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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CET

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this is date over the news live from but there is a ring of steel around washington d.c. the u.s. capitol on high alert in the run up to president elect joe biden's inauguration 25000 national guard troops are being sent in from all around the country also coming up from brings forward its national mission wind coronavirus curfew to 6 pm thousands of police us standing by in paris to enforce the restriction rule breakers face fines or even prison. and in the bundesliga leipzig missed the chance to go top of the table against cults but we'll bring you highlights of the 4 gold
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fields. i'm rebecca has welcome to the program every u.s. state is on high alert this weekend due to fears of protests against the election of joe biden as president in the capital washington around 25000 national guard troops from around the country are being sent in to help secure the city federal states have been responding to urgent requests from more manpower before the inauguration ceremony to be held on the steps of the capitol building on wednesday it's feared violent extremist groups are targeting washington if the eye has also warned of possible unrest in all 50 state capitols. i'm joined now by taylor miller and his correspondent for n.b.c. news radio in dallas texas hello thanks for joining is all 50 states now on high
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alert and protests this weekend what's the situation in texas where you are. well the texas capitol is closed actually just days after it opened for the 1st time in almost a year due to the coronavirus pandemic but with the start of the new lid still religiously to the session they decided to reopen the capitol for a couple of days before closing it again due to the worry about armed protesters the texas house g.o.p. who controls the state legislature says just temporary situation they expect the capitol open back soon there were some protesters outside the capitol earlier on saturday only a dozen or so no conflict whatsoever with police at all they're not all than 20000 national guard troops in washington they say to secure before the inauguration on
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wednesday and how are americans reacting to seeing the capital and what's essentially a military lockdown well it is something a lot of people are pretty surprised about it does hearken back to the pre september or the post september 11th 2001 days where you know the entire area was just completely shut down you know you look at the maps of washington d.c. you look at the images of bridges closed of a at least a 7 foot high non scalable security fence around the u.s. capitol it's something which is pretty surprising for a lot of people both in and out of d.c. a friend of mine who i was talking to who lives in d.c. says she's just surprised by this crime want it to biden has been inaugurated on wednesday do you think the situation situation they will improve for all we can we expect more violence. one would hope that there would not be any more
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violence that people would calm down that people would go about their business and the country could get back to doing what it was doing before the a lecture which is obviously focusing on the corona virus pandemic and the rollout of the vaccine which is happening at the same time again you know there are been no real provable. claims of voter fraud despite what outgoing president donald trump has said about what despite was these die hard supporters have said no fraud has been found that proves the election was tilted towards president elect joe biden as one would hope things would calm down once and he sworn into office on 10 minute in dallas texas for thank you. thank you. let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world now thousands of migrants from central america are gathering gathering in guatemala for a push north towards the united states mexican border forces are on alert for their
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arrival it's thought the migrants are hoping joe biden's incoming administration will be less tough on migration. in tennessee a violent protests have broken out for a 2nd night in at least 6 cities anger is mounting over economic hardship and deteriorating living conditions jim is it has been marking the 10th anniversary of the revolution that sparked the arab spring uprisings. russian opposition leader let's say novelli is heading home after hospital treatment in germany following a near fatal nerve agent attack the kremlin critic insists president vladimir putin personally ordered the poisoning the russian authorities deny any involvement of army is facing jail for breaching an earlier suspended sentence. a strict nationwide curfew has come into force in france people now have to stay at home from 6 pm 2 hours earlier than before residents face fines or even jail time if
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they don't comply infection rates in france have stabilized but the number of covert 19 patients needing intensive care in hospitals is still rising rapidly. normally bustling with saturday night shopping days paris businesses closed their doors much earlier than normal. but we trust the government but once again it's a loss in revenue for us we need to reorganize our staffing we don't know how we will get financial help for that will we be able to use the furlough scheme for us . what kind of impact will it have on our revenue but for but for the well. it's a tough new measure and aimed at getting corona virus infections under control a nationwide curfew of 6 p. m. . and he had grown accustomed to stricter measures. we had that day a bit earlier to go and see friends earlier it's not much of a change it's more of
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a question of doing things really are good that's the only difference. reportable i'm not an expert but i suppose if so many scientists agree on that i mean it must work. and as people rush to finish their shopping thousands of police were on hand to give fines for those breaking curfew. so produce it is 2400 police officers were mobilized throughout paris to ensure the proper implementation of these curfew measures and their respect by the population. the virus has killed 70000 people in france and while infections have remained steady at around 20000 per day hospital admissions continue to grow. if you have to speed on some other developments in the pandemic the european medicines agency says hackers are attempting to undermine public trust in vaccines the drugs regulator maintained stolen documents were manipulated and leaked online
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brazil has reported more than a 1000 deaths for a 5th day in a row brazil has the 2nd highest national death toll in the world war than 200000 there have died and vaccinations in germany have passed 1000000 covering more than one percent of the population but infections and deaths remain worryingly high meanwhile german chancellor angela merkel's conservative c.d.u. party has chosen a new leader in lash it is currently the head of the most populous state north rhine-westphalia party delegates chose flashed in a mostly online congress earlier pick to succeed her as party leader resigned last year when put in a strong position to run for chancellor in federal elections later this year but claiming that spot won't be easy. a centrist a team player a successful campaign or the c.d.u. who's chosen. to lead it in a year which we see elections in 6 german states and a national vote in september when i'm going to miracles time as chancellor will
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come to an end. i am conscious of the responsibility that goes with this office this through and i will do all i can bring us together through this year united states elections in a few weeks since i'm english and a federal election. when we want to make sure that the next chancellor is also from this party next can slash in 2017 last should lead the c.d.u. to victory in germany's most populous state north rhine-westphalia and the party is clearly hoping he can keep winning at the polls by rejecting friedrich merits of businessman who looks likely to move the party to the right the c.d.u. delegates seem to think the key to electoral success in the post merkel era will be more of her friend of compromise oriented conservatism and
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a leader now has to unite his party and make the case for continuity. is concerned but in the reputation of chancellor merkel both here and internationally can be summed up in one word trust. we need this trust as a party but i but you can't just pass trust on trust for us to be. vital in these us for trial when morse munsey arbeit and salmon last year has been criticized for his handling of the corona crisis in his home state today he said after kovi to the country will need to modernize press ahead with green transformation and maintain strong links are brought that starts lent us for germany that i imagine is a good european germany is a leader in the world so it's excellence as a model and it's humanity. wouldn't mention is tight the question will be
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whether it is the man to run for the job of chancellor in september that is not certain and potential rivals are already waiting in the wings. uganda's long serving leader you wearing mr 70 has been declared the winner of the presidential election in a campaign that was marred by widespread violence international observers say they can't confirm if the poll was free and fair because they were allowed only limited access authorities imposed an internet blackout across the country and the main opposition candidate bobby wine says he's effectively under house arrest. you were in the 70s supporters celebrated on the streets of the capital kampala after the electoral commission announced that he had won a 6th term in office the reelected president thanked voters for a peaceful election and rejected all accusations of voter fraud. i think this may turn out to be the most shootin re election since
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962. susan i do 62 we have been having your problem all people want to cheat in the elections. the chronic. but runner up bobby wine sees things differently in a phone interview the opposition leader described the results as an absolute fraud and pledged to soon release video evidence to back his claims. that. the soldiers and police around his residence whether they're there to protect the opposition leader or to intimidate him and keep him
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under unofficial house arrest is unclear. uganda has been under a government imposed internet blackout for 4 days one of africa's longest serving leaders is said to stay in power 76 year old you're wearing the 70 became president of uganda in 1906 back then he said that leaders who overstay their welcome were at the heart of africa's problems. so for now and in the bundesliga lights issue are looking to bounce back from the think dorman last weekend but instead they suffered another setback to their title ambitions after being held to a troll involves. light to extradite knowing a win would at least temporarily put them top of the table but men faced tough opposition involved borg the hosts had won their last 5 home games but started this match snoozing the 1st real attack yielded the 1st goal 4 minutes in wingback
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lordi nucular 1st forward to latch on to emil forsberg cross. move here was back in the side after being dropped from last week's dortmund defeat and immediately repaid his coach's faith. but the wolves woke up and responded threw top scorer of out of a host his 11th league goal a diving header. the flying dutchman left with far too much space. and then it was like tick who were caught napping allowing the hosts to take the lead on 35 minutes marcel's of it's a loss the bull right in front of his own box and enough to stephan got the lucky deflection to secure a $21.00 half time lead. after the break a free kick left both spoke defender scrambling and like 6 center back billy eventually hit the back of the nets with the poachers finished and leveled the schools. the match finished all square
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a result that may not please either side you know watching daytime emmys wild stories is an after show prank stage into that i'll be back with more news headlines at the top of the hour until then you can stand today on our web site that's day delany dot com follow us on social media too at state of any news can find me at rebecca races ceasing. young moroccan immigrants. the police will stop that down the road is the solution and their flight could be fatal but going back is not an option. it's money i'm on and the team are stuck in the spanish border area they're there waiting for a chance that will probably never come shattered dreams starts january 18th on t.w. .


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