by somebody go able to regulate was said of the population but again nothing to do one we would possibly be able to get insurgences even most of the countries not necessarily meeting the same sort of targets in there in the immediate vicinity all right that is face a. professor of africa's vast struck university speaking to us from johannesburg thank you professor. it's a pleasure. and we're staying in south africa for our next story way more than 60 percent of the country's children are play and that's according to the government poverty is highest among black children most of them live in households that are below the poverty line visited and that's helping girls from disadvantaged homes with the skills to break the poverty cycle. 11 year old
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genome book is the 1st phone them in the children no no it does not been kind to hit you both have parents on a flake little bit only in the end they can't. eat but like many children age she's introduced by jim says to go to school and study hard for school to maine results of my. study journalism. and spread the good news and bad news to the people and by a big beautiful house for my parents and for my mom suspending his own business and for my going to get a good job. have a 2 fields that have grown will make it difficult for him what shiva brings me hadn't boy and can't afford to blanket some of the school materials jeanette's.
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she sometimes goes to school on an empty stomach half the capital has gone and out of this i plan to gallows pick up a can children's food scheme a c. f. s. and a community education send back. the symptoms are connected in some way to it it provides them with specialized programs such as the skills such as support and schoolwork assistance but now they also get in as a tonic socialize with other children from friends they feel equal or house ways the media will spin which ikrima get their child to be a good or single parent and let's leave it to cooking was. the same to his accounts for which they have nicknamed the case. this is where the talk about
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misfortune watching it's probably the same them both but she's almost lanty pacing and neighbors who are ok once we learn a lot of the material and measuring the lives of. the poor to corner up is one of the favorite spots is against. this is when they get to experiment with all of you to see the school. having kids again sunshine if you can use it myself to sleep my confidence and then other things fundamental stuff that if you missed it can see here grisha was this girl's commentary the book of all these people for what they don't know which has led to them could deny your self esteem and like a confidante several resend it is solves problems basically it was the case where the plant professional council has got back to how and more if you don't want them to eat not that christians would have the new window of opportunity provided by the fact that he didn't. reason is that. friends don't is not
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a need to know that it. was. ok to do that. yeah right. now you're about to meet a man whose passion for books sees him travel here between europe and africa on a regular basis and all in the name of taking literature to the people the exercise is costly and full of hassle but his loyal customers make dozens of kilograms and thousands of miles worth it. carefully salts and packs the new gems he's picked up here in belgium the bookseller and his family have plenty of extra baggage all of it crammed with books but that's not the only challenge. thing it's an 8 hour
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flight preparing all that it's really a personal investment especially when i arrive it's a bit complicated at customs. and. d. or c. is a poor country so it's of little interest for publishing giant the gap in the market has become amazon nice to fill. the latest big name novels from europe alongside me shell obama's memoir as a sum treasures from a zine he will put on sale at book express his tiny shop in kinshasa. here a title can cost nearly half of the d.r. c's average wage on average people earn about $35.00 euros a month his customs as diverse as the volumes on his shelves. first there are the intellectuals politicians university professors who come to buy political theory books then there are the mothers who come to buy children's books
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. but as far as general politics is concerned there is a vacuum there is no demand but. there's also this thriving market in the 2nd or 3rd hand books in kinshasa. where the dog times are normal cookery. street sellers have everything. is made people have the courage and love to set up bookstores in our country to strengthen us the booksellers. from us that he believes is the thirst for reading in the country and the books. already has plans for a book festival. and that is it for now after our program today be sure to check out the stories on w dot com forward slash africa we're also on facebook ad where on twitter and at my
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twitter handle is at 107 always interested to know what you think about the stories that we cover here next time. w.'s crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio drama series continues in olympus odes are available online course you can share and discuss on w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighter to me and now
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. to children to come to it's. one giant problem and when you're a king only to see you. need to be changed into a freak out thinking. how will climate change affect us and our children. learn more than g.w. dot com slash water. welcome to arts and culture it's our 1st show of the new year and so we want to take a look at what awaits a little preview if you will of the 2021 culture agenda that hopefully even the coronavirus can't stop that means movies art music and architecture all had to paris for a sneak peek at chanel's new creative home. now
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usually at the beginning of a new year we have some sense of the cultural events that lie ahead that didn't work out so well last year so here's our very cautious look at $22017.00 highlights for the new year and they all just happened to start with the letter b. being number one is bond james bond the release of the 21st film in the franchise has been postponed repeatedly due to the coronavirus pandemic. so maybe 2021 will be the year that agent double 07 finally hits cinemas again. he'd be bringing along rb number 2000000000 eilish who recorded the movie's theme song no time to die. during.
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the number two's voice yoseph voice 2021 marks the centennial he of the legendary german artist's birth we recommend the excellent documentary about him by director on place 5 it's perfect preparation for the numerous boys' exhibitions planned for this year provided museums are able to reopen. the 4th b.s. for palynology the berlin international film festival which usually rolls out the red carpet for celebrity guests in february but the plan this year is for a kind of trade fair in march for film professionals and journalists and if the pandemic allows the festival will hold public screenings of new films in june for a nonprofessional audience. number $5000000000.00 specifically the architecture biala postpone from 2020. for the 17th time
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architects from around the world will compete for the main golden lion award with their visions for the future this year's theme is how will we live together. our 6 to be is bob bob dylan a music legend still knows how to make headlines whether by winning the nobel prize . as for literature and 26 team by selling the rights to 600 of his songs to universal music in 2020 this year dylan won't have to do much to draw attention other than simply turn 80 years old on me 24. and finally be number 7. thought we were done with the beethoven here i think again the coronavirus pandemic resulted in the cancellation of most of the events planned for the bon beethoven
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festival honoring the 250th anniversary of the great composers burt. so they've been postponed to the summer of 2021 when the worst of co bit is hopefully over. given how much there still is to discover about beethoven one year is too short anyway. so this year is also ok to be in year. and that brings us to another big be affecting culture of this year brags that the united kingdom is now fully out of the european union but what does it mean for the arts college market cruder is here for more mica a few days ago we finally saw that u.k. e.u. trade agreement we've all been waiting for word about a culture where politicians thinking about culture well i guess not too much because they are still so many questions without an eon so the only thing which seems to be quite clear is that breck said we'll make the cultural life and the
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cultural exchange much more complicated when it comes to british music for example . before back said the british musicians could tell a tour around europe without a visa and now it's different they need a separate visa for every european country and the fee is that some bitch musicians maybe. not will be able to afford the extra bill your chrissie and to delays and maybe those musicians were not able to tool around europe anymore yeah and so they started a petition for musicians passports and they have collected more than 220000 signatures to now who would see what comes out of that so obviously mobility the freedom to work internationally those are some really big issues what about the other way around what about artists from the european union who want to work in the u.k. yeah i talk to some artists in germany and they are all waiting they are waiting
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for solutions and for more information ok artists are were quite good in overcoming obstacles and they are really willing to do but when it comes to museums galleries or theaters for example you'll find in so many projects and all those subsidies are falling away now and another example is the european union youth orchestra which has been based in london the idea was always to bring musicians from all around europe together. and now they have to move to eat it wasn't possible for them to remain in the u.k. being financed by the e.u. and now it's still not clear whether young british musicians are able to be allowed to take part of this orchestra what about the art market because the u.k. is also such a big player in the art market. here they are actually really well prepared it seems the small galleries are a bit scared by the big auction houses for example of christie's could even benefit
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in the last year's london has continued to strengthen his position as a trading metropolis for art some say bracks it is also a good opportunity with less regulation from the e.u. so british our market could be one of one going to speak witness in the michael krueger thanks so much thank you well 2020. 1 is said to be a year of big changes for the fashion industry as well and legendary fashion house chanel plans to open its new creative hub at the edge of paris the complex is set to bring together some 600 of chanel's high fashion artisans for the 1st time the brand's luxury embroiderers how to makers goldsmiths and swimwear creators will all be working under one roof. this is the construction site of chanel's new flagship building in paris the triangular building complex named 1000 m. offers more than 25000 square metres of space the 24 metre high concrete threads
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that surround the building were inspired by luxury textiles. french architect really rich i came up with the idea. you immediately draw a parallel to the works of karl lagerfeld and chanel they always championed the most sophisticated and refined expertise when it came to textiles. so it was important for me to honor their craftsmanship many of my designs are inspired by feminine ideals. so for me this concrete is very sensual and feminine so the texture feels like skin through. the board of. concrete ornamental work is the award winning architects trademark. as with the new sam museum or say. the shampoo one stadium in paris.
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or the new islamic art department of the louvre. the object of the new chanel building is also to provide optimal working conditions for the 1000 m. is planned to host the workshops of couture artisans with unique skillz masters of their crafts. karl lagerfeld once said i only take care of the facade in this case the dress the person who lives in it is responsible for the rest i like that statement here it's somewhat similar we've got the spaces studios and a facade i want the people who work here to be happy the concrete structure is meant to calibrate the daylight so it's not too bright but that the sun still shines it was. another example of a building that connects architecture and fashion is the eaves on the whole museum in america cashmore rocko designed by martin in california. the architecture
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reflects the curved and straight lines of saw no design it's. the facade symbolizes the texture of a rough fabric the interior is like an elegant dress in soft and flowing harmonious color. the funders see only we tunnel in paris exhibits art rather than fashion still the spectacular megaproject by canadian architect frank gehry is the flagship of the luxury goods group l b m h curving glass elements cover the body of the building reminiscent of the ship. now another paris fashion house is unveiling its own gem of 21st century architecture chanel plans to inaugurate its 1000 m. creative hub in march. music experts have called i play brenda
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one of the greatest pianists of all time now celebrating his 90th birthday here's a look back at our meeting with the austrian virtue of a decade ago when he was 80. in 2010 we had the good fortune to experience the world famous pianist play and he'd stop giving concerts in 2008 returned occasionally to the stage to deliver musical lectures such as this one. tender gained international renown as a concert pianist in the 1950 s. his interpretations of haydn mozart list beethoven and schubert on legendary though some critics felt they were too cold and technical but for planned honoring the composer's intentions was always paramount the leap shown by their work lives largely though latently in the score this late in life must become manifest in the course of its performance in the but in the performer may kiss the work awake no
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more and no less. for his 90th birthday i think but then hopes to stay active he's a respected writer as well as performer and composer he's held many readings of his poems and essays in a recent newspaper interview he said he can't always match tara. and staying with music british singer gerry mars and died this weekend at age 78 will be remembered for his rendition of you'll never walk alone the song originally from the musical carousel that marston's cover became one of the war world's most popular soccer anthems liverpool football club says it will continue to play marston's recording and here it is you'll never walk alone he said.
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lod. last. block. therefore om. good. good. good good good good good.
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really advanced the toughest in torrance race culture of. 1200 kilometers with the dog sled. day. in the far north of norway. and with practically no sleep. any more questions then off we go to film our slow pace close up. and 30 minutes on d w. has a virus spread. why do we panic. through the tactics the. show is called spectrum if you would like and new
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information on the crawl of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast. your podcast you can also find us at. science. where the real power resides. really i come from there lots of people in fact more than a 1000000000 to do but not just democracy that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the truth and the vision reporters tried to influence onto the floor of the burning one and i remember thinking at the time if the berlin broken forward anything could happen if people come together and unite for a call. but i do the news that often confronted you could situations more conflict mean do some still icy despondent mind to confront what he does on policies and
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development put the spotlight on issues that matter most. to security oppression marginalized. cannot have been achieved with so much more needs to be done and i think people have to be a constitution my name is a mcclatchy and. this is news and these are our top stories british prime minister boris johnson has announced a new nationwide lockdown for england until of least mid february to combat a fost read a new coronavirus variant it told people to stay is high and said that all schools and non-essential shops will close.


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