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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2021 7:00am-7:16am CET

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bases d.w. news live from berlin france brings forward its nationwide coronavirus curfew to 6 pm ministers say the restriction is essential to stop hospitals being overwhelmed thousands of police are standing by in paris to enforce the curfew will break his face fines or even prison also coming up german chancellor angela merkel's party has a new leader the conservative c.d.u. chose amen lash out in a close runoff vote that gives him a good shot at the chancellorship in september the election. and in the bundesliga
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leipzig missed the chance to go top of the table again. we'll bring you the highlights of the full golfer like. i'm a backer of his welcome to the program a strict a nationwide curfew has come into force in france people now have to stay at home from 6 pm that's 2 hours earlier than before residents face fines or even jail time if they don't comply infection writes in france have stabilized but the number of covert 19 patients needing intensive care in hospitals is still rising rapidly ministers say the curfew is essential to bring the disease under control but it's a blow to already hard hit restaurants and retail is. normally bustling with saturday night shopping days paris businesses closed their doors my. earlier than
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normal. we trust the government but once again it's a loss in revenue for us we need to reorganize our staffing we don't know how we will get financial help for that will we be able to use the furlough scheme for our staff what kind of impact will it have on our revenue but. it's a tough new measure and aimed at getting corona virus infections under control a nationwide curfew 6 pm many have grown accustomed to stricter measures. do we have the day a bit earlier to go and see friends earlier it's not much of a change it's more of a question of doing things very early or that's the only difference that report give us a little bit i'm not an expert but i suppose if so many scientists agree on that i mean it must work. and as people rushed to finish their shopping thousands of police were on hand to give fines for those breaking curfew. so.
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1400 police officers were mobilized throughout paris to ensure the proper implementation of these curfew measures and their respect by the population. the virus has killed 70000 people in france and while infections have remained steady at around 20000 per day hospital admissions continue to grow. and that's just based on some other developments in the pandemic now vaccinations in germany have passed 1000000 paypal covering more than one percent of the population but infections and deaths remain worryingly high the european medicines agency says hackers are attempting to undermine public trust in vaccines the drugs regulated maintained stolen documents were manipulated and laid online and brazil has reported more than a 1000 deaths for the 5th day in a row brazil has the 2nd highest national death toll more than 200000 people there have died. well german chancellor angela merkel's conservative c.d.u.
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party has chosen a new leader lash it is currently the head of the most populous state north rhine-westphalia party delegates chose last night in an online congress earlier pick had resigned last year when put him in a strong position to run for chancellor in federal elections later this year. a centrist a team player a successful campaigner for c.v. you has chosen arm in lush it to lead it in the year which will see elections in 6 german states and the national vote in september where i'm going to merkel's time as chancellor will come to an end. in midair for i'm for. i am because she's like the responsibility that goes with this office. i will do here all i care bring us together through this year united states elections in a few weeks. and of federal election. when we want to make sure that the
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next chancellor is also from this party. can slash in 2017 lower should lead the c.d.u. to victory in germany's most populous state north rhine-westphalia and the party is clearly hoping he can keep winning at the polls. by rejecting friedrichs merits of businessman who looks likely to move the party to the right the c.d.u. delegates seem to think the key to electoral success in the post merkel era will be more of her brand of compromise oriented conservatism the new leader now has to unite his party and make the case for continuity. this comes through in but in the reputation of chancellor merkel both here and internationally going to be summed up in one word trust. we need this trust as a party it's high but you can't just pass trust on trust for our
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house to be earned by. these us for trial one more smile i'll bite and somehow slash it has been criticized for his handling of the corona crisis in his home state today he said after kovi to become tree will need to modernize press ahead with green transformation and maintain strong links abroad does it mean for germany that i imagine is a european germany is a leader in the world through its excellence as a model and its humanity. wouldn't mention it the question now will be whether it is the man to run for the job of chancellor in september that is not certain and potential rivals are already waiting in the wings. or whether i'm lashing will actually make it onto the conservative ballot is the question that we put to our correspondent simon young. arman lash it may want to be the conservative
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candidate to follow angle americal himself the chancellor said last year that in her words he has the tools to run but unlike in some other countries there's no automatic rule in germany that says that the leader of the party with the most votes must also be the chancellor the 2 jobs are often separated lash it got a lot of support during his campaign from health minister against spawn and many people see him as a good potential candidate but there's also another possibility the bavarian 'd leader marcos 00 hasn't yet said whether he wants to run but a lot of c.d.u. c.s.u. supporters think he would be a good choice he has said that he thinks that the conservatives ought to wait until after the 3 state elections in mid march to make this decision it may be that he's waiting to see if spawn or indeed lash it slips up somewhere between now and then. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world u.s.
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national guard troops of pouring into washington d.c. this weekend federal states are responding to requests to safeguard the capital it's feared violent extremist groups are targeting the city in the run up to president elect joe biden's inauguration on wednesday. russian opposition leader critic alexei novelli is heading home after hospital treatment in germany following a near fatal nerve agent attack the kremlin critic insists president vladimir putin personally ordered the attack the russian or thora he is deny any involvement of only is facing jail for breaching an early a suspended sentence. thousands of migrants from central america are gathering in gathering in guatemala for a push north towards the united states mexico mexican border forces are on alert for their arrival it's thought the migrants are hoping joe biden's incoming administration will be list tough on migration. uganda's long serving
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lead you where it was 70 is bit has been declared the winner of the presidential election with 58 percent of the vote and 70 thank the electorate for what he called a peaceful election after campaign was marred by violence international observers say they can't confirm whether the poll was free and fair because they were allowed only limited access authorities imposed an internet blackout the one opposition candidate bobby wind has rejected the results. our correspondent well dan what is the gannon capital can pala tell us more about the reaction to the election result. many people here in kampala especially those who support to be opposition i'm not satisfied with their result the government has maintained a shutdown of the tenet the police and the military have also maintained a heavy deployment with 70 cup to pour off to fighting a guerrilla war and he's often credited for restoring stability in that void lotto
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post-colonial uganda his critics however cues the movie increasingly violating human rights to suskind himself in power. and some support now in the bundesliga at leipzig who are looking to bounce back from to fate to dortmund last weekend but instead they suffered another setback to their title ambitions after being held to a draw involves bug. lights extrude out knowing a win would at least temporarily put them top of the table but you're not as men's men faced tough opposition involves borg the hosts had won their last 5 home games but started this match snoozing the 1st real attack yielded the 1st goal 4 minutes in wingback not a nucular 1st forwards to latch on to emil for specs cross. here was back in the side after being dropped from last week's dortmund defeat and immediately repaid his coach's faith. but the wolves woke up and responded threw top scorer of out of
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a forced his 11th league goal a diving header. the flying dutchman left with far too much space. and then it was light sick who were caught napping allowing the hosts to take the lead on 35 minutes muscles of it's a loss the ball right in front of his own box and enough to stephan got the lucky deflection to secure a $21.00 half time lead. after the break a free kick left both spoke defender scrambling and leipsic center back billy eventually hit the back of the net with the coach's finish to level the schools. the match finished all square a result that may not please either side were see a dog and on the other hand were confident of victory to enhance their title chances as a host of bottom placed winds but it was the visit is he took
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a shot played early in the 2nd half live in austin not a death skills before curling a beautiful strike into the top corner thomas. as a call eyes for top enough to 73 minutes and just 3 minutes later marco royce had the chance to give his side victory but he put his penalty wide 11 the final score . in saturday's late game to attack minded sides went head to head as host of brissie it mentioned glad the visitors took their leave threw a penalty in the 35th minute but responded after the break as nicolas gonzalez equalized with a diving head up just 3 minutes later when back in from through denny's acarya he as he finished off a solo run with a smart finish that should got responded once again scoring me equaliser from a penalty spot in the 96th minute to seal to all draw.
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in the world of music is marking beethoven's 250th birthday this year an international collaboration called the pastoral project is part of the celebrations musicians from around the world have been invited to create their own compositions inspired by beethoven's famous simple symphony. symphony number 6 in f. major beethoven's hand to nature. i do believe music has an enormous power and i think nature has an even greater power projects that bring those 2 together are a great great opportunity for mankind to rethink where we are what we are almost all the documentary sound of nature spans 5 continents and showcases musicians with wide ranging musical styles the works created especially for the project we're all inspired by plays heaven's pastoral symphony in iceland and india.
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as well as ethiopia. the. columbia. was. and the story of the project is not is to love letter to our planet as a composer i do feel strongly linked to composers of the past. i'm incredibly inspired by what somebody like beethoven outraged it sort of drives me for sure. the love of music and nature unite us all but today also been in beethoven's time there's the will to save nature climate protection is of primary importance. nature is a reflection of ourselves what we are doing to the to the planet is what we're
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doing to ourselves we would still be one of the top of. the sound of nature and i would too the beauty in this world to me sick and to the proof that the spirit of beethoven lives on. here watching data 1000000000 years we'll have more news headlines at the. top of the hour i'm rebecca written thanks for watching. take in a globalized world. where everything is connected to. all it takes. to set things in motion. local hero show called their ideas can change the world to. global 3000.


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