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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm CET

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there are many millions to the story. to. make up your own mind. for minds. but a bit of. this is ditto the news and these are our top stories the white house is seeing a series of resignations and calls for president almost trump's removal a day after a violent mob stormed the capitol building while lawmakers were confirming joe biden's election victory top democrats in congress are urging the cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment to remove trumbull from office or they will consider launching impeachment proceedings again. facebook has banned donald trump from the social media platform at least until his presidential term is over c.e.o.
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mark zuckerberg announced a decision in response to president trump's remarks ahead of the violent storming of the u.s. capital twitter has also suspended his account to temporarily. at least 5 people have been killed in afghanistan's helmand province authorities say there is evidence that the deaths resulted from an airstrike women and children were among the victims the attack occurred on the same day that afghan officials resumed talks aimed at ending a decades of conflict across the country. this is the news from berlin follow us on twitter and instagram attitude of you news or visit our websites did a. lot . on the on. after holding its breath for the results of the georgia runoff votes america's eyes
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widened in astonishment and disbelief as a mob stormed the capitol building in washington d.c. as many of the few police officers present not only let it happen but apparently posed for selfies with riots s. so does america now have a democracy problem disappear publican party have a trump problem i'm phil. and this is the day. it was a dark history of the united states this will be a stain on our country not so easily washed away we're going to walk down pennsylvania avenue i love pennsylvania and we're going to the capitol. a while our country back we are protesting for freedom right now.
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what happened here today was an insurrection inside about the president's state our democracy has been. injured by. howard. welcome to the day after a day of chaos and violence in washington d.c. the u.s. congress has now certified joe biden as president elect of the united states the session was forced into emergency recess when a rampaging mob of trump supporters forced its way into the capitol to try to prevent the certification. the images that have stunned the world. and shocked the u.s. political establishment. hundreds of troops supporters stormed the capitol building in an attempt to prevent congress from certifying joe biden's election victory. the police moved in and drew their guns. by. a woman who was shot by officers. and was later pronounced dead.
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earlier at a rally near the white house president trump had urged his supporters to rally at the capitol. going to walk down to the capitol. and we're going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women and look probably not going to be cheering so much for some of. what the riots didn't succeed. the national guard moved in and a curfew was put in place lawmakers later reconvene and certify joe biden's when the senate current resolution was on the report we may is that joe biden and comma harris will be the president and the vice president according to the ballots that have been given to us. many express their anger over the
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violence. including donald trump's own vice president. today was a dark day in the history of the united states capitol we condemn the violence that took place here. in the strongest possible terms. and there are fears of further violence after weeks of misinformation that the president has fed to his supporters claiming in order fraud very special in the early hours of thursday morning the white house issued a statement from donald trump saying he promises in orderly transition on january 20th but the violent scenes at the capitol have shattered the image of american democracy. many world leaders including germany's angela merkel and nato has installed in barracks expressed their shock french president michael had this to say. i just wanted to express our friendship and our faith.
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in the united states what happened today in washington d.c. is not america definitely we believe in the throwing things of all democracies. we believe. in the strength of american democracy criticism also came from a close troubled life. the outputs of the couple. yesterday it was understood that it must be vigorously come to. that no doubt the american democracy can prevail. over this as. from statements before and after the storming of the u.s. capitol have raised concerns over whether he is fit for office and over what he will do in the remaining days of his presidency. well let's talk about this further with bruce ackerman who's a standing professor of law and political science at yale university is one of the
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experts on us constitutional law and public policy welcome to day w. was this an insurrection. well i think that's the best way of thinking about this from a german point of view is that this is the equivalent of the beer hall putsch of 1923 and the assassination of vault of hot no. that is to shave that what happens after what happened immediately afterwards was actually a strange thing determination to maintain weimar democracy. over the next small number of years and this is just where we are right now with joe biden. this is not this is a very important event that happened yesterday that the rule of law
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was x. explicitly followed and joe biden is going to be the next president without any compromise of fundamental constitutional principles but it's the future of american democracy will very much depend on what joe biden does in the next 4 years i tend to answer that from the interview that he will get that says ari that's a fact i guess the president trump and cite yesterday's desoto yes and how and how should he be held accountable. well you see there's there are truly different issues here. one is what is he going to do in the next 12 or 13 days is he going to pardon him shelf.
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which is a precedent shattering event. and which. were tradition this did not happen with richard diction gerald ford pardoned richard nixon not. richard nixon didn't part himself so that is going to be a big issue here because it could well be that he will. get what when bottom self fawell can you just say anything you've done. if you go. yes the precedents for presidential pardons go back to george washington and there have been a number of occasions in american history in which the president pardoned very large groups of people for any crime that they might have committed rights
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they're all so this goes back to the royal prerogative of britain. so that we ever see that as a public entity we shouldn't be we shouldn't focus too much on trump right now. that's what he wants us to do we should be focusing on biden and the extreme importance of the fact that the show he same day. the democrats won true sheets of the senate in georgia which means that the democratic party will be in control of both chambers of congress and the presidency and so that's going to lead biden and permit him to make take very strong steps both domestically and internationally constructing the ocracy in europe i mean that is one of his mental artie's things are ok i would like to
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stick with on a sofa for just a moment because after he steps down president will still come out and a huge number of supporters and there's even talk of a new potty account the u.s. political system accommodate more than 2 significant potties. i think that if donald trump did form its own party this would lead to. a very much easier victory by the democrats in 2024 because the part of the republican party would split in half. and this would make it far easier for whoever succeeds joe biden because i don't really think that your pride will run a 2nd for a 2nd term. but it will make that path to victory to the white house much easier but the crucial question is what the democrats will do
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with this moment of truth. so for example in europe will they go will be. merely rat going back into the parish agreement but take the lead. on environmental policy. i have proposed and actually it was published recently and in slate that. we abide in the ministration. we use a as a market should lucian to the pollution problem and force every polluter of carbon gases in the united states to pay for every pound of pollution they've produced this would generate $4.00 trillion dollars which would then also permit
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a very creative alliance with the. with europe rather than doing we're trying to own let's let's just may take creative solutions the last time you were on the show you know very alarmed at the prospect of a 2nd trump i just like to remind you of what you sat back that. if trump when our democracy is in crisis it isn't only the supreme court our entire democracy will be invited maher. 1931 if biden winge and the. very strong conservative court proceeds to. solt women's rights as they surely will but even more they will assault the foundations of health care in this country and end the regulatory apparatus and environment and other things.
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president didn't win a 2nd term but do you stand by dystopian vision you outlined. well that's why i turn the clock back to 123. we were enough imo our 923. we have. stopped for the moment this terrible really autocrat of fascist proportions. we have stopped him now but that doesn't mean that we can just sit back and relax and that american democracy is secure well what we must do is to show to ordinary people in the united states and any it abroad that we are actually going to do things that they. will make big changes for the better in
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their lives that's the question that is the question so for example of it with nato is joe biden going to continue the very creative policies i must confess i worked on them in the latter days of the obama administration and. tell say to poland and hungary. we're not you know you have committed yourself to democracy and under article 5 of nato we're going to suspend your admission your position in nato all of the law unless you comply with the european union's demands will have would change things a lot that of course is not what prop was doing he was playing ball with johnson oh i say are you what goes it goes sort of an integrated have it be international a jigsaw puzzle if i can put it in no those sort of crude terms of. president try
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to is please i was going to if president china will hunt. padan himself given that the fractious nature of american society and politics wouldn't be good folk president biden to patna him. well you see it's more complicated than that because. the. president can only pardon someone for his criminal offenses against federal law however president trump. has. pretty plain committed very many violations of sht the law of new york state. moreover the the government of new york state and the is and the judiciary the
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federal judiciary and state you to sherry are very responsive very responsive to prosecuting president trump for criminal violations of state law. is very clear it would have you ever were creative solution i don't want to keep on throwing out my creative said well you know what all about creativity you know it's a valid but for the lucky guy and it's good so ok thank you so much bruce professor bruce ackerman right yale university. lawmakers demanding answers as to how the capital could have been invaded so easily for weeks it was known that trump was planning a rally and preventing they set a vacation of president elect joe biden's election victory but unprepared and heavily outnumbered the riotous at quick to force their white past law enforcement
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and inside the building. just minutes after these images were captured this small number of police officers would be overwhelmed by the mob of trump supporters. preparations to deal with what started out as a protest on resulted in the storming of the capital half a year into violence caught on social media that. questions have been raised over why the police opened these barriers. and over these images of photographs being taken by rioters with officers inside the capitol building. it took more than 2 hours and the help of reinforcements from other law enforcement agencies in washington and in neighboring states to bring the situation under control. last summer
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during the black lives matter protests in washington d.c. security was far tighter rights groups claim it highlights the systemic racism that exists against people of color in the united states. there are angry at the difference in treatment further heightened by the relatively small number of arrests of those who stormed the capitol building i plan to leftish with relative ease i. however at least one person was killed a woman part of the mob was shot and later died an investigation is underway into her death. despite the situation being brought under control after a couple of hours the mobs breach has revealed dangerous security vulnerabilities. the mayor of washington d.c. muriel bowser has issued a public emergency order that will remain in effect until january 21st the f.b.i.
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has also issued an appeal for help in identifying individuals who instigated violence in wednesday's assault. let's back up a couple of those points with the gloria j. brown national who's a writes a civil rights attorney playwright and professor of constitutional law at state university of new york's john jay college of criminal justice welcome back to day w. professor how different do you think the police response would have been had those protesters been black. oh you would have seen a massive slaughter when you see white police officers murdering african-americans on a regular basis over a 1000 people are killed each year white and black in america by police and so there's no way in the world given what happened this summer with tanks and tear gas the military called out during a peaceful demonstration on behalf of george floyd just
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a little bit after actually just just to let you know that we're actually looking at to come just seeing scenes at the moment as you speak as a black flies protesters being tear gassed as you mentioned so the president trying to get a photo op outside a church and also unscreened is that the limited resistance that the police provided to the mob as they force its way into the capital and it is quite stark the difference in response yes and you know there's also the image of a black police officer being chased through the building by a white mob and yet he doesn't pull his gun and you have black men and women being gunned down with out on by white police officers in the united states and then the white officers claim they fear for their lives so where does this come from and are we ok let's presume that it is racially based but someone somewhere has to say we will put officers at this demonstration but we won't put them out vis
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a because there is a difference so that does not mean that the whole system from the ground to the command through the command structure is is racist and corrupt. i'm so glad you asked that because the american policing system began as slave catchers and so there's never been a national reform of police from its core mission which is to protect white lives and undermine you know press brown in black lives and so in the core of our police in our criminal justice system because the prosecutors are wrong as well prosecutor the proper black and brown people in the same way they prosecute are failed to prosecute white people so you over prosecute black and brown people fail to prosecute white people give carte blanche it's all this is unspoken code that people who look like us why people are not going to be arrested and prosecuted remember these state people across the state would charge into the state capitals
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with loaded weapons because they were asked to wear mat for the for the pandemic so this is been going on all year long so given the problem that you have identified that there is no national control of a local police systems how do you fix it you have to have national legislation there was a national legislature voted. you have to through congress the very congress they just decided to ransack is the house of government that's supposed to in polls national legislation that would then form criminal justice and say that we officers must be held accountable because think about this it was a trial nominee who was head of the capitol police who failed to print any of these these reviews these types of safeguards in place that would have been in place normally i cover the capitol the you know i cover the u.s.
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supreme court and as my job as a constitutional scholar so i know that there is security there that was missing he did this intentionally because he's a supporter and so there are police officers in that mob and they're not going to lose their jobs because they were in a mob they ransacked the capital that's the way the 2 face hypocrisy of american criminal justice works ok so here is the thing that joe biden has the slimmest of majorities that have where it's week that they have the votes come a harvest in the senate he has a slimmest of majority it just takes a fractious person on his own side to side oh i don't like the look or sound of this so is this a hill joe biden will be prepared to die out. this is a hill that he can succeed on because of what we witnessed yesterday and that's why
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there are many of these same republicans who decided no i'm not going to continue to back donald trump who incited this riot donald trump should be indicted once he becomes a private citizen for what he did he had cited a riot that led to the deaths of people and the vandalism of our capital and this man deserves to go to jail for this america clearly has a problem with race and inequality that president trump has exposed and magnified and he didn't cause it can by her race make any sort of dent in those societal fractions. i hope so i mean every country has its societal fracture you know that in germany we all have our societal fractures whether or not his race or religion are tribalism it's something and so this is the american fracture and it's around the issue of race is not going to go away but it can be much better than it is right now remember we have let it on
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barak obama to 2 terms and so and even though i'm down trump lost by 3000000 votes there were black people who voted for him i know black people voted for him so yes there are racial fractures around donald trump he exacerbated that in order to gain office but we can also have some healing so these racial fractures are not seen as something that's going to cause another civil war in this country ok i know i'm not a point of a potential civil war in the united states over the next 4 years you have you will have a significant section of maybe white people who believe that their democracy has been stolen and that someone has to pay there will be thousands of simmering raging people out there while joe biden is in the white house how do you deal with that how should he deal with it. you know here's the thing there have been simmering white people since this country started and poor whites and working class whites
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have been used as pit bulls for the the wealthy here in this nation and that has been going on since its inception when ever for native americans chinese americans african americans whenever there was a threat to white wealth they have used working class people to do just what you saw it happen yesterday i think because. i think because joe biden comes from a working class family that he can better heat to that simmering to the working class the greater torture as have a professor thank you so much for joining us professor gloria j. brown marshall from the john jay college of criminal justice and. and that was a day as ever the conversation continues on martin funny on twitter at steve w. news of a good day. coming
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. up from. going. into the conflict zone with tim sebastian. china is roiling the west and europe for along with the u.s. and many countries fist pushing back hard cash issue a growing list of human rights concerns including home homes new security law my guest this week from beijing is one cool yallop wise whose country picking so many fights news days aware of a new movie conflicts are. next on t.w. . org.
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mean the. can't. use. while hoping that to try to fight it's one country one system now isn't it and it was a cover up that no the right are right it's also spoke up goes right through my system doesn't it china is roiling the west and europe along with the us in many countries is pushing back hard after issue a growing list of human rights concerns including hong kong's new security law.


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